The Handyman Who Really Delivers

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Looking around her kitchen in disgust, Kendra seethed at her husband. The kitchen pipes leaked, and the overhead ceiling fans didn’t work. The bathroom wasn’t much better – the faucet had been leaking for more than a year. And outside the house, several things needed to be painted, the gutters needed to be cleaned, and a retaining wall was crumbling apart. Having grown up with a Father who was handy around the house, Kendra was used to having a man in her life who knew how to fix stuff and was proactive about taking care of things that needed to be repaired.

But Kendra’s husband, Ed, was much different. He was a computer geek who spent all of his free time playing video games. He was a smart, caring man, but he wasn’t very handy with household repairs, despite her pleas for him to get these things taken care of.

“Screw it,” she thought to herself, “I don’t care what it costs, I am going to hire a handyman to get this house in shape – I’m sick of being surrounded by so many problems.”

Without knowing where to turn, Kendra turned to Craigslist to search for a handyman. Several listings came up, most with very little information about the person who was for hire and numerous misspellings and typos. But one ad in particular caught her attention:

“Handyman for Hire – skilled with plumbing, painting, carpentry, electrical work, and landscaping. I’ll do *whatever* you need. Reasonable rates, references available by request.” The ad included not only his name and number, but also a picture.

In many ways, he looked like your typical handyman – the type of guy who has dirt under his fingernails, a grungy baseball cap, stained jeans, a dirty Carhartt jacket, and big shit-kicker steel-toed boots. But he was smiling in the picture. Not just your typical “smile for the camera” smile, but a sensual, seductive smile. Blond hair, blue eyes, perfect teeth, and soft, full lips. And that sexy grin.

Curious, Kendra picked up the phone and dialed the number in the ad.

“Hello, Dan speaking.”

“Umm, hi, my name is Kendra, and I was calling about your ad for Handyman work on Craigslist?”

“Oh yeah, sure, what can I do for you?”

“Well, I need a whole bunch of stuff done, would you be able to come over to my house to take a look and give me an estimate?”

Dan took down her name, number, and address, and set up a time to stop by. As she hung the phone up, Kendra couldn’t help but close her eyes and think about the sexy man with the devilish grin and smooth, smiling voice. There was something about a blue-collared man that always got Kendra going – they were usually hard-working, strong, skilled with their hands, and smart when it came to real-world skills – but above all, every blue-collared guy she knew was passionate and knew how to have fun at the end of the workday. To say that she was looking forward to Dan’s visit was an understatement!


Kendra didn’t tell her husband about the appointment with the Dan. She knew if she told him, he would force her to cancel on the grounds that it would cost too much and he could do the work himself. Of course, he habitually overestimated his skills at repair work, and he never actually got around to doing it. Some of the things on her “honey-do” list had been there for three years!

The morning she was set to meet with Dan, she found herself getting aroused in the shower when she thought about him. Kendra took her time shaving her legs and pussy, and after her shower, she put on sweet-smelling lotion and put a little extra effort into her hair and make-up. Normally she would lounge around the house in sweatpants, but today she put on a short, loose skirt and low-cut, tight shirt.

She felt silly having feelings of lust for a man she didn’t know and had only spoken to for a few minutes, but she had always had a fantasy about screwing a contractor working in her house. And it wasn’t like her gaming-geek husband ever found time to keep her satisfied in the bedroom, anyway!

Dan arrived at 10am, exactly as scheduled. Opening the door to greet him, she was blinded by his dazzling, sexy smile and the mischievous twinkle in his eyes. Kendra reached out to shake his hand and found it was rough and calloused, as expected, but strong and muscular, as well. His handshake was warm and friendly, and she wondered what it would feel like to have his hands caressing her naked body.

“Stop that!” she thought to herself. “This man is here to do a job!”

“So, where would you like to start?” he asked.

“In the bedroom,” she replied dreamily.

His eyebrows shot up in surprise as she quickly realized how that must have sounded. “I have a problem in the bedroom – the track for the closet door is messed up and the door won’t close. That’s probably the easiest thing on my list, can you start there?”

She led him down to the bedroom and he took a look at the door, jotting some notes down in his notebook. “Ok, got it, what else?” he asked.

Kendra led Dan room by room, pointing out each of the Escort Bayan Esenyurt items that needed to be repaired or replaced, as he made notes of the amount of work he expected each item to take and what kinds of materials he might need. Once he had finished the tour and completed his notes, he turned to her, “The good news is that none of these things are a big deal – the materials will add up a bit, but most of the work is pretty simple so the labor charges will be reasonable.”

“Oh, that’s good,” she said, feeling relieved.

“If you want, I can take care of some of the smaller items while I’m here, then set up another time to come back for some of the other tasks that need materials. Does that work for you?”

“Yeah, that would be great!” she agreed emphatically.

Dan went out to his truck and came back with his toolbox and some basic supplies. He first started with the bedroom closet door. As he worked, Kendra laid on the bed, putting her bare legs on display, pretending to read a magazine while he worked. She secretly stole peeks at him when she didn’t think he was paying attention, and more than once, found her hand absentmindedly fondling her own breast as she fantasized about what this man must be like in bed – putting those big, strong hands on her tits. Fortunately, Dan was so wrapped up in the work that he didn’t notice what she was doing.

The door was a quick repair, then he moved on to the leaky kitchen pipe. As he settled himself on his knees under her sink, she grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down on the stool under her kitchen counter. Sitting there innocently. Staring at his ass. Facing him and parting her legs ever so slightly so that if he looked over from his position under the sink, he might catch a glimpse of her bare pussy.

Beads of sweat dripped from Dan’s forehead as he worked diligently on her sink. She appreciated his deep focus and dedication – it was obvious that this was a man who knew what he was doing and took pride in work, ensuring he took the time to do the job right. Kendra was lost in her thoughts of admiration and lust for this man who had the perfect package of looks, skills, and smarts – but she was starting to worry that maybe he wasn’t the kind of guy who liked to have fun, since he didn’t seem to even notice her, despite her less-than-subtle sexual signals.

Withdrawing himself from under the sink and wiping his brow, Dan looked over to his toolbox to grab a different wrench and noticed those long, sexy legs mere feet away from him, spread enough to tease him with what’s beneath that skirt. She pretended to be lost in her magazine and cup of coffee, but he knew it was all a ploy – he’d been in this situation before. This was a chick who was looking for more than just a few household repairs – and he was the Handyman who happily took care of *whatever* needed attention, including the neglected libido of a middle-aged bored wife. “Leave No Customer Unsatisfied” had always been Dan’s motto.

Kendra looked over the top of her magazine and caught him looking at her. He realized he’d been busted but he didn’t care – a woman like that wants to be seen – so he looked her in the eyes just a little too long as he let a devilish grin spread across his face before winking at her and turning his attention back to the sink. Her stomach did flip-flops and her heart raced in anticipation of what might lay ahead, once the repairs were complete.

With just a few more turns of the wrench, the leaky sink had been fixed. Dan put his tools back into the toolbox, wiped up the spilled water on the floor, and strutted over to where Kendra was sitting, not even attempting to hide the bulge in his pants. She turned on her stool to face him, with her loose skirt barely covering her pussy, as Dan said in a smooth, sexy voice, “Well, the rest of the work is going to need materials. There’s only one more task that I can take care of while I’m here.”

“OK – what’s that?”, she replied with a sultry smile.

Dan looked her over, from the top of her head to the tip of her polished toe, letting his gaze intentionally linger on her chest and bare tanned thighs, before bringing his eyes back up to meet hers. He stepped closer and she instinctively spread her legs open for him as he approached, until he was standing between her knees. Looking at him expectantly, waiting for an answer, her pretty pink tongue darted out from between her lips seductively, teasing him.

Dan set his hand on her upper thigh as he leaned in close to whisper in her ear, “The only thing that’s left…,” he paused to let her mind wander, “is to set up a time when I can stop by to work on the gutters.” As he began to withdraw his lips from near her ear, he let the scruff on the side of his face scrape against her cheek before turning to feather the lightest kiss on the side of her jaw, making Kendra shudder.

With her heart racing and her eyes closed, Kendra could hardly catch her breath as she stuttered out, “How-how Escort Bayan Avcılar b-bout Friday afternoon?”

“Sure thing. See ya then, darlin’.” As he withdrew his hand from the top of her thigh, he slid it down between her legs, letting the back of his hand brush lightly against the inner part of her other thigh.

Sucking in a deep breath before sharply exhaling, she opened her eyes to see him walking out of her kitchen, toolbox in hand. “See ya, Dan!”, she called out as he lifted a hand to wave without looking back or saying a word.


Kendra stayed home from her office job on Friday morning so she could await Handyman Dan’s visit. In her lustful forgetfulness during his last visit, she forgot to set up a specific time with him – just “Friday afternoon”. By most people’s standards, that would mean 12pm or later, so she figured she had a couple of hours to straighten up the house and primp before his visit.

But the gorgeous day was calling out to her. The house was fairly clean, and she loved taking advantage of the quiet solitude during the day to work on her full-body tan when her husband was at work and the kids were at school. After all, she couldn’t exactly lay out in her back yard in the nude when kids were running around playing on the weekends!

So Kendra mixed up a margarita, covered herself with Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil, and threw on some music. Wearing only a thin, white swim cover-up, she went out to the patio and positioned her reclining deck chair in the sunniest spot. Stripping her robe off, she set it beside the recliner and laid down on her back to enjoy the rays.

The late morning sun felt spectacular on her skin. There was nothing quite like being warmed by the sun on a perfect, cloud-free day. And there was a particularly erotic sensation when the rays touched parts of her body that were normally kept covered.

Kendra was so absorbed in the moment, and lost in the music, that she didn’t hear Dan’s truck pull up in front of the house – nor did she hear him ringing the doorbell. Dan saw her car parked inside the garage, so he knew she was home but was becoming concerned about why she didn’t answer. Curiously, he started to walk around the side of the house when he began to faintly hear music playing from the back yard.

Turning the corner, his breath caught in his throat when he spotted her laying on her chair in the buff. All he could do was stare, trying to decide whether he should leave and come back later, or call out to her at the risk of causing her embarrassment. But damn – he couldn’t take his eyes off those tits, or the complete lack of tan lines on her body, or her smooth, hairless pussy!

Thinking back to how she was flirting with him the other day, Dan decided Kendra was probably a girl who wanted to be seen. After all, why would she risk getting caught by laying out here naked when she knew he was coming over? Toolbox in hand, he strode over to her with a confident swagger, “Mornin’, darlin’.”

Kendra shrieked in surprise and instinctively grabbed her cover-up and haphazardly threw it on top of her to provide some coverage. “Dan! I didn’t think you were coming until this afternoon!”

“Well I finished my last job a little early,” he said calmly, with a smug grin. “So I figured I would get started on the gutters today, if you want, although it looks to me like you might have something else that needs more immediate attention.”

Confused and still a little surprised, she looked up at him, “What? What do you mean?”

“Well,” he paused, “you look like you’re getting a little too much sun on your front.” He waved his hands over her body and pointed to her breasts. “You’ve got some sensitive spots there, you don’t want ’em burned. You need to flip over to even out the tan on your back…”, he paused, “and you need someone to put lotion on your back.”

Laughing, she said, “I guess you’re right – would you mind?”

“It would be my pleasure,” he said, emphasizing the word “pleasure”.

Trying to keep herself covered, Kendra flipped over and propped herself up on her elbows, positioning her book “50 Shades of Grey” beneath her to read. Dan grabbed the oil from the table beside her recliner and knelt down beside her.

Carefully, he moved her long, brunette locks out of the way, poured some oil in his hands, and began to massage her shoulders. Kendra moaned at his touch. “You have such big, strong hands,” she purred erotically. He moved down to her shoulder blades, then over to her upper arms, ensuring she was covered and that the oil had been rubbed in. He moved his hands smoothly over Kendra’s skin, using long, slow strokes, enjoying the feel of her soft, silky skin beneath his fingertips.

When Dan reached her lower back, he avoiding touching her ass, even though it was luscious and tempting so close to his face. He massaged the oil into her back and sides, then moved his hands down to her upper thighs. He slid his hands all over the backs of Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü her legs, using the heel of his palm to apply firm pressure along the smooth muscles of her legs.

“I can’t let your cute little ass get burned by the sun,” he said teasingly as she read her book. Dan put a generous squirt of oil on her cheeks and began to rub. He kneaded her ass and massaged it with his strong hands, varying the amount of pressure he used on her. He could see her back rise and fall rapidly as she breathed more heavily, becoming aroused at his touch.

Sliding his fingers down Kendra’s spine and between her cheeks, plunging lower to where he could almost touch her cheerio, she parted her legs slightly for him, allowing him better access. Dan’s already-hard cock twitched in excitement as his fingers slid down to the upper part of her inner thighs.

Dan got up and sat between Kendra’s spread legs. He put one hand on the back of each knee and slowly slid his hands up the back of her thighs until his hands were cupping the bottom of her cheeks. He continued to slide his hands up and over, squeezing a handful of cheek in each palm before sliding his hands back down to the bottom of her cheeks, where he pulled his hands apart, revealing her juicy, bare pussy. Kendra gasped at his teasing touch.

He continued this pattern several times, from the back of her knees up to her lower back then coming back down. Each time he slid down, he slid his fingers a little closer to her luscious pussy lips and ass, spreading her apart a little further, tempting her and driving her wild. Kendra was practically panting with lust, and Dan could only stare at the dark depths of her pink pussy, glistening with wetness in the sun.

Dan couldn’t resist any longer, he had to get his fingers on her hot spots. He set his oiled hands on the backs of her knees and applied firm pressure with the heel of his palm to slowly slide his hands up the length of her thigh, then up over the mountain of her ass, where he moved his hands to the the base of her spine. Keeping his left palm pressing firmly on the middle of her lower back, he slid his right hand down through the crease until his middle finger was over her asshole, and he pressed lightly. Dan heard Kendra suck her breath in sharply and hold it.

He lightened the pressure, then slid his hand down further, using two fingers to play with her pussy. He slid those two fingers down around the outside, then slid just the tips inside her and spread her apart gently. Kendra moaned at the sensation, and Dan slid his fingers further into her velvety folds, which were soaked with arousal.

With his index and middle fingers inside Kendra, Dan’s thumb was positioned to reach down to her clit, which he gently rubbed and massaged. Her body wiggled ever so slightly as she grinded herself against him, relishing the feeling of his rough, calloused hands stimulating her.

Dan slid his left hand down to the bottom of her cheek and used it pull her pussy further apart so his left thumb could stroke and flick her clit while his right hand was free to explore. His cock was straining against his pants with the excitement of fingering and fondling this girl outside, in the sun, with the risk that her husband could come home at any time. It was turning him on beyond belief. Watching her body buck and hearing her moan in respond to his touch was driving him wild!

Slowly sliding his thick fingers in and out of her pussy while massaging her clit slowly, he could feel her getting soaked with wetness. Once she was sufficiently lubed with her own juices, he began to forcefully finger-fuck her, making her whole body shake. He loved watching her ass jiggle with each thrust.

Dan settled into a rhythm, quickly flicking her clit while rapidly thrusting his fingers in and out of her. Kendra was panting with excitement and as her voice began to rise to a near-scream, he could sense she was close. Suddenly, her body was shuddering and shaking as she came hard in his hands, squirting juices out of her that flowed onto the recliner. Once he sense she had reached her peak, he slowed his motions to bring her down off her high, continuing to gently stroke and caress her sensitive nerve endings.

He watched her breathing begin to slow as she regained her composure. He wanted so badly to rip his pants off and fuck her like a banshee, but he wasn’t sure if it was too soon, and he didn’t want to risk upsetting her so that he wouldn’t be able to come back again in the future. After all, in a service-oriented business, it was all about satisfying the customer!

“Now that I’ve taken care of THAT problem, it’s time for me to get to work,” he breathed into her ear.

Dazed, Kendra laid there watching as Dan walked away innocently, as if he hadn’t just been touching her most private places, bringing her exquisite pleasure. She laid there for a moment wondering what he was planning, still in shock over the incredible orgasm that she had just had at the hands of Handyman Dan. She couldn’t help but wonder what he was packing in his pants – but she hoped she would soon find out!

Kendra could hear random clanging and other noises from around the front of the house, getting closer, when Dan rounded the corner with an extension ladder. “Thought I’d get started on clearing out those gutters,” he said.

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