The Loving Husband Ch. 20

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Big Toys

The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help. Also, in this chapter, I explore something that was recommended by a reviewer.

This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In the last chapter, I got to enjoy the young redhead, Jessica, again. My wife had arranged for another erotic fashion show with me and Jessica as the models. She had also invited the pregnant and extremely horny Anita. She and I had played while her husband egged her on previously, and although he didn’t know we had been fucking for a while, he told her he wanted a hotwife. He also wanted to play a little, too, but it appeared that he mostly liked to egg her on. At the modeling session, there was a deliciously voluptuous redhead named Violet. She had interacted with us a little, but was afraid to go too far. However, when she got home, her husband did some mild domination, told her she could fuck another cock if she wanted, and fucked her silly. The Violet came back to tell Kathy, the erotic clothing distributor, and my wife about her husband. At that point, we coerced her into sucking and fucking me. She obeyed easily and I sent her home with orders to come back the next week.


On Saturday, I got ready for Violet. I had told her to be at our house at 11am.

After showering, shaving, and trimming my nether regions, I got dressed. However, when I got downstairs, I got a surprise. I was going to have a light breakfast and say good-bye to the family since they probably had to leave at 10 to pick up some of the other kids to car pool to the soccer games. But my wife, Ann, was still in her robe, and she was preparing stuff for the kids to take. The kids were dressed and ready for soccer and Anne was just completing filling water bottles and packing some snacks in their backpacks. I gave them both a kiss and Ann rushed them toward the front door. One of the other mothers was waiting out front to pick up the kids.

When Ann came back I put my hands up in a questioning manner. “I thought you were taking the kids this morning?”

Ann grinned. “Oh, no. I’ve made other arrangements. Now go get undressed and put on just your robe. I’ll get dressed and greet Anita when she gets here. Then we just have to wait for Violet and Don.”

“Her husband’s coming?”

“Yes, did you think otherwise?”

“Well, I thought maybe he wanted to know about it, but not that he wanted to watch right away.”

“Anita, Violet, and I have it all planned out. He wants her to play, but he wants to play, too. So we have some plans we hope to carry out. Violet was very interested in planning this.”

“Okay. Do I get to be privy to these plans?

“No. You’ll just have to play along.”

“Okay.” I knew that amongst those three women they had probably cooked up something good. I could always trust my beautiful bride to take care of me.

So I did what she asked. I went back upstairs and put on just my robe. I went back downstairs to find Anita had arrived. She was stripping and hanging her clothes in the laundry room. I walked in and watched. This gorgeous, voluptuous woman was just starting to show her pregnancy, a small belly forming, and she was stripping in my laundry room. Finally, she realized that she was being watched and turned. She saw me and grinned. Anita stood up and shook her tits at me. I tried not to drool.

“Enjoying the show?” She was pushing her panties to the floor.

“With you? Always.”

“Good. My husband is out of town and wants a good story. I can’t wait to tell him this one.”

“I can’t wait to live it and play with you and Violet. Damn! Two beautiful women with big tits.”

“Yeah, yeah. Go in the other room before I get tempted to fuck you right here.”

I grinned and opened my robe. I shook my cock at her.

Anita stared. “That’s not helping.”

I closed my robe and rushed into the other room.

When Anita came into the living area she was also in nothing but a robe. Her nipples were trying to poke holes in the robe and I grinned.

It was almost 11 now and the doorbell finally rang. Ann grinned at us and went to the front door. We could hear her greet Violet and Don as she invited them in. After introductions, she led them into the den where Anita sat on one recliner and I was on the other. We stood and she introduced them to us, but we already knew Tuzla Escort them by name. We just hadn’t met Don.

They both looked us over in our robes. Violet grinned. They were both in shorts and a t-shirt. Don looked a little pudgy. Violet looked like she was smuggling grapefruit in her t-shirt.

There was a kind of awkward pause and then Ann got things rolling. “Can I get you guys something to drink? I know it’s early, but anything at all is available.”

Don looked at Violet. “We both like beer, so whatever beer you have is fine.”

Ann nodded. “Don, have a seat. I’ll be right back. V, can I see you in the kitchen.”

Don sat while the ladies, including Anita, disappeared into the kitchen. I held up one finger. “Just a sec.” I didn’t mean to be rude, but I had to know what they were discussing.

I wandered into the kitchen where the three ladies were talking. I got there just in time to hear Violet telling them something. Her back was to me and nobody else said anything to warn her of my appearance.

“It was on the hard drive. I found plenty of stories from a category called ‘Loving Wives’. He was reading a lot about women who had sex and teased their husbands while doing so. I was a little shocked. We had never even discussed this, but then he told me to come back here and, well, you know, have sex with your husband.”

Ann interrupted here. “You mean fuck and suck my husband.”

“Yes.” She giggled. “Well, that made me feel better. He told me to and he appears to love it, so here I am.”

Ann looked over her shoulder. “Hello, dear.”

Violet jerked her head around and saw me. A smile slowly came to her. “Hi, John.”

I reached up and grabbed a tit. “Hello, gorgeous.”

Violet squirmed a little, but smiled.

“Okay, let’s get some beer and head back to the den.” Ann interrupted our meeting and went to the fridge. We all went back into the den and introductions were made.

After handing out the beers, Ann stood in the middle of the room. “There’s no need to be shy or awkward, we all know what we are here for. Sex. It’s going to be fun.” She took a drink of her beer. “Now, as we spoke earlier Don, please strip your wife for her to be fucked by my husband.”

Don and Violet stood. Don grinned at Violet and she blushed a little. I think she felt a little strange about doing this in front of her husband. But he didn’t seem to mind as he went to strip her and she did find those things on his computer, so he had been fantasizing about this.

Since what she was wearing was easily removed it was quick. He whipped the t-shirt up over her head and her big tits came into view, tightly held back by a bra. Don raised his hand and gave her the sign to turn around. Violet did and he unhooked her bra. Violet was staring at me as he did that and she held the bra in place. Then Don tugged on it from the side and she let it go. Her big tits popped into view. They had big, bright pink nipples that were standing up for attention. Since Don was behind her, he knelt and grabbed her shorts. She was surprised when he pulled down quickly on both the yoga pants and her tiny thong. Her pussy came into view with that cute little red arrow over the top and she lifted each leg as Don prompted her. But she shyly stood with her arms in front of her.

When Don was done, he stood up. “Nice, eh?”

I stood. “Sexy and very fucking hot.”

Don smiled. “I know. I have a beautiful wife with a really, sexy body.”

I nodded. “Spectacular.”

Ann picked up our camera from where it sat on the table. “Don, like I said on the phone, we have two video cameras set up here,” Ann pointed to the side of the couch where we had a mini-cam mounted on a lamp, “and up here,” Ann pointed up at the light fixture in the middle of the ceiling over the coffee table. “They will be running continuously. But I will also take some stills for us all to enjoy.” Ann turned toward me and looked at Anita, too. “You two need to drop your robes.”

So Ann had also spoken to Don about the video and pictures. Hmmm.

Anita and I stood up and both dropped our robes. My cock was just showing signs of inflating. Anita was her normal hot, sexy self with a bit of a pregnant belly showing.

Ann walked over to Anita and patted her stomach. “This one here’s pregnant, and she’s a horny bitch when she’s like this.” Ann reached up and pinched Anita’s left nipple and Anita gasped and then giggled.

Ann turned to Don. “Okay, Don, you need to be naked, too. So strip and show us your cock.”

I knew that Ann liked to talk dirty nowadays and she was definitely doing it. I was also starting to get hard looking at these two big-tittied beauties and having my wife talk dirty.

Don stripped and he was hard as a rock already. Ann stared at his cock and grinned. “Not bad. But first, my husband is going to fuck your wife and we’re all going to enjoy watching it.”

Ann turned to Violet. “Sit down on the couch. Sit on the front edge of the cushion.” Violet glanced at her husband and Gebze Escort grinned. “Don, sit next to her. I want you to have a front row seat for this.”

Ann turned to me and said in a rather matter-of-fact manner. “John, come over here and stand in front of this redheaded slut and feed your cock to her. She needs to suck it and get it really hard.”

I obliged. I strode over and stood in front of Violet. She spread her legs and I walked up to stand between them. My one-eyed snake stared her straight in the face. Ann came up on my right and Don was sitting to my left, on Violet’s right. Violet hesitated as there was this pause in the room, as everyone seemed to be holding their breath before the actual sex started.

Then Violet stared back at my cock and put her right hand on it, holding it to suck it. Ann spoke up immediately. “Oh, no, put that left hand up there so we can see those rings. It will be a great shot. A naked married woman with her husband sitting next to her as she sucks another man’s cock.”

Violet stared up at Ann for a couple of seconds and then grinned and switched hands. Ann started taking pictures as Violet leaned in and put her mouth over my cock. Ann impatiently put her hand on the back of Violet’s head. “Suck that cock. I love watching a woman suck my man’s cock.”

Violet started sucking pretty well and Don just stared. Violet pulled off my cock with a pop and said very confidently, “Is this what you wanted? You wanted to see your hot, fucking wife suck cock?”

Don grinned. “Oh, yeah.”

Violet then chimed in, firmly and confidently. “Well, I’m done sucking for now. I’m going to lean back and you can watch as he fucks me. You can lean back, too, and maybe Anita will play with your cock.”

Violet leaned back and opened her legs. I was amazed at how demonstrative she had become. She had been pretty reticent even after her husband told her to come back.

I looked over at Ann and she winked. I knew that the ladies had discussed this, but I was surprised at her change in demeanor.

I looked down at my hard cock and the pussy that was opening just under it. I looked up at this lovely, voluptuous red-headed goddess. She was laying back, spreading her legs enough that I could see her lovely, outer pussy lips spreading open to reveal that bright, pink pussy that redheads have. Her tits were pushed up and looked particularly edible. What a delicious sight she was!

I leaned over and placed my cock at her entrance. Violet looked over at her husband. Don was staring down at where we were about to be joined.

“Fuck me, John. Fuck me hard and fast. I’m going to cum quickly.” She said it to me, but she was staring at her husband.

I slid my cock into her hot, wet entrance and it accepted me smoothly, although it was snug. I was a little fatter than her husband, but her wetness made up for it. I buried my cock in her. She moaned.

I started fucking her hard so that my hips slapped up against her ass and thighs at the end of each thrust. She groaned. I heard Don groan and turned to find him watching intently as Anita slowly ran her hand up and down his cock. She was just teasing him while he watched.

Violet looked back over at Don as I fucked her. She was breathing hard. “Kiss me, Don. Kiss me while another man is fucking me.” He did. Don leaned over and they kissed. They were really making out as I fucked Violet and Anita jacked off Don.

Finally, I could feel Violet fucking me back, trying to reach her orgasm. She pulled back from her husband. “Oh, god, I want to cum. Keep fucking me John. Don, suck my tits. Suck and nibble on them while I cum.”

Don leaned over and started sucking and nibbling on her right tit. He was mauling her other with his hands. Her tits and nipples were obviously highly sensitive. Violet threw her head back and closed her eyes. She was very close.

“Fuuuuccccckkkk!” Violet exclaimed that once and then just kept exhaling hard with each thrust that I made and suck that Don applied to her tits. She was trembling and shaking and quaking under our ministrations.

Finally, Violet pushed Don away and I could tell that she had had enough. Her body relaxed into the couch. “Oh my god, that was wonderful. I’ve never cum like that.”

Don sat back and Anita held his cock. I pulled out and my hard, angry cock stared at Violet, begging her to make it cum.

“Don, I want you to lay on the floor.” Don scrambled to comply as his wife ordered him into the next situation. He lay down and his cock was hard and pointed up at about a 45 degree angle from this stomach. “Anita, sit on his face. Ride his face like it’s going to be the last cum you ever have. Use it — use his face. He’s just there to eat your pussy and make you cum.”

Anita did so quickly. She was, as she said, extremely horny now that she was pregnant. She started to sit on Don’s face, but Violet stopped her. “Do it facing his feet. I want him to be able to see what’s going on.” Violet stood up and I watched as her big tits wobbled Aydınlı Escort and shook. She had an extremely small waist for someone with such nice hips and tits.

Anita turned and sat on Don’s face. She leaned over and put her hands on his hips. His hard cock was bouncing in front of her.

“Don’t touch his cock.” Violet was definitely getting into this. Then she turned to me. “I’m going to get on all fours on the floor and I want Don, since he enjoys it so much, to watch as you fuck me doggy style and Anita used his face.” Violet knelt at a bit of an angle from Don and Anita, with her ass facing Don from a couple of feet away. “Fuck me again, John. Fill me with all the cum from those nice full balls.”

Not only was Violet becoming more demanding and dominant in this situation, but she was really good at talking dirty and turning everyone on. When she knelt and put her hands on the floor, her big tits hung down, drawing the eye almost as much as that delicious ass and pussy she put on display as she arched her back. She looked back at me, reminding me that I was supposed to be fucking her, not just admiring such a sexy display.

I knelt behind her and put my left knee on the floor and my right foot up beside her knee. That left Don a good view, I figured. I nestled my now begging for attention cock in Violet’s pussy. I pushed and it went in easily. She was so ready and I was ready to fill her up. She did tell me to, after all. I wouldn’t want to disappoint this sexy bitch.

I started fucking her. Then I felt Ann behind me and I turned and looked over my shoulder. She was laying on the floor right next to Don holding the camera up and pointing it up at where I was coupled with Violet.

Ann looked at Don who was alternating between looking up at Anita’s ass as he licked and sucked her pussy the best that he could and looking up over his head to his left to see his wife get fucked. It wasn’t easy since Anita was bucking on his face, using it just like Violet told her to.

Ann looked at Don. “Look at how good your wife fucks. She really likes to be fucked, doesn’t she?” Don couldn’t answer with a pregnant Anita on his face. “Let’s get Anita off so you can concentrate on watching your wife fuck.”

Ann lay on her side and took one of Don’s hands and guided it to Anita’s ass. She didn’t mean get Anita up off his face, she meant get her to cum. She pushed one of his fingers toward Anita’s asshole. He knew what she meant so he took his index finger and started working it into Anita’s ass. Anita groaned and started bucking harder.

“Fuck yeah. Shove that finger up my ass. Eat my pussy. Fuck!!” And at that Anita started trembling and jerking on top of Don’s face. “Ooohhhh.” She just moaned as she came and came. She pretty well coated Don’s face with her juices.

When Anita was finished she slowly rolled off Don. Don reached for his cock since he probably really needed to cum, too. “Don’t touch your cock!” Anita reminded him of Violet’s order.

Don looked up and watched where I was fucking Violet. She decided to change things up again. She pulled away from me, leaving my soaking cock waving in the breeze, angrier than ever. She turned and crawled over Don from his head, leaving her pussy about a foot from being directly over his face. I think she wanted him to watch, but was worried about things dripping on his face.

When Violet looked back at me, I knew it was time to cum. I buried my cock in her pussy and just started fucking the shit out of her so that I could get off. My hips slammed up against her ass, making loud slapping noise. Violet just moaned.

“Oh, yeah. That’s how I need to be fucked.” Violet started slamming back against me as hard as I was thrusting forward and I knew it was time. Her ass was slamming against my hips and making ripples in her ass and thighs. I was tightly gripping her hips so that I could get my cum.

“Cumming!” I thrust and spurted and thrust and spurted until I was spent. It seemed to go on forever. I looked around and could see that Ann was almost under my ass taking pictures of me fucking Violet. When I pulled back and out, she continued to film, showing Violet’s gaping pussy as it slowly closed up, but not before some of my cum ran out and down her pussy to drip on the floor.

Violet moved back and looked directly down at Don. “Did you like that, baby? Did you see his balls and cock contract as he fired his cum deep into my tight cunt?”

“Oh, yeah.” Then Don looked down at his hard cock and Violet grinned.

“Well, since you want me to fuck other men, here’s something to get used to.” Violet crawled over Don and kept going until she was over his cock. “This is what they call sloppy seconds.”

Violet held Don’s cock up and dropped her soaked pussy onto it. Some of my cum seeped out around the edges. Violet jerked her hips up and down, fucking Don, but after only a few strokes she stopped and got up. “I don’t think you’ve earned the right to cum in my pussy.

Violet slowly stood up and left Don laying there panting and very close to cumming. She hovered over his crotch and worked her pussy muscles so that cum spilled onto his cock. She waited until she thought she was done dripping and then turned and sat on the floor, moving back against the couch next to Anita.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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