The Lotus and the Flame Pt. 01

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Farida looked at her reflection in the mirror and felt a small pebble of discontent land in the pit of her stomach. Today was her first day back university and she wasn’t looking forward to it at all. Anyone else should have been excited that they were embarking on their third and final year but Farida felt so stressed out she would have hidden and not gone in at all if she could.

Although her grades at the end of the second year were not dire, they were still not as high as she had expected. To anyone else her grades would have been over and above what they would have expected but for Farida, they were simply not good enough.

Putting on some face cream and her obligatory eyeliner, Farida stood up from the chair in front of her dressing table and walked over to the wardrobe where her hijab and jilbab were hung. She had decided the night before to have a word with her tutor Mrs Barrington about her grades in the hope that something could be put into place to ensure that she could get her marks up high enough so she could graduate with a first.

She so wanted to make everyone proud of her, Naeem and her parents, but more importantly she didn’t want to let herself down and as she walked down stairs she forced herself to remain positive. If she just went to see Mrs Barrington today after her first lecture she was sure that something could be sorted out.

Arriving at university, Farida met up with her friends and made her way to the lecture theatre. Once seated she took out her pad and pen ready to take notes and buckle down right from the off, she was determined to start as she meant to go on.

Anderson Bishop strode into the university like a man on a mission. As he pressed the button on the lift that would take him to his first lecture, he was aware of the appraising glances he was being given. At six foot four and from Jamaican descent, he cut a formidable figure and looked younger than his forty-four years. He had been drafted in to take over from the previous lecturer and to ensure that the student’s grades reflected the universities reputation and he was determined to do just that.

Reaching the lecture room, he took a deep breath, opened the door and walked in. Immediately there was a hush and he liked that. He liked his students to feel his presence and air of authority before he had even spoken. It could be said that he was a power tripper, a control freak even and that suited him just fine. Anderson Bishop was in control of every area of his life, both professional and personal.

Farida looked up from her notepad and was momentarily taken aback. Like all the other students she had been expecting to see Mrs Barrington and instead here was a big Jamaican guy with an air of self-assurance that immediately put Farida on edge. She had been planning on having a heart to heart with Mrs Barrington today and now all those plans seemed to have been well and truly scuppered.

‘Good morning, I am Anderson Bishop and I am going to be your new English Lit lecturer for your final year. Unfortunately, Mrs Barrington has been signed off sick and isn’t expected to return. Now, I have looked through your grades and although they are not dire, I can see that for some, there is room for improvement and I can assure you that we are here to work together and get you the degree that you are aspiring to achieve.’

He coughed, giving them all time to digest what he had just said, ‘Unlike a lot of tutors, I have an open door policy which means that if I am not in lectures, I will be in my office and I am available at all times. For me, there is nothing worse than tutors who have set times and dates. If you have a problem on Monday, then I don’t see the point in you having to wait till Thursday to discuss it. So, let’s make a start.’

Farida tried hard to concentrate on the lecture and avidly took notes but she was still feeling uneasy and tense. She needed to speak to someone about her grades but she hadn’t been banking on it being some guy she didn’t even know.

Her stomach churned at the prospect of having to discuss her fears with a tutor she barely knew but she realised as the lecture ended that if she was going to achieve her aims she was going to have to put all those fears aside and bite the bullet so to speak.

As sex hikayeleri the room emptied, Farida pushed her notebook in her bag and stood up. She made dua to Allah to give her the strength to approach this guy and ask him for his help. As Anderson snapped his briefcase shut and was ready to leave the room, Farida caught up with him.

‘Excuse me; I was wondering if I could have a chat with you about my grades?’

Anderson turned to her and smiled, ‘Sure, you can come to my room now if you like or is that not convenient?’

Farida swallowed, she wasn’t ready to see him right now but she knew that if she put it off, it would just play on her mind and she figured she may as well get the whole thing over and done with.

She nodded, ‘Now is fine.’

Anderson opened the door and stepped aside, ‘Ladies first.’

Once in his room, Anderson sat down and pulled a chair out for Farida.

‘Take a seat and what’s your name? Just so I can get your details up.’

‘Farida Akhtar,’ Farida took a seat and felt her cheeks start to burn.

She had been very lucky up to now to have always had female tutors since she started university. She wasn’t used to being in the presence of a man all alone and there was something about Anderson that made her feel nervous. She watched as he logged into his computer and found her details before turning to her.

‘So, what can I do for you?’ He asked his mouth opening into a wide smile.

‘It’s my grades. Over the last two years, I haven’t really been doing as well as I had hoped and I need to get them up to speed.’

Anderson nodded, ‘What is your aim?’

‘I was thinking of a 1 st actually,’ Farida replied and watched as Anderson’s eyebrows arched.

‘Really? That’s pretty ambitious’

Farida nodded, ‘Yes, I am ambitious.’

Anderson let out a slow whistle and turned back to his computer and ran his finger down the screen.

‘I’ll be honest, to get at 1 st hons at this stage of the game you need to be hitting marks consistently in the 87 to 90 each assignment, however, if you write a dissertation that is worthy of a 1 st it is totally doable but like I said, it is going to take a lot of work on your part and total concentration, being focused on your goals from now on needs to be your key aim. May I ask why such a result is so important?

‘Because I want to go on to do my PGCE and Masters and I guess I’m a perfectionist? I will do whatever it takes. I was told that I was easily first material and I appreciate the fact my grades slipped was totally my fault but if I worked hard, surely I could pull it back. So what if I start a dissertation?’

Anderson leant back in his chair and tapped his pen against his teeth.

‘I haven’t had a chance to read anyone’s work yet, I have only looked at the end of year results. What I can do, is look at your work from last year and if you start a dissertation that could pull all this back for you.’

Farida felt a wash of relief flood over her, ‘Thank you, I really appreciate that.’

Anderson smiled, ‘No problem. Was there anything else you wanted to discuss?’

Farida shook her head and picked her bag up from off the floor, ‘No that’s all.’

Anderson looked up at the clock and Farida saw this as a cue for her to leave.

‘I will email you Farida once I have had chance to look over your work and don’t look so worried, I am sure you will be fine.’

On his way home Anderson couldn’t stop thinking of Farida. Her eyes had done something to him that he could never have imagined, he knew it was a professional no-no to find a student attractive but he had never been one to follow the rules. It could be said, that Anderson was definitely a law unto himself.

Unlocking the door to his apartment, he tossed his briefcase on the sofa and went into the kitchen and immediately went to the fridge for a beer. Snapping the top off with an opener, he took a long hard slug and leant against the kitchen work top. He hadn’t been lying when he had said that he could help Farida achieve her aims, but as he drained his bottle of beer, he was already concocting a plan.

Farida arrived home and took her shoes off at the door allowing her body to sag with sweet relief. The meeting with the new lecturer hadn’t sex hikayeleri been as daunting as she had first thought and as she walked up the stairs to put her bag away, she allowed a small sliver of optimism to enter her troubled mind. The results she wanted were totally achievable, hadn’t Anderson said so? Surely a lecturer wouldn’t give a student false hope?

Undressing in the bedroom and donning her nightwear Farida checked the time, Naeem would be home soon and she could think of nothing better than to cook with him like they always did when he was on an early shift from work. Tonight she would cook, eat and chill and allow her troubled mind to finally ease.

Anderson was restless. Restless and horny and this was always a dangerous combination. He paced his apartment like a wild animal and silently he berated the Bengali girl for awakening these feelings inside him because no matter how he tried, he couldn’t get the image of her eyes out of his head.

Finally, he sat down on the sofa and flicked on the television with the remote. He couldn’t get her tiny form out of his mind. Even as a youngster he had always wanted the things he couldn’t have, always pushed the boundaries at school and that had never left him even in adult life.

He didn’t care for convention, never had, never would and when faced with that, his whole being railed against it. For an hour he sat and mindlessly watched the images on his television screen, while his inner mind carried on playing its own film of Farida. How she had sat in front of him with a composure that hadn’t driven him wild at the time, but right now it was making his cock hard.

He wanted to know what was underneath what he saw as unnecessary clothing. He had actually caught a glimpse as she walked out of the room of the possible curvy, beautiful figure that lay underneath but it was all in his head and that made it all the more intoxicating.

His cock was hard and he needed relief so muting the television he rang Marnie. He needed to fuck someone hard and fast and get rid of the urges that were surging through him and because Anderson was a man who knew how to get what he wanted, an hour later, Marnie arrived all dressed in stockings and suspenders fully ready to be abused.

Anderson wished that Marnie wouldn’t scream so loud. The noise of a woman coming had always turned him on but it was like Marnie abused the privilege.

‘Ohh baby, that’s it, ooh don’t move, don’t move an inch baby boy.’

Anderson rubbed his nose against Marnie’s pussy, his tongue and fingers dipping inside simultaneously as his cock lay rigid on the bed.

He was dying to fuck her, to feel his rock hard cock pumping against her walls till he was fit to burst, but first, he wanted his prize and he had even put down the rubber sheet over on his bed in anticipation.

He wanted her to gush, he wanted to watch and feel the hot water of his efforts pump like a flood out of her pussy and as he heard Marnie’s familiar growl, he knew the prize was in sight.

Marnie flooded his bed with her juices and because she had been exceptionally loud there was only one thing for it. Reaching across to the bedside table, Anderson picked up his tie. In one deft movement, he wrapped it around Marnie’s big, fat, loud coming mouth and pulled her onto all fours.

Moving back a little, Anderson made sure he was far enough away so that he could push his huge cock inside her. Opening her, he teased her pussy with the tip as he grabbed her hair. Pushing himself inside her he marvelled at how wet she was.

‘Ooh baby,’ Marnie’s voice was muffled but they had fucked often enough for Anderson to know exactly what she would be saying, it was like sex talk on rote.

‘Tell me your fantasy baby,’ Marnie managed to say, pulling the tie slightly from her mouth.

Anderson leant forward and bit her shoulder hard, ‘It’s been my first day at the new university and there is a student I want to fuck. I want to fuck her so hard she won’t know what fucking day it is.’

That made Marnie buck even faster against him, ‘You are such a dirty cunt.’

Anderson smiled in the dark and under his breath he said, ‘No fantasy. I mean it.’

Over the next three months, Farida worked hard on her dissertation but according sikiş hikayeleri to Anderson, she still hadn’t made enough progress.

At university, during one of their dissertation meetings, Anderson was just reviewing Farida’s progress, as well as overlooking her reference of information.

‘The thing is, whilst there is admittedly an improvement and I commend how you have been able to re-focus, it’s now December and at this point, I would really love to be saying that yes, we are so into the journey we can relax.’

Anderson leant forward on his chair and clasped his hands together between his knees, looking down at them as if he was trying to find the right words to express himself instantly making Farida feel nervous.

She really didn’t know what more she could do and she felt almost physically sick with despair. Finally, after what seemed like an age, Anderson looked up at her.

‘We need to adopt a new strategy. Now this will require even more commitment on your part but I am pretty confident that my new plans will get you the results that you so desperately want and truly deserve,’ he added.

Anderson watched as Farida’s eyes lit up, ‘Oh thank you, honestly I don’t know what to say.’

Farida took a long intake of breath before blowing it out again like someone who was trying to stop themselves from hyperventilating.

Anderson smiled and turned back to his computer and moved his mouse across the screen clicking off all his windows before logging off.

‘All you need to say is that you will do whatever it takes.’

Farida nodded eagerly, ‘Yes, of course, that goes without saying.’

Anderson picked up his briefcase and took his keys off the desk.

‘That is exactly what I like to hear. I have a meeting in ten minutes but would you be able to meet me say at 1 o clock at the British Library? You have a free afternoon. We shouldn’t waste it when we can ensure you are making some progress?’

Farida stood up and slung her bag over her shoulder, ‘Yes that would be okay and like you said, there is no point in me wasting any more time.’

Anderson watched as Farida walked down the corridor before turning and locking his office door. As he walked in the opposite direction whistling to himself, he felt optimistic. He’d felt like he had been stuck and drowning in deep frustration where Farida was concerned

Every time she had come to see him with her work or whenever she walked into the lecture theatre, his cock went so stiff it was becoming a massive inconvenience to him. Also, he was aware that his desires regarding Farida had started to take on a life of their own. Whenever he fucked or wanked, which was often, she was all he could think about and it had started to piss him off.

At times he had even regretted saying that he would give her extra help because just having her in the confines of his office filled him with such horny feelings of such deep intensity, at least twice he had actually considered locking the office door and pulling down the blind before pulling her close to him. He imagined pulling off her niqab that was hiding her face from him and that was the thing, Anderson was pretty sure it was all her niqab and jilbab that was bringing out the animal in him and it was disconcerting.

Of course, he had many other fantasies about Farida but he could hardly allow them to run free when he had a meeting to attend. However, the solution to his problem had presented itself the previous evening as Rebecca with the alabaster skin and flame red hair sucked his cock.

What was the one thing that Farida wanted? Of course, what she wanted was a first with honours. Was she working towards that? His mind asked. Of course, she was there was even at this stage ninety percent chance of it being achievable. Does Farida know this? Another voice asked.

Anderson was so excited by the question and the obvious answer that he shot his load in Rebecca’s mouth; literally coming at the thought that now he had a solution as to get what he wanted from Farida.

Farida didn’t question him in terms of her work. She treated him like some ancient know it all muse. Why would she question him when he told her what mark she was looking at every time she submitted her work to him? How was she to know that he could be knocking off a few marks to get what he wanted from her? She wouldn’t have a clue and this afternoon Farida was going to ensure that the first with honours she so desperately wanted would be hers.

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