The Neighbor

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The heat is unbearable.

My air conditioning is broken and all the fans in the world couldn’t get this house below eighty-five degrees. It’s that kind of swampy humidity that smothers you. The kind of heat that makes people lose their minds.

I stare vacantly across the backyard while I’m washing dishes. There’ a clear view into the neighbor’s kitchen, which never interested me until the new couple moved in.

They’re married, a husband and a wife. The husband works at an auto shop and always looks kind of greasy. He’s not home much. The wife, on the other hand, is a goddess. She has a mane of thick, curly hair that floats around her like an aura. She’s alone a lot and never seems very happy. I dream about showing her how good a woman could make her feel.

As if on cue, the wife strides into the kitchen like a gazelle. She’s stunning, like always. She’s wearing boy shorts that strain to cover her ass and a ribbed white tank top. Her skin glistens with sweat.

She hops up on the counter in front of a floor fan. She’s right in front of the window. I wonder if she knows I’m here. I take a swig from my beer and lean against the counter.

The wife rests her weight on her palms and tilts her neck up. The oscillating fan washes over her lithe body in waves and her hair flutters in the breeze. She sways her head, and I can see her chest rise with each breath. I touch myself through my pants. She spreads her legs.

Putting one foot up on the counter, she angles the breeze between her thighs. pendik escort Her shirt billows in the wind and I briefly glimpse her perky breasts. She gently strokes her vulva through her underwear. She points her toes and arches her feet. Her mouth opens slightly and I want to run my tongue across her lips.

She reaches for a nearby pitcher and slowly pours water all over herself. The white tank top is plastered to her skin and it’s like she’s wearing nothing at all. Her nipples are dark as chocolate and pierced. Even from my distance I can see the plump shape of her pussy lips through her underwear, and I want to suck the water out of the fabric.

Her eyes are closed and there’s a delirious smile on her face. I don’t move from my spot for fear of breaking the spell.

She steps down from the counter and peels off her wet clothes. She opens the freezer and looks for a while. The icy air swirls around her naked body. She shivers.

Finally she takes out a popsicle and climbs back on the counter. It’s so hot that the juice is dripping down her hands. She licks it seductively, working it like a shaft. I rub myself harder.

She slides the popsicle all over her body. Down her neck, between her breasts, rouging her nipples. Across her stomach. Between her thighs.

She looks right at me. At first I’m terrified but it dawns on me that she knew I was there the whole time. I lick my lips and nod.

She opens wide and carefully slides the popsicle into her vagina, almost up to the stick. maltepe escort She slowly moves it up and down, taking it all the way out and putting it back in.

“Jesus Christ,” I mutter.

I touch my breast and pretend it’s hers.

The popsicle glides in and out of her beautiful pussy. It’s melting from her heat. She pulls out what’s left and licks it.

I can’t take it anymore. I blow out of my house and through her front door. Then there she is, close enough to touch. She’s radiant.

Our eyes meet. She smiles sweetly and swings her legs.

“Hi,” she says.

“Hi,” I say.

I hook her legs over my shoulders and dive in. Her pussy tastes like cherry. She makes a sound like a kitten and I lick harder. She touches her fingers to my spiky hair and sighs contentedly. I inhale her like oxygen because I don’t know how long this moment will last. I run my hands down her smooth legs. Squeeze her firm ass. Caress her stomach. I press the spot between her stomach and vulva as I fuck her with my tongue. I reach up and play with her tits, each a perfect handful.

She pulls my face up to hers and looks me in the eyes.

“Kiss me,” she says.

We kiss. Everywhere she tastes like cherry. It’s somehow the exact opposite of everything raunchy that’s come before. Open, vulnerable, sensitive. I kiss her face and touch her hair. Our bodies stick to each other. She pulls away and takes off my shirt.

At first she just stares at me. She’s shy. I take her hands in kartal escort mine and we massage my tits together. She giggles and blushes. I’m so turned on.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m doing.”

I slide two fingers deep inside her. She gasps.

“It’s okay. I do.”

I fingerbang her, hard, and lick her sweet, sticky body. I suck her nipples, kiss her breasts and gently tug her piercings with my teeth. She hugs my head to her chest and wraps her legs around me. I hold onto her waist and fuck her as she whimpers into my neck.

The front door opens.

“Shit!” She jumps up. “You gotta get outta here.”

She hastily drapes herself on the kitchen table and poses seductively while I scramble out the window. I duck down into the bushes and pull my shirt on. I crane my neck to see inside.

He walks into the kitchen and stops.

“What the hell is going on in here?”

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Oh yeah?” He takes off his shirt and grabs her by the throat with one hand. “Here I am.”

They kiss and I feel nauseous. I quietly sneak away.

I walk back into my kitchen. Across the yard, the wife is tits up on the table. Her arms sprawl out above her, and she seems absent. He doesn’t notice. I crack open a cold beer and lean back to watch. Her breasts quiver as the table shakes.

She notices me watching and smiles. She licks her fingers and touches herself. Her mouth opens, expressing sound I can’t hear. I pretend she’s saying my name.

“Yeah, baby.” I can hear him from my house. “Fucking cum.”

I reach down the front of my pants. She rubs herself furiously. She watches me. I watch her. I taste her on my lips. I hold onto the edge of the counter and press it against my crotch. We cum together.

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