The Neighbour_(2)

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When I was 16, everything seemed fine. Everything was going well – school, family, relationships, life. Everything seemed to be much simpler back then, where I didn’t realise the small things to be big things. Like how all the boys would stare at my breasts or ass when I walked or talked to them. These things were just brushed off. I never thought of myself as a sex symbol because of how naive and innocent I was to the world around me. I was always quite a tall but voluptuous girl, starting puberty quite early before all the girls in my class. I even filled out my gym shorts and my bras much more than the other girls. I had a decent ass for a white girl, it would definitely jiggle when I walked or gave me the perfect curves when I ever wore something tight. My breasts were always much larger than the other girls as well, my first bra fitting was for a 36DD size, but of course my mother made me get the ugly, tight fitting bras that would squeeze my chest in to make me look like a boy. However, it was no surprise to me that my mum did that since my parents would the biggest religious nuts.

Ever since I was a kid, they told me who to avoid and who not to avoid. The list was simple, I was never allowed to be a lesbian or a bisexual, or even experiment or go out and have some fun because that was completely against God’s rules. So this means no boyfriends, no girlfriends, only friends I could see at school (which meant no sleepovers). I never explored my own sexuality or understood where I stood with my own body because I was never allowed to explore my options. It was quite easy to ignore these things because I was a very obedient child, I would never cross mummy or daddy with their rules because adults always knew better than children. These things were the reason why I was so naive. I never understood why men would stare at me differently than women or why I always got so much attention from male teachers or my classmates. I was 16, never knew how to kiss or what sex felt like because I was always way too afraid to disobey my parents orders.

But, as my parents always told me who to avoid, their were also a very small group of people who I could trust with my life. Of course, this was mummy and daddy, Uncle Ralph, Aunty Melissa, my cousins and the neighbour, Jack (which my parents have known since even before I was born). Even though Jack wasn’t apart of this family, I was always encouraged to call him uncle Jack. I loved uncle Jack, he would always give me more attention than anyone else in the family, helping me with my homework, helping me with gardening, giving me back massages and foot massages, and also letting me sit on his lap if I couldn’t see the TV properly. He was always so kind to me, even if he always stared at me funny. But this never meant anything to me at the time because it was just Uncle Jack, nothing else to it. Just my friendly neighbour.

Life was all normal up until my 18th birthday. I never had big birthday celebrations because my parents would never let me bring home anyone from school to celebrate with me, but that didn’t matter since I didn’t have much friends anyway. My 18th birthday went as normal as every other birthday, I would just have the family over and Uncle Jack for some cake and a bit of a laugh. But that day, I could see Jack was acting a bit weird, acting a bit.. flirty. No one else noticed because they all trusted Jack, he sometimes acted like this around mummy or Aunt Mel. If they didn’t mind it, I guess I would be okay with it too. After the cake was cut and everyone settled down for the day, Uncle Jack came up to me.
“So, finally 18 huh? Its been so nice watching you grow up into such a beautiful young woman” he said as he was looking at me up and down, slightly licking his lips. I completely ignored his crude behaviour,
“Yeah! its just another year though, it doesn’t change me at all, 18… Kind of a pointless age I would say, haha”. Jack leaned in closer and put his hand on my waist.
“Oh trust me girly, it changes a lot of things, you just don’t know it yet” he said with a wink and a smirk, he was so close to me that I could smell the liquor on his breath, daddy could be like that sometimes. I didnt know what Jack was getting at but I just laughed it off and patted his shoulder, he was always so nice to me, he was the only person talking to me the whole party anyway. Even though, this time, he was showing me a lot more attention than he did in previous years.

For my birthday this year, my mum bought me a gardening kit because she knows how much I loved gardening and going outdoors, one of my favourites hobbies to pass the time. My dream was to plant and have all the back yard grow into sunflowers, something about a flower blossoming into such a vibrant and beautiful thing made me so happy. The day after my birthday, nobody was home so I went straight into the backyard to plant my seedlings, it was the start of something new (maybe Jack knew about this and didnt want to ruin the surprise?). I got on my knees and started to tend to the soil, having my ass stick up in the air and my breasts close to the ground as I needed to get right in there to take some of the left over weeds in the garden bed. I heard a faint “HEY!” to my left and abruptly turned my head to see who it was. It was uncle Jack peaking over the fence. “Can I come help you? I have nothing else to do at home and would love to see how you garden, I might come get you to do mine.” Before I had to chance to say anything, Jack was coming through the backyard gate and straight into the garden with me. Jack looked… different than what he usually does when he comes to see me. He was wearing loose shorts and a tight tank top. It wasnt a pleasant sight to see since Jack had a bit of a pot belly and was a bit larger and a bit more hairier than most men. He only looked so casual since my parents wont home otherwise they wouldnt allow such a thing in the house. Jack got on his knees next to me, putting his arm around me and saying in my face “so what are you planting here, lovely lady?” eventually closer and closer with every moment passing. I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.
“Just um.. just some sunflower seedlings to brighten the place up” I said as I slowly started to shuffle away. He persisted with creeping more towards me, closer than he was before as he started to lower his hand towards my ass. “well, can you show me how to do it so I can do my own garden one day and you can help me, beautiful”. bursa escort
I didnt think much of it so I just went back to my gardening, bending over like I was before, tending to the garden bed. I could just feel his eyes being embedded into my body as I was in this position, I was starting to freak out, I never felt like this before, had this much attention from anybody. After 5 minutes of planting the seeds, I hesitantly reached for the fertiliser and Jack reached for it as well to help me out a bit since I was doing all the heavy lifting here. He managed to spill it all into the grass and a quite a lot on me aswell. I was extremely angry with myself for not just doing it alone, “fuck.. I dont think I have any more fertiliser! I dont-” Jack quickly cut me off “I think I have some in my house! Come over and ill give you it” he said as he quickly got up and grabbed my arm to lift me up aswell. He was extremely strong and I completely underestimated his strength seeing that he could lift me up so quickly. He rushed across the grass with my arm still in his hand “No I mean, you could of just brought it to me, it would make everything easier!” I said as the breath was taken right out of me from rushing, I didnt know such a large man could go so fast. “Nonsense! You need a break anyway, you’ve been out in the garden for so long!”

I was standing in his living room, admiring his décor, I never knew Uncle Jack had such a beautiful house. I was never allowed over because my parents never allowed it but now that im my own woman, im allowed to do these things. “Would you like some lemonade, dear? You seem a bit thirsty” Jack said as he reached for the fridge to get some juice to pour for me. “Uh, yes please, I was just wondering if I could have the ferti-” he cut me off, “would some ice be okay in your drink, my lady?” he didnt wait for a response as he put some in anyway. He started to carry it over when he tripped on his own shoe lace and fell, having the lemonade splash all over my white shirt and shorts, leaving me completely drenched. “Ugh!! Im completely soaked, I.. I need to go home and change, its so cold!” I started to shiver as it soaked right through my shirt and bra and into my panties, this was not fun. “No! I mean dont worry about it, you can have a shirt of mine, I was going to throw it out anyway, it would be great for gardening, I dont want you ruining any of your nice clothes for you mum just to punish you over it, these things arent cheap you know, Jessica.” he said as he ushered me to his room. “I guess you’re right.. You know mum, she does get very angry over these things when I ruin my clothes..” I was always afraid of my parents and what they were capable of. Whenever I did something wrong, I would get punished for it, badly.

Jack showed me to his shirts and some pants I could borrow for the day, he just pointed to his cupboards and let me get dressed by myself as he shut the door behind him. I just stood there, checking my surroundings to see if I was alone so I could start undressing. I had to peel off my shirt from my body, I was completely covered in goosebumps and my nipples were getting so unbelievably hard. I took off my shorts as well, wriggling out of them as they were completely stuck to my ass. I unhooked my bra and took one of Jacks shirts from the cupboard. It was absolutely way too big for me but somehow I could still see my hard nipples through the shirt. I had to rub them a bit so they could unhardened so Jack wouldnt notice, since I have no spare bra around me anywhere, I would have to go braless for now, until my wet one dried. As I was rubbing my nipples, I heard a buzzing from the drawer of his bed side table. Mummy always told me not to poke my nose into anyone’s business but I was curious as to what it was anyway. I opened the drawer and saw that it was his phone, a person of the name of “Dom” was calling him. But it wasnt that that took my attention, It was what was under it. I saw multiple pictures of women in ropes, completely naked with gags and such on them. They looked like some sort of models posing for the pictures. I picked one of them up and examined the woman, she was quite beautiful but what was happening to her was so unholy. I couldnt help but get a bit turned on, I’ve never seen anything like this and even though it was so gruesome. I couldnt help but feel my pussy tremble and my nipples getting hard again. As I was still looking at it, Jack came in through the door, “I was just wondering if I could grab your wet clot-” He stopped in his tracks. He noticed the drawer open and the pictures in my hand. His cheeks turned into a dark red and his fists clenched.
“YOU NAUGHTY GIRL!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY DRAWER!?” He came to me quickly and grabbed the photo out of my hand, putting it in the drawer and slamming it shut. “Didnt your parents ever tell you to mind your own fucking business?!” He said as he grabbed my arm and started to pull me towards his bed. “No no! Im sorry Uncle, Im sorry! I didnt mean to! Dont tell mummy and daddy, please! They will punish me so much!!” I began to sob as he approached the bed to look at me in the eyes. He seemed so angry and agitated, I’ve never seen anything like it before. “You know im going to have to tell on you, you naughty girl! Your mother would not be happy with you after this, she will ground you for months for being such a naughty girl.” I started to cry a lot now as the reality of the situation started to take a toll on me. “Please uncle! Ill do anything, ill get in so much trouble if they found out I did such a thing, please, ill do anything!”. A smile crept up onto his face as he accepted my begging. “Fine” he said, “if you dont want them finding out, ill have to punish you myself. It was very naughty what you did today, going through my personal belongings like that!”. I was afraid of what might happen but I could trust Uncle Jack, he wouldnt punish me as badly as mummy and daddy, he was always so gentle when he played with me as a child.

He sat down on the bed and pulled me over his lap. I knew exactly what was going to happen – he was going to spank me. Daddy sometimes would do this to me when I did really naughty things, but thing time, it seemed a bit different. He pulled his arm back and slapped me once against my ass cheek – it didnt hurt as much as I would expected. Blow after blow, I wasn’t effected by his hits as much as he would of liked and I could tell from his heavy breathing and anger. From frustration, he started bursa escort bayan to hit harder and faster whilst I heard him murmuring under his breath “naughty little slut, my naughty little whore”. I started to feel uncomfortable from everything that was happening and tried getting up from his lap, feeling his erection on my stomach and my ass was starting to hurt. “Can I leave now uncle, please?” I asked politely but in a very unimpressed tone.”NO! You’re done when I say you’re done! okay!!” he gave me one last, hard slap then I felt him put his fingers under my panty line and yanking them down to my knees. I definitely started to wriggle and try to get up off of his lap when I felt my bare ass getting cold from the air, even after the many hard slaps.
“Uncle, what are you doing?! please stop! just let me go, please!” there was no response from him when he started to admire and touch my ass cheeks, putting one firm arm over my back to hold me down tight onto his erection which only seemed to grow. He began to slap my ass again, not too hard this time but I was still panicking from the shear thought of Jack staring at my bare ass, probably being able to see my lady bits as well. Jack was breathing very heavy now as he hit me again and again, watching my ass jiggle from his impact, I began to cry, knowing I couldnt get out of this situation even if I tried. My ass really started to hurt and sting now after what seemed to be an eternity of spanking from uncle Jack. It only got worse from the spanking and I really didnt understand at that point what I was getting myself into.

Jack stopped spanking me and just stared at my very red ass now, as if he was admiring a piece of art. He didnt say anything for such a long time and I started to get scared of Jack, not knowing what he would do or when he was going to let me go home. I felt Jacks hand go back on my ass cheeks as he started to rub them up and down and then slowly down to my pussy and back up again. I started to wriggle away and cry because I was so scared of a man who wanted to touch my private parts so intimately, I was going against every rule in God’s holy book. Jack started to spread my ass cheeks apart and touch my asshole aswell. “Jack please stop, please! This isnt right, im your niece! Please stop, im begging you!” I cried even more now when he didnt say anything but just kept on rubbing me up and down, paying more attention to my pussy and asshole, inserting just his finger tips into my pussy lips and ass cheeks. I tried getting away from his hand but this only made him more angry and more aggressive, “stop moving you little whore!” he shoved my down even further, aggresively pulled apart my ass cheeks apart and shoved his whole finger inside my dry asshole, all at once. “AHHHHH OH MY GOD NO STOP! PLEASE GET IT OUT, IT HURTS SO MUCH, PLEASE TAKE IT OUT, TAKE IT OUT!!!” I started to screamed as my whole body tensed up and my asshole clenched around his finger. “shut up you whore or im going to have to shut you up myself!” he said in a very angry but lustful tone as he started to finger my asshole and continue rubbing my pussy with his other hand. The pain only started to intensify when I realised he tried putting two fingers inside my asshole and picking up his fingering speed. At that moment I realised this was no longer a form of punishment, it was all for his own pleasure.

Through the sobbing and the crying, I tried to claw myself away from him, grabbing the sheets and managing to just slightly move out of his grip and away from his penetrating fingers. This only made Jack deepen his fingers into my anus, grabbing me and throwing me onto the bed completely. He quickly ripped out his fingers from my anus and forces me down onto the bed where he rummaged through his drawers quickly, trying to find something.
“Dont you fucking move, slut, or ill go tell mummy and daddy what a bad girl you’ve been!” I dont know whether to listen to Jacks blackmail or to run for the door, im too afraid to move because I dont know what he’ll do to me if he catches me. He grabs 3 items from his drawer that looked to me to be handcuffs, a gag and some sort of vibrator. I had no time to act when he flipped me over and handcuffed my hands to the above railing to the bed. “Please Jack, please dont do this to me, please just let me go, I wont say anything to anyone if you just let me go” he didnt say a word, he just continued to take the ball gag and put it into my mouth and securing it behind my head. “you wont be saying anything to anybody when im done with you, my little sweet pea. I’ve wanted to do this to you for so long, im glad we can finally share this moment together, you can finally be a woman with me, we can make love.” my eyes widened when reality hit. I finally realised why Jack was so nice to me my whole life: he only wanted to be inside me. My body squirmed under his touch as I began to scream behind the gag but there was no hope, it was only muffled and no one could help me now.

He got up off of me and started taking his clothes off. From shirt to shoes, he stood infront of me completely naked. His body revolted me, he was so hairy and large, he resembled a beast. I dont want to be with this man, it was not supposed to be this way. His penis was exceptionally large for such a fat man, it stood up loud and proud through all his pubic hair, it as about 9 inches long and his girth was way too big for me. The sight of his cock made me tremble, I was so scared. He crept up onto my body and kneel’d down towards my pussy. He took my panties off slowly from my knees and threw them into the corner. He admired my slightly hairy pussy and put his thumb onto my clitoris and started to rub it slowly. I squirmed away from his finger and tried sitting up near top of the bed but that only made Jack yank me back down to his level. “No, naughty girl, relax, enjoy this” he said as he grabbed my hips and put his mouth over my pussy and began and lick and suck me. He started to purr inside my pussy as he licked up all the juices and all around my clitoris, really enjoying himself. I hated myself for letting this happen, I hated his intrusion into my vagina, it made me feel sick inside. But my body only got hotter and trembled more at his touch. I was becoming so wet from his violation, he knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it. My pussy was trembling but all I wanted to do was scream and run away. He was my uncle but he pretended to be my lover. He licked my pussy for about 10 minutes, escort bursa staring into my eyes as he moaned into my vagina, only coming up to say how good I tasted and how much he loved my young, sweet pussy. He disgusted me, all I wanted to do was cry and pretend this was over. But I know this was only the beginning. He brought my hips up slightly so he could begin to lick my asshole a bit, making it wet deep inside so he could also insert his finger into it again. My asshole had become accustomed to his fingers size so it wasnt as painful this time around. I closed my eyes and pretended all of this wasnt happening as he continued to violate my holes.

I dont know how much time passed when all of a sudden, I heard the buzzing noise. The vibrator. My eyes went wide when I felt Jack pushing the toy inside my ass. I wriggled away from him but this only caused him to push it in harder, letting the tip only push through from all the clenching. I started screaming behind the gag and panic went across my face when Jack told me to relax and to enjoy the ride. The toy stretched out my asshole, it went so deep and it hurt so much. My dry asshole was on fire and the vibrations only made it hurt more. I was still screaming from discomfort from the toy as Jack managed to push the whole toy inside, only having the base stick out of my anus. He lowered me back onto the bed and slowly rubbed his penis as he crawled over my body so we could be face to face. Jack lowered himself next to my ear and he whispered “I want to stare into your eyes as I fuck you and make you my woman”.

I quickly closed my eyes to fight back the tears, whilst he dispersed his weight all over my body. His arms were tucked under my body, his head was on my shoulder, his stomach was weighing down hard on mine. And his dick, his dick was at the entrance of my pussy and I couldnt do anything but cry. He began to suck and kiss my neck as he slowly began to enter my pussy. I never felt this much pain in my life. I couldnt of ever imagined losing my virginity to a man I never loved. His dick was so big as it stretched and tore open my pussy for the first time. He was slow, enjoying every second of this as he moaned into my ear, trembling with anticipation as he broke through my hymen with one swift thrust. As his dick shattered my hymen, the whole world froze, my body began to go numb but my pussy was just continuously burning. The violation was too much for me but the worst part was the heavy, hot breathing down my neck and his continuous moaning. It made me sick.

Jack went slow at first, purely because the tightness of my pussy didn’t allow him to go fast. I was still quite wet from when he had eaten me out but now that there was quite a lot of blood and my juices, I was afraid the lubrication would never make him stop. He started to bury himself into me as he pushed his arms further under my body and his legs closed in around me. I was slowly suffocating under this man and there was absolutely nothing I could do but endure the pain. I just closed my eyes and prayed for this to all be over soon. Oh how wrong I was. He didn’t care that I wasn’t moving or that I had stopped making noise or fighting against him. He just used me as his own personal fuck toy and I’m sure this just turned him on even more.

Jack was a male dom and did this thing quite often with other women, so doing these things to me wasn’t a huge deal, despite me being almost family to him. He started to pump harder and faster into me like a rabid dog. It felt like hours of fucking as he went in and out, slowly and then very hard with his different paces. For a larger man, Jack had so much stamina, it was unbelievable. He started licking my tears and kissing my cheek, caressing my sides and touching me all over, never disrupting his pace. He was admiring me like I was his own porcelain doll. It made me want to die right there in that spot every time I made eye contact with this beast.

He decided to finally switch up his tactics as he lifted my legs up and above to go beyond his shoulders. This encouraged his thighs to push the vibrator into my ass deeper as he has more access to deeply penetrate my pussy. He was basically lifting me off the bed as he smashed deep into me, having fast, longer strokes deep into my pussy. He started moaning a lot more in this position, having much more access to my holes. I could hear his balls slapping against my wet ass every time he thrusted forward.

Grabbing my thighs, he pumped the fastest he could before, as I could feel his dick expanding inside me and his body started to tremble. Suddenly I felt hot strings of cum filling deep in my insides as Jack stopped to penetrate as deep as he could. He was basically screaming in pleasure at this point, shaking like it was the best fuck he had ever experienced. I couldn’t help but close my eyes and cry viciously in both relief and anger knowing it was over but also knowing this was only the beginning. He collapsed on top of me, vibrator still in my ass, handcuffed to the bed and ball gag still in my mouth. My ass and pussy were on fire, my jaw was beginning to ache and im sure my wrists were bruised from how much pressure Jack had put on them. He didn’t care though, he only caressed my hair and began kissing my neck again as he savoured the moment. He whispered “oh you’ve been such a good girl to daddy”. This made me sick to my stomach, I wanted this all to be over as I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes forcefully shut.

After a while, I could feel his dick slowly seeping out of my pussy as all his cum rushed out of me at once. I knew I was doomed from that point. I didn’t know how this day would end, if he would let me go, if I would go straight to the police or if he just kept me as his own personal sex slave. I just knew in that moment I needed to get out but I couldn’t move and I wouldn’t be able to for hours because it seems as if Jack was still experiencing the pure ecstasy from taking my virginity after such a long time after cumming.

I closed my eyes and pretended I was in a different place, when I heard a faint call coming from over the fence, “Jessica, where are you?”. It was my mum.


Hey guys! this is my first story and I would really appreciate any type of comments on how I could improve, what you liked or didn’t like about it or if you would like to see any more from this story! Please rate this and I really hope you enjoyed.

P.S. please mind any spelling errors or bad grammar 🙂

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