The Jogger

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Drew had been working at the same site for almost two weeks now. He couldn’t really complain though, as it was one of the nicer sites that he had worked at. Drew installed, and worked on security cameras, and was in the finishing stages of installing a new system on a new water treatment plant in a neighbouring town.

He had some pretty nice views from up on the roof of the main building. He could basically see the whole town, but really enjoyed the view of the waterfront, and park. He especially enjoyed the views of the many women joggers that went by, and one more than the others. She jogged by at the same time everyday, right before lunch. She always had her long auburn hair tied back, wearing the same black jogging pants, and very tight black tank top. Her breasts were large on her small frame, and he loved watching them bounce while she went by. Drew could tell that she was watching him too. Since the third day, she would stop, and sit at the picnic bench that was just off the trail. The bench was set back a bit, and somewhat private from the people going by, but up on the roof, he could see everything.

She would sit on the bench, look towards the roof top, then lean back so that her head rested on the table. She would rub her thighs, opening, and closing her legs, making sure to cup her sex before bringing her hands up to gently massage her large tits rubbing her nipples between her thumb, and finger. She would trail her hands further upward, and rub the back of her neck making everything seem normal. Once she finished, she would lift her head enough to look in Drew’s direction with a very slight smirk on her face. Drew would get hard in an instant, but before he would have the time to leave the roof, she would stand up, and Escort İstanbul jog off, leaving him hard, and wanting. Since his job was finishing up tomorrow, he would make sure that the jogger would not leave him wanting any longer.

He could see her coming up the path, her tits looking so much larger, and fuller. Drew knew that she couldn’t see him from where he was standing behind the her favourite picnic table. She was getting closer, and he was getting harder. He started to rub his now almost hard cock in anticipation. There would be no teasing today.

She jogged over to the table, and sat down. Like always she looked up towards the roof, and started rubbing her thighs. Drew could hear the faint sounds of pleasure coming from her soft red lips. He couldn’t help but rub his cock, as she was making him as hot as ever. She was cupping her pussy now, and he could tell she was getting very turned on by the way her large nipples became hard, and visible though her top. Seeing this Drew stepped out from where he was hiding. He quietly made his way over to her, standing just in front of her. He unzipped his pants to free his hard cock. He could see that her fingers were working her clit over her pants, rubbing small circles over the engorged bud. She was really putting on a good show today. He reached out and placed his hand on her tit, while stroking his cock, noticing the sharp intake of breath from her. She looked up, gave her little smirk, and rested her head back down the table.

Holy fuck, Drew thought. He could hear that there was more people out then normal on the trail, and he was standing there with one hand on his cock, and the other hand on a stranger’s tit! He got so excited he grabbed her other breast. İstanbul Escort Bayan He stood there squeezing her tits, and rubbing his thumb over her nipples through her top. Her breathing quickened, as he released her tits from her top, leaned over, and ran his tongue over one nipple, then the other. She tasted amazing, he thought, as he started sucking, and biting her nipples. He wanted to taste more. He couldn’t wait any longer.

He put his hands under her arms, and lifted her so that she was sitting on the table. He sat down in front of her, and yanked down her pants, seeing how naughty she was by not wearing any panties. Her pussy was smooth, and very wet, her juice coating every inch of her sweet box. He pulled her forward, and could smell her intoxicating scent, He needed to taste her. Starting from her sweet ass his tongue made a trail right to her clit. He played with her ass, urging the sweet pucker to open with his tongue. She loved it. He could sense that she was playing with her nipples, bringing her more pleasure. He pushed his tongue in her, and fucked her hard with his mouth, while pinching her clit between his fingers. He spread her open with his fingers, and tasted her. She was very wet, and her juice coated his lips, and chin. He removed his mouth, stood in front of her, and rammed two fingers in her tight box, keeping rhythm with her heavy breathing. Drew could tell she needed a release. While his fingers worked her pussy, he slid his baby finger in her ass. Rocking back and forth with both of her holes filled, he brought his mouth down on her clit. Drew opened his mouth and started to suck, and nibble on her, while she kept grinding her clit into him. Soft and gentle at first, then harder, and faster. Anadolu Yakası Escort Her orgasam was strong as she bucked against Drew’s hand, and moaned quietly as the people went by. She was drenched from her cum, and Drew’s mouth.

After quickly catching her breathe, she got up, and stood in front of him. She immediately wrapped her hand around his shaft, already pumping, and stroking. She opened her mouth, as Drew fed her his pussy soaked fingers. She sucked hungrily, and knelt in front of him. She was still stroking his cock, but now her mouth was on him. She took the length of him in her mouth, and sucked hard. Her hot tongue played with the tip of his dick, as she played with his balls. Harder, and faster she stroked, and sucked. Sucked, and stroked. She stood up, and leaned over, kissing Drew hard. Her tongue opened his mouth, and he could taste his precum, and her juice together. She bit at his lower lip, straddled him, and impaled her hot pussy on his cock. She rode him fast, brushing her tits against his chest. He could hear the people on the trail, and that just made his cock harder. He grabbed her ass, squeezing her cheeks. She was so wet, that he was able to slip his thumb in her sweet ass. She started riding him faster, and harder. He was almost ready to cum, when she removed her pussy from his cock, and replaced it with her mouth, continuing to suck, and stroke him. Within seconds Drew was coating the back of her throat with his thick cum. She took all of it, while continuing to stroke his cock gently. She made sure to lick his balls, and shaft clean, before kissing him deeply.

He watched as she pulled up her soaking pants, and pulled down her top over her tits. He sat there as she put her fixed her hair, gave him a big smile, and jogged off down the trail. It was a couple of minutes later when he could hear people getting close again, that he zipped up his pants, and headed back to the site. He needed to make sure that his special camera got everything. He was going to miss this worksite.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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