The Hottie In The Window Pt. 02

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Thanks to papaya_lynne for editing and help with the story.

5. The Challenge

Kelly knew she was being watched when she pulled into work. She retrieved her purse, her lunch, and her water bottle from the Explorer, closed the door, and started down the sidewalk to the front door of the building. She was half way to the building when the lights on a Honda Accord flashed when she stepped in front of it. She stopped, turned, and looked at the building. She heard someone knocking on glass and watched her reflection shake in the fifth window on the ground floor. ‘So that’s where he sits.’ She turned and continued into the building.

Bob knew from the smirk Kelly had flashed at his office that she was in the mood to play. He completed his morning routine and headed for the john. Kelly was standing in the lobby of the building talking with a male coworker.

“What are you looking at, you big geek?” Her smile indicated that this was her idea of ‘playful banter’.

“You know,” Bob said as he smiled and walked around her into the restroom, “you keep parking your broom in the handicapped spot, you’re going to get a ticket.”

Kelly’s jaw dropped in mock surprise. The smile in her eyes assured Bob that he had not pushed her too far.

Kelly pushed the door open and walked out into the sweltering heat of the day. She looked up and saw Bob sitting on the hood of his Honda. “Can I carry your books, little girl?”

Kelly stopped in front of him. “What makes you think I want you to?”

Bob stood up and held out his hand. “Because you didn’t say ‘no’ immediately.”

Kelly handed him her lunch bag and started looking for her keys as she headed for her car. “You’re pretty confident. You better be sure your ass can cash the checks your mouth is writing.”

Bob fell into step right beside Kelly. “Oh, I got all kind o’ skills that you ain’t seen yet.”

Kelly unlocked her door and got in. “Oh fuck you.”

“Your place is closest.” Kelly turned and saw the challenge in Bob’s eyes. He handed the lunch bag to her through the open door.

“Prove it.” Bob sprinted to his car as Kelly barked her tires leaving the parking lot. Ten minutes later, he was sprinting up the walkway to her apartment. The door had been left open. He walked in and slammed the door behind him. Kelly was again standing in the middle of her living room. “Let’s see what you got, looser!”

“Take your clothes off.” He grabbed his button-down oxford at the center of his chest and, with one yank, sent buttons flying all over Kelly’s apartment. “NOW!”

Kelly started removing her clothes quickly. “Oh. The big, strong man is gonna rip my clothes off.” They were both naked quickly. Bob advanced on Kelly like he was hunting her. She backed against the wall, but the challenge on her face never wavered. “You gonna give me your best shot?”

Bob reached down and grabbed her left leg at the knee and picked her leg up. Kelly gave a little yelp as she reflexively reached out to his shoulders for balance. “Are you excited?” Bob’s left hand went straight to her sex. “Let’s see if you’re ready. Oh, you’re nice and wet, aren’t you.”

Kelly snaked a hand down and grabbed Bob’s cock. “Is that all you got for me?” She stroked it softly. “You better bring your ‘A’ game today, buddy.”

Bob slipped Kelly’s knee up to his elbow and reached down to get her other leg. He hoisted her up off the floor and slid her down on his cock. With three strokes, he was completely buried inside her. Bob pinned her to the wall and began to pound her with all his might. Kelly started back with the verbal abuse through clenched teeth. “Give it to me! Give me that cock! You got nothin’!” Bob thrust into her relentlessly. He was able to stave off his impending orgasm by trying to knock her pictures off the wall. Bob fell into a rhythm as their bodies slammed together. “Is that all you got? Is that all you gah…ahh…AHH…AHH!” Kelly’s nails sought blood as they dug into Bob’s back. The added stimulation sent him over the edge as well. Bob grunted repeatedly as he filled her with his cum.

Bob released Kelly’s right leg. His legs were shaking as he disengaged from her. He eased down on the floor, gulping air. Kelly sank to the floor and nuzzled Bob’s neck. Bob finally managed, “How’s…that?”


“Thank you. You’re…amazing.” They sat on the floor naked, trying to get their breathing back to normal. The silence was comfortable, not needing to be broken. Bob only spoke when the afterglow faded away. “I’d like to upgrade our relationship…if that’s ok.”

Kelly pulled back and looked at Bob’s face. “What do you want to upgrade to?”

“Friends…with benefits…if that’s ok?”

“You mean ‘fuck-buddies’?” Bob was surprised at Kelly’s frank language and the smile that crossed her face.

“I wouldn’t have put it quite that Pendik Escort way, but yes…essentially.” Bob’s face reddened.

“You’re determined to take this slowly, aren’t you?”

Bob rested his forehead against hers. “Yes, I am. I don’t want to rush into anything, and I don’t think you do either.”

Kelly sighed, “You’re right. You’re right.”

Bob stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. “If you want to change our relationship to something else, or leave it the way it is, just tell me, and I’ll consider it.”

Kelly shook her head and pulled back to look at him. Damn, why does he have to do that so well? “No. You’re right. I just…I just feel like such a slut! I can’t seem to keep my fucking hands off you!”

Bob smiled. “You’re not a slut. You’re just a kid with a new toy. Come on. It’s 6:00. Let’s go find something to eat.”

They rose up off the floor and began searching for their clothes. Kelly did a quick mental check of what she had in the kitchen, and came up with a few things for one person, but nothing for two. “Uh, do you want to go out?”

“No, I can’t.” Bob was pulling his legs into his button-fly jeans. “I’m tapped out till payday. Two VERY nice meals will do that to you.”

“Oh, great. Now I feel like shit, eating you out of house and home.”

Bob walked over and put on his oxford, looking for the non-existent buttons. “Relax, Sweetheart. It was a bargain at twice the price.”

“Fine. We’re going out. My treat.” Bob had a hard time arguing with her because she was already out the door headed for her car.

6.Friends in need

Kelly pulled into the apartment complex and navigated her way to the front of Jane’s apartment. As soon as she killed the engine, Jane came running out the door. “Hi Kelly!” At least they would get an early start. They jumped back into Kelly’s car and headed out to the rental place.

“How big a truck did you reserve?” Kelly asked as they pulled out of the complex.

“It’s a 16-foot truck.” Jane was dreading the interrogation, but Kelly had agreed to help her move.

“Did you get boxes?”

Jane answered quickly. “I got the clerk at the liquor store to help me load them. We have plenty of boxes.”

“Great.” Maybe this was going to turn out better than expected. “How many people are coming to help?”

Jane balled up into a defensive crouch, and her voice got high and soft. “None?”

“WHAT!” Just as a ray of hope broke through the clouds… “You didn’t get ANYONE ELSE to help us?”

“Everybody at the office either had something else to do, or backed out yesterday.” She was glad she didn’t tell Kelly until right now; otherwise Kelly would have flown around the office browbeating people into helping her.

“You and I cannot move you out of that apartment by ourselves!” Kelly’s face was flushed, and that little vein in her neck started popping out. Jane was content to sit quietly in the passenger seat and let Kelly fume. Jane learned some new words during the remainder of the trip to the rental place, but she was sure that her mother would not be proud of her new vocabulary.

Kelly stopped Jane half way to the rental counter. “I have an idea. It’s a long shot, but if I get ANY shit from you, I’ll walk right now, and take any chance of help with me. Understand?” Jane just nodded her head. Kelly pulled out her cell phone and dialed while Jane filled out paperwork for the truck.

“Hello.” The voice sounded groggy, but she recognized it as Bob’s.

“Hi Bob. It’s Kelly.”

“Hi. How are you?”

“Fine.” Kelly hesitated. “Do you have anything planned for today?”

“Not really. I was going to do some light yardwork, then some light housework, then some Lite beer work.” Bob sensed the train coming toward him. Kelly didn’t sound cheerful. “Why?”

“I need a favor.” Kelly quickly explained her situation.

“…and so now you’re down to the bottom of the barrel,” Bob stated matter-of-factly.


It only took Bob a few seconds to realize that he didn’t really have a choice. “DAMN IT! You’re gonna owe me bigtime.” Bob moved through his house to the computer.

“You are a lifesaver.” Kelly was sure she knew what was going to be required in payment, and that wasn’t entirely bad.

“No. I’m a complete sucker for a damsel in distress. What’s her address?”

Kelly read Jane’s address off the rental form. “Let me tell you how to get there.”

“No need.” Kelly heard keystrokes in the background. “Ok. I’ll throw on some clothes and meet you in about thirty minutes.”

Kelly hung up the cell phone and went to her car to wait for Jane to drive the rental truck to the apartment. They had pulled into the complex and parked when Kelly saw the familiar grey Honda Accord pull into the guest spot a few yards away.

Kelly gathered them both in front Kurtköy Escort of the apartment and made introductions. “Jane, this is Bob, our resident knight in shining armor. Bob, this is my helpless and hapless friend, Jane.”

“The armor’s at the dry cleaners.” Bob managed to keep his face completely sober.

Jane reached out and shook Bob’s hand with feeling. “I really appreciate you helping us out today.”

Bob turned to the complex, eager to get moving. “I remember you from Winston’s Grill. Tell me, why is it that pretty girls always end up with pretty friends?” Kelly punched him in the arm a little harder than ‘playful’.

They opened the door to Jane’s apartment. Kelly began to feel her stomach tense up. She saw the liquor boxes stacked inside one another by the back door, but otherwise, the place was in perfect order. “Jane, are those all the boxes you have?”

“Yes. That’s plenty for all my stuff.”

Kelly nearly turned purple. “YOU HAVEN”T PACKED YET!?!?” Jane flinched like Kelly hit her. Bob collapsed into the easy chair, laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe, which only made Kelly angrier. Kelly was having a hard time organizing her thoughts so she could give Jane the verbal beating she so richly deserved.

“Wait, wait.” Bob had gathered himself enough to intervene. “We need the truck backed up to the front door. Jane, take some boxes upstairs and start dumping your stuff in them as fast as you can. You’ve lost the luxury of packing. Kelly, you might as well start in the kitchen. I’ll go move the truck.” Bob started out the door, giggling like an idiot as he went. He reflected that putting Kelly with the sharp objects and the breakable things might have been a mistake. Jane was presented an opportunity to get away from Kelly, and she beat a hasty retreat.

As Kelly clanked and rattled and crashed around the kitchen, she would look up every time Bob came through the door. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He moved deliberately and purposefully, but not quickly. When he had moved everything he could handle by himself, he asked for Jane’s help. All three of them had to pitch in to move the sofa. Lunch, which was the normal moving fare of delivered pizza and beer, was quiet. Bob was tired, Kelly was angry, and Jane was scared.

When they broke from lunch, Bob followed Kelly into the kitchen. “She didn’t ‘not pack’ at you. She made a mistake, and now you are really scaring your friend. Take it easy. Slow down, or you’re going to ware yourself out.”

“How can you laugh about this?”

Bob pinned her to the counter, wrapped an arm around her waist, and copped a feel of her ass while he nibbled at her neck. “We’re all going to laugh about this later. I’m going to laugh about it now.” As he disengaged from Kelly, he popped her on the ass with a loud smack. Bob’s smile was infuriating as he walked out the door, never slacking in his gate. Bob made it a point to be very annoying to Kelly during the afternoon. Every time he walked back in the apartment, he snuck into the kitchen to nibble a neck, or smack a butt cheek, or tickle a rib, or cop a feel. It quickly became dangerous for Bob to go in the kitchen, because Kelly would swing the nearest pot, pan, or utensil at him whenever he got near her. She worked very hard to stay angry between fits of the giggles.

Dinner time rolled around and the last of the pizza and beer were consumed. Jane was too tired to be scared any more, and Kelly was too tired to be angry. At eight o’ clock they put the last of Jane’s things in the truck. Jane put her hands on her hips and stretched her back. “Ohhh! I need a shower. OH FUCK!”

“What?” Everyone was too worn out to react quickly. Kelly was dead on her feet.

“I packed all my stuff. I don’t have any clothes, or toiletries, or anything.” Jane looked like she was about to cry.

“Get in your car and follow me.” Bob was already moving Kelly to the truck. Bob backed the moving van into his driveway, leaving only about a foot between it and his one car garage. He led Kelly and Jane into his house, eased Kelly onto his sofa, and headed down the hall. Jane just stood in the living room, numb.

Bob returned with a towel, a pair of boxers, and a tee shirt. “The bathroom is at the end of the hall. Bring me your clothes and I’ll wash them.” Jane came out of the bathroom twenty minutes later to find Kelly asleep with her head on a pillow in Bob’s lap. Bob’s breathing was slow and steady, but his head snapped up when he heard Jane approaching. “Do you need anything else?” Jane shook her head. “The guest room is the first one on the left. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Bob. I can’t thank you enough for all your help.” Bob simply nodded as he pulled Kelly up off the sofa and lead her to the master bedroom. When he got Kelly to the bathroom, he removed his own clothes, and then hers. Maltepe Escort The hot water energized Kelly enough to get herself washed. After she had dried, Bob led her to the bed and put her in it naked. He slipped on a robe and gathered their clothes, starting one big load of laundry. Kelly was already snoring lightly as he slipped under the covers.

Kelly opened her eyes and tried to make sense of where she was. She blinked her eyes as memories of the previous day made her realize that she was in Bob’s bed. Bob. She rolled over and found Bob’s green eyes staring at her.

“Good morning.” Kelly stretched as far as she could and let go a yawn.

“Good morning. You were out like a light last night.”

“I was very tired.” Kelly blinked her eyes hard a few times, as if to make sure they still operated correctly. When she looked at Bob again, he looked troubled. “What’s wrong?”

“You.” Bob reached over and very carefully moved Kelly’s blond hair out of her face. “It would be very easy to just fall in love with you and take care of you.” Bob continued to play with Kelly’s hair.

“I don’t need ‘taking care of’,” Kelly said, a little less defiantly than she meant.

“You don’t need ‘taking care of’ very often, but you needed it last night.”

“You could fall in love with Jane. She needs ‘taking care of’.”

Bob chuckled. “Jane needs ‘taking care of’ all the time. That would get old fast.”

Kelly rolled toward Bob and kissed him softly. When Bob returned her kiss, she pulled the rumpled covers from between them, allowing their naked bodies to press together. Bob’s hands roamed over the perfect skin of her back until she pushed his shoulder, urging him onto his back. Kelly broke the kiss and began exploring down Bob’s chest with her hands and tongue. She felt Bob tense each time her tongue touched his chest, which she couldn’t quite understand. When Kelly’s tongue found his nipple, Bob yelped and roughly grabbed Kelly’s head. “Tickelish?”


“I’m sorry. Well…not really.” Her grin didn’t reassure Bob at all. “I’ll try to be good.” Bob released her head slowly and she resumed her explorations, only now she kissed instead of licked. As she neared his navel, she turned her attentions to his hardening cock. She wrapped her hand around it and brought it away from his body, licking it like an ice cream cone. Bob’s eyes closed as he concentrated completely on Kelly’s efforts. She placed the tip of his cock in her mouth and worked her tongue on the tender underside of the cap. Bob tried to stop breathing, and was only successful for about 20 seconds at a time. He gulped at the air when he couldn’t hold his breath any longer. Kelly bobbed her head three times on his dick and then let it slip out of her mouth. She began to crawl up Bob’s body, making sure to slide his dick between her tits. She reached down and placed the head of his cock at her entrance and lowered herself down in one slow, smooth stroke. Bob’s moan caught in his throat, making it almost sound like he was choking. Kelly began rocking her hips back and forth slowly. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on metering her pace. Bob let his hands explore, rubbing her back, kneading her ass cheeks, and finally settling on her nipples, rolling them just a little in his fingers. Kelly didn’t last long under these conditions, and Bob reveled only for a moment in the excruciating pleasure that twisted her face as her orgasm shook her. Bob quickly exploded himself, and the sound of their breathing rasped in their throats as they struggled to recover. Bob pulled Kelly to him, and she relaxed her arms, allowing herself to be held.

“Thank you for helping us.” Kelly pulled her head back and looked into Bob’s eyes.

“You’re welcome.” Calm had returned to Bob’s face.

“Would you like to upgrade our relationship a bit?”

Bob furrowed his brow. “I think I’d like to leave it just like it is right now, if that’s OK?”

“That’s fine.” She started brushing his hair with her fingers. “Do I still scare you?” Kelly sounded like she was looking for facts.

“Yes, but not as much as when we woke up.”

“Good.” Kelly rolled off Bob and made her way to the bathroom. “We’ve still got a lot to do today.” When she came out of the bathroom, Bob handed her a pair of boxers and a tee shirt, and took his turn at the facilities. After putting on some clothes himself, they went to the kitchen in search of food. They found Jane sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of orange juice.

“I would have fixed breakfast, but I don’t know what you have, or what you like.” Bob pulled eggs and bread and milk and bacon and pans out, and asked Jane and Kelly to start breakfast. He stepped out of the room and returned after the dryer had started. With a good breakfast out of the way, Bob retrieved the cleaned and dried clothes. The three were on their way in twenty minutes time and spent most of the day unloading the moving truck into Jane’s new apartment. Jane was left with rooms full of boxes. Bob was left with dozens of sore muscles. Kelly vowed she would never help Jane move again.

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