The Ladies Daniels’ Blessing Ch. 03

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September 25, 2009: The night after the shadow man came into the dreams of the sleeping women of Danville. The day of the big game between the Danville Cubs and the Barnville Bears. The day when Patrick would have sex with Mrs. Nook, his mother and his sister. The day that changed everything


Irene Wilson woke with a start. She was panting heavily, lying on her back, nude. Her breasts were heaving and her nipples were as hard as they ever got. She was very wet between the legs. The dream had been one of the most vivid, dirtiest dreams of her life. She was hornier now then she had been last night when Ronald left her hanging. She couldn’t remember the man she’d been with, he probably wasn’t even a real person, just a large dark shadowy figure.

The light in the room felt weird as she climbed out of bed. She shivered as the room seemed damp and chilly. She looked at her husband. He was also awake.

At 36, Irene Wilson was one of the hottest women in the county. She looked more like Emma’s older sister then mother. Irene was a natural blonde with blue eyes and a fit athletic body. At fourteen, Irene’s breasts had been a large C cup, by seventeen an even bigger D cup and now her bras read 34G, her breasts swelling up when she became pregnant with Emma and never shrinking back to normal.

“So hot. How did I get so lucky?”

Irene rolled her eyes, but smiled. She liked her husband’s compliments. Ronald had his shortcomings, but under appreciating his wife’s beauty was not one of them. “Go to sleep, honey.” She winked at him. “You’ll see this again after our date night tonight.” At least she hoped he would. Ronald wasn’t usually up for sex two nights in a row even when he was younger. Irene grabbed her robe, and was pulling it on as she left the room.

Irene was still tightening her belt when she went to check on Emma. She opened the door to Emma’s room and sighed with relief when she saw her daughter sleeping in her bed. Emma was restless in her sleep. She was moaning and moving around. The covers were thrown down revealing her Hello Kitty halter top. Irene noticed Emma’s nipples were hard as rocks underneath the top and for a moment wondered if her daughter was having a dream as dirty as she had. Irene dismissed the thought, knowing that her virginal daughter was saving herself for Brad when they got married and probably didn’t know enough about sex to have dirty dreams. It was probably just the cold.

Irene entered the room, pulled the covers up over Emma’s chest, and tucked her daughter in. She failed to notice Emma’s hand moving between her legs, but she did frown when she thought she detected a slight hint of the smell of beer as she bent down to kiss her forehead. Irene shrugged it off. Her daughter promised her she didn’t drink and someone had probably just spilled some on her at the party, but still it would be worth asking Emma about it, but not until after tonight’s game.

Irene took a long shower in her bath, her skin tingling as she rubbed the soap all over her body. The dream had faded, but she still felt aroused and her nipples hadn’t gone down any. She left the shower, towelled her body dry, but left her hair dripping wet as she pulled her robe back on and went downstairs to cook breakfast.


Not for the first time did Irene think of her breasts as being a curse. She struggled to squeeze them into a sports bra. Any bigger and I’ll need Ronald to hold them while she dressed, she thought. Not that he’d mind. “Aha, success,” she whispered as she fastened the bra. She pulled her white panties on before moving to her white skirt. Her skirt had a red C for Cubs on it and a slit up the sides, showing her thighs. After the skirt, came her red uniform top with a white colour and a white C on her left breast. Her name was embroidered on her right breast. After dressing, she pulled her hair up in a ponytail and checked herself out in the mirror.

Irene left the bathroom. “Emma, you ready?” she asked, knocking on Emma’s door.

“Yeah mom, let’s go,” said Emma opening the door and walking out of her room.

Irene frowned. Emma usually bounced out of the room, exuberant and cheerful. She remembered the smell of booze on her daughter’s breath and wondered again if Emma had gotten a little drunk at the party last night. “You all right honey?”

“Fine mom,” sighed Emma. “Just a little tired.” Emma was as nervous as she’d ever been. What the hell was I thinking making that bet? She thought.

“Well, no more late nights for a while, young lady,” said Irene. “I need my squad well rested. GO CUBS!”

“Go Cubs,” she mumbled.



“That’s better.” Irene looked at her daughter lovingly. Emma looked good in the red uniform with the white trim and white C on the breast. She didn’t approve of the bare belly, but Principal Kinsley had made the uniform decision and bare midriffs were an almost universal style now with cheerleaders.

“Less material, less tax payer money,” the old man had told her when she objected.

The women made their way down to the kitchen for breakfast.

Her son Patrick mamak escort also made his way down. Irene was concerned about Patrick. He was tall, but too thin. Since she worked at the school, she also knew that he wasn’t popular with the girls.

“Patrick, honey, are you coming to the game tonight?”

“No, Mom. I have some work at the library. I may come by the school as the game is ending. I wanna know who wins.”

This made Irene happy. At least Patrick was showing some interest in sports.

“Ok honey, have fun at the library. Emma, let’s get going. You can help me get ready for the game. Our cheapskate principal hasn’t hired any extra help for the sports teams this year. “

“Alright mom,” replied Emma, following Irene down the stairs.

“And after the game, stay away from the Barnville boys. You know they always wander over into our stands.”

“That’s because Danville’s women are better looking. Have you seen the Barnville girls? Yech!”

Irene chuckled. “No one holds a candle to the women of Danville County,” said Irene. “More beauty pageant winners have come from Danville then anywhere else in the state and most likely the whole country.”

“I know mom. You should have been Miss USA.”

“The rules state you can’t be married or have kids. I was so in love with your father I couldn’t refuse marrying him. I got pregnant right away and I’ve never regretted having you and your brother over competing in a beauty pageant.” Irene was lying about one thing. She got married because she was pregnant and was forced to step down as her state’s representative. She would have preferred to delay her pregnancy a few years, but she had foolishly let Ronald put his penis inside her just to see how it felt and he had lost control, ejaculating almost immediately. He had done the noble thing when they found out she was pregnant.

The Wilson’ women arrived at the front door. “Are you coming to watch the game, Ronald?”

“No,” he replied from his chair in the living room. “I’m coming to watch you.”

“You’re sweet,” said Irene, running over to kiss her husband while Emma rolled her eyes.

“Dad, can you drop me off at the library?”

“Sure, son.”

“You can pick the movie if I can pick the restaurant,” said Ronald to Irene already smacking his lips and rubbing his paunch.

“Deal,” sighed Irene. Ronald’s favourite restaurant was Harry’s barbecue. It was a popular tourist stop off I-69, South of Hepsburg. At least there was a new romantic comedy playing at the theatre that she could pick.

Ronald turned to Emma. “You’ll be all right with Brad if we go out?”

“Yeah daddy, we always go out after a game.”

“Well not too late young lady, you’re as white as a ghost. You need your rest.”

“Ok, daddy. Bye.”

“See you at the game kitten and you too honey,” said Ronald.

It would be a long day and a late night, but Irene was looking forward to it. It had been a while since she had a date night with her husband. “Bye, love ya.” She opened the door.

Patrick had just fucked Mrs. Nook in the library and in her car. He came to school to find out the result of the game. By the time he came to school, the game was already over. He found groups of students hanging around the football ground chatting. He spotted Luke, his friend since 1st grade.

“Hey, Luke!”

“Patrick, where have you been man?”

“I was in the library. Who won?”

“The bears. It was as we expected.”

“What do they expect from a Coach who still uses tactics from the last century?”

Patrick chatted with Luke for some time.


Emma was sitting on the bench while her squad was still cheering on Brad and the Cubs. She stared in shock the cubs lost.

“Emma, are you ok? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost. Emma! Emma!”

Emma’s mother Irene was leaning over her shoulder. “I just… I didn’t think we would lose,” Emma told her mom. “I don’t feel so good, Mom. I’m just gonna skip dinner and go home. Brad will drop me off.”

Emma noticed her mother turning to greet her father as he approached. She quickly left and snuck off to find Brad.

“Irene, darling, what a shame,” said Ronald, putting an arm around his wife’s shoulder. “Are we keeping our plans for the night?”

“Yes, I should be done here soon. Emma’s not feeling well so she’s going home. I just need to help with the clean up because we are short staffed. I expected this and brought my date clothes. I’ll help with the clean-up, shower and change here and meet you at the movies?”

“I guess I’ll see you at the movies, Irene.”

Irene had helped with the clean-up for some time when she saw her son Patrick chatting with his friend Luke.


“Mom, what are you still doing here? Don’t you have a date with dad?”

“Yeah, but because of staff shortage, I have to help with the clean-up.”

“Let me help you with that.”

“Thanks so much, Patrick.”

After the staff had finished the clean-up, they started leaving one by one. Irene told Patrick that she was gonna take a shower and change mamak escort bayan at school. She told him that she would drop him off at home and go to the movies.

Irene checked a wall clock. If she could shower, change and drop off Patrick within an hour and forty minutes, Ronald could meet her at the movies and she might still enjoy her evening.

Irene Wilson walked over to a bench between the lockers and let her long blonde hair down while pulling up the top of her uniform. Irene was a fastidious woman and a clean freak. She kept her home and body spotless. She showered and washed her hair every morning and if she exerted herself at all during the day, she showered again at night or enjoyed a long exfoliating session and soak in her tub. She worked the cleaning crew hard in the girl’s showers. Irene stripped down to her white bra and thong. She unhooked her bra releasing her giant breasts. She tossed her thong aside and walked into the shower thinking how good it was going to feel.

Patrick was waiting for his mother in her office. He couldn’t get what happened earlier out of his mind. The story of Kenny Daniels and his women was filling his brain with dirty thoughts.

Was he really the reincarnation of Kenny Daniels? The increase in his penis size definitely seems to confirm this. If he was the reincarnation of Kenny Daniels, were his mother and sister the reincarnations of Chastity and Betty Daniels? Was he destined to have sex with them? The story also said that he and all the women he would have sex with would become ageless immortals. Was this also true?

Patrick’s mom was in the showers. He could just go in and take her now. Mrs. Nook had liked what he had done and he was a virgin. Patrick also remembered the bet he had made with Emma last night. It wasn’t really like him to make a bet like that and Emma was strangely OK with making that bet. Normally, she would have slapped him silly if he had talked like that, but the invisible magic had made her more … permissive. If he went into the showers now and made a move on his mother, would the magic also make her … permissive?

Irene closed her eyes and let the hot water run all over her body as she lathered her skin with soap. Her hands slid all over her body, covering her breasts with suds, coating her hips, running down her blonde pubic hair and between her thighs. Her skin tingled from her touch and she began to get aroused. Her hands pushed her breasts together and then one slid over her nipple and she pinched it, trying not to moan. She was more than aroused. She felt downright horny. Ever since her erotic dream last night, she’d been horny all day. She wished she could remember it because that must have been some dream. She thought of all the young boys who stared wide eyed at her during class and she pictured them staring at her in the shower and somewhat guiltily, she imagined her daughter’s boyfriend Brad, so young, fit, and handsome staring at her. So different from her husband. He was nude too and slowly approaching her. Her thighs were growing damp and it wasn’t just from the shower. Irene massaged her right breast while pulling on her left nipple. She slowly opened her eyes to see a dark figure wearing a white towel around his waist standing arms crossed just outside the shower’s range.

Irene instantly came alert. Her hand came down to enfold her blonde pubes. Her arm crossed her chest to cover her breasts, but they were too big and one slipped out under her arm while her other nipple slipped up just above her hand. “Patrick! What are you doing here?” Irene was horrified. Not only had her son seen her nude, but he had caught her playing with her own nipples. Another minute or so and her hand might have slipped down between her legs, she was so lost in her fantasy about Brad.

Patrick pulled his towel off.

“Oh my god!” Irene stared wide eyed and the fat slab of meat hanging between her son’s legs. It was the longest, plumpest, penis she’d ever seen and it wasn’t even hard. The monster was already more than twice Ronald’s size.

“What happened to you? I’ve seen your penis. It’s not this big,” Irene said in a concerned voice.

She was so fascinated with it, that her hand came out to lightly stroke down the fat rod as it swelled even bigger and slowly began to rise. Irene felt a wave of pleasure run through her body from simply touching his big penis, but realized that Patrick had reached out and pinched one of her erect nipples. His fingers gently pinched, tugged, and twirled her hard-pink nipple. She had to fight back a moan.

He looked down at his cock, not quite sticking straight out. His mother was still running her fingers along his hard shaft. “It gets bigger,” he told her. “Why don’t you clean it for me?”

Irene still had some soap on her hands. She began lathering the huge shaft up, watching as it grew even bigger. The head came up to rest between her large breasts. “It’s twice as big as your father’s,” she lied. It was probably closer to three times. What the hell am I doing? She thought. I should stop this immediately, but escort mamak she couldn’t let go of his cock. Her hand was frozen to Patrick’s giant cock. She bent down to heft and lather up his heavy scrotum. It too dwarfed her husband’s. One of Patrick’s testicles was bigger than Ronald, penis and nut sack combined. Her other hand was still rubbing the Patrick’s cock and it occurred to her that she wasn’t so much cleaning it anymore as that she was jerking it off. She should stop this immediately, but she couldn’t.

Patrick reached out to pinch her nipple again, but instead found his hand squeezing the entire soft fleshy pillow of her giant breast. He’d never seen tits this big on a woman this fit and that wasn’t a complaint. He released her breast and slid his hand along her wet back to her shoulder. He began to apply pressure, pushing her down. “Now that it’s clean, why don’t you suck it for me?” he asked.

Irene found herself on her knees looking up at her son with his cock sticking straight out over her face. If he thought she was going to suck his cock, he had another think coming. She rarely even did that for her puny dicked husband. The long pee slit brushed her lips and she stared cross eyed down the huge shaft. No way was she going to suck off her son. “No way, Patrick,” she said as her tongue came out to lick under the bulbous crown causing her entire body to shiver with excitement.

Patrick pushed down on the base of his cock and pushed the head into Irene’s mouth. Irene surprised herself by not fighting it. Instead, she wrapped her lips tightly around the tip of his cock. It felt so big in her mouth. It was hard not to gag. “Suck it hard just like that,” said Patrick, putting his hand on the back of her wet head and pulling her farther into his cock.

It’s so thick, so much bigger than Ronald’s. My husband’s never this hard either. Patrick’s cock is like steel. It may have been hard as steel, but that steel shaft actually bent as Patrick tried to shove more of his cock in her mouth. “Get some more of this big cock,” he said. “That’s it.” The big cock head worked its way down Irene’s throat and she found herself sucking half the giant shaft. Just see how much you can swallow and then stop, she told herself. This is so wrong, but so… natural.

Irene bobbed her head rapidly, her lips tightly gripping the shaft sliding in and out of them. She looked down the six or seven inches of fat meat sticking out of her mouth. Her eyes met his and they froze staring at each other. Strange thoughts began popping into her brain, thoughts completely foreign to her mindset. Thoughts she couldn’t have pictured herself having twenty minutes ago before she first set eyes on Patrick’s cock. The first strange thought was that she wanted to swallow his entire shaft at some point. She wanted to swallow his cum. She wanted to please him. She wanted to know what it would be liked to be fucked by a cock this big.

The head pushed too deep. Irene gagged and had to pull back to catch her breath. She broke eye contact and began nibbling all along his shaft letting her throat muscles take a break. Finally, there’s a real man in my life. No more limp dicked husband. I want it down my throat again, she thought, not wanting to wait any longer. Irene took him back in her throat and slurped over the head while kneading Patrick’s heavy sperm filled balls. She looked up into his eyes again. A real man doesn’t have a little penis. A real man has a cock, a big cock. This is a real man. Patrick, I’m glad you don’t know what I’m thinking because it makes me feel slutty. You are a real man Patrick and I love your big cock.

“I wanna fuck your titties,” said Patrick, stooping down. Irene fell to her back on the wet shower floor. Hot water slid under her body as the Patrick kneeled over her and started sliding his cock between her large breasts. Irene had let Ronald do this to her several times when they were young and in their early twenties. She snickered at the memory. Her husband’s little penis had disappeared entirely among the folds of her oversize GG bosom. Patrick’s cock looked like a foot-long kielbasa sliding between a regular sized hot dog’s buns. It was so big she could still suck on the tip while he fucked her breasts and that was exactly what she did.

Irene squeezed her breasts tightly around his shaft while sucking the head of his cock. Patrick was on top of her, holding himself up like he was doing push-ups, pumping his hips so that his cock slid back and forth through her breasts, fucking them. His cock head popped out of her mouth. He was groaning and fucking her tits faster now. She struggled to recapture his cock head in her mouth, but it was too late. “I’m gonna CUMMM!” growled the Patrick and cum he did.

Patrick’s cock literally exploded its first wad shooting between her breasts and striking the bottom of her chin. He reared back, jerking his cock off furiously over her breasts. Long wads of semen shot out from the tip, covering her breasts, chest, and face. One long strand of sperm fell directly in her mouth and Irene swirled it around, tasting it, and for the first time swallowing a man’s seed to show her respect for his prowess. Her upper torso was coated in semen. Patrick’s one load blew more sperm out then Ronald’s penis had in nearly nineteen years of marriage. There’s so much cum for me, thought Irene. She squeezed her breasts together and looked down at all the white pudding on her body.

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