The House Of Robles Ch. 09

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Chapter Nine

Too Much Alcohol For Aunt Cessy

Frankie Robles slowly shook his can of beer, noting that he’d need a refill pretty soon. With a discontented sigh he cursed the bad luck he’d been having all day; that was the main reason he wanted to keep drinking. A glance at the nearby wall clock informed him that it was already past ten at night, much too late for his fortune to change. As the young man left his seat on the stairs, he wondered what the following day might have in store for him.

After a short walk across the downstairs hallway, he found himself in the spacious kitchen. With a nervous unease, he reached out to open the refrigerator. The twenty-one year old felt something approaching glee as he discovered there was still plenty of beer left in the bright blue cardboard box.

As Frankie returned to his self-assigned post on the stairs, his mind went over the day’s more troublesome events. First, he’d gotten into a pretty heated argument at his car detail job. This started with a co-worker, Hairy Jerry, and later moved on to his crusty boss Miguel. The trouble was over an accusation that Frankie had lifted a digital camera from a customer’s car. Hairy Jerry had been the guy that actually cleaned the car, but it was Frankie who had signed his name on the slip that ended up in the customer’s hand. Because of that, Frankie automatically became the prime suspect. Stupid Miguel wasn’t any help, as he’d sided with the customer from the start. Later, the missing camera was discovered in the trunk of the car, which nobody had been asked to clean or vacuum in the first place. To save face, Miguel sent both Frankie and Jerry home early.

To make matters worse, Frankie attempted to call his wife as soon as he’d gotten home, but Carmela wasn’t in her office. The secretary who picked up mentioned that she’d gone out with her husband, which was kind of ironic, since Carmela knew Frankie would be at work until eight. His wife gone out with someone else then, Frankie angrily concluded, further confirming his suspicions that she was screwing around, yet again, behind his back.

In a scorned man’s resignation, Frankie had driven over to his mom’s house. Officially, he’d gone over to watch TV. Unofficially, he’d gone to ogle his hot sister. Amanda was home all right, and immediately the teen hussy had read his mind. She started flashing her B-cup boobs at Frankie whenever no one was paying attention. That little hooker kept teasing him right up until their mom walked into the living room and asked him for a ride to Aunt Cecilia’s house. With a grunt of irritation, Frankie agreed to do this simple task.

That’s how he ended up there, sitting on the stairs in Aunt Cessy’s home and drinking the night away. His mother and his aunt were both chatting in the nearby family room. Occasionally, they would call Frankie over and ask him to retrieve a couple more brews for them.

At first, he’d hated his lowly assignment. As the time went by, he discovered the alcohol was loosening the two women’s normally guarded tongues. Every so often he caught some interesting gossip. For example, he’d learned that his little cousin Diamond was a lesbian. She was now hooking up with some white girl with blonde hair, who had what Aunt Cessy kept calling ‘monster titties.’ (Diamond had no opportunity to rebut this allegation, as she was not at home but spending the night at her aforementioned friend’s house.)

Then, Frankie snickered when his aunt revealed how she’d stiffed his younger brother Junior for twenty bucks, after he’d done all kinds of yard work for her. This happened just a few days ago. His mother also took the revelation in with a hearty laugh.

Apparently, the women had forgotten he was still there, sitting ignored and out of sight on the stairs. The two women began kidding around about ordering for a pizza and asking for some black kid named Marshall. When his mother suggested that Aunt Cessy had better take things slower than the last time, or she’d scare the poor kid away again, both women had broken into a fit of uproarious laughter. What the hell were they talking about?

Frankie knew Aunt Cessy had a bad reputation as a flirt, and then some. But was his own mom going along with trying to seduce a random pizza guy? Then his aunt casually mentioned how long she’d been without a man, making sure she was standing in a corner where her eyes could lock in on Frankie’s. Cessy smiled straight at him, sexily sliding her tongue across her lips, before she changed the topic of conversation. Frankie’s own aunt was flirting with him. He couldn’t believe it!

Of course, he found the mature woman attractive. She had dark bronze skin, extra big tits, thick thighs and a fat, juicy ass. Her hair was a rich, dark brown, short enough to curl just past the curve of her jaw, and her face was a little rounded but still cute. Her lips were thick and pouting, her eyes large and sexy. Cessy looked especially inviting in her short and strapless, yellow and flowery sundress. A few minutes later, Frankie observed the woman climbing onto the gaziantep escort pornoları couch to adjust her stubborn drapes, giving him a good eyeful of her fleshy legs and ample rear end.

Frankie’s gaze lingered on his aunt’s loosely wrapped butt for a few more seconds, before his eyes fell upon the other woman in the room. His mother looked very much like an older and more attractive version of his sister Melinda, with her classy good looks and her long black hair. Compared to his aunt, his mom had much lighter skin, a leaner waist and trimmer thighs that emphasized the curvy swells of her ass. His mother’s breasts reminded him of small, ripe melons. Wearing a snug white blouse and knee-length black skirt, her legs were capped off by a pair of cute black boots. Without a doubt, Lorena Robles was a stunning mature lady. (I’d better slow down on the beer, Frankie determined, once he’d realized how he’d just been checking out his own mother!)

Finally, Aunt Cessy succeeded in taming the drapes. After dismounting the couch, she drifted over by her massive stereo system. His aunt put on some trendy Tex-Mex music. As she started shuffling her feet and swaying her hips, she became aware of Frankie sitting there. “Nephew, why don’t you come over here and dance with me?”

Frankie shook his head. “No thanks. I’m not into this kind of music.”

His aunt pouted but kept on dancing. Raising her arms high into the air, she turned and began wiggling her ass from side to side. “This is how I was dancing at Humberto’s birthday party.”

His mother cleared her throat as she got to her feet. She complained, “You never showed me the pictures from that party. Why don’t you go find them while I grab another beer?”

“But they’re all the way upstairs!”

Frankie’s mother strolled by him on her way to the kitchen, rolling her eyes as if letting her son know that Aunt Cessy was officially drunk. “Just go and get them, Cessy.”

“Easy for you to say, Lorena.” Cessy grimaced comically, before she took a few awkward steps towards the stairs. “You’re not the one that has to go all the way up there!”

Frankie stood up to let her pass, only to have her lean close to his face.

Cessy’s face hovered close to his, with her voice coming out in a husky whisper. “You and me, we’re going to dance later, yes? Once your mother goes to bed.”

“Sure.” Frankie nodded, looking across at her sexy brown eyes. He would have liked to do a little more than dance, he thought to himself. “Anything you say.”

With a sly grin, his aunt began an unsteady trudge up the steps, only to tumble down near the top. Frankie was poised to rush to her assistance, when he realized just how short her dress was. Not only did he see an eyeful of brown calves and thighs, but bare buttocks and a fat brown pussy as well. She was clean-shaven, and the dark petals of her sex were large and defined. Her ass was perfectly round and meaty. Already, Frankie found himself fantasizing what it would feel like to be inside of her.

Aunt Cessy got to her feet, gripping the handrail for support. Before she disappeared into the second floor hallway, she glanced back to see if Frankie was still watching. Of course he was, and this revelation resulted in a quick wink and smile from the older woman.

For a few seconds, Frankie stood motionless, until he realized his mouth was hanging open. He snapped it shut just as his mother reemerged from the kitchen with two fresh beers in her hands.

“Did Cessy go upstairs to get the picture album?” His mom asked, her words now noticeably slurred. She passed one of the beers in Frankie’s direction.


Without issuing a reply, the woman ambled towards the nearest couch and plopped herself down on it.

“Do you know how many beers I’ve had tonight?” She asked, absently turning towards her son. She waved at the growing bunch of empty cans standing on the coffee table. “I can’t remember the last time I drank so much.”

” You’ve had about half of those.” Frankie estimated. He wondered just how many more beers it would take before his mother would be incoherent, enough for him to make a move on his voluptuous aunt.

Aunt Cessy came back down, holding a photo album high in the air.

“Here we go. I found it.” She called out. Hoping to avoid another spill, she latched onto the white rail with a death grip and began a slow descent. “If I don’t grab onto something, I’m liable to do a cartwheel to the bottom.”

In the family room, his mother exploded into giggles.

“Help an old lady down, sweetheart.” The older woman purred, prodding Frankie to trudge up to her side. Using him as support, Cessy released the handrail and woozily conquered the stairs a little faster.

Frankie’s mom stood up and began a steady stride down the hallway. “Be right back. I’ve gotta go to the lady’s room again.”

As Cessy reached the base of the stairs, she turned and dropped the album onto a nearby glass side table, where it landed with a loud smack. escort pornoları Then, she abruptly turned towards Frankie, but in her drunken haste, she nearly toppled the two of them over.

Frankie managed to grab his aunt by the waist and kept her on her feet.

“Who keeps moving the floor?” His aunt snickered, tapping a short finger on Frankie’s lips. “Was it you?”

“Yeah, it was me.” Frankie replied, leading the woman towards the couch, where he helped ease her down. Her short dress had crawled up her thighs, scant inches from exposing her bare womanhood to his eyes. If only his mom weren’t around, he thought impatiently, he might have lifted the hem and gotten a nice little peek at it.

“That must be the photo album.” His mother’s voice suddenly carried over.

Reluctantly, Frankie straightened up and returned to his spot at the foot of the stairs.

Lorena stepped over in front of the couch, watching as Cessy tipped over sideways onto her shoulder and yawned out loud. Frankie’s mother tried to stifle her own yawn, but it emerged nonetheless.

“Well, I guess we’re not going to see the pictures together after all.” Lorena frowned, tilting her head in Frankie’s direction. “I’m going upstairs to sleep in the guest bedroom, so I won’t be needing you to drive me home after all. You can go home if you want to.”

“Okay, mom.”

“Just shut off the stereo before you go.” His mom directed, already turning and making her unsteady way towards the stairs.

“No, he’s going to leave it on all night.” Cessy countered, fumbling for a moment before she propped herself up on one elbow. “This is one of my favorite songs, anyway. If you turn it off, I’ll kill you!”

Frankie’s mother paused halfway up the stairs and shook her head. “Frankie, why don’t you wait a little while longer? You can shut the music off once your aunt is asleep. That’ll give you enough time to finish your beer. Then you can go. I want you to go straight home too, because you’ve been drinking so much. I don’t want you to get pulled over.”

“Sure, mom.” He nodded. “Good night.”

“Good night, Frankie.” Her voice trailed away, her upraised arm waving haphazardly as she went.

Frankie waited until his mother was out of sight, before he turned his full attention towards his aunt. Somehow, the woman managed to get her body into a sitting position. Aunt Cessy was trying to stifle a thick and sleepy yawn with the back of her hand, but it erupted nonetheless.

Brazenly, the young man stepped in front of her, dropping down on his knees and placing both of his hands on his aunt’s warm knees. He began to gently knead her fleshy thighs. “You feeling okay?”

Cessy smiled, just before emitting a foul beer burp.

Frankie pulled away from the noxious fumes. “Nasty!”

His aunt burst into laughter. “Mijo, help me get up.” She held out her hands, which Frankie took with some hesitation. Once she was on her feet, she began ambling down the hallway to the kitchen. “Just give me a couple of minutes while I go freshen up. Oh, and don’t turn off the stereo yet, because that might make your mother come down here to see what we’re up to. We don’t want her to see what we’re up to, do we?”

For the next few minutes, Frankie simply stood there and wondered what might take place next. After his unexpected encounter with his younger sister, Amanda, of just a few days past, he figured nothing was beyond his limits.

When Aunt Cessy returned, she was still drunk, but she looked considerably more level headed and steady than when she’d left. Getting in tune with the music, she began gyrating her juicy hips and pranced over to where her nephew was standing. Taking Frankie’s arms, she wrapped them around her thick waist and stared dreamily into his eyes. “Were you getting lonely without me? I know you were!”

“What did you do? Take an energy drink or something? You’re not all drunk anymore.”

Cessy gave him a mischievous glance. “I told you I was going to freshen up.”

“Yeah, but you could barely sit up just a few minutes ago.” Frankie became curious. “And now you look like you’re getting over your buzz. What’s the big secret?”

“You really want to know?” Cessy waited for her nephew’s nod. “Have you ever been to a cathouse in Tijuana?”

Frankie shrugged his shoulders. “Hasn’t everybody? What does that have to do with anything?”

“Well, I used to work in one, a long time ago. I was a waitress back then, and not a stripper, even though the strippers made a lot more money than I did. Anyhow, do you know those girls that sometimes come by and sit at your table? They start asking you to buy them drinks right away, so you keep buying drinks for them. One after the other the girls gulp them down, but they never seem to get very drunk, do they?”

“Yeah.” Frankie nodded. “And they’re always asking for the most expensive drinks from the bar, on top of that.”

“Right, because they make more commission from the expensive drinks.” His aunt continued. “But escort gaziantep pornoları don’t you think it’s odd that they don’t get drunk, even after so many drinks? Don’t you wonder why they keep excusing themselves to go to the restroom every ten minutes?”

“Yeah, so? What about it?”

“So, they go into the restroom. They take a spoonful of olive oil, or fish oil, or whatever oil, and they vomit out all that alcohol that you’ve been buying them.” Cessy concluded. “Then, when you run out of money, they simply move on to the next customer and start the whole cycle all over again. This way, they don’t get more than a little buzzed, and they can keep on drinking alcohol all night long.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Frankie asked in disbelief. “You’re not kidding?”

Still in the young man’s arms, Cessy shook her head. “No, baby, I’m not. I used to do the same thing when I was younger.”

“So when you went to the bathroom just now…” Frankie began, the words dying out his throat. “Ugh! That is nasty!”

“Keep quiet!” The giggling aunt playfully smacked him on the shoulder. “Do you want your mother to come downstairs?” She pressed him closer to her waist and peered into his eyes. “Besides, I took a double shot of mouthwash.” She huffed a full and minty breath at Frankie. “See? Now tell me, do you like me a little bit or a lot?”

“I… I guess I like you.”

“You don’t have to play shy with me.” She grinned, lightly patting his crotch. “It’s not like I can’t see this thing getting warmed up.” Her sexy eye winked at him. “And I’m not afraid to tell you that I like younger men. So, how much do you really like me? Enough to give me a big kiss?”

Aunt Cessy reached out to grasp Frankie’s head with both hands. She brought it over close to hers and gently slid her thick lips across his. Her sweet, steamy breaths grazed across Frankie’s mouth and cheeks, and willingly, he gave in to their enticing promise. His lips clasped onto hers, pressing roughly against them as if he were trying to devour her. Within moments, both mouths were competing in an intense and erotic struggle. His tongue pried her lips open, invading the moistness of her mouth and probing tauntingly at her tongue until she retaliated by darting it playfully at his.

Frankie’s embrace tightened, squeezing a deep and lustful moan from his aunt’s willing form. His arms grasped her shoulders, pinning the two of them together, even as his ardent kisses forced her head back. Cessy’s inquisitive and warm hands released their hold on his middle, daring to slide past his shirt and into his jeans, where her red nails lingered and traced over the small of his back.

Abandoning the sweet cavern of her mouth, Frankie’s eager lips took in the sensuousness of her cheek, then the soft skin of her neck, before his teeth honed in on her shoulder and nibbled at the aroused flesh they found there.

Aunt Cessy gently pulled away, waiting until Frankie’s hold slackened. Brazenly, she drew the bright sundress down to her waist, exposing her huge breasts to his eyes. Double D cups, certainly. Although the young man longed to stare at them a little longer, his aunt’s height of five foot seven, only an inch lower his own, demanded that Frankie quickly bring his gaze up and look directly into her flirty eyes.

Frankie pulled his aunt close, again mashing his mouth against hers. His hand reached up between their bodies and came in contact with the hanging mound of one large breast, causing a saucy and daring moan to escape from her. While roughly caressing his aunt, Frankie used his free hand to start drawing his shirt up. When Cessy saw this, her impatient fingers yanked it up for him. His aunt nearly ripped his shirt off his back, and like a wildcat she threw it halfway across the room.

“You know that I have work in the morning.” Cessy hinted, eagerly manhandling his crotch. “So I hope you don’t think that I’m always this fast. Or this easy. Any other time, and you’d really have to work for it.”

A moment later, Aunt Cessy dropped to her knees and began tugging at his jeans. The single, securing button came undone, followed by the clumsy sliding of his zipper, after which both Frankie’s jeans and boxers went tumbling down to his ankles. Aunt Cessy grunted lustily at the sight of her nephew’s proudly erect manhood, as if it were an intimate friend that she hadn’t seen in some time.

She brought her warm cheek up against his thigh and caressed his skin with her face. Then Cessy took in his manly and musky scent, and that was the point where the foreplay ended. Her tongue lashed out like a short whip, lavishly moistening his excited flesh, and leaving a searing path across his thigh, until her tongue suddenly halted by his rigid shaft. Like a cobra, his aunt’s head drew back and struck, engulfing his rod with her steamy mouth. Her lips smoothly glided across Frankie’s length even as her arms held him in place.

Frankie’s hands clamped onto his aunt’s sexy shoulders, as her tantalizing actions began forcing spastic shudders and ragged breaths from his body. Much too rapidly, he felt his resolve weakening and his climax building, when he felt himself slipping out from Cessy’s mouth. In a daze, Frankie observed the woman getting to her feet. Almost casually, she slipped the sundress up over her shoulders. Like a noble matador tired of holding the red cloak, she teased him with it and flung it on the floor behind her.

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