The New Man

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i was just flattening out the last wrinkle in my bed, though i was more than sure that it would end up even worse later on. i heard a soft but distinct knock at my apartment door.

i turned toward the door, my heart skipping a beat as it often does on these particular days. i walked quietly toward the door, taking my time and stopping in front of the mirror beside the coat closet to do a final once-over of the outfit selected for me. not exactly sure that it would really qualify as an “outfit” – i was wearing merely a black lace teddy and a matching black thong which i received in the mail earlier that day.

knowing that there would be no other knock and that they would wait as long as it took, i spun around and checked myself out from the back. reaching for the door handle, i took a breath and smiled. as my apartment door slowly opened, i hid my body behind it, so all that was seen was my face. ken was standing there and behind him was the new man. i smiled and opened the door just enough for them to slip in.

ken must have tutored the new man well, because he knew enough not to try to steal any looks at me before he was supposed to. i followed behind the two as they walked, almost robotically, toward my just-made bed. they stood at the foot of the bed, waiting. i knew i could take as long as i wanted, they would wait. i came up behind the new man and placed my hands on his shoulders. i felt him shiver the slightest bit and smiled. i absolutely loved this game.

i slid my hands down his back and to his stomach. my smile grew a little wider as i felt his well-sculpted abs, losing my focus the slightest bit. as i regained my purpose, çapa escort i started working on the new man’s belt, letting it drop to the floor after i slid it out of his belt loops. i glanced over to ken, who obediently stared straight ahead, though he knew how the game was played. my gaze shifted to his pants where his bulge grew ever-so-slightly. returning my eyes back to the new man, i unfastened the button of his jeans then unzipped them, allowing them to drop to the floor. i picked up each of his feet, one at a time, pulling the crumpled pile of denim away from where he stood. i slowly removed his button-down shirt and the tee he had on underneath. after pulling off his socks, i reached up to pull down his boxer-briefs, my favorite kind of underwear on men (ken undoubtedly told him), and felt a slight snag. i peered up and saw the new man’s stiffness holding on to the waistband of the underwear. i reached up and tugged them off and removed them from his ankles. now that he was completely in the buff, i walked over to ken and repeated the ritual.

when i was finished, i stood behind the men for a brief moment, looking at the manly way they conveyed their nervousness. i slipped in front of them onto the bed and waited. a brief moment passed and the new man just stared. it was his turn, all three of us knew, but the new ones always acted this way. snapping back into the game, the new man walked to the side of the bed and gently kissed my forehead – a very unique way to begin the game.

ken then made his move to the other side of the bed, now each of them kissed and licked various parts of my body. cihangir escort the new man lingered at my nipples as ken moved to his favorite spot – the wetness between my legs. as they took their fill of foreplay, i reached over to the new man and gently stroked his hardness. he sucked in a breath, but never stopped playing his part in our game. after the discussed time, ken and the new man both stopped and climbed onto the bed with me. i rolled onto my hands and knees as ken positioned himself behind me, and the new man in front. ken had taught him well – the veteran players always got to fuck me first.

after a few moments, i began to lick and suck on the new man’s cock and he placed his hand on the back of my head, guiding my movements to what he liked. ken took the cue and entered me from behind, slowly fitting his entirety inside me. i moaned quietly as the pleasure creeped up on me. the new man had already closed his eyes and began thrusting into my mouth, forcing me to take him deeper and deeper into my mouth and down my throat. luckily, a few months earlier ken had assisted me in practicing my deep throating technique.

as this was occurring, ken smacked my ass and fucked me from behind. each thrust brought me closer and closer to orgasm. both men stopped abruptly, and withdrew themselves from me, and i turned to face ken. i automatically took him into my mouth as the new man entered me from behind. i could tell from his sparatic thrusting that he was getting closer to cumming, but that just couldn’t happen yet.

ken took a fist of my hair and forced me to suck him faster. esenyurt escort i could tell by ken’s actions that he was putting on a show for the new man. i moaned as the thrusting from both ends got harder and faster. ken let go of my hair and began flicking my nipples. this was the sign to the new man that it was okay to finish. ken, however, was not allowed.

after a few more hard and deep thrusts, the new man came with a loud grunt, holding on to my hips as his seed squirted inside me. ken kept sliding himself in and out of my mouth while he watched the new man’s orgasm. after the new man withdrew, ken waited for me to change my position. the new man had laid on my bed and i began licking the cum off of him as ken plunged deep into my wetness. a few moments later, he also came with a grunt and collapsed onto the bed.

the new man took the cue and moved beside ken, they were now laying on the bed, resting against the headboard. i lay against the footboard and retreived a pillow from the floor, placing it behind my head. with my right hand, i reached between my legs and inserted a finger into my hole. i saw the new man’s eyes widen. apparently, ken neglected to tell him the last part of the game. as i worked myself, ken sat up onto his knees and motioned for the new man to follow.

i withdrew my hand and the two began licking and sucking my opening. ken reached over and began stroking the new man’s stiff-again cock. the new man took the cue and did the same to ken. all three of us were moaning loudly as i came with a shudder. the two men stopped working my hole, but kept stroking each other. by my surprise, ken came again, squirting on my left leg and foot. the new man positioned himself over me, ken still jerking him off. within a few more seconds, the new man came in a warm stream, all over my stomach and chest.

all three of us lay sprawled on my bed for a few long minutes, after which i stood up and moved to the shower. they will no doubt follow shortly…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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