The Golden Triangle Ch. 01

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I hadn’t been at my new—and first—embassy posting for more than three days when the Vientiane chief of station called me into his office to give me an important assignment.

“Yes, I can see how important the assignment is, Luther,” I said to the Agency’s head spy in Laos, “But why me? I mean I didn’t finish training at the Farm until three weeks ago, and I’m barely on the ground here and you’re already giving me a make or break assignment.”

“Look around, Win,” Luther said in a slow drawl, as the paddle fan flapped overhead trying to coax out a breeze in the humid afternoon. “Do you see a whole lot of American agents just sitting around here waiting for an assignment? Besides, you fit the bill precisely for what we need.”

I didn’t know exactly what Luther meant by that comment. The Agency wanted to infiltrate a team into China’s Yunnan Province, and Vientiane station was assigned the job of negotiating with the Kwei Lin, the Mien tribe warlord of the Miang Sing area of Laos bordering on China and Myanmar for passage through his region and guides across the Chinese border. The Agency was prepared to overlook Kwei Lin’s opium operations through Thailand, since there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot that the United States or anyone else could do to stem the flow of heroin from the Golden Triangle anyway, in exchange for Kwei Lin’s help. But why, I wondered, did I fit the bill for the assignment—other than being the only one available, I concluded.

“We have a sweetener for Kwei Lin,” Luther was telling me in explanation. “He has a weakness for Fahrang—that means Westerners here—blondes, and we’re sending a bit of honey with you for him to gaze at during the negotiations and then to have overnight as a reward for giving us favorable terms. Her name’s Gail, which is all even you need to know about her. And you are a big, young, strapping dude, so I figure you can get her up north in good condition for Kwei.”

I met Gail for the first time on the tarmac before boarding the small plane that would take us up to Chiang Rai, Thailand, where we’d pick up a Mien escort back across the Mekong River and into northwest Laos to meet with Kwei Lin at Miang Sing. Gail was a gorgeous Nordic blonde with melon breasts straining at the fabric of her cotton jungle shirt, which was unbuttoned down to where she was showing a cavern of cleavage that made my groin boil.

We were sitting knees to knees, facing each other, on the two-hour flight in the small plane, and I spent the whole time slowly insinuating my knees between hers and planning how I was going to get my hands on that mound of flesh between her cotton-pants-clad thighs. All the time she was teasing me, acting like she didn’t even know I was there, but I could tell that she was interested as well, because of the bahçelievler escort looks she gave me when she didn’t think I was noticing and the hardness of her nipples against the flimsy cotton shirt.

I had my hands on her knees and was working my way toward paradise, when Gail covered my hands with hers.

“I don’t think that’s really a good idea, Win,” she said. “You are here to protect me from this. Maybe afterward . . . and maybe not,” she added to tantalize me.

“I think you want this as much as I do,” I said in a lust-clogged husky voice.

“Be that as it may,” she answered primly. “We have an important job to do here. Or am I the only one here willing to make such a sacrifice for the Agency?”

I couldn’t argue with that.

We landed in Chiang Rai near twilight and were hustled off immediately to a dinner in an open-air fish restaurant alongside a water lily-clogged khlong waterway. Gail looked ravishing in the light from the torches reflecting in the water, and I wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her right there. She allowed me to run my fingers up and down the soft, blonde down on her forearms, but when one of my hands went to her knee under the table, she laughed and slapped at it.

She rose and went to the ladies’ room in a separate hut back in the shadows of the restaurant. I followed her and when she came out of the ladies’ room, I pulled her around the corner of the hut on a wooden porch suspended over the khlong and pushed her up against the hut wall with my body. She started to object, but I covered her mouth in a brutal kiss that took her breath away. I cupped one of her breasts with a hand and got a hard nipple between two fingers. And I went straight for her mound with my other hand. It was warm, and I could feel that it was moist through the cotton pants.

Gail returned the passion of my kiss briefly, her body trembling under my searching hands. But she abruptly stiffened and pushed me away from her and hurried back through the dimly lit restaurant to our table. When I returned, she was telling our escort that she was ready to go to the hotel and wanted to get a full night’s sleep before our trip north through the jungle the next day.

I got the cold shoulder all the way to the Suanthip Vana, an exclusive resort with individual guest houses on the outskirts of the city, where we had been booked for the night. Upon arrival at the hotel, Gail and I were whisked off in different directions, our escort having sensed the tension between us and, not knowing what it might be based in, feeling it best to keep us apart. The wrath of the Vientiane station chief was no doubt something our escort didn’t want to risk.

I was still very much hot and bothered, bakırköy escort and very hard from the brief encounter with Gail at the restaurant, when I was shown into my guest quarters. A massive four poster bed occupied the center of a room that was sensuously decorated in orangish-red Thai silks, and it didn’t cool me off to consider what I’d like to be doing with Gail in that bed just now.

Two Thai attendants, one female and one male, both looking very presentable and decked out in matching Thai silk sarongs, were standing at attention by separate posters at the foot of the bed. As I entered the room, the male attendant helped me off with my coat, as the female attendant quizzed me in silky, demur tones whether either of them could do anything to make my stay any more enjoyable or restful. Anything at all she kept saying with a sweet smile on her lips. If I hadn’t been so worked up over Gail, I probably wouldn’t have been so bold, but in the heat of the moment, I reached over and undid the sash holding up the young woman’s sarong, and it fell down around her sandals.

She was no voluptuous Gail, but she was exquisite. Her golden skin shimmered in the soft lighting of the room, and her long, black hair hung down straight to her waist. She was small and thin, with pert little breasts, and was perfectly formed.

The male attendant drew a bath while the woman slowly undressed me.

“Do you do this for all of your guests?” I asked.

“If they want,” she answered. But then she went on. “But we offer special treatment to yellow hairs like you. Yellow hair is considered very lucky here in Thailand.”

Moments later I was luxuriating in a large tub of warm water. I was laying back against the curve of the tub’s side, with my eyes closed. The male attendant was behind me, massaging my shoulders, neck, and temples and helping to ease all of the pent-up tension over Gail from my body, while the female attendant was more than doing her part toward this end. She was in the tub with me, naked, and was straddling my hips with her legs. At first she glided over my skin with a soapy sponge and perfumed water with one hand, as she slowly worked my cock with the other one, stroking me and making me large. I sighed as she then placed the head of my engorged cock at the opening to her cunt. She used my cock to tease out her clit from its folds and rubbed it against her clit until we were both trembling. Then, as the male attendant’s massaging of my shoulders and neck muscles worked deeper, the female attendant descended her hips onto my cock and pulled me ever deeper into her and started to slowly pump me with her pelvis.

Before I climaxed, they had me out of the tub, dried off in intimate pattings with başakşehir escort deep-pile cotton towels and had me face down on the four-poster bed. The female attendant was crouched above my head and was deeply massaging my back muscles down to my waist, and the male attendant was crouched below me and massaging my legs and my butt cheeks.

I felt that I was drifting off toward sleep, when they rolled me over and the female attendant moved her body over mine, her bottom and vagina to my flicking tongue, and her tongue and soft mouth to my cock. Her luxurious, straight black hair was swishing across my chest, belly, and sides, and I reached up and played with the large, hard nipples of her pert little breasts. I tensed as I sensed that there was more than one mouth and one pair of hands working on my cock and balls and stroking my inner thighs, but the female attendant pulled away long enough to tell me that servicing a yellow hair was a high honor for Thai men as well, and that I would be doing both of them a good turn by allowing they both to make love to me.

It was as if I was drugged with lust and a languidness from the bath, massaging, and other attentions and transported to a world of Mai Pen Rai, that convenient Thai world of “never mind” and “taking pleasure openly and guiltlessly where it could be found.” The female attendant came up on her knees over my head, giving me easy access to her clit and her sweet, perfumed cunt with my lips and tongue, while I felt that male attendant lower his hips onto mine, facing her. I sensed that they were embracing and kissing above my chest, as his asshole slowly descended on my still-hard cock. I could feel him trembling with pleasure as my cock made its long journey up his ass canal. And when I was in to the hilt, he slowly started to pump me in short and then longer strokes, until I came deep inside him.

They doused the lights then and were entwined with me in the bed, me facing the female attendant, and the male attendant encasing me from behind, his half-hard cock rubbing against the small of my back. I dozed then until I was brought back to a level of sexual arousal by four hands gliding across the curves and crevices of my body. I rolled over on top of the female attendant and rubbed and explored her cunt and clit with the fingers of one of my hands until her juices were flowing and she was writhing under me. I fucked her then, hard and fast and deep, while the male attendant crouched behind me and massaged my butt cheeks and thighs.

I fell wearily back into the double embrace of my attendants and went into a deep sleep. When I awoke later, shortly before dawn, to the sound of a brief torrent of rain pelting the thatched roof of the guesthouse, I was alone. I drifted off to sleep again and awoke to the smell of strong coffee coming from a breakfast tray set out on a coffee table in front of a small sofa and perfumed smells from the bathroom. A bath had been drawn for me, and the water was still warm. When I returned to the room, my clothes had been laid out on a made bed. But my attendants from the night before, or their replacements, were nowhere to be seen.

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