The Ladies Pleasure_(1)

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by aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities of desires, wants or fantasies. Please read for your enjoyment.

My name is Constance and living in my home town with my parents. I had graduated from high school a year ago and it was nice to visit with my friends without being nagged about homework. Last year, mom took me to the gynecologist to be put on the ‘pill’. She and the doctor explained that the problems I had with my menstrual periods would be helped. The ‘pill’ would regulate my period and my flow would be lighter. I don’t remember them mentioning anything about birth control. I learned about the birth control part from my girlfriends.

Now being 19, I saw myself as a woman, but not knowing what to do in this grown up world. In high school, I had four steady boyfriends for short time periods. Being as naive as them about sex. Our knowledge involved; finger fucking, hand jobs, blow jobs and about one minute of fucking in the back of their cars.

After all day Friday looking for a job, Joan, a girl friend, told me that she was having a party at her house that night. Sure, I was in the party mood so I informed my parents I would be with Joan at her house. I wore tight jeans and a blue blouse, nothing I would classify as sexy. Joan picked me us so I didn’t have to use my parents car.

For about an hour, I sipped on a glass of wine just for a slight ‘buzz’. Then I saw him. George was a gorgeous hunk of male flesh. Our eyes locked and we spent three hours sitting at the kitchen table nursing our drinks. We held hands, only to let go to lift our drinks and then back to holding hands. I don’t remember anything we talked about other than he was about 10 years older and was going to get his degree in engineering this year. He had already been offered a position with a firm here in town.

George gave me a ride home. We spent almost a half hour on the front porch, mostly looking into each others eyes. He then bent forward and I instantly puckered wanting his lips on mine. Our lips met and then our tongues danced with each other and we pulled each other close together. I felt his bulge against me. My pussy was aching for any type of relief he could give me, but the kiss ended and we made a date for Saturday night. I worked my fingers a lot that night, but my pussy just couldn’t be satisfied. I wanted George in bed with me, I wanted his cock deep in my pussy.

Finally, after almost 10 hours, George came to pick me up. As I was finishing getting ready. George, mom and dad chatted in the living room waiting for my appearance. Mom and dad had an instant liking to George. George looked at me as I came into the living room and took my hands and said, “You are beautiful, I could spend the night right here looking at you.” Something I had never done, I just looked up at him with a coy look and giggled.

We had a nice meal and being under the drinking age, he took me to his apartment where I could have some wine. I was the aggressor with my hands all over George as we sat on the couch. It didn’t take long before I really learned about sex. I had opened his pants and began to suck on his cock when he stood me up and undressed me. He then shed his clothes and this was the first time I was totally nude in the presence of a man, let alone a naked man. He carried me to his bed.

We laid on his bed and I renewed my concentration on his erect cock and began to suck him into my mouth. He began to instruct me in the fine art of cock sucking. I thought I was good with blowing my former boy friends…was I wrong. In a few short minutes, I learned to relax my throat and swallow a cock all the way with my nose to his balls. My saliva was filling my mouth and then leaking around his cock and onto my chin. My tongue would feel the veins of his cock and then the rim of his mushroom head. As his cock would pull out slightly, I tried to get my tongue into his piss hole. I also learned what it was like to actually swallow cum. When his cock began to swell and pulse, I had the feeling that something new was going to happen. I never felt a cock swell in my mouth, my boyfriends never came in my mouth. It was a sudden spewing of semen into my throat as he kept filling me and I was trying to swallow all he pumped into me. Some escaped but I scooped his ejaculate up and licked it off my hand and fingers.

I enjoyed the experience and savored his taste, my first taste of cum. Then he pushed me back on the bed and spread my legs. I knew he was going to enter me and satisfy the throbbing and aching feeling I had in my pussy. My heart was beating fast and my juices were flowing heavily with the anticipation. Yes, I knew I was finally going to be fucked by a man.

What was he doing? He had his hands on the inside of my legs and was kissing and licking my legs. His head kept inching upward and then I felt his hot breath and wet tongue on my labia. It was like an electrical shock causing my back to arch and my pussy pushed toward his mouth. A new experience for me again. His lips sucked my labia as his tongue entered my chanal causing my membranes to secrete more juices. His hand then added to the sensation by strumming my clit. I had orgasms from using my hands, but this was the whopper. My whole body spasmed as I was yelling guttural words and my orgasm was reaching a higher plateau. George would not let up, he continued as my legs then wrapped around his head. His hands then reached under my ass and began to finger my ass hole. At that point, I didn’t care that he pushed two fingers in my ass, a finger from each hand pulling me open.

He kept trusting his tongue into my pussy trying to get deeper. His nose was rubbing my clit as I thrust my hips and pussy into his face. Between his tongue in my pussy, his nose kept rubbing my clit as his fingers fucked into my ass, I had a mind shattering orgasm, so hard and long, I never wanted it to stop. My vaginal juices were now flowing hard and he just sucked my juices into his mouth and swallowed.

He kept his fingers in my ass as he raised his head and brought his body up to push the head of his cock about an inch into my pussy. I was now screaming for him to fuck me. Finally, his cock entered and I felt my muscles clinch around his shaft. He thrust into me and pushed against my cervical opening. My uterine muscles were now expanding and contracting around his penis as another orgasm shook my body. The feeling of his penis scraping against my vaginal walls was exquisite. I was becoming a sexual animal wanting more.

George was pumping my pussy with great force now and he said that he was going to fill me with his cum, the seed to life. I felt his cock swell as he began to thrust faster into me. I felt his cock head hitting against my cervix and I was building to another climax as my legs started to spasm and stretch high in the air.

“Yes,” I yelled, “FUCK ME HARD, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM”. I felt one final thrust and he held me tight as I felt his penis throb and pulsate. He was now filling my womb with his seed. It felt like a fire hose was shoved in my pussy and turned on at full strength. My pussy spasmed and constricted around his cock milking all the cum from his cock. Then it was over when I felt his cock soften, but he remained in me for several minutes before pulling out and allowing our juices to ooze out of me.

His fingers left my ass and we laid together as I was slowly regaining my self composure. My first magnificent orgasm or orgasms, as my legs stopped spasming. I was now a woman, one that would crave cocks fucking into my pussy.

I wanted George to get hard again and I began to pump his cock with my hand. He then told me to lick his cock clean and get him hard with my mouth. It was wonderful tasting both our mixed juices on his cock. He didn’t take long to become erect. He then had me get on my hands and knees. I could feel his cum running down my thighs.

George rubbed his cock along my pussy collecting the cum. Then without any warning, he placed the tip of his cock at my tuzla escort anal opening. He pushed and told me to relax my ass muscles as he began to inch his cock into me. I again screamed at the pain and he would hold still and let me relax. My ass felt like it was on fire as he held still. He then would push a bit more as I was feeling the burning sensation, but less painful and I began to feel a bit of pleasure. Finally his cock was buried deep in my rectum and there he kept still for me to relax more. The pain turned into exquisite pleasure as I felt him begin to pull out a bit and then push back in. He then started to fuck my ass deep and hard. I began yelling for him to fuck me harder. I had my first anal orgasm. Just like the feeling in my pussy, his cock began to swell. His cock exploded again filling my ass with his cum. Another new experience and one that I would want again and again.

George then took me to the shower and washed my body while caressing my breasts and nipples. I got dressed and he took me home where we kissed very passionately on the front steps. We broke loose and he said he would call me for another date. I would be looking forward to being in his bed again. I wanted more, I wanted his cock, tongue, lips, fingers and hands everywhere on and in my body. I now craved for his cum to fill my mouth, pussy and ass.

All the next week, I fantasized of George constantly fucking me. I wanted his cock any way I could get it; in my ass, my pussy and in my mouth. I wanted his cock and cum. Laying on my bed, rubbing my pussy through my pants, mom called me. She told me that George was on the phone. It didn’t take me long to jump up and run down the stairs to listen to his sweet voice.

I accepted Georges invitation to a party Friday night. He was going to pick me up at 6 pm and to expect our return to be late. I didn’t care if it was all weekend, I wanted to be with him. I wasn’t sure my parents would approve of me being out beyond my set curfew.

Friday finally arrived and I was ready wearing a blue knee length skirt and white blouse that clung to my C cup breasts. When the door bell rang, my pussy began to ooze my female juices. I was happy that my folks liked George, because they agreed at our being out late. That was okay with mom and dad as long as it was with George.

George was a perfect gentleman as he escorted me to the car, opened the passenger door and held my hand as I slid inside. We took off and George said that he needed to stop at his apartment for a minute. We got there and he held my hand as he guided me inside.

George led me to his bedroom and said, “Strip”.

My knees became weak and wobbly thinking this party was going to be all night in his bed. I began to get undressed, but saw that George wasn’t taking his clothes off. I asked, “Aren’t you going to undress to fuck me?”

George said, “No, I have something else for you to wear to the party. We will fuck later”. Being naked, George led me to the bathroom and had me sit on the edge of the tub. Within a few minutes, he had a hot wash cloth on my pussy. Then came the saving cream and razor. He shaved my pussy smooth. He then said, “That’s how I always want to see your pussy, bare and ready.” I rubbed my smooth pussy and felt my juices begin to flow again. I liked the feel and made a mental note to pick up a razor.

He handed me a very light weight pink mini skirt that was see through if standing in the right lighting. There was a black garter belt and black nylons that showed through the skirt. Then the sheer white blouse and no bra or panties. I already had the black 4″ heels to wear.

I gazed at my self in the mirror and said, “George, people are going to think I’m a slut wearing this outfit”.

George said, “I want to show you off to my friends. I want the guys to know how proud I am with such a beautiful woman at my side.”

I was unsure just what he was thinking, but I was feeling like a common whore just off the street. George then said, “I want the guys to get a hard on seeing you. I want them to dream of fucking you.”

I didn’t know what he had in store tonight. One thing I knew for sure, with this outfit, all the men that saw me would want to fuck me. I knew they would be hard and erect. Even tho I wanted George to fuck me, just the thought of other men wanting to fuck me too was getting me wet and my nipples were hard and pressing hard against my blouse. I think George liked the look in my eyes. He then asked, “Are you getting horny, maybe wanting your pussy filled with cock and cum?”

“Yes,” I said. “I want you to fuck me right now.”

“No, baby,” George said, “I want you to enjoy being seen as sexy and wanting to be fucked. I want you to flirt and show off for the guys.”

We arrived at the party and I noticed that there were more men than women. Most of the women were dressed more modestly than I was, but they still looked sexy. George and I were greeted by the host handing me a glass of red wine and George a glass of bourbon. Hand in hand, George led me around the room introducing me to everyone. I was getting turned on by the looks the men were giving me. They even got very close as they would touch my arm or shoulder when introduced. I thought they were touching a bit longer than a normal greeting. I was getting very wet and I know my nipples were straining hard as they rubbed against the sheer blouse. I was enjoying the attention I was getting. I knew that they could see through my thin skirt and it turned me on to know they could see I didn’t wear panties.

Even the women were very pleasant in their greetings and I heard many comments that I was perfect. I asked George what they meant of me being perfect as I was now finishing my third glass of wine. George asked how I felt, and I told him that I was really getting tipsy, but what I was really wanting him to do, take me off to another room and fuck me hard.

George led me to the middle of the room and said very loud, “Ladies and gentlemen, Constance wants to be fucked.” My first thought, ‘What the hell is going on?’ He then unbuttoned my blouse and exposed my excited breasts and hard button nipples. The blouse was thrown to the floor and now he was unzipping my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I was frozen in place, couldn’t move, but at the same time very excited to be partially nude in front of many people.

My head was buzzing wearing only my garter, nylons and heels, I noticed that the men were approaching me from all angles. I felt many hands on my shoulders, breasts, hips, legs, ass and pussy. I instantly had a mind blowing orgasm just from the touching. I then screamed, “I WANT TO BE FUCKED. I WANT TO BE FILLED WITH CUM IN MY MOUTH, PUSSY AND ASS.”

Instantly a roar erupted from everybody and I felt several fingers entering my pussy and I think they were fingers from three different guys. Lips and hands were all over my breasts and hands were spreading my ass cheeks.

Someone slipped a padded bench behind my legs causing me to fall backwards exposing my pussy as my legs spread. It was very sudden. I felt a hand kneading a breast and a mouth sucking the other. A face was nuzzling my neck and whispering, “What a sweet fuck you are going to be.” My hands were now pumping a cock each as a mouth was now licking my pussy and clit. Hands were everywhere on my body and I didn’t care what they wanted to do to me. I think I was having a constant orgasm from all the stimulation.

As I laid on the bench, all I could see were naked hard cocks shimmering with pre-cum every ware and pointing in my direction. I was very aware that I was going to be pleasured by all these men and their hard cocks. How would I have known at 19 years of age, I would be a star in a sexually charged orgy and gang banged. Up until this time, I didn’t even know what a gang bang was.

I saw George smile and he came over and said, “You like this, don’t you baby?” I smiled back and nodded ‘yes’ with my my head as a cock was introduced to my mouth. I don’t know how many men fucked me, but that’s what tuzla escort bayan I wanted. There were cocks of all sizes, short, medium and long. Fat and slim, but all felt marvelous fucking me. Many times I was double penetrated while sucking a cock.

As one cock pumped cum into my womb, another replaced it and added to the many loads that spewed into me already. I’m sure most of the men returned for seconds, maybe thirds. I know George added his cum and he took videos of the activities as I posed several times as he got a close up of my mouth and tongue accepting a cock. He made sure to get close up video of my open legs and cum oozing from me. I’m sure he included my smiling face.

As each cock entered my ass or pussy, my desire built into feral lust. My vaginal and anal membranes were constantly caressed with the thrusting of penises and then there were the sanative nerve endings of my tender inner tissues between my vagina and anus when being double penetrated adding to my constant orgasms. My body was shaking uncontrollably with the adrenalin rush.

I was the entertainment for 5 hours and when most of the men were spent, the women took over. They cleaned my pussy with their tongues and lips, licked off the cum from my stomach, tits and face. Three of the women squatted over my face and I licked my first pussies and an ass or two.

George knew that I was satiated and needed a rest. He helped me to my feet and led me to the bathroom. We showered together when he took a nozzle that looked like a cock and pushed it into my cunt. The water flow felt stimulating as it washed the cum from my pussy and womb. He then used it to give my ass an enema and flushed my ass clean.

After I was clean, George handed me my clothes. I never saw him gather them at his apartment and bring them to the party. Fully dressed, we headed back home and I would be presentable if my parents stayed up to meet me.

On the drive, I snuggled to George and almost fell asleep when he then asked, “Did you enjoy being the Queen Bee tonight?”

I answered, “Oh, Yes. I never dreamed of more than one man fucking me, but I liked it. All their hands on me, all their cocks, all that cum. I loved it, and I love you for showing me how sex can be exhilarating and exciting.” After a pause, I asked, “George, what are you planning to do with the video?” George said, “You and each of the club members will get a copy, a memory of your initiation.”

George then said, “If you want, I can set up another party, now you’re a member. Usually an initiation party is only for new members, but I’m sure they will want an encore. As a member, you can fuck anyone you like during meetings. There are rooms for private sex, and rooms for gang bangs. The ‘gallery room’ is for watching others having sex – a voyeur and exhibitionist setting.

I hugged him tight and said, “Oh, my God. Yes, I want it all. When?”

George had a broad smile all the rest of the drive home.

As we pulled up to my parents house, George asked, “Would you like to go shopping for some new clothes, the kind your parents should never see?” I squealed with glee as I rubbed his crotch. “Oh, yes,” I said. “When should we go?” George said he would pick me up Saturday noon and to plan the entire day shopping.

George then admitted, “Joan, your girlfriend set you up. She knows of the parties and is a member.” I asked him, “Have you fucked her?” He said, “Yes, she was initiated about a month ago. Like you, I took her cherry ass to get her ready for the initiation and double penetration.”

That night, I lay in my bed and thought maybe George and I weren’t exclusive. I thought I was going to have to share him with Joan, maybe others too. Was Joan a pimp setting me up for George to fuck me? Did George recruit her to find other young women to become their party sluts? Will he have me find other women to seduce to become sluts for George and the other members?

Without realizing, my fingers were in my panties and strumming my clit. I had become turned on thinking of the party and happy that Joan set me up with George and the party members. I then relived the thoughts of the initiation, being fucked over and over. The double penetrations were fabulous and I couldn’t remember how many times I came. I knew I wanted to continue with the group and hoped I would be able to spend more time with George. I came violently with my masturbation and fell into a deep sleep with my fingers still in my pussy.

I woke to the Saturday morning sun shining in the window. I went to the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth. I looked in the mirror and saw a happy, contented WOMAN. I finished primping and went for breakfast. As I was eating, I was happy that my parents were busy with their business around the house. Mom washing clothes and dad in the garage doing ‘dad things’. I could openly talk with Joan as I dialed her number.

Joan answered and I asked her if she was at the party, I hadn’t seen her. She said, “I was there, you were just too busy to notice me. You don’t remember that I was one of the women whose pussy you ate?” “Oh, my God,” I said, “I’ve never done that before.”

Joan laughed and said that she never did either, but in her initiation, she did the same like I did. She said, “I don’t know, but it must have been all the stimulation.” I said, “I guess, but I liked it all, everything. It was hot.”

She asked me, “How do you feel? Are you able to walk normal after your legs were stretched every which way by constant repositioning on the bench?” I said, “No. I walked with a bit of a wobble when I came in the house, but I was fine. When I showered this morning, my legs were a little sore, but OK now.”

“Joan,” I said, “thank you for setting me up for this initiation. George is going to pick me up at noon and take me shopping for ‘slutty’ clothes.” Joan said, “I know, George is here now and he just finished fucking me. After shopping, he will take you to his apartment for you to model and then fuck you. Just like he did with me.” It was strange that I didn’t feel any jealousy that he fucked Joan. I had decided last night that George was just a friend for sex, not as a steady boy friend. I did enjoy his cock, but knew I had a pick at the ‘club’. By now, they all knew my pussy was available and open to any one or more of them.

George picked me up and I gave him a loving kiss when getting in the car. He got in and as he began to drive away, I placed my hand on his crotch and rubbed his cock as it started to grow. George smiled and said, “Not now sweetie, but after you have a proper wardrobe.”

We shopped in a larger town for about 4 hours and I tried on many dresses, skirts, blouses and shoes. Most of the clothing had little to no fabric where my ass and breasts would be on display most of the time. I was getting turned on knowing I would be advertising to men that I was a ‘slut’ and ready to be fucked. We never looked at or bought bras or panties. We did get a supply of garter belts and nylons. At the last store, George insisted that I wear the latest mini skirt and sheer blouse as he put my old clothes in a bag.

We walked around the mall looking at the various shops as George told me that men, and a few women, were checking me out. Several times he made me bend down so my bare ass was on full display. Moist warmth was developing in my vaginal canal and I had no panties to keep the fluids from running down my legs. Several times George would rub my ass and pull the back of my skirt up enough to totally expose my ass. I was hot for cock when we got to the car. I was ready to fuck George or any man right then.

Joan had warned me that I would be modeling my outfits for George and that he would fuck me. She was right, except she didn’t tell me that George was going to take pictures of me in my ‘come fuck me’ outfits.

The arousal was tormenting me until George began to lick and suck on my clit and pussy as he held my skirt up around my waist. My legs began quivering and trembling as my mind blowing orgasm developed. Finally George’s escort tuzla engorged penis began to plunge deep into my pussy. I moaned and groaned with pleasure as our bodies smashed together. Then I was in the throws of an orgasm as I felt his seed begin to surge through my body on the way to my womb. Heaven could not be this spectacular.

I left my outfits in George’s closet and wore my original dress home. George was right, these clothes would not be approved by my parents. My new outfits would then be delivered to Joan’s apartment. George said that I would move into the apartment with Joan. I said, “George, I can’t move in with Joan, I don’t have a job yet to pay rent.” George smiled and said, “I already have talked to a friend and you will have a job starting on Monday.”

I forgot to ask George what the job was, I was too excited. When I got home, I told mom and dad that I thought I might have a job when I interviewed on Monday. They wanted to know what kind of work I would be doing. I didn’t know myself. I just answered I would be a hostess/receptionist, but didn’t know any details as yet. I told them I was recommended by a friend and the interview was set up.

I then told mom and dad that if I got the job, Joan said I could be her roommate as her apartment was close to where I was going to work and I wouldn’t need a car right away. It was the first lie I ever told my parents. I didn’t know where the job would be yet. They seemed to be satisfied with my story and said they would be praying for me Monday that I got the job. They weren’t very happy that their little girl would be moving, but they knew someday I would have to move away.

Monday came and George picked me up. We went to his apartment for me to change into one of my outfits. I said, “George, this skirt and blouse isn’t proper for a job interview.” George said, “Oh, yes. In your job, these outfits are perfect.”

We then drove to a small office in a strip mall near the edge of town. George escorted me in and there was a small reception room with a girl that was dressed similar to me. The top of the desk was glass and I could see her short dress hiked up to expose her bare pussy.

Right away a tall good looking man came into the room and greeted George. They seemed to be long time friends and then George held out his hand to me and introduced me to Greg. I took Greg’s hand and he held our hands up high and had me spin around. I knew my skirt would flare out and he would see my pussy. Why should I care, after all his receptionist was almost naked.

We went into his office and he had a video camera there for the interview. He told me to stand and then said, “Strip down to your garter, nylons and heels.” I looked at George and he nodded yes with a proud smile.

I stripped as directed and then he had me slowly turn, then turn with my back to him. The next command was to bend at the waist and spread my ass cheeks. George was smiling and I knew that with Georges participation, my new boss would soon be fucking me. I was now really hot and flowing juices. Greg put his hand on my leg at my pussy and felt my dampness. He said, “George, I think you trained this one well. She is ready and wet.” I noticed a photo album on Greg’s desk. It was open and had the pictures George had taken of me modeling the new outfits. There were some of me begin fucked at the club.

Greg then asked, “Do you like to be fucked?” I smiled as I said that I did. He then asked, “How about in the ass?” I answered, “Yes, just as much as in my pussy.” Greg then told me to sit on George’s lap. I saw George sitting on the couch, his pants down and his cock was pointing at the ceiling. I walked over to George and planted his cock right into my wet and ready pussy. Greg walked over to us and now had his cock sticking out of his pants. I knew what he wanted so I opened my mouth and he said, “Good girl.” George started a rhythm of plunging his shaft up deep toward my cervix. I licked the pre-cum from Greg’s cock and then vacuumed his cock deep into my throat. I was in rapture as I heard both moaning and groaning with pleasure. My legs began to quake as I spasmed toward an orgasm and yelling, “fuck me hard, YES, FUCK ME.”

I was in a high state of arousal and very loud when commanding both men to use me, to fuck me, to fill me with their cum. I didn’t care if the receptionist heard me, in my induced pleasure, I didn’t care if the whole world heard me.

When I felt Greg’s cock begin to swell, I knew he was ready to fire his thick cum down my throat. I was surprised that he pulled his cock from my mouth and then told me to turn around and fuck facing George and to lay on his chest. As I got into position, I felt Greg’s hands on my ass cheeks pulling them apart as the tip of his cock touched my anal opening. Without lubrication, he pushed the bulbous head past my sphincter muscle. I was in such sexual arousal, I felt little pain and just wanted him to thrust deep into my bowels. My vaginal and rectal muscles were now squeezing their cocks causing them to piston faster and deeper. The nerves in my vagina and anus brought me to a heightened state of arousal where my entire body spasmed to a euphoric orgasm. I began yelling, “YES, YES, I’MMMMMMM…CUMMMMMMMM…ING. OH, GOD, OH, GOD, YES…YES, FUCK ME HARD. FUCK ME, FUCK ME.”

I felt both penis’ swelling and I began yelling, “YES, YES, CUM IN ME. FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT SEED. FUCK ME.” It didn’t take long when both plunged deep and held me tight as their cocks began to surge together as their sperm was shot deep into me. I yelled, “YES, FILL ME.” Orgasm after orgasm rifled through my body. My legs were shaking uncontrollably and my arms flailed through the air. I began blathering non understandable words as my orgasms peaked.

We all laid sweating and panting as their cum began to ooze past their cocks and out of me. My tender inner membranes and nerves were on fire with desire screaming for more stimulation.

Greg broke the silence, “Is that how you want to be fucked?” I looked back at him with glassy eyes and said, “Oh, God, Yes.” Greg said, “Good, you will make a great whore for us. If you like to be fucked, we have clients to fill your holes.” I was still in a euphoric cloud and said, “Oh, yes, I love to be fucked.” Greg said, “Good, George will drive you to our motel where you will have three clients waiting. You have an hour to douche and take an enema. You can use my washroom over there. I have a hose under constant temperature with a cock head for your cleaning.”

My mouth began to water at the thought of three more cocks invading my body, of fucking all my holes and filling me with their cum. Ruth, the receptionist, then entered and took me to the small bathroom and stripped my garter, nylons and heels. She had me sit on the toilet and she inserted the cock end of the hose in my pussy and turned on the water. Cum and my fluids emptied from my vagina. After a few minutes, Ruth pulled the nozzle from my pussy. She spread my legs further and reached under me and pushed the cock like nozzle up my ass and began the flow.

“My, honey,” Ruth said, “they had a lot of cum for you. More than when they fuck me.

As I understand, today, you will entertain some clients. Tomorrow you will come in the office and learn the receptionist job of setting up clients. It’s not boring, they will fuck both of us several times. With your gorgeous young body, you will probably make over a thousand a day. Once a month you will be examined by our OBGYN to be sure you don’t get any diseases and to refill your birth control pills. You might be fitted for an IUD for more protection. Sometimes you and Joan will entertain clients together, usually bachelor or stag parties.

I asked her if she ‘entertained’ clients, she said, “Oh, yes. That’s the most fun part of the job. We also have benefits at the club, I saw your initiation. You were hot, I was one of the women that cleaned your pussy.”

My knees felt week as I felt the water flushing out my ass. I was going to enjoy this job with the sexual excitement building again in my vagina. I was beginning to excrete more vaginal fluids in anticipation. It will be a real pleasure working for Greg and George.

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