The Greatest Birthday Present

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As you may have gathered it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. At the time I was not looking forward to it as I felt I was getting old ; I was turning 31. My partner Sharon knew this and unbeknown to me had planned something rather special for me to cheer me up.

Sharon and I have been together nearly ten years and our sex life has always been great as we both enjoy trying new things, although Sharon had always drawn the line at involving anyone else. I was fine with this although the idea of a threesome has always excited me. I just always thought that this would have to stay a fantasy.

Little did I know that Sharon had arranged for my fantasy to become reality as an extra special birthday surprise.

We have a friend called Marcia who Sharon goes out with a lot and who Sharon thinks of more like a sister than friend. She is a gorgeous bright and bubbly person, always up for a laugh and just a really nice young woman. She is about 5 ft 6 tall with long blonde hair and amazing bright blue eyes. She has a slim figure but has curves in all the right places! Sharon is slightly shorter with lovely dark red hair, cut at shoulder length and sparkling green eyes. She has a slightly fuller figure with wonderful tits; it was these that captivated me in the first place!

When the two of them get together they are like two naughty schoolgirls. It was during one of these trips out that Sharon had told Marcia about my birthday surprise. I gather that a fair amount of alcohol had been consumed when the topic had turned towards sex and Sharon plucked up the courage to ask Marcia.

Evidently at first Marcia was a little uncertain as she knew what Sharon felt about involving other people but after some time and with Sharon assuring her that she was sure about it, Marcia agreed.

The two of them arranged for Sharon and myself to be booked into a hotel for the night and that we would go for a meal before retiring to the room for what I thought would be some quality time together. Little did I know that whilst we were eating, Marcia would let herself into our room and hide there ready to surprise me upon our return.

On the day of my birthday Sharon handed me a card and inside was the receipt for the hotel booking,

“Something to look forward to,” She said with a wink.

As far as I was concerned I just wanted the rest of the day to fly by with thoughts of what Sharon and I would get up to. If I had known what was to transpire I would have been a gibbering wreck waiting for the time to pass.

That evening we both packed an overnight bag and got dressed up ready for the meal. Sharon looked beautiful in a revealing pale blue dress with matching shoes and I said as much to which she replied,

“Just wait until you see what I’m wearing underneath!”

With much haste I drove us to the hotel where we booked in, dumped our bags in the room and headed for the bar. We sat at the bar having a couple of drinks whilst we waited for our reservations and I don’t know if they had the heating on but I was feeling very hot under the collar by the time we were sat down in the restaurant.

As usual I ordered a steak whilst Sharon opted for a lamb dish. It was during the meal that Sharon excused herself and disappeared. I never thought anything about it even though she was gone for a little longer than expected. I was later told that it was then that Marcia had arrived and Sharon was meeting her to give her the key to our room.

Dinner passed in a blur as my sexual tension grew and I couldn’t wait to retire. After paying the bill I virtually dragged Sharon to our room where she took the key from me and told me to wait outside a minute.

My interest piqued even further at this and my mind raced just wondering what was being arranged inside.

After a couple of minutes of frustration I heard Sharon call me in and I bolted into the room only to stop like I had hit a brick wall. There on the bed lay Sharon and Marcia both in the skimpiest bra and panties you could imagine.

Sharon was wearing a pale blue set that barely contained her ample breasts whilst Marcia had on the tiniest white set imaginable. It was plain to see that she had little if any hair between her legs.

“Happy Birthday darling,” Sharon giggled.

“Happy Birthday Stu,” Marcia added.

I was speechless. I think I managed to mumble “Wow” or something equally dumb but I couldn’t help myself.

“I know it has always been your fantasy babe so just this once we are all yours,” Sharon informed me.

“I can’t believe it!” I gasped, “Really?”

“Yes babe, now why don’t you sit down for a bit and let us entertain you,” Sharon ordered.

“Yeah Stu, take a load off!” Marcia teased.

What else could I do. I sat at the foot of the bed whilst my girlfriend and her best friend started to kiss each other.

They began timidly, gently pecking each other on the lips whilst holding each other close. I sat watching, barely breathing, totally amazed at what was happening. Gradually beyoğlu escort they both became a little bolder, each kiss lingering a little longer before finally their mouths opened and their tongues met for the first time.

It seemed as though that very moment caused their flames of passion to ignite as they both thrust their tongues into each others mouths. Marcia’s hand moved down towards Sharon’s breast and gently began stroking her nipple through the lacy material. Sharon let out a small moan as I knew she would as she has the most sensitive nipples imaginable. In response Sharon held Marcia’s head whilst thrusting her darting tongue deep inside her mouth.

By now my penis had swollen to its fullness, bursting to escape from my trousers. I simply had to release him from his purgatory and offer him relief. As I released him from my trousers the girls broke from their embrace and moved towards me. Mistakenly I thought it was to encourage me to join them but no, they made me sit there at the head of the bed as they tied my hands to the head board, thus preventing me from being able to touch either myself or their wonderful bodies.

“Patience Stuart,” Marcia scolded playfully as the girls resumed their clinch at the other end of the bed, maddeningly close but out of reach. Again their tongues delved into their mouths as Sharon this time took Marcia’s delectable boob in her palm.

Their fervent kisses soon leant them to moan quietly as they began to enjoy themselves further, each gently stroking each others velvet soft skin, turning each others nipples to stone inside their bras.

I sat there ardently admiring the most sexually alluring site I had ever seen, desperate to join in yet strangely desperate to remain a voyeur. The one thing I was desperate for now was to see them in a greater state of undress and having recovered the ability to speak I asked them,

“Please, take of your bras, I desperately want to see your tits.”

They both simply smiled as Marcia reach around behind Sharon’s back and unclasped her bra before slowly lowering it to reveal my girlfriends voluptuous breasts with her rock hard nipples proudly thrusting outwards.

“Now your turn,” Sharon said as Marcia began stroking Sharon’s naked breasts for the first time. In what seemed like an instant Marcia’s naked bosoms were exposed, and what an amazing site it was. Her pert tits were not as big as Sharon’s but were perfectly shaped with gorgeous dark brown nipples, slightly upturned.

I wanted nothing more than to be able to touch them both but they merely turn towards me smiling evilly as they sensed my desire building ever higher.

“Hasn’t Marcia got wonderful tits Stu?” Sharon teased.

“You both have,” I responded, “Please let me touch them.”

“Maybe in a little while,” Marcia allowed.

With that they began embracing again but this time Marcia lowered her head level with Sharon’s chest and took one of her nipples into her mouth. Now I know that this drives Sharon wild and wasn’t surprised when she began thrusting her chest at Marcia, moaning quietly. Marcia’s tongue rolled over Sharon’s nipple, teasing the brown bud before taking the whole thing in her mouth and gently began sucking it into her warm, wet mouth.

Sharon began moaning a little louder as her friend moved from breast to breast toying with her sensitive nipples and sucking fervently on Sharon’s entire breasts.

“Oh let me do it to you,” Sharon begged as Marcia smiled up at her.

Sharon began sucking and licking gently at her friends breasts, repaying the pleasure that Marcia had caused. Marcia’s nipples became even harder as Sharon’s tongue enveloped each one before her pert tits were suckled by Sharon’s over eager mouth. To make matters worse for me, as Sharon was coveting her friends chest Marcia looked me square in the eyes before letting out small groans of delight, thus causing no small amount of discomfort in my loins!

“Oh God untie me please,” I begged, “It is my birthday after all!”

As Sharon came up for air I swear I have never felt so turned on as at that moment with two stunning women topless in front of me.

“What do you reckon Sharon?” Marcia asked, “should we untie him?”

“Not just yet, let’s have some fun with him,” Sharon replied.

The next thing I knew Sharon was pulling off my trousers and boxer shorts. In a split second Marcia was also tugging at my clothing and in next to no time I was naked from the waste down with my cock standing proudly to attention.

“Mmm, your mans got a nice cock Sharon!” Marcia said.

“Yep, I think so,” Sharon replied as she lowered her head towards my groin.

Marcia moved closer also as Sharon took hold of me in her hand and slowly began massaging my cock and swollen balls. Pre cum was leaking from the end of my cock and down over her hand as she moved her hand up and down my shaft. Whilst Sharon’s hands were busy Marcia lowered her head level with my bostancı escort cock and began teasing the end of my length with the tip of her tongue, rolling her tongue around the shaft as Sharon’s hands fondled my balls and masturbated my cock.

I was in ecstasy. I had two gorgeous women toying with me and could do nothing but sit there and be teased mercilessly. The pleasure was greater than I have ever felt and increased even further when Marcia opened her mouth and lowered it over my cock for the first time. Her mouth felt like it was on fire as it engulfed my penis until about only an inch remained. I tried to push further in but both women restrained me from moving as Marcia began moving her head up and down in time with Sharon’s hand. I knew that if they carried on then I would not be able to hold out much longer but despite my desperate pleas they would not stop.

After only a few minutes the inevitable began. The warmth of Marcia’s mouth enveloping my shaft sent me over the edge as I gasped,

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum.”

Very rarely will Sharon let me cum in her mouth so I expected Marcia to stop, but to my surprise and delight she simply carried on sucking my dick harder and faster whilst Sharon massaged my balls.

My cum erupted out of my cock into Marcia’s mouth as she swallowed my seed until I collapsed down onto the bed. Wasting no time Marcia turned to Sharon and kissed her passionately, forcing her sperm covered tongue into Sharon’s mouth thus sharing the my seed with her.

As my cock became flaccid I thought that I would at last be freed from my bondage but alas it wasn’t to be. Sharon and Marcia stood up on the bed facing me and removed their now sodden panties. In front of me were the two most delicious pussies I could hope to see. They had both shaven themselves completely as Sharon knows how horny that makes me and both their pussies were glistening with their juices.

I sat there helpless as Sharon and Marcia knelt down together, their bodies pressed together. I could see their breasts rubbing against one another as their pussies rubbed against the others thigh. My breathing was becoming laboured again at the sight of my girl and her horny friend turning each other on. Their hands were everywhere, roaming around one another’s bodies, Stroking and tickling each other until finally their hands moved between each others legs. I saw Marcia’s hand rubbing Sharon’s pussy lips, opening them slightly and gently teasing the pinkness inside. I could also see Sharon’s hand entering Marcia’s sex, her finger disappearing inside her friends body and gently toying with Marcia’s clitoris.

Their breathing was as laboured as mine as they continued to explore each others pussies. First one, then two of Sharon’s fingers disappeared inside Marcia’s horny little slit. Marcia returned the favour as she filled Sharon’s cunt with her own fingers. Their kisses became more and more passionate as they moaned out loud with pleasure as the smell of sex filled the room. As you can imagine it did not take long for my cock to again show signs of life and soon I was as hard as I have ever been.

After what seemed an age Marcia pushed Sharon onto her back with her Pussy aimed towards me, the lips of her sex slightly apart, just asking to be filled.

“I want to taste you Sharon and I’m sure Stu wants to watch me eat your pussy!”

How could I say no?!

“Oh yes Marcia, eat her horny little cunt for me,” I encouraged.

Marcia did just that. Her tongue flicked at the entrance to Sharon’s hole, titillating her pussy lips and clitoris, tasting the sweetness flowing from Sharon’s slit. From experience I know how much Sharon loves oral sex and it was only a matter of minutes before I saw the signs of an oncoming orgasm.

“She is gonna cum soon Marcia, fuck her deep with your tongue,” I said.

With that Marcia plunged her tongue deep inside my girls cunt, ravishing her pussy, fucking Sharon like never before. It was all too much for Sharon who with one almighty groan came all over Marcia’s tongue.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Sharon whimpered, “That was amazing!”

“Mmm your cum taste so sweet babe,” Marcia replied, “Come here and taste yourself.”

The ensuing kiss was one of the hottest yet as Sharon tasted herself for the first time before begging Marcia to let her return the favour.

Marcia lay on her back and spread her legs wide allowing me a clear view of her sweet little pussy and before Sharon could begin Marcia held her lips wide apart showing me how wet she was already. This glimpse of her hole had me straining at the leash but I had to refrain as Sharon dived between the legs of her friend.

Sharon repaid the favour in earnest. She licked, sucked and nibbled gently at her friends quim, devouring her darling little pussy by plunging her tongue as far up Marcia’s cunt as it would go. In a matter of minutes Marcia had hold of Sharon’s head as she fucked her mouth, rubbing her pussy against büyükçekmece escort Sharon’s face. The look of ecstasy on Marcia’s face was a pleasure to behold and I could hardly wait to be the cause of such looks.

In a frantic climax Marcia cried out loud that she was going to cum.

“Sharon, eat my pussy, don’t stop baby. I’m going to cum darling, I wanna cum in your mouth.”

As she came Marcia held Sharon’s head to her slit and her cum flowed into Sharon’s mouth. Marcia lay there quivering all over as her orgasm took over her body, whilst Sharon continued to lap down Marcia’s nectar.

After a few moments the girls started to recover a little and I couldn’t help but plead to be let loose and join in. Sharon untied me finally whilst Marcia continued recovering from her orgasm.

Finally loose I joined them and began kissing them alternately, whilst my hands stroked and caressed both their bodies. First I would kiss Sharon whilst brushing lightly over her nipples, then I would kiss Marcia whilst gently tweaking her hard little buds. I could feel hands wandering towards my penis but wasn’t sure whose. To be honest at that moment I didn’t care. For what seemed like an eternity we were a mass of writhing bodies as we kissed and touched one another until I felt like I would explode.

It was at this point that I just had to make love to them, I could wait no more.

“Please Sharon, Marcia, I have to have one of you at least!” I stated.

“Oh ok,” Sharon said, “Marcia, would you like to fuck him first?”

“Mmm yeah, if your sure?” Marcia asked.

“Yes I’m sure. I want to watch you ride my boyfriends cock.”

I was in heaven! I lay down and Marcia straddled me and lowered herself down until her pussy barely touched me. She then preceded to rub her sopping wet pussy all over me before finally taking hold of my cock and guided him into her deliciously hot cunt. Marcia began slowly grinding down on my cock, rubbing her clit against me at the same time. I reached up and began stroking her breasts, cupping them in each hand and gently rubbing her hard nipples with my finger. Sharon sat watching on the bed, stroking herself between the legs, her bald fanny glistening with cum. I looked over to her and she simply smiled as she held her lips open with one hand and slid three fingers deep inside her cunt.

Marcia started sliding herself up and down on my rock hard pole, throwing her head back as she gasped with delight as my cock invaded her pussy. The walls of her pussy were massaging my cock and the heat threatened to overcome my desire.

“Your cock feels so good Stu. I love it deep inside me,” Marcia said, as she sat on my cock once more.

Sharon moved ever closer so that I could reach her and allowed me to replace her fingers with mine. I was amazed at how easily my three fingers slid into her pussy as her pussy is normally so tight.

After what felt like forever but was probably only a few minutes I told Marcia to get on her hands and knees for me and I knelt behind her before sliding my cock deep inside her wet little cunt. I began fucking her doggy style whilst Sharon offered her cunt to Marcia to lick once more. I began slowly at first but couldn’t help speeding up as I pounded in and out of Marcia’s pussy. All the while she had her tongue buried inside Sharon’s slit. I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer but didn’t care as we all moaned and groaned in ecstasy.

It was Marcia that sent me over the edge once more as she panted that she was going to cum. The thought of this sexy woman covering my cock with her cum just blew my mind and I cried out loud as I filled her womb with my seed, pumping my sperm into her over and over. As my orgasm subsided I could feel her pussy walls contract as Marcia came over my cock for the first time.

After this elation I felt awkward as I felt that I should have saved myself for Sharon but she soon pushed those fears aside as she made me stand up in front of her and took hold of my cock and began sucking my length deep into the back of her mouth. Marcia in the mean time lad laid down with her face under Sharon’s pussy and had begun lapping at Sharon’s swollen pussy once more. The combination of this was that my cock never lost its hardness as it swelled inside my baby’s mouth. I had never managed this before and to say I was pleased is a gross understatement!

“Oh baby I want you so bad,” I panted, ” Ride my fucking cock darling.”

I lay down with my cock standing to attention as Sharon guided my dick into her pussy. Her wet quim swallowed my cock whole as she began to slowly fuck me.

Marcia meanwhile had straddled my head, facing towards Sharon and was lowering her pussy towards my mouth. I could not have been more turned on. I had my baby fucking my brains out and her gorgeous best friend fucking my face. The two of them leant forward and I could hear them kissing passionately whilst they both fucked me.

The feeling of my cock buried in her cunt and Marcia playing with her tits soon had Sharon gasping with pleasure and it was a matter of minutes before she screamed with pleasure as wave after wave of orgasm flowed through her body. She continued to ride my cock throughout her cumming, sucking at Marcia’s breasts all the while until Marcia could bare it no more and I felt her cum flood into my mouth and over my face.

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