The Masters Girls 03 : Pinky Swear

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Tony Desmond pressed his palms on the tiles of the shower wall and let the hot water attack his senses. Deep in thought over letting the twins jerk him off made him feel invincible. Yet, the stress was already mounting as to whether he could trust the girls long term. If their Mother ever discovered the deception in the house she would have a nervous breakdown. Knowing Kendra as he does Tony knew her emotions were easily rattled. Kendra trusted Tony with every fiber of her being and he knew that. His conscience troubled him some but hardly enough. Those two little cunts were smoking hot in every way.

Their Father, Charles Masters had supposedly trained them since earlier childhood. Disgusting as Tony found the idea of their Father raping them very young made him feel sick to his stomach. The age they were presently was a different story. Barely eighteen was in a sense still taboo to him. Now? If his hunch was correct he could own these girls for himself and still keep their Mother. Worst come to worst he could keep the charade up until the girls were 21 then move them in with him and leave Kendra. Utilizing their inheritance for his own benefit.

Tony was an evil man who could fool the Devil himself.

As his water began to chill he shut the shower off and opened the curtain. To his shock there knelt both girls holding towels and awaiting him to step out. He glared down at them as they looked up at him with doe like eyes. Nodding at them he steps out on to a rug and motions them to dry him. They giggled lightly and took great pride in capturing every droplet until he was perfectly dry from the stomach down. They then stood up to reach his back and chest. Eyes marveling at his rippling muscles. With a threatening manner he sneered at them.

“Get those fuckin’ nightshirts off and get in your Momma’s bed. MOVE!”

Both girls dropped their towels and bolted out while discarding their shirts. He had to whistle at their perfect asses. Shaking his head in amazement he looked down at his cock noting the swelling girth of it. So rock hard it was purple. Sighing at it he growls, “Home schoolin’ is now in session!”

Treading loudly on purpose he attempted to give off the vibe that was meant to intimidate them. Entering their Mother’s bedroom he stopped in the doorway to observe both girls laying side by side on their backs with their legs spread wide. Both girls had fingers rubbing their over anxious vagina’s.

He glares at them, “Did I say you could play with yourselves?”

Becca and Rose stopped immediately and cringed within each other’s embrace. “We’re sorry, Tony.” They whimpered as one. Their acting ability impeccable.

He strode to the edge of the bed and stood there with a dark lengthy glare. Finally, he climbs into bed and crawls on his knees to face the propped up girls. He strokes his steel hard cock in front of them with an arrogant gleam in his eye. Observing their wandering eyes and their fearful expression he growls, “Earn this.”

Rose whimpers, “Tell us how. We will.”

In reply he leans over and grabs her ankles yanking her violently closer to him. Prying her legs wide he then drapes his monster cock on top of her pussy. Smooth soft thrusts along her pubic region leads to his crown rubbing her clitoris. Rose immediately begins moaning.

He snaps a glare at Becca, “Jealous?”

Becca nods affirmatively and lifts her own right leg over and upward to touch Tony’s knuckles with her ankle.

He releases Rose’s right ankle briefly, just long enough to capture Becca’s ankle and reclaim Rose’s in one grasp. His hand’s were massive and these girls were tiny by comparison.

He then released his left hand’s grip on Rose and barks out to Becca, “Roll over and face your sister.”

Becca immediately swung her left leg up and over Tony’s torso. He had given her gripped ankle just enough freedom to reposition herself. Tony then managed to grasp both girl’s ankles in each hand. This left Becca draped over Rose with their chests crushed together and escort hikayeleri Becca’s face smothered in the pillow beneath Rose.

Tony grinned at his conquest as he moved his cock from its massaging of Rose up to rolling it along Becca’s own pussy and ass crack. He would torment both girls for the next ten minutes. Moans topping one another each time he offered the other attention.

“Did your Daddy ever tease you like this?”

Rose offers, “No! He would just take us.”

He nods, “I’m not in that big of a hurry. You two need to know who your new Master is. Know how to make HIM happy. Any arguments?”

Becca could be heard with a muffled, “No, Tony.” followed by Rose voicing her own opinion.

Finally, Tony releases both girls and guides Becca on to her back once again. Once in position Tony moves over to Becca and rubs his cock on her clit just as he had Rose. Looking to Rose he winces, “Jealous?”

Rose smiles nodding while lifting her ankle toward Tony, “Find this amusing?” He swats her ankle away while Rose trembles and sulks.

“Becca deserves my attention more than you. Doesn’t she Rose?”

Rose creases her brow, “Yes?”

“Does Rose deserve me more than you do Becca?”

Becca in turn shares a haunted look with her sister, “No?”

Tony growls then casts Becca aside to reclaim Rose in a greedy reposition that finds the crown of his cock primed right against Rose’s canal. “One good thrust and I own Rose. Does Becca deserve me more, Rose?”

Rose shakes her head, “No.”

Tony snaps a glare toward Becca, “Are you gonna let Rose get away with her greed? She just said you’re second fiddle. That Rose deserves me more than you do.”

Becca sits up and huffs, “I deserve Tony just as equally as you do. Don’t be such a needy greedy.”

Rose drops her jaw and looks back at Tony for guidance. Tony sneers at her and suggests, “I think Becca deserves me more than you do Rose. She’s fighting for what she wants. While you just lay there beneath me thinking you have it made.”

He then casts her aside and moves toward Becca and pulls her in for a hug. Followed by a tugging of her hair to pull her head back so that Tony could lightly kiss her on the lips. Becca closed her eyes and sighed heavily.

Rose in response wrestled with her position to leap up on her knees to attempt a hostile takeover. Her hands try to pry Becca away from Tony but Tony’s grip was too strong. Rose then moved in as if to try and steal Tony’s lips from Becca. The three of them were all chin to chin, cheek to cheek. Finally, Tony shoves Becca away and forces a masterful passionate kiss on Rose who suddenly panics at his brusqueness.

Tony swiftly broke away and shoved Rose back onto the mattress. Becca merely shied away and crept into a snuggle beside her sister. Both girls shared a pouting unspoken apology to the other. Tony simply closed his eyes and stroked the majesty of his girth.

“Do you understand what I just taught you both?”

Both girls shrugged uncertain of their lesson. In their silence Tony reopened his eyes and gazed at them over his brow for intimidation, ” Equality is only offered by Me! Assuming that you both earn my attention at the same time is premature. What I want from both of you this day is to understand that “I” am the one who expects your equality. If I tend to Becca alone, then Rose grants Becca her time with me and offers to share her sisterly love. Meaning, when I make love to Becca, Rose makes love to Becca. Vice versa, if I make love to Rose then Becca makes love to Rose. Do you now understand?”

The girls brighten up, “We adore each other, Tony. That would never be a problem.”

Becca adds on her own, “So, when you love one of us it becomes expected that the other joins in that love to show her/me more passion?”

“Precisely! You both deserve the best that I can offer. Just as I deserve the best that you can offer. This is why I demand that you re-teach yourselves how gaziantep escort hikayeleri to devote nothing but your best to your new Master. What your Father might have taught you is obsolete. What I teach you is your new life. Understood?”

They share an agreeing nod as Tony smiles down at them, “Now make room for Master to lay between you.” Instantly they scoot away from one another.

Settled in Tony places each of his arms around the girls and pulls them into an embrace. He kisses one forehead after another then absorbs the sensation of their breasts crushed against his ribs.

“Okay! Who wants to show me how good they are at sucking Master’s cock?”

Both girls squeal at the offer and pull away from his arms to sit up beside him. Swiftly they dive down toward his waist and stop to look up at him. Smugly, Tony pressed his lips into a thinned line.

“Rose! Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Giggling Rose pulls her hair back and lowers her face toward his attentive erection. She halts at his clearing throat.

“Lesson number two! Tell me what you just did that was more important than wrapping those lips around my dick?”

In response Rose stares at him with wide eyes unblinking, before letting her hair go and fall free flowing over her profile.

“Very good! Do you see that you worried more about yourself than you did me? Sucking my cock should be your first instinct. Not primping yourself for comfort. If I want to watch you better I’ll move your hair. That, or order Becca to hold it back. From this day forth when I say suck my dick nothing prevents you from that goal. Especially your own desires. Understood?”

Rose nods beneath her mane, then dives down to engulf his cock. Sucking on the crown she kneads her teeth along it to create a tickling sensation. Then swallows three inches until she chokes and pulls back up to breath. Only for an instant before swallowing the three inches again. Her emotions brewing she expels muffled moans of enjoyment.

Eying Becca, Tony puckers, “She’s good. I’m betting she’s better than you are, isn’t she Becca?”

Becca shakes her head negatively, “I’m the best. Let me show you.”

Tony reaches down and grips Rose by the neck pulling her away in a trail of spidery saliva. “Share me with Becca. Let her prove her bragging is true.”

Becca ignores preparation and dives down to force four inches into her throat then reaches her left hand down to lightly squeeze his balls at the same time. She too expressed her emotions through amplified moans with each thrust into her throat. She was almost becoming savage about it. Tony grit his teeth at her technique nodding his approval, “Ohhh, yeah! Becca’s better. Are you going to let your sister get away with my preferring her over you?”

Rose tosses her hair from side to side with a red face. She was becoming angry. Finally, Tony releases his grip on her and uses his opposite hand to remove Becca who nearly screamed from her departure.

Rose took zero time to take Becca’s place swallowing even deeper until five inches vanished into her throat. Difficult as it was she was determined to prove better than Becca. Her own hand squeezed Tony’s scrotum tighter until his balls felt like bursting. Her tongue was maddening as each time she emptied her throat she tantalized his foreskin and crown with heated swathes of her full taste buds.

“Hell yes! Much better than Becca. Well done, Rose. I think you’re now my new favorite. Becca? You look defeated. I believe Rose is going to claim my cum and not you.”

Becca hissed and took control by grabbing his left leg and lifting it so that she could smother herself under it and dig her face beneath his balls to lick at his anal cavity. Rose instinctively released his balls allowing Becca to move back and forth between asshole and suckling on his balls.

“Hot damn! I think you can do better. Work your magic you little sluts!”

Becca continued her assault nudging escort gaziantep hikayeleri her way in to share in licking the lower half of Tony’s cock that Rose had left untouched. Together they suckled every inch he had. After long minutes they traded places letting Becca devour his crown and five inches, while Rose squirmed her way between his thighs to lift both of his legs to ram her tongue right up inside his ass.

The feelings caught Tony off guard as he felt the need to bust a nut. Yet, he fought the flood. “DO BETTER!!” He roared.

Rose took no time before placing her pinky inside his ass beside her tongue forcing him to growl. Becca in turn forced herself deeper until she gagged uncontrollably, yet refused to yield. Seeing their extra effort he snapped his fingers at both of them to stop, “Together! Over my cock.” Straining to hold it in until Rose could climb over his scrotum to join Becca. Both girls pulled away to watch as Tony reached down to stroke his cock.

Rose whined, “Nooooo! We do that.”

Both she and Becca gripped his mighty cock and jerked at it rapidly with their mouths wide over it in expectation. Balls crushed by both girls hands in unison it led to a fountain of jizz spewing nearly a foot into the air. Their mouths and features darted about to capture his mess. As they intently continued to ejaculate him for every drop they shared the final rapture of the crown with tongues touching the hole at the same time.

Above them the exhausted Tony could only form the strength to raise his arms and clap his hands loudly in applause. “WhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooWeeeeeeeeee!”

The girls giggled and teased each others faces with rapid licks to gather more of his cum. After a moment Tony motioned them to climb back into his cuddle zone. Their hands roamed his belly and chest to comfort him. Instinct took over and Tony leaned over to kiss Becca tasting his own cum on her lips. Warm Frenching made her squirm in his grasp. Rose pouted for a moment trailing her nails along his upper chest. Begging for her turn.

Finally, she caught on and crawled into position over him to kiss her sister’s cheek then moving over to kiss Tony’s. Eventually, Tony claimed Rose’s lips in a generous offering of passion. After three minutes he pulled away, “Better get yourselves showered up and dressed. Your Momma will be home in a few hours.”

Both girls whine in sequence, “Do we have too? We like laying here with you.”

Becca kisses his shoulder and runs her fingers across his facial hair. “What will you teach us tomorrow?”

Tony huff’s, “I’m thinking the true art of Eating.”

They immediately knew what he had meant. They loved being eaten out. Let him believe their Father did that to them. If it turned him on then their lies brought on pleasure. The gift would be overwhelming. Snickering they bolted from bed and hit the showers. Together!

As he laid there his cell vibrated beside the bed. It was their Mother.

“Hey Hotstuff! Yeah, we’re still getting along fine. I’m stretching out in bed enjoying my day off. The girl’s? I hear water running so I assume they might be in the shower. Least one of them. I’ll check on them in a minute. But, I’m trying to give them a little space too. Can’t go smothering the critters too much, right? After all, I’m probably the only other man they knew besides their Daddy. Can’t get too close or they might retaliate and take it out on you.”

Kendra sighed over the phone, “You would make such a good Step-Father. I love you, Tony. I’ll be home soon. Oh, hey!” She lowers her voice, “After the girls are in bed what say I suck the life out of that Hillbilly Stick? I know you must be needing a good dip in the fishing hole.”

He frowns, “Won’t turn that invite down. I’ll bait the hook and reel you in.”

Shared laughter she kisses the phoneline and hangs up.

Tony stares down at his dangling cock, “Look’s like you’re gonna be a busy boy, Skipper.”

Chuckling he returns to the Master bath and cleans himself up. Can’t let Kendra taste the girls in any fashion.

That would be ate up!

Sharing their shower the girls whisper as they soap the other up.

“I love this game. He has no clue.” Rose snickers.

Becca concurs, “I hope he never catches on.”

Raising a pinky toward her sister, Rose expects a curled pinky in return.

“And, the Oscar goes too…US!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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