The Hotel: The Penthouse Suite Ch. 02

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Maria wears her black lingerie again, but just a bra and stockings tonight as she has decided her panties are surplus to requirements. She lies face up on the bed tonight, and I’ve told Carly to tie her wrists and ankles to each corner of the bed. She has obeyed me, and Maria’s legs are spread, exposing the lips of her pussy. She is smiling in anticipation, her dark eyes twinkling in the olive skin of her face.

“Your turn,” I say to Carly.

She smiles and nods, straightens her black-rimmed glasses and lies on top of her friend the Receptionist, but the other way round so that her arms lie along Maria’s legs, and Carly’s legs lie along her arms. Her face is above her friend’s pussy, and she immediately starts to lick it. Carly is wearing a white corset, laced up the back and white stockings. I lift Maria’s head and push a pillow underneath it and then tie Carly’s ankles to Maria’s wrists. I spread Carly’s labia with my fingers, and push down on her bum so that her pussy meets Maria’s tongue. Carly wiggles her ass and grinds her pussy down onto her friend’s face, moaning as Maria’s tongue invades her.

I go to the other end of the bed, my cock already rigid under my black boxers. I instruct Carly to place her hands flat on the bed so that she can support herself, and then shackle them to the corner of the bed. Her tongue is working away furiously at Maria’s clit, with the odd dart between her lips into her dark pussy. They are both starting to squirm a little bit.

After our initial session, we agreed that we had to meet again as soon as possible, the next time the Penthouse Suite was free and unbooked. This is Tuesday morning, and we’re ‘in a meeting’ until 11am. The girls put their costumes on and peeled my clothes off me before spending five minutes kissing each other before I’d ordered Maria onto the bed.

I slap Carly’s ass – she gasps at the sharp pain but is only momentarily distracted from her task: she fixes her mouth on Maria’s cunt again.

“You liked me smacking Maria,” I say, “do you like being smacked?”

“Yes, spank me,” she says between licks.

“Is Carly being bad, Maria?”

“Very bad,” Maria replies, slurping at her friend’s sloppy groin.

“Will I spank her, Maria; spank her like I did you?”

“Yes,” she says licking Carly’s juice from her lips, “spank her as hard as you can.” She lifts her head slightly and sticks her tongue as far inside Carly as she can. Carly gasps. Then she shouts as I smack her hard.

“Pussy tastes good, doesn’t it girls?”

I get two grunts in response: they’ve got better things to do than talk this morning.

“Cock tastes good too.”

My hand is in my shorts now, squeezing and rubbing my erection as the sight before me, the tableau of two girls tied to the bed licking each other out because I told them to is seriously hot. They’re ignoring me, but I don’t care: they know they’ll be cumming soon if they can maintain their mutual actions. Maria’s tongue is deep inside Carly’s vagina, her face buried in pussy and slick with juice. Carly is concentrating on Maria’s clitoris, flicking her tongue over it, nibbling it, working at provoking Maria’s climax. Every so often one of them moans and is distracted from their task for an instant before resuming. These girls are dedicated. We said ‘no slacking’ before we started – we’ll only get the most out of this, an equal amount out of our trysts, if we all put 100% in: no slacking.

“Who’s going to cum?” I ask.

“Me,” Maria mumbles through a mouthful of Carly’s pussy.

“I am,” Carly says with Maria’s clitoris between her teeth.

I smile again, still holding my cock.

“I am going to fuck,” I say, “whoever cums first.”

Maria lets out a loud, long moan, closing her eyes as she does so. She keeps tonguing the Managing Director’s PA, though. I walk over to her head, and hold my cock inches from her face.

“Do you want to feel my hard cock in you, Maria? Do you want it to make you cum a second time?”

Her eyes flick to my penis, and she groans again before burying her face back in Carly’s cunt. I stroke my cock over her face for a few seconds before I walk to the other end of the bed.

“What about you, Carly: do you want to cum and straight away replace Maria’s tongue in your pussy with my dick?”

Carly looks round at my cock, and then up at me – her glasses have slipped down her nose and she looks over them.

“I can’t wait – kurtköy escort oooohhhh,” she moans as Maria’s tongue penetrates her again. “Fuck me now.”

“Carly – tut tut; you haven’t cum yet – and colleagues always help each other, right?”

Carly dutifully resumes her work on Maria’s groin, now licking along her slit: Maria groans, anticipating her snatch being invaded any second.

“I’m going to help you make Maria cum,” I say to Carly, reaching for one of our large black dildos that lies on the bed.

“Keep licking, Carly,” I say and slide the dildo into Maria’s willing pussy. “Keep licking ’til she screams.”

Maria moans as she feels herself filled, and Carly licks harder as I pump the dildo in and out of the pussy under her nose. Maria is panting and writhing underneath Carly, her head thrown back and Carly’s hole forgotten about as I ram the fake dick hard into her. Then she tenses, strains against her bonds and Carly’s weight on top of her, and screams. Carly keeps licking and Maria’s eyes roll back in her head as her climax continues.

As it subsides, I grip Carly’s dark red hair, pull her head up, straighten her glasses and push the dildo I’ve slid out of Maria’s cunt into Carly’s mouth. She takes the full ten inches into her throat, and tastes Maria’s cunt juice that coats it.

“Do Receptionists taste nice, Carly?” I ask pulling her head further up.

“Mmmmmm,” she manages, trying not to nod or gag on the dildo.

“Is Carly’s tongue nice, Maria?”

“Oooh, yeeesss…” Maria moans, her eyes still closed, her long dark hair spread around her. “I love Carly’s tongue…”

“It’s going back to work in a second, Maria; as soon as I’ve removed this from her throat – isn’t it, Carly?”

“Mmmmm,” she says again.

“…and so is yours, Maria.”

I pull the dildo from Carly’s mouth and she gasps. Still gripping her hair, I push her face back down onto Maria. Maria shudders as she feels Carly’s tongue again on her buzzing clitoris.

“Now it’s your turn to help me make Carly cum,” I say to Maria.

I slide the dildo back into her, as far is it will go into her slathered vagina, hold it there for a second or two and pull it back out again. She gasps.

I return to the other end of the bed and insert the dildo’s tip into Carly’s opening, making her quiver.

“Lick Carly’s clit,” I say to Maria, looking into her dark eyes. She complies and Carly squirms on top of her, trying to push herself backwards onto the dildo that is just inside her, teasing her. She moans in anticipation.

I slap her exposed ass making her jump.

“The dildo fucks you, Carly – not the other way round,” I say.

I smack her again.

“This Maria-flavoured dildo goes in when I think you’re ready.”

“I’m ready!” she cries.

I spank her a third time, and she jumps away momentarily from Maria’s tongue working on her bud.

“Now! Please!”

I spank her again, and as my hand lands the sharp blow, I ram the dildo up her, into the hole previously opened by Maria’s tongue, into a cunt that is so slippery that all ten inches disappear inside her in an instant.

“Oooooaaaahhhhh!” she moans, her shoulders slumping and her elbows bending as she collapses onto Maria.

“Maria is going to make you cum, Carly, in the same way that you and I made her cum.”

I stoop and untie Maria’s wrists, my hard cock brushing against her face as I do so. She eagerly grabs the dildo and begins mercilessly fucking the boss’s secretary with it, pounding Carly’s vagina savagely in that way that only another girl can manage. Every now and then she pauses and licks Carly’s clitoris before resuming.

Carly is bucking and writhing now, her head coming up every few seconds as she groans, her attentions to Maria’s slit becoming more infrequent. Watching, and holding my rod-like member in my hand, I come and kneel between Maria’s spread legs.

“You’re forgetting Maria’s pussy, Carly,” I say and push the end of my dick into Maria. She squirms, and pauses fractionally in her fucking of Carly. I take a handful of Carly’s hair again and push it down towards my dick; she puts her tongue on the shaft and licks it as I slide it into her friend. Maria moans and Carly does, too: they both have holes filled with cock.

I fuck Maria slowly, listening to them both groaning, watching them both writhe against their levent escort bonds and their penetrations.

With a louder moan, Carly suddenly tries to lift her head as Maria’s tongue and the dildo bring her to a climax. I exert a little more pressure on the back of her head, holding her face down. She squeals as this coincides with her orgasm. She tries to straighten her legs, the ropes holding them going taut. Her arms do straighten – even with her head depressed – and she grinds her stimulated pussy down onto Maria’s tongue. Maria hasn’t let up with either her tongue or the dildo and with a further combination of lick and thrust, Carly cums again with a scream. I lean over her, forcing the whole length of my cock along her face and deep inside Maria, and spank her again; she cries out again.

“Lick me, bitch,” snarls Maria, resenting her friend’s delights and the neglect of her own pleasures.

I release Carly’s hair, and she alters her position to find Maria’s button with her tongue. Maria closes her eyes and groans as she feels both Carly’s tongue and my cock resuming their work on her cunt.

As I pump her harder, she moans again, louder, and lets go of the dildo she’s just buried inside Carly. Maria writhes as my hips bang into her, and Carly’s tongue heats up her clitoris. The dildo slowly falls out of Carly’s wet pussy with a slurp and Carly jumps slightly as it does so.

Maria’s second orgasm has been building, but now I’m fucking her harder, she soon reaches the brink. Carly and I sense the tensing in her body, she thrashes her head from side to side, and moans low and long; I ram my cock in as hard as I can. After half a dozen of these barrages, her groan increasing in volume all the while, she cums, spasming and thrashing as best she can.

As Maria’s orgasm continues she starts smacking Carly’s bottom in a frenzy, again and again and again. The flashes of pain from her hand makes Carly buck and cry out, and the movement of Carly’s lips, tongue and teeth on Maria’s bud driving her climax further. I pull my cock out and climb off the bed, watching my two sexy workmates convulse with the sweet pain and pleasure we wanted them to have, watching their beautiful bodies struggling against each other, sliding over each other in their exertions, observing their desires being realised before my eyes, under my direction.

As Maria’s climax subsides, her spanking of Carly tails off. They lay there, Carly on top of Maria, with their eyes closed and their breathing heavy. I massage my dick as I watch their two pretty faces so close to their two pretty pussies.

“You two are hot,” I say smiling. Neither of them opens their eyes but they both smile, too. We’d thought this would be good, (it had to be with these two drop-dead, clever creatures involved), but this is way better than we’d thought.

“Open up, Carly.”

She complies, eyes still shut but knowing what’s going to happen. I slide my dick into her mouth and she tastes Receptionist again. I feel her lips close round the shaft and her tongue on my circumcised glans and along the bottom. I bury it in there as deep as it will go; I see her throat open below me, and I hold it there until she grunts and makes the first attempt to pull her head away before she gags.

She can’t move her head though, my cock has forced it as far back as it will go, back onto her shoulders, and it is up to me to pull out before she chokes. I hold her head and pull myself out, slobber dripping from her lip onto Maria’s pussy below. Carly gasps and swallows.

“Again,” she says.

I deep throat her again, forcing her head back again – which in turn forces her pussy against Maria’s face: Maria licks her and re-inserts the dildo. This time, when I notice her head trying to escape, I keep my cock where it is, letting her splutter twice – as she’d requested – before withdrawing. I let her take a breath and swallow once more.

“Aga-” she starts before I insert my ten hard inches into her throat for the final time.

I hold it in there, feeling how hard it is in her mouth, and wait for her. Her head wriggles and then she splutters twice, three times. I see her eyes look up at me through her black-rimmed glasses, and I return her look. We haven’t got to where she said I should stop yet – I just have to hold my nerve.

She gags, her body judders, and she gags again. I pull my length out and mahmutbey escort grab a handful of her dark red hair, yanking it so that she can see me as she splutters. One of her lenses distorts a tear that has started to roll down one of her cheeks.

“Beautiful, Carly: does Maria taste as sweet as she did before?”

“Yes,” she gasps, trying to compose herself.

Maria pulls the dildo out of Carly, smacking her ass once more as she does so.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Carly; I’m going to put this steel-hard erection in your vagina and fuck you.”

Carly closes her eyes and moans, a small smile on her lips.

“Fuck me…”

“…until I cum, Carly, until the spunk overflows and drips on Maria’s face.”

“Mmmm…” Carly moans.

“I want to taste your spunk,” Maria says.

“Taste my cock first,” I say. I come over and push it into Maria’s mouth, her eyes not breaking contact with mine as I fill her face. I hold it there, count to five in my head and pull it straight back out. Maria tries to follow it, and a string of saliva briefly maintains contact between the two of us.

“Do you both want to cum again?”

“Yes!” says Maria quickly.

“Yes,” says Carly more quietly. “Fuck me, fuck me…”

“I’m going to fuck you, Carly – and Maria is going to fuck herself.”

I help Maria manoeuvre her hands underneath Carly’s body, slide a black vibrator (another from our collection) into her pussy, and turn it on. Maria clamps her hand onto the base that protrudes from her, and smiles as she takes control of her own fucking. Seeing this in front of her face, Carly applies her tongue to Maria’s clitoris once more, joining the vibrator’s actions on it; Maria returns the favour. I climb on the bed, straddle both of the bodies beneath me and push myself gently into Carly’s wet snatch.

I watch Maria’s hands as they fuck her, and I get my thrusts into Carly into the same rhythm. They both start to groan as they feel tongue on their buttons and cock in their pussies.

I squeeze Carly’s tight butt cheeks as my cock bangs her harder and as the vibrator is manipulated faster by Maria’s hands. I feel Maria’s tongue on my dick briefly as it flicks across the front of Carly’s pussy. They are both starting to groan again.

I spit on Carly’s ass crack before me, and massage her asshole with my thumb. Maria is straining against her bonds and Carly’s body, teasing another orgasm from herself with the vibrator. Her head is back against the bed again, and her mouth and eyes are wide open. She groans loudly as she climaxes, maintaining her grip on the vibrator.

Carly doesn’t care about the cessation of licking. My hips are pounding her supple ass cheeks and my cock is between her held-apart legs and filling her cunt like a piston. Hearing Maria cum, Carly closes her eyes as she feels her vagina tighten. I feel her body tense and pop my thumb into her slathered asshole. With a little jerk, Carly squeals loudly and cums herself, her body juddering against my hips behind her, Maria’s body beneath her and the ropes that hold her in place. I slide my thumb in further, until her tight anus has closed over the knuckle as well, and keep fucking her. Each thrust, each little pull at the asshole elicits another little gasp. Between my thrusts, Maria has seen what I’ve done with my thumb and this has given fresh impetus to her masturbation: she’s maintained the buzzing vibrator within her and the sight of Carly’s penetrated ass has left her near another orgasm.

“Do it, baby – cum!” she gasps at me. “Cum inside us!”

I don’t need much encouragement at this point: Maria has her black stockinged legs spread by ropes, a vibrator held in her pussy by her right hand as she moans and her bonds go taut; above her, Carly’s perfect, corseted figure is on all fours, her arms and legs tied to the bed, pinning her down onto her brunette colleague, her eyes are clamped shut behind her glasses and her dark red hair flails from her thrown-back head, crying out as my cock stokes the fire in her pussy.

“FUUUUCK!!” Carly screams as she cums.

I withdraw my engorged cock, not a moment too soon, and press the end against Carly’s asshole, pushing her forwards. She’s so high right now she wouldn’t even notice if I shoved the whole thing up her ass, but that’s not what we agreed for today.

“Yes!” is all I can say as, finally, I squirt my long-held load onto Carly’s anus. Some of my jizz splashes down the back of her leg and onto her white stocking, but most of it collects in the hollow of her puckering asshole.

I let the last strand drip off my bell end and then stand to watch all my gooey cum run from Carly’s tight ass, down the pink lips of her beautiful cunt, and drip into Maria’s spunk-hungry mouth…

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