The Long Flight Home

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Dang. Plane looks pretty full. I check my ticket and make my way back to the right seat. Good, empty row so far on the two-seat side. I slip into the window seat and stow my laptop under it as aisle begins to clear up. Almost departure time. I buckle in hoping that I got lucky and don’t have a neighbor. If I do, please let them be thin. Two chubby passengers side by side make elbowroom almost impossible. I go ahead and buckle in and look out over the wing as the last load of luggage is trucked out. I sure hope mine has made it on board. I could have done it all carry on, but who needs that hassle these days? Waiting at baggage claim beats bein’ semi-strip searched.

I look around and see one last person in the aisle heading back with a laptop bag over her arm. Looking at her boarding pass and her eyes stopping above my head let me know I had a neighbor. Sizing her up made me smile… for more than one reason. What a pretty lady! I smile and say hello, and she returns both. She slips off her suit jacket and lays it carefully up above, standing on tip-toe to reach. What a gorgeous view! I’d guess her to be 5’2″, or 3″, slender and shapely. As her head emerges from the top shelf, she smiles again and takes the laptop case she’d put on her seat, and stows it beside mine. I pull her seatbelt aside to clear the way for her pretty bottom. I’m going to at least enjoy the view if nothing else. Kinda’ hope she doesn’t pull out her computer when airborne and keep her tray in the down position the whole flight. It would cover up her pretty legs. She appears to be around my age, but it is hard to pin-point exactly. Her make up and hair are flawless. We exchange some pleasant nothings as the door closes and we head out to wait our turn to take off.

As soon as the seatbelt sign goes out, the lady is reaching for her computer. Oh well, I might as well get Kurtköy Escort mine at the same time since we’re both reaching and stretching together. Soon, we’re both working away. I’d not had one minute to myself the entire trip so far, so I didn’t pull up reports or presentations to work on. I loaded my word processor and found the last story I’d started before leaving earlier in the week. I find a lot of relaxation… and let’s say, stimulation… in my hobby of capturing thoughts on paper. Well, paperless paper anyway. Soon I was lost in the fantasy world of my mental theatre, recording bits and pieces of thoughts and faces. Dang I love this little escape of mine.

I was jogged back into the “here and now” when the stewardess (I still like that antique job title) asked me what I’d like to drink. Pushing my laptop up enough to bare a little corner for the cup of ice filled with soda, I thank the lady and sit back looking out of the window. Soon I was enjoying the simple thrill of clouds and passing scenery down below. I lost track of the time as I sipped and crunched and enjoyed the panarama.

“Oh, my. Sweetie, if you don’t mind, would you please scroll that up a bit?”

I was a bit startled and turned from the window. The pretty lady next to me was looking right into my eyes and nodding her head toward my screen. I’d moved it just enough off center to provide her with a clear view of my work, and she’d obviously taken advantage of it. I felt a blush coming to my cheeks as I realized my story had just reached a pretty steamy part. But the lady was smiling a sexy smile, and I thought, “What the hell, why not?”

“If you can keep it a little secret, sure, hon”, I said and turned the screen a bit more and scrolled it up to the top of the doc. “Here, feel free to scroll it down at your own pace.” I smiled as she leaned over Pendik Escort and put her pretty manicured fingertip on the little button in the center of my keyboard. My mind wandered a bit as I watched it flick the top of it as she read.

Soon, she was lost in her reading. I leaned back and sipped the remaining melted ice water from my plastic cup as I watched her gorgeous eyes move back and forth. I noticed that as she read her mouth moved a bit and her eyes would narrow as it appeared every word was touching something deep within her. Just at the end I saw her bottom lip disappear just under her upper teeth, and I thought I heard over the muffled roar of the engines and rushing air outside the cabin a very faint moan from her. I might have been mistaken, but I was going to enjoy the thought of it anyway. To be honest, I was beginning to enjoy the whole process, and was kinda’ glad my tray was in the “down” position with her eyes looking in that direction. I realized my middle-age spread was pushing the material of my “business casual” company polo shirt against the edge of the tray, but the pretty lady didn’t seem to notice at all.

“Wow. Do you do this for a living?”

I explained it was a little secret hobby, an outlet for some otherwise un-expressible thoughts of a “chubby ol’ married man working in a politically correct business world”.

“Do you have… any more?” she asked, looking into my eyes. I could see the lady was actually serious. Those gorgeous eyes had a twinge of desire in them I had only seen in my mind’s eye as I typed lately.

“Hmmmmm. I do, if you promise not to tell, hon.”

“Cross my heart, baby.”

I pulled up my folder contents and told her to pick any title in it. Soon she was hungrily devouring another of my stories, and I was enjoying every moment. She began softly to just whisper Mutlukent Escort as she read. Obviously she was not only enjoying herself, but she wanted me to know how much she was. It was her little way of expressing her appreciation I thought. But maybe, just maybe… she was also really getting into it.

As we began our final approach and the instructions came over the sound system to stow away our gear again, we both powered down our computers.

“Whew, hon. I loved that. Thank you so much. I wish you’d send me a copy sometime. Er… would you? Please?”

I looked and the lady’s eyes were looking directly into mine. I smiled and I saw a blush begin to creep over her gorgeous cheeks.

“I have a better idea.” I took one of my business cards and turned it over. I jotted down on the back of it my blog address, and told her I kept this for on-line friends. She could feel free to pop on if she promised to be very, very quiet about it, since this was my one secret in the whole world.

“Baby, trust me. Here’s my personal e-mail address, too.”

As we landed, I learned she was making connections here, and I was going to find my car in long-term parking and head home. We promised to become on-line “pen pals”, and she made her way to the aisle first and reached up for her jacket. As she did, I couldn’t help but notice the lovely outline of her pretty (and “perky”) breasts under the soft material of her blouse. She must have had the air conditioner pointed right at her… or… she must have really enjoyed her reading. I smiled and just drank in the gorgeous view for the second or two it was offered. She pulled it down, and picking up her case wished me a great day, and promised to be in touch “real soon”. The gentleman who had held up the aisle for her as she slipped into the slow moving stream of folks heading out quickly moved in behind her. I sat back down and decided to just wait a bit until I could easily exit. As I looked down at the seat beside me, I paused. Funny, I didn’t remember her spilling anything on herself or her seat. Reaching down and touching the damp upholstry, I wonder…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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