The Good Girl

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I am a good girl.

I have almost always tried to be a good girl.

My father is a strong, certain, proper man who lives to be right with God in all things. I have strived all my life to be that way. But, as I have gotten older and moved away from home I have found that I can only really be a good girl when I’m in the presence of those that are perfect. Or those that think they are perfect. Underneath I am the world’s largest sinner.

Ok. That may be an exaggeration. But my point is the same. I love to fuck. There, I said it. I LOVE TO FUCK. I laugh as I write this and get kind of tingly all at the same time. I live the proper life and go to the proper places. But when my family isn’t looking I like to go out and really get some fun.

There is a bar done the street that has decent music and good liquor. The men aren’t that bad to look at either. There’s one man in particular that I like to play with. He’s tall, dark and while not the most adorable he certainly makes up for that in other areas. I knew he was a single dad and that I don’t normally get to take him home. But then again, I can always find another when he’s not around.

Last night I went down to the bar to hear some jazz and to see what was out there. David, that’s tall & dark’s name, was leaning on the bar surveying the room when I walked in. I, of course, pretended not to notice him there and went to sit at a table on the other side of the room. One of the girls came by and I ordered a drink. While the band began to play a softer number I picked Kartal Escort at the label of my bottle and tried to look bored. But really I was thinking about David. His hot, hard hands lifting me and feeling me. His mouth was all everywhere in my minds eye. I was beginning to get hot and wet. My face must have shown some of what I was thinking.

After a few minutes of working myself up I looked up to notice that he was watching me. I sent him a smile and he crooked his finger. Well, I did say I wasn’t a good girl when no one was watching… So I went over and leaned right into him. You could tell he was taken a bit by surprise at first when I kissed him full on the mouth. It only took a fraction of a second for him to respond. His mouth opened and I felt his tongue tangle with mine. His hands wrapped around my bottom and lifted me so that I was flush against him. I could feel his manhood throbbing against my leg. He let go of my mouth long enough to catch my ear in his teeth and whisper a suggestion to me.

I unwrapped my arms from around his neck and walked out the front door. He came out only seconds later and pulled me to him again. He hands roamed every inch of me and his mouth ravaged mine for what seemed like hours. He had a conversion van, his family vehicle, in the parking lot. Given the last seat in that van folded down to make a fairly comfy “bed” I wasn’t going to complain. David pulled me in the direction of the van and all but pushed me inside. I don’t mind a bit of rough play so when Pendik Escort he grabbed my arm and shoved me toward the back it just made me even hotter.

By this point I was ready to explode. I was pushed onto the “bed”. He pulled at my top until the buttons gave way, some of them coming off altogether and flying around the confined space. His mouth immediately descended on my nipple. I could feel his teeth and tongue torturing the bud until I was crying out and begging for release. Instead he simply switched and gave the same treatment to the other side. I was squirming and crying out. My body felt like it was on fire and there was nothing I could do to stop it. His mouth left my breast and began making a journey south while he continued to hold my arms down on the seat.

I could hear his mouth making sucking noises and feel each corresponding tug on my flesh. I was in a frenzy and couldn’t even understand the sounds coming out of my own mouth. His tongue circled into my belly button and I felt my whole body buck under him. David smiled against my flesh and let go of my wrists in order to move lower still. I bunched my hands in his hair and my mind registered the feel of his clothes against my skin. I hadn’t even realized that I alone was naked. My skirt raked up to my hips and nothing else covering me.

Just as this realization dawned on me my mind again shut down and my body bucked up. His mouth had covered my most sensitive area. My hands pulled his head as deep into me as I could make him and Göztepe Escort his tongue laved at my folds. He knew what I liked and he worked his tongue in and out of me like I was his to have. As I grew more and more incoherent he licked and laved more and more until finally he bit down hard on my nub. I screamed at the top of my lungs and came in a rush. My body jerked and I felt David licking and sucking at the juices emitting from my body.

He leaned back from me and began to strip off his clothes. I saw him but could hardly register that he wasn’t done with me. I had cum so hard and my body was still singing and tingling with pleasure. It was then I opened my eyes again and realized he was nearly naked and was leaning into me again. This time when he took my mouth I could taste myself on him and my body began to respond again.

He held my arms down again and suddenly pushed himself into me. The roughness of the intrusion made me cry out again but then he began to move and even though I was being held down by his hands and his body I could feel myself tensing again. He reached down and took my nipple in his mouth again. This time biting down on the nipple and I could feel the pain of it. His hips pumped into me faster and I ached to move against him but knew that he was holding me down for his own pleasure. He released my nipple and flexed upward to drive even further into my pliant flesh.

I came again in a sudden rush. My hips meeting his thrust for thrust and my body milking him over and over. I could feel him tense as my body let go and then he was filling me. I could feel each jet filling me to my core. With a groan he fell down on top of me and bit my shoulder as he finished. As he lay on top of me I felt myself smile.

It felt so good… not being a good girl.

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