The Ladies Sex Club

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“Do you kiss?” I asked the naked, black man who had just fucked me.

“Do you want to kiss?” He replied rather frustratingly answering a question with a question as he slid his arm round my shoulders.

Lying naked beside him, I looked up and saw the slight smile on his face. He really was bloody good looking I thought. I smiled back and lifting myself up a little stroked the side of his smooth, closely shaven face. My full, slightly saggy at forty plus tits dangling I said.

“Yes I rather think I do.”

Cupping and caressing my breasts James kissed me. He was a good kisser, but then a five hundred pound a pop escort or, as he called himself male whore should be; just as he should be an imaginative, enthusiastic and virile lover. He had shown clearly that he had the first two abilities for he had fucked me half-clothed twenty minutes or so after I had let him into my hotel bedroom. And now, another twenty minutes later he was suggesting that he also possessed the third for as we kissed I reached down and found that his delicious cock was already half erect.

After being transferred there from my home city of Copenhagen I was still settling into London. I am a banker and had recently been promoted to the post of European Head of Mergers and Acquisitions. It was a big job, a very, very big job. And along with that went massive returns in terms of a near million pound salary and a potential bonus that I feel embarrassed to even mention, but it can make the salary seem trifling. Obviously there was private health, pension and share options, a Porsche for personal use, chauffeur driven Jags whenever needed in the UK, first class air travel, accommodation at the very top hotels, entertaining using the best restaurants and attending most of the most important events such as Wimbledon, Glynedbourne, the Cup Final and rugby at Twickenham. Additionally, being an expat from my home country the bank provided me with a hugely luxurious apartment a few minutes’ walk from the headquarters in London Docklands at no cost.

I wasn’t at my flat, I was at a hotel near Heathrow. One of those fairly modern blocks lining the A4 that had been thrown up to provide short stay tourist accommodation. Three star at best it was perfect for what I wanted. A nice bed, a mini bar and total anonyomity, I had even paid in advance in cash and used an assumed name.

My husband hadn’t accompanied me to London. In fact my moving there had caused us to separate. It had been on the cards for some time, but strangely now that we lived apart and ‘did our own things’ we got on much better. I managed to get ‘home’ every couple of weeks or so and then Erik and I would do what most married couples do, fuck like rabbits and then row.

With the enormous hours I worked, at least twelve a day six and seven days a week and the murderous travel schedule the job demanded, I had no time for a social life. I had few friends in London and met nobody outside business and there I was very careful. So much so that I knew that some of the men who worked for me and others in the accountants and lawyers we worked with called me the ‘ice maiden.’ Also I knew that some who had tried it on with me and who I had turned down thought I was a lesbian, probably due to the spiky, blonde with highlights rather butch hairstyle and glasses. I didn’t care. But I did need sex. Being Danish and brought up with the liberal attitude towards sex for which they are renowned or notorious, I had always fully indulged and satisfied my generous sexual attitude. Masturbation helped, but I needed more. Hence, James and the anonymous hotel in Hounslow.

When working in Copenhagen I had known female colleagues in banking who used escorts. I had not had the need until my relocation, but now I did.

It was a lovely set of feeling as his tongue slid round the inside of my mouth, his hand attended to the needs of my full, large nippled breasts and his thick, black cock grew to its majestic fullness in my hand.

He took me in the good old missionary position and then an hour or so later I straddled him and, with my tits flying around all over the place I fucked him that way; he was certainly proving that he had that third attribute as well.


Visiting two or three European capitals most weeks and New York at least once a month I was never really free of a degree of jet lag. Often, despite the long hours I could not sleep when in a hotel or in Docklands. I could work in the early hours, but when I had been drinking I avoided that in fear of making mistakes. Those non-sleeping hours then became my internet surfing times. Obviously, that involved finding images, videos and erotic stories that were aids to my now very frequent masturbating. It was also how I found my escort agencies and more so how I found out that Copenhagen was not the only city with a range of sex clubs; they were alive and kicking in many cities including London.

I found by accident. However, the more I read it the more it appealed. It had been set up a year or so ago specifically for women like me who were lonely, in business and wealthy. İstanbul Escort It offered a range of services including a straight dating agency, a couple of blogs, chat rooms, erotic stories and pin ups. It had advice columns, a masturbation section where you could listen and cam with a man or woman talking to you as you played with yourself, email exchanges, an escort service and its jewel in the crown its ladies erotic spa or as they termed it ‘The Relaxation Studio.’

Whist the opportunity to gain sexual pleasure and relief from a number of their services was appealing it was the escort and studio that mostly intrigued me. I was, though, worried about security and anonymity. A couple of phone calls from a pay as you go mobile registered in a false name and an exchange of emails on a yahoo account from an untraceable iPad reassured me. They really were very organised and were willing to take cash in advance or on delivery. That meant of course that they had no idea who I was, where I worked or lived and they had no trace of any personal information; I even used a false name Christy Wade.

I had cruised around businessladies a few times when I was ‘on the road.’ I had looked at the blogs and erotic stories, chatted with other ladies and a few chosen men in the chat room and had reviewed the talent in the escort section. I had taken the chance and deposited a thousand pounds in cash with them so that I could enjoy some of their pay services. That enabled me to have a couple of two-way cam sessions where I had strong orgasms. I was enjoying the site and had begun to trust it both for honesty and the quality of its service. And that is how James comes in to this story.

I was in New York staying in the company suite at The Pierre. I had finished my meetings and very tired had got to my room at nine. I undressed to my panties and had a steak and salad and half a bottle of wine. I was feeling very horny, but too tired to use an escort agency that a woman I had met at a women banker’s conference in Chicago had given me. She was the third woman I had met who had used a male escort. Each had sung the praises of the no commitment ‘get laid and walk away sex.’ They had each echoed my sentiments that we bankers are just too busy to make relationships so ‘why not buy it?’ After all men do.

I was not only too tired, but too nervous as well. Not only about the whole thing of paying for sex, but also because I didn’t dare let them come to the Pierre; that was far too risky! So I logged on to businessladies and cruised around that. I was flying home the next night landing at ten in the morning. That gave me the idea. There was loads of totally anonymous hotels spread around the airport that were perfect and were probably used for, illicit sex. Smiling I thought that there couldn’t be any sex much more illicit than a woman paying an escort to fuck her!

I went to the escort section and found beautiful James. In the intro to his profile he was described as ‘six feet of black eroticism’ and later as ‘an ebony fuck machine with the tenderest of touches.’ He claimed to have a degree in psychology and be a good conversationalist. He seemed perfect.

Sitting naked in the first class hotel, I exchanged emails with someone at businessladies and booked a room at a cheap hotel near Heathrow.

Flying home in the American first class I was like a bitch in heat thinking about what I had arranged. I was so aroused as I went through immigration and customs. Having a bed on the flight had meant I got nearly six hours sleep, which is as much as I get most nights.

I was a little tired when I checked into the hotel at eleven. James was due to arrive at mid-day so I had time for a shower. Sitting naked in front of the dressing table mirror it suddenly struck me. ‘How do you dress for such an assignation?’ I was drying my short, hair when I had to think about that. He was there for only one reason and that was usually carried out with few clothes on so maybe I should greet him in my underwear? Or should I be less obvious and be fully dressed? Maybe wrapped in a towel or naked and leave the card in the door. Fuck it was complicated I thought settling on underwear and my red, silk dressing gown.

Obviously I had no real idea of the form and how the action would move from him arriving to us having sex although the site had said ‘no rush’ and ‘discuss what you like for as long as you like.’

Waiting for him to arrive I was really nervous and a couple of time almost contacted businessladies to cancel him. At dead on twelve the phone in the room rang.

“Hello Cristy” it said reminding me of my nom d’amour.

“Oh hi is that James.”

“Yes it is, how are you?” A nicely modulated voice asked me.

After we had assured each other that we were both well James said.

“Would you like to have a drink in the bar first?”

I hadn’t even considered that, but it was too late now.

“You know check out the goods first” he went on.

“No I am sure it will be ok, come up to three three one” I told him, my throat going dry and my heart pounding as I made Escort Bayan these final arrangements about having paid sex.

As I opened the door and saw him I wasn’t sure whether I was more nervous about what was happening or more impressed by how good looking he was. He came in and I offered him a drink from the mini bar that he refused saying it was a little early for him.

“Well having just arrived from the states I have no real idea what time it so I will if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all” he replied his eyes glinting as they ran up and down me in the shorty dressing gown. “What can I get you?”

I was impressed by his style and politeness. We chatted for a while and then I asked him how much I owed him as the deposit with the agency was insufficient. He told me and then asked what I wanted to do.

“How do you mean?” I asked.

“Well some like to chat for ages, others like to as it were get on with it.”

Smiling I replied still hellishly nervous.

“Well why not both?”

“Of course that’s fine, but seeing as you were dressed I er, um sort of wondered.”

“Yes I see. I have never done anything like this before so I didn’t know the form or the er dress code.”

“Well I have to say Michy” he said almost in a whisper as he came and sat beside me on the end of the bed. “You got that dead right, you look beautiful and very, very sexy.”

“Thank you” I gulped back as his arm went round me.

“What often happens is that we have sex very soon after I arrive, then relax and do it again an hour or so later.”

“That sounds perfect” I whispered.

“Shall I undress?” He surprised me by asking.

“Er yes, why not please do” I replied feeling embarrassed.

Standing a few feet in front of me he slid his black leather jacket off and quickly pulled the white tee shirt over his head. He had a lovely chest. Looking at me he undid his zip and slid his jeans off, he wasn’t wearing anything underneath; he was gorgeous and very well hung.

“You are lovely” I whispered adding arousal to the feelings going through me.

“Thanks Christy, may I help you?” He asked kneeling on the carpet in front of me.

He slowly undid the tie and peeled the gown off me.

“Mmmm you look gorgeous” he sighed looking at the Perla, lace bra and panties. He sat beside me and undid the clasp on the bra. “You have spectacular breasts” he muttered as the he eased the cups away.

“Thanks” I whispered loving his touch on them.

“Stand up Christy” he muttered.

I did and with no hesitation he slid my panties down and off. I hadn’t thought I would be undressed like this and rather foolishly, but nevertheless very womanly my first thought was what would he think of the bulge on my tummy and the excess flesh on my hips and thighs. I didn’t have to wonder long for standing up close to me he whispered.

“You look amazingly fuckable Christy.”

He obviously, or so it seemed to me, played this as though we were proper lovers and not an escort and his client.

“See what you have done” he went on standing back a pace and putting his fingers on his fully erect dick. He was excitingly long and thick.

“Yes” was all I could manage as a reply as he walked behind me, reached round me, cupped both of my breasts and pressed his erection against me.

“Are you ready for me Christy.”

“Just a sec let me take these off” I said removing my glasses and placing them safely on the dressing table.

“Ok now?”

Again a rather inane ‘yes’ slipped from my mouth as he pushed me forward and down so I was kneeling beside the bed. A little more pushing and pulling and I was lying on it on my front with my legs over the side and the fronts of my feet on the floor.

“Ok like this?”

“Oh yes” I grunted as he eased himself between my legs that he pushed open.

And like that, doggy style I had my first ever paid for fuck.


I felt good after James and I had fucked a second time. He was so considerate and friendly that he really did make it feel as if I was with a lover rather than a male whore. He had said some time during our second bout that he wanted us to be in love for the time we were together. I thought that was a lovely expression and really did sum up what paid for sex should be all about.

Again lying naked with his arm round me after the second bout of sex we chatted. He brought up the website and asked if I had visited the studio. I told him I hadn’t and he suggested that I should going on to explain that it was ladies only, but that men were available and told me that he worked there now and then.

“Doing what?”

“This really.”

“What making love?”


“Who with?”

“The members.”

“What I could buy your services there?”

“They are provided free, it’s in the cover charge.”

“Oh I see, how nice.”

“Haven’t they told you much about it?”

“No, but then I haven’t asked” I told him feeling wonderfully comfortable being naked with him. “Tell me about it” I asked stroking the inside of his thigh as his fingertips stroked the top of my Eskort boob.

“Well simply put it’s dedicated to ladies pleasure. You can wear whatever you like including nothing as many do. You can swim, there’s a small gym, a steam room, sauna and several Jacuzzis. You can be massaged by a man or a woman, or both or two men or two women.”

“What sort of massage is there?”

“All sorts, heavy and light and of course massage to satisfaction.”

“Satisfaction?” I asked looking down at his lovely dick that was again showing signs of life. I stroked it.

“Mmmmm nice” he purred cupping my boob. “Yes to a climax.”

“Sounds good.”

“There’s more, want to hear?”


“You can book one or two of us for sex.”


“Sure and you can watch others having sex in one of the show rooms or have sex in one yourself.”

As he told me more about what goes on in the studio so, inevitably I became aroused, particularly at the thought of having sex with an audience. And as my arousal grew so I paid more attention to his cock that marvellously grew in my hands.

This time I straddled him when we fucked.


I made an appointment to visit The Relaxation Studio on a Sunday. The lady at advised me on the phone that there was an entrance fee of six hundred pounds. I gulped a little at that, but she reassured me by saying that the entrance fee was good for as long as I wanted to stay adding. ‘All night if you wish’ and that it also included drinks and food and access to all services. I paid for it on a credit card that could not be traced back to me.

The studio was in a large rambling four-storey town house in Notting Hill. I went by cab getting the cabby to drop me near to the tube station a few hundred yards from the studio location. After registering at reception I met with the manager, Josie who explained the form to me. She was probably in her mid-thirties and was a hugely attractive willowy blonde.

There was a basement into which a reasonable sized indoor pool had been built and out back there was an outdoor pool and sunning area that being in England didn’t get much use.

“We aren’t overlooked Christy” she told me adding as she looked into my eyes. “It’s perfect for getting rid of those white patches….everywhere.”

“What you mean topless” I rather naively asked.

“Whatever you wish. At the Studio anything really does go you know.”

“I see.”

“Do you really or would you like my guided tour?”

“Yes that would good.”

We wandered up and down the stairs and through the maze of corridors as Josie explained everything. It was an interesting combination of straight and erotic opportunities.

“It really is up to our guest to choose what she wants from the Studio, every pleasure is here it’s up to the individual to select her preference” she explained.

I saw a nice bar and restaurant with elegantly dressed women eating and drinking and then through a viewing panel into the pool area I saw women in swimsuits, women in bikinis and topless and nude women swimming, in the Jacuzzis or going to and from the steam rooms and saunas. Josie showed me the love cells as she laughingly described them. “Where you can take your chosen lover and do whatever you wish” and the massage salons. “Where what happens is between you and the masseur.”

“I don’t think any are being used at present, but down this corridor are the exhibitionist and voyeur rooms where you can be watched as you take your pleasure either on a massage table or in a love cell. You can watch Christy or be watched whatever is your pleasure.”

“Who are the men?” I asked.

“We er, um hand pick them from our escort service, that I understand you have used haven’t you?”


“Was it to your satisfaction?” She asked as we walked back to her office.

Recalling my four fucks with James brought a smile to my face. “Oh yes, very much so” I told her.

“So what would you like to do Christy?”

“Er not sure” I said not wanting to say how excited I felt at the prospect of watching a couple have sex.

“Well why not start off with a swim, maybe a sauna and some steam, perhaps a Jacuzzi and then perhaps a massage?”

“Yes that sounds good.”

“Did you bring a swim suit, although it’s not really necessary?”


“No we have some you could use or, of course, as many members do you can go topless or naked, it really is up to you.”

Having been to several nudist beaches in Denmark and France and having always sunbathed topless the idea of baring all didn’t daunt me, but I decided on a bikini to start with. However, I really do enjoy swimming naked and the opportunity to do that had a strong appeal.

“I’ll show you to a dressing room then.”

I undressed, slipped into a patterned bikini, wrapped a towel round me, locked my handbag and clothes in the locker and strolled down to the pool. There were a dozen or so women of varying ages and sizes sitting round the sides on loungers. About half were wearing swimsuits, a few were topless and three or four looked to be naked. I glanced at the pool where there must have been another dozen or so swimming several of whom were clearly also naked. Although I am not lesbian or even really bi, despite having dallied a few times, I found myself becoming aroused at the sights.

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