The Hard Sell

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Kyle Anderson – 32 years old, Son of Marie, Husband of Emily, fiery red hair, pornstar 6’8, 164 lbs. 10 inch long, 6 inch wide dick, CEO of Incest of Best Entertainment

Madeline Wilcox – 36 years old, CEO of Wilcox Communications, brunette, 5’3, 127 lbs. 34F tits

Emily Anderson – 31 years old, daughter of Victoria, pornstar wife of Kyle, brunette, 5’4, 135 lbs. 36F tits, CEO of Thrill Entertainment

Marie Anderson – 51 years old, mother of Kyle, reddish-blonde hair, pornstar, 130 lbs. 5’6, 54M tits, COO of Incest is Best Entertainment

Victoria Reynolds – 47 years old, mother of Emily, pornstar, brunette, 132 lbs. 5’7, 36H tits

Savannah Blake – 39 years old, mother of Cassidy and Little Charlie, former model, pornstar, 150 pounds, blonde, 5’4, 32H tits

Cassidy Blake – 20 years old, daughter of Kyle and Savannah, 34E tits, pornstar, redheaded, freckled, 5’8, 128 lbs.

Charles “Little Charlie” Blake – 18 years old, son of Kyle and Savannah, pornstar, high school senior, 132 lbs. 5’10, 7 inch long, 4 inch wide cock


After having finished a hot scene with Marie, Victoria and Roxie, Kyle stood up in the hotel room. For two hours, he had pounded all three MILFs in all positions and came in all three holes of each one before finishing the scene with a massive cumshot onto their faces and tits.

In the room over, Emily was getting railed by Little Charlie while she ate Savannah’s pussy. The hung teen relentlessly hammered at her squirting pussy while he watched her lap at his mother’s cunt as Savannah’s huge tits shook and bounced.

“Oh god!” he then shouted as he burst hard into Emily’s pussy while she and Savannah came at the same time. Savannah then sat up and jiggled her tits for her son as he kept jacking off, shooting out 8 more ropes of thick, hot jizz onto her big rack.

“Fuck…” Savannah panted, worn out from orgasms.

Vicky ended the scene and the cast and crew headed downstairs to the lobby and ate. The lobby bustled with nudity and fucking as the multitude of porn actors and actresses prepared for different scenes. Emily found Kyle in the sitting area, getting sucked off by Cassidy.

“Did you have fun honey?” she asked.

“Hell yeah,” he replied with a bright grin. “How about you?”

“Definitely,” she replied, spreading her legs to show her leaking cunt, “Little Charlie certainly isn’t so little anymore.”

Kyle laughed and came into Cassidy’s mouth, his skilled daughter swallowing his creamy thick cum by the mouthful into her swollen belly.

“Thanks Daddy,” she said with a jizzy smile and walked off, Kyle slapping her ass before he stood and kissed Emily.

“Any ataşehir escort bayan plans today?” he asked as he groped her ass.

She nodded. “I got a house to sell today but I have a scene to shoot with Elliot. Hopefully I can make it in time.”

Kyle thought. “Well I just shot my last scene. Maybe I can stall until you make it.”

Emily blushed. “Aw, you would do that baby?”

Kyle kissed her nose lightly. “Of course I would. Besides, you can make it up to me later.”

She laughed and headed back upstairs for her scene as Kyle approached Issy and began to fuck the shit out of her ass.


Madeline Wilcox clicked up the driveway to 421 Bellevue Lane in her fashionable 8 inch heels. The businesswoman had recently expanded her business to the east coast and the house had seemed perfect for her. 16 rooms, 3 ½ baths and 5 bedrooms. Recently widowed, she had come into a large fortune so money was really no concern.

She made her way up the marble steps and opened the door. As she passed the mirror, she admired her flowing auburn hair and her massive 34G tits in her low black blouse. Making her way to the kitchen, she got a drink of water and looked over the house while waiting for her agent Emily.

Checking out the master bedroom, she found that the bed was quite firm, seemingly heavily bolted to the floor. The closet she found was quite spacious and would accommodate her wardrobe quite nicely once she had settled in. With Emily still not having shown up, she stripped to her bra and thong and took a dip in the pool.

Seeing she was still alone, she removed her bra and bounced up and down, admiring the way her tits broke the water. Wrapping up in a towel, she examined the other bedrooms and soon found a tight and sexy white dress. Pulling it on, she found it stopped just short of her magnificent ass and she gave it a jiggle, laughing to herself in the mirror.

At that moment, Kyle pulled up in his 2004 Dodge Charger, wearing a sky blue buttoned shirt and jeans. He smiled at some of his regular playmates down the street and proceeded into the house. Going up the stairs, he nearly crashed into Madeline. Upon seeing her, he wished he had, her body in his wife’s tight dress making his mouth water.

“Hi there,” she said, “can I help you?”

“Um… yes,” Kyle replied, removing his mirrored shades, “I’m Kyle. Emily sent me. She’s a bit… tied up at the moment so she asked me to come by and show you around.”

“I see,” she said, biting her lip at seeing the hunk of man, “well lead the way.”

Kyle showed her bathroom with the power jets in the shower and she admired them, bending over to ‘look’ at them closely escort kadıköy and giving Kyle a more than substantial view of her full and ripe ass.

“I can’t wait to have those blasting me at the end of a long, hard day at work…” she said, making her way from the bathroom.

She and Kyle returned to the master bedroom.

“I must say,” she said as they made their way is, “I’m really loving the house and… the fringe benefits seem quite nice also.”

She brushed her hand over the bulge in Kyle’s jeans and smiled. Kyle at the same time, felt up her ass and curves up to her tits as their lips met in a fiery kiss and Kyle kept fondling her huge tits before he yanked the dress over her head.

He continued groping and sucking her tits as she moaned softly, Kyle twirling his tongue around her swollen nipples as he pulled more of the warm, soft flesh into his mouth as she worked his jeans down and began pumping his cock with her hands.

They began kissing again and she continued to jack him off before getting onto the bed and sucking him off as he groaned and thrusted slowly into her mouth as she fondled his full and heavy balls. She moaned and hummed as she licked and slurped on his shaft, Kyle holding her head as he began to even more more aggressively fuck her face.

“Oh fuck, this throat is tight!” Kyle grunted, Madeline’s slobber running down his shaft to drip from his swinging balls as they smacked against her chin. He then released her and she slid off and rubbed her wet pussy in need for his thick, swollen dick.

She sat back and spread her legs, Kyle crawling between them and again attacking her tits, pinching, nibbling and sucking them as she moaned, continuing to stroke his dick. They kissed again while his hands continued to play with her juggs, Madeline moaning into his mouth.

Kyle pushed her back and slid his cock into her pussy as she spread her legs. He began thrusting hard as they kissed, the slut moaning loudly. She whimpered and squeaked, Kyle positioning himself on his arms to give her deep and long strokes.

He then pulled out and removed his shirt as she took his dick between her skilled feet and pumped his dick with them, Kyle groaning at the feet of her smooth warm soles on his cock. Then began to rail her in doggystyle, slapping her ass and squeezing her bouncing tits.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed, Kyle giving it to her rapid and deep. She began getting even more vocal as she began to cum, squirting hard on his cock as she bounced back at him. She then began riding him in reverse cowgirl, moaning as Kyle kept his hands on her jiggling rack.

“Oh god!” she screamed, “FUCK, it’s so deep!!”

Kyle began thrusting bostancı escort upward, her cries getting even louder and he fucked her pussy hard. She then started getting fucked in a spooning position while she played with her clit, Kyle’s nuts smacking loudly against her thighs.

“Oh my fucking god!” she cried, “oh my god, it’s so good!”

Kyle grunted as his cock slid quickly into her ass, watching it jiggle as his dick pounded it’s way into her. She kept moaning and screaming, rubbing herself as Kyle gripped her hair and pulled her to the side of the bed, spitting on her pussy and beginning to fuck her again.

She shook and screamed, Kyle’s cock hammering her long neglected cunt.

“Oh yeah… just like that!” Madeline screamed as she was fucked missionary, Kyle squeezing her big, soft melons even harder as he drove his cock into her. He then began fucking her in doggy again, Madeline clenching the sheets in her fists as she experienced the best fucking of her entire life.

He slapped her ass repeatedly, Madeline crying out as she came a third time, gushing her pussy juice onto Kyle’s cock as it continued to slam into her pussy. Her cries became more and more vocal, Kyle pinching and pulling at her swollen nipples as he fucked her even deeper.

He pulled back and rammed his cock back in, taking all the air from her lungs. She screamed and screamed, her tits shaking wildly as he just kept on fucking, his stamina unlike any she had ever seen. And his cock! Ooh, his cock! The gift that kept on giving.

She had even lost track of her orgasms as another claimed her, her pussy picking up each bump and vein along Kyle’s massive hunk of dick.

“YES!!” she cried, “MORE!!”

Kyle kept going, spreading her legs and putting her feet over his shoulders and he slammed his cock into her womb, feeling her pussy squirt yet again on his dick. Kyle groaned, picking up more and more speed as the bed quaked beneath them.

“Yes!!!! Oh my fucking god!!” Madeline screamed, gripping Kyle’s hair, “FUCKING CUM INSDE ME, YOU BASTARD!!”

Kyle let out a loud groan as he came with her, pumping her pussy full of his seed. The head of his dick buzzed he fired numerous thick jets of spunk deep into her cunt, Madeline shaking violently as her eyes rolled back. Kyle then pulled out, his cock slick with her juices.

Madeline soon passed out, her pussy feeling wonderful in ways she hadn’t experienced in her entire life. Kyle slapped his dick against her cunt and resumed sucking and groping her tits.

“So I take it we have a deal?” Kyle asked, circling her nipple with his tongue.

“Most definitely,” she replied with a giggle, “the house is lovely and the fringe benefits don’t do too bad themselves.”

They laughed and moved back onto the bed, Kyle fucking her to orgasm after orgasm until Emily arrived and got Madeline to sign the contracts. And when she did sign, Kyle’s dick was still lodged deep inside her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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