The Neighborhood Ch. 05

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Annabelle was my neighbor on the other side. Her husband worked nights and slept all day. I could never remember his name. They didn’t say much or talk to us much. Most of the time we saw them in the evenings before he went to work and very early in the morning after he came home and before he went to bed. She was about twenty three or so and had one child nearly two years old and one on the way. My wife Sheri spent more time with Annabelle and her baby than I did.

I didn’t help them do much because he was pretty handy but occasionally she needed something during the day and didn’t want to wake him. I helped out then. This time it was because she was pregnant and didn’t want to climb on a ladder to change the light bulbs in the kitchen. She called knowing I would be home on a Saturday and I went over.

“I’m sorry to bother you but I just can’t do this simple thing. I can’t wait until I have this kid and get my shape back so I don’t have to bother you with shit like this.” Annabelle said. She was only a few months along and her tummy was just showing. She had a very long way to go before she was going to be able to start getting her shape back. She still looked very good and her breasts full of milk from the first baby looked excellent.

“It’s really no problem.” I said and quickly changed the light bulbs. She had waited until the last of the three bulbs in the fixture had burned out to call me for help. I handed her the old ones and she handed me the new ones and tossed the old ones into the trash can.

“Oh, that is so much better!” She said when she turned on the light again. “Thanks ever so much. Can I get you something?”

“Sure, a soft drink would be nice.” I said. “How did you put up with only one bulb in there for so long?”

“Oh I asked Jeff to change it several times and he just never did.” She said.

I reminded myself to remember that her husband’s name is Jeff. She got out two glasses and put ice in them. I admired her painted toenails on her small bare feet and her petite frame. She was more than cute. She was delicate. She poured our soft drink into them and put the large bottle back into the refrigerator. Annabelle handed me a glass and motioned that we could go into the living room to sit down. I could see she was having some lower back pain as she sat down.

“I can help with that too you know.” I said.

“With what?” She asked.

I pointed to my own lower back and she knew I could help because I had massaged the tiny muscles of her small body when she was having her first child a couple of years earlier.

“Oh yes, I remember now. That was nice of you but it’s alright.” She said politely turning down my offer of another massage.

We chatted and shared our beverages. She went on and on about the things that were on her mind and suddenly began to cry. She didn’t sob or make much noise but tears streamed down her face and her lip trembled.

I stood and walked over to the couch where she was sitting and sat next to her so I could put my arm around her to provide some comfort. I towered over her and she felt so small and fragile in my arms. I am familiar with how women get when they are pregnant. Sheri my wife had so many things concerning her when she was pregnant both times that she was always on the verge of tears worrying about every little thing. Mostly she was concerned that I didn’t love her anymore because she was getting fat.

No amount of assurance ever helps enough but one must do what one can. They are nice ladies in a tough situation and deserve all the compassion they can find. I meant to provide her with some support and when I sat down I had no other motive in mind. That soon changed.

Annabelle didn’t have anything in mind I’m sure but when I put my arm around her to comfort her she melted in my arms. She put her face into my chest and sobbed. Her voice was muffled by my shirt and I think that was what she had in mind. She certainly didn’t want to wake Jeff.

“There there now. Everything will be alright.” I told her and rubbed and patted her on the small but well muscled back.

Annabelle heard me I’m sure but my words seemed to have no effect on her emotions. She needed to let them out and she did. She held my waist barely able to get her arms around me and left her face in my chest for a long time sobbing and every now and then looked up at me then put her face back into my shirt to cry some more.

“What’s wrong dear girl?” I asked.

“I am ugly!” She said. “I hurt. I don’t know how we are going to afford another kid. I can’t go back to work right away and the bills are going to be crushing.”

“I’m sure things will work out.” I said hoping to comfort her. “Let’s take these things one by one.”

Annabelle stopped crying so hard and looked at me. She kept her arms around my waist but Beylikdüzü Escort looked up and I bent my head down to comfort her with a kiss. I intended to kiss her cheek thinking the gesture of kissing away her tears would have a soothing effect on her emotions. She moved her face a little and I ended up with my lips on hers. She took the kiss as more than I intended and her lips moved against mine showing more passion between us than what was proper.

I held her in my arms and felt her milk enlarged breasts against my chest. Her lips were so nice and I always loved how full they were. It was the mistake of passion in that moment that caused everything that happened next. I made the mistake of relaxing my jaw. Her tongue entered between my lips and I instinctively moved my tongue into her mouth in return.

We kissed like lovers and she moved one hand behind my head to pull me into her even more. I let her do that and moved one of my hands around to her breast. She moved to let some space come between us as my hand found her beautiful breast and I fondled her through her clothes.

She moved her hand from behind my head down to my hand. She took hold of it and moved it under her shirt to her breast. I closed my fingers on her breast and she swooned. I could feel her passion increase in our kiss. She needed more attention than I was prepared to give her but she felt much too good to let go.

I broke our kiss and instead of that being that she clamped her arm trapping my hand on her breast and pulled her face next to my ear.

“I want to be desired.” She said. “I want someone to show me I am beautiful and desirable.”

I pulled my head back so I could look her in the eye. She let me do that for a moment then closed her eyes and took hold of my other hand. She slid it under her shirt placing it on her other breast. She put both her hands around my neck and put her head back.

I felt she wanted me to caress her breasts so that is what I did. I gently moved her breasts and put my thumb and forefinger on each nipple. She let me pinch lightly. I knew she would be very sensitive there and put very little pressure on her. As I pinched she moaned softly and rubbed the hair on the back of my head with her fingers. I felt my fingertips getting wet. The milk from her breasts was coming out on my hands as she got aroused.

Her lovely neck was available to me with her head back as it was. The line of her jaw and the muscles in her neck combined with the soft young skin was too much for me. I let my face fall into her trap. She got my kiss on the bottom and side of her neck. She swooned a little and moaned lightly as I caressed her skin with my lips. When my lips and tongue touched her earlobe she nearly climaxed.

I moved her shirt over her head and made her upper body naked to the world. She let me watch her beautiful breasts for a few moments as my hands pressed lightly on them. Her hair was still caught in her shirt and she ignored it entirely as she pulled my head to her left breast. I took the nipple in my mouth and she moaned again feeling me suckle her.

“Oh yeah! Do that.” She said softly.

I sucked and kissed her breast. The milk dribbled out of the nipple and ran down her breast and tummy to soak into the waistband of her sweatpants. I tried to lick it up but there was too much for me to gather with my tongue. She had to know about her body fluids and chose to ignore them for the moment. I moved to her other breast and suckled it. She moaned lightly and held my head still for a moment. She then pushed me back and stood up.

It was then that I noticed the blinds of the front window were wide open. She walked over and pulled them closed. She came back and pulled her shirt from the tangle in her hair. She blotted her breast with the shirt and put her thumbs in the waistband of her sweatpants. They came off in one motion and she simply stepped out of them. The clothing was left on the ground. She stood entirely naked before me.

Her naked pussy was full and alert standing in front of me fully shaved. I could easily see her long inner lips hanging out from between her legs. She must have been fully aroused long before I arrived in order for them to be so full and protruding from her pussy.

“As I recall Bill, you like to eat pussy.” Annabelle said.

She sat on the couch and leaned back on the arm lifting her legs over and toward me. She opened her knees inviting me to her pussy. She let her fingers play in her most tender flesh waiting for me to take over with my tongue. She didn’t need to ask again. I took the hint and lay down on my stomach on the couch between her legs to enjoy some oral sex with my young neighbor.

“Ooooo… yeah Bill… let me come slowly… oh!… right there.” She said softly talking me through Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan the pleasant task of orally bringing her to orgasm.

She let me continue using my tongue for a long time and I think she had at least one orgasm but she muffled it so well that I was unsure if I had done my usual good job. Annabelle was obviously concerned that she didn’t wake her husband or child both of who were sleeping in the next room.

I decided to look for other evidence and when she came again I saw clearly that I was working my oral magic on her. The skin around her neck and upper chest changed color to a very bright pink as her face contorted and her body trembled. I continued with confidence and let her respond as she wished.

I decided to raise the level of passion between us. I used my arms to wrap around her small thighs and pulled her down the couch toward me. I got up on my knees and slid her along the couch and put her pussy into my mouth as I sat up. Her legs were draped around my head and her back lay along my stomach and thighs with her shoulders just barely on the couch. Her head was nestled tenderly between my knees and my mouth was as deep in her crotch as I could get it. I held her at her hips and thighs on my shoulders with both hands.

She couldn’t get enough of this new position. She went wild and had a great deal of trouble keeping as quiet as she wanted to be. She moaned much louder and her voice took on a deeper characteristic. She didn’t sound like she was a small fragile young woman but more lusty and robust now that she was almost upside down.

It was then that I realized that I was at a disadvantage. I was still dressed and she couldn’t get to my cock as it hardened enough to be painful in my pants. Annabelle could feel my cock on her back and wanted to do something about it but for a few minutes she couldn’t do anything but enjoy her own pleasure between her legs and climaxed again. She made a little more noise this time and wanted me to fuck her.

“I need you inside me.” She said. “Turn me over.”

I didn’t know what her plan was but I switched my arms and turned her over. She held herself with her arms so her face wasn’t smashed into the couch. I held her groin in my mouth with each of her thighs over each of my shoulders. I saw she needed to be pulled up toward my cock and leaned back a little as I put my mouth back on her sweet sweet pussy and licked while she did what she wanted.

She moved her hands quickly and my pants came undone and unzipped and my cock managed to come out of the clothing. I raised my ass up just enough to let her get my pants down a little more and finally my cock was free and into her mouth. I felt the pleasure of release and it was doubled with the heat of her wet tongue.

I captured her clit between my teeth and lips and sucked on it. Her mouth over my cock made a big difference with her voice. She yelled into my shaft and I felt the vibrations of her loud cry as she came again and a shudder ran through her body. It was certain that with all her effort and vocal release that nobody would hear it except us.

I gradually let her slide down my body and out of my mouth. She pressed her hands on the couch crawling forward slowly. Once her knees reached the couch she took over control of her own body again and robustly bounced back on her hands and knees into my stomach. I raised up just enough to let my cock slip into her well licked cunt. She took my shaft deeply into her and held her teeth tightly as I fucked her fast. She let me pound her for a few minutes and came again before she reached back and slowed my rhythm using her hand on my thigh.

“Slower now.” She said softly.

I slowed down and let my cock fill her the same way but the feeling inside of her must have changed. She was much more aroused now that I slowed down. I supposed she was tender and could feel the head of my cock much better as it slid along her tunnel.

She moaned and her head fell into the soft couch. She yelled again with orgasm and masked her voice successfully again.

“Gawd! Bill I love that.” She said keeping her voice down low.

“I want you.” I said hoping she would be feeling more desirable now. “I want to come inside you.”

“I want to feel that.” Annabelle said. “Keep it slow though.”

I kept moving very slowly in and out of her. I could feel her revel in the tenderness of this method of fucking. She was enjoying it more than the pounding I gave her earlier. I moved my hands around in front of her and began using my fingers on her clit as I slowly fucked her doggie style. I moved one hand over her tender breasts and she moaned and climaxed again. She put her face in the couch cushion again and I let her breast go when she leaned forward but kept my fingers moving on Esenyurt Escort her clit until she had recovered from her orgasm.

She let me know she was getting tired with her hand.

“Come in me now. I’m finished.” She said quietly.

I slammed into her a few times and she took the thrusts well allowing me to shoot my ropes of white cream into her pregnant body. She received the sperm in her fruited womb and I relaxed and fell back out of her when my spurts subsided.

I sat for a few moments resting. She reached down to the floor and picked up her shirt. She rolled on to her side and wiped her pussy with the soiled material. She wiped her wet breasts and rubbed the shirt on the wet spots we left on the couch from the milk she lost.

I reached forward and took hold of her thighs again. I pulled on them and turned her onto her back again. I lay down on top of her supporting myself with my hands on the couch on each side of her and lowered my head to her breasts again. I suckled them one at a time and she held my head with her hands gently and closed her eyes.

I could taste the milk in my mouth and she felt a little aroused and relieved.

“We need to stop now. Hand me my pants.” She said softly.

I pushed off of her and stood up. I bent to pick her sweatpants off of the floor then handed them to her. I zipped and buckled my pants up. She turned on the couch swinging her legs and back up to a sitting position. She slid her legs into the sweatpants as easily as they came out. I held my hand to her. She took it and stood up. I let her fall against my body and put my arms around her. She hugged me and put her face in my chest again.

“Do you feel desirable now?” I asked.

“Yes. Thank you.” Annabelle said. “I’m sorry to be such a horrible neighbor. I won’t ever be able to look Sheri in the eye again.”

She of course was referring to my wife Sheri. They didn’t have much of a relationship but they did spend some time together now and then. Sheri had offered to baby sit a time or two when Annabelle needed to go run some errands and it was a pleasant break for both of them. They enjoyed changing places from time to time like that.

“I don’t think she will mind sharing. This is a special circumstance don’t you think?” I asked and ran my hand down her naked back.

“I suppose so. All the same, I feel so guilty now.” Annabelle said.

“It’s not right to feel guilty about two people showing a little tenderness to each other.” I said hoping to give her some way to accept that she was just doing what came naturally.

“Well, thanks for changing my light bulbs.” Annabelle said then we both laughed a little and hugged each other again.

She walked me to the door holding the soiled shirt over her breasts. I kissed her on the lips again and believed it would be the appropriate way for us to greet each othe in the future.

“You call on me anytime. I’ll be happy to help with anything.” I said. She nodded and kept hold of my hand until I walked out the door. She stayed in the doorway and our hands naturally came apart as I moved away from her and closer to my own house.

I waved a little friendly wave and she returned the wave and blew me a kiss. I turned and walked home. I went in through the kitchen door and straight into my study. I busied myself with some small paperwork chores and couldn’t get my mind off of my lovely young pregnant neighbor. She was so lovely and sweet. She had been intoxicating.

“How is the baby?” Sheri asked walking into my study and interrupted my thought.

“Asleep. She had me change some light bulbs in the kitchen then talked my leg off for a half an hour.” I said.

“Well she’s a sweet kid.” Sheri said. “Last time I went over there though she gave me some story about being ugly and had us licking each other’s pussies for a half an hour before she let me go. I hope she didn’t try that game on you.”

“Oh no.” I said lying “Just stuff about money and how she hated to get fat.”

“Well you be careful over there I think she is sweet but she’s also a sex maniac and so manipulative that you wouldn’t believe what she is capable of.” Sheri said. “I’m taking the kids swimming. Want to join us?”

It was then that I noticed she had her robe on and suspected that under it was her swim suit. Sheri always looked so good in her swim suit. I decided I should go swimming or take a shower. If Sheri decided to kiss me she would surely smell Annabelle’s pussy on my face.

“Yeah, go ahead and I’ll be right out. I’ll just finish this.” I said.

Sheri nodded and turned to go out to the pool house. I waited a few minutes hoping they would be in the water by the time I got there. I went to our bedroom and changed into my swim suit.

On the way to the pool to wash the smell of sex off of my skin I couldn’t help thinking about Annabelle again. I imagined how we might get together in the future and pictured greeting her with a kiss when I saw her again. I reviewed the events of the day and imagined the stories that were yet to come and decided it would not be a good idea to share them with my wife.

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