The New Neighbors

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Big Dicks

As I pulled into the driveway of my modest suburban home, I looked out at the lawn, “Hey! I’m going to need to cut the grass. It’s getting late into the springtime,” I thought to myself.

I pulled my car into the garage. “This thing is getting full. I’m going to have to clean it out or else I won’t be able to get my car in here. Geez, it seems like I just cleaned it out. I wonder where all this clutter came from. I know, that this clutter will accumulate more and more when, or should I say if Karen and I ever have kids, I think to myself.

Karen, that’s my wife. We’ve been married three years now. We don’t have any kids. We both decided that once we got married we just enjoy each other. Which is fine by me. “Hell, I get to fuck the shit out of her every night.” The thought of this caused me to grin. Halfway

I got out of the car and went to the door. The door, which opened up right into the kitchen, Karen was in there, wearing nothing but a T-shirt. Normally, I wouldn’t say anything but, instead of wearing one of my old T-shirts, that came down to her knees. She was wearing one of hers, that came down to about her lower thigh and when she would bend over at the waist without bending her knees she would expose her wonderful round voluptuous ass.

“Karen! What if the neighbors see you,” I excitedly said.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I haven’t been out of the house today. Besides, I wanted to be ready for you. I am feeling kind of horny today, she’d say in her wonderful little tone of voice.”

She was standing at the sink and hadn’t turned around. I walked up behind her and lifted up the bottom of her T-shirt exposing what would give any man and erection, right by looking at it, to my eyes.

I unbuckled my pants and let them hit the floor. I didn’t wear any underwear, something I haven’t done since I was a teenager. I started thrusting my hips back and forth, rubbing my limp cock against her wonderful ass cheeks.

“Oh yes, oh yes, it’s starting to happen. That dick of yours is starting to get stiff, I’d think to myself. Oh fuck yes honey, fuck yes! It’s there baby. I’m stiff. Just hold still. It won’t take long now. AAAAhhhhh, AAAAhhhh, Oohhh Gawd, oh Jesus! Did that ever feel good, I yelled out, as the spew flew out of my prick and up the crack of her back. Oh honey, that felt so good. That felt better than any time ever,” I breathlessly spoke out.”

“Why did you waste that stuff on my ass?” She asked in a normal tone.

“Oh don’t worry honey, there will be lots more tonight. It’s just, it’s just that I couldn’t help myself. That ass looked so good. I had to dry hump it, get rid of this built-up stress I have,” I answered her.

“There had better be,” she said, lifting up her T-shirt to expose a beautiful completely shaved pussy. I took care of everything down here, just the way you like it.”

“You know, you’re supposed to do that every day for me. It’s one of the things we agreed on when we first got married. It should be a part of your daily routine in the morning,” I said.

“Oh, you know it is, she lovingly said, as she kissed me over and over. You haven’t noticed any stray hairs down there in the last six months?” have you.

“Nope! Just the way I like it. You know, you should like the looks of it too,” I lovingly said, as I kissed her over and over on her pussy.

“I do. I do. This bald pussy is the best pussy. I’m so glad you turned me onto shaving it,” she answered.

“Honey, what’s for supper? I’m starved,” I asked.

“The left over stuff rehab for supper last night, she answered. I was just going to pop it into the microwave.”

“Oh, all right.”

While we were eating the last evening’s supper. She spoke out. “Some people moved into the house next door, today. It’s just two people, a man that looks to be in his 40s and his wife, an Asian woman that looks to be half his age. I thought after we got done eating, we go over and say Hi.”

After we finished and washed the dishes we headed over to the neighbors. As we were walking across the grass, Karen mentioned, “you really need to start cutting this grass.”

“Oh shit, even her, and she never comes out of the house,” I thought.

When we got up on the porch and rang the doorbell a young Asian woman wearing an almost transparent kind of kimono answered the door. I thought, what Karen was wearing when I came home was bad, but this had that beat by a longshot. From the light that was shining from behind her I could see the hair on her pussy through the material.

“Hi, I’m Karen and this is my husband, Steve,” my wife announced holding out her hand.

“Juss minute prease. I get husband talk you,” the Asian woman answered. She called out, “Bill. Bill, neighbors come over. You come in. Sit, sit, I fixa tea. Very nice you come over.”

Seconds later, a man emerged from a room in the back, which had no door, only strings of wooden beads that hung from the top of the doorway. He looked to be like Karen had said, old enough to be this woman’s father. Esenyurt Escort He looked to be only wearing just a short terrycloth robe, that come down just above his kneecaps.

“Hi, we just moved in. Sorry, we didn’t come over and see you. I’m Bill and this here is my wife, Mai Ling,” the man said, shaking my hand firmly. Come on in here, sit down, make yourself comfortable.”

We sipped at the tea and were talking back and forth comfortably just like we’d known each other for years. When all of a sudden Bill announced, “Hey Steve, you like watching the Atlanta Braves? I got season tickets, their great seats, Mai Ling gets bored at the games. Want to help me use them?”

“Hell yeah! Love to go!” I answered.

We finished the tea. Karen and I said we had to get going. As we walked out the door Bill called out. “Hey, buddy. Your lawnmower broke? You can use mine.”

Embarrassed I said, “No thanks. Just got mine back from the shop today.”

As we walked across the grass to our house Karen whispered into my ear. “I think when we got there they were having sex. Bill’s face, was all red, just like yours gets, when you’re about to cum.”

Over the next few years Bill and I became real good friends. We went to the ball games together. I’d come over and play cards. I’d help him with projects he was working on, and him help me.

I found out from Bill that Mai Ling was a mail order bride out of Thailand. Bill jokingly said, “Best money I’ve ever spent.”

Our friendship evolved to which we were used to discussing personal matters with each other. One time Bill even came right out and asked me. “You and Karen want any kids?”

“Well, yeah but, we both agreed just to have fun with each other for a while. That can come later, “I answered him.

“Mai Ling wants them right now. We’ve been to some doctors. They all say that she can have them. I guess some things wrong with me.”

“That’s okay buddy,” I said patting him on the back, “just keep trying,” I said with a grin.

Even Karen and Mai Ling got along. They would swap recipes and come over to each other’s houses and drink tea.

Then one Saturday, just before I was going out to cut the grass the phone rang. Karen answered it. All I heard was, “I’ll be right there,” she said hanging up the phone.

“That was my brother. It seems my mother fell and hurt her leg. I’m going to the emergency. I probably won’t be home for another three or four hours,” she said as she walked out the door.

Just right as I was heading out the door to get the lawn mower Mai Ling came over to my house wearing the same skimpy outfit that I first saw her in. In the daylight the outfit was more sheer. I could really get a good look at her figure. And I saw that the hair on her pussy, that she had when I first saw her had disappeared.

I told her when I first answered the door, “I’m sorry Mai Ling, Karen isn’t here. She’ll be back in about three hours.”

She answered back, “No no, want you. Need to move things, to heavy me. Bill gone business two weeks.”

“Oh well let me see what you got,” I said

Walking next door, I could see, through the fabric quite clearly, her nice little ass. That sight, and the fabric of my pants brushing against the end of my cock was causing things to get sort of a little too friendly for neighbors. I had to keep telling myself, “This here is your wife’s best friend. Also, it’s your best friend’s wife.”

When we both entered her house I saw some very large boxes and an old sofa sitting under the door to the attic.

She said to me, in her sweet little Asian accent, “These here, want them upstairs. You help, prease.”

I opened up the door to the attic and down came the stairs. I grabbed onto one large box and started lugging it up the stairs. Then I came down and grabbed another. Then another till they were all upstairs. Next came the sofa.

I told Mai Ling, “you get halfway up the stairs and I’ll put one end of the sofa headed up stairs. I’ll get on the bottom and push.”

This worked out perfectly. Mai Ling and I were successful getting everything into the attic. When I came down from the attic perspiration was beeding on my head. I announced, “Well, it’s all up there.”

Mai Ling spoke out, “I pay you now.”

“No. No, we’re neighbors. No charge.” I said patting her on the shoulder.

“No, I no give you money. I give you massage. You like.”

Well, who was I to argue. Here I was, going to get a massage on my tired aching muscles from a young Asian woman that looks only to be about 24 possibly 25 years old. I don’t think any man would turn that, down.

I followed her into the same room that I first saw Bill coming out of years ago. The same room with the strings of wooden beads over the doorway.

Upon entering the room, I saw that it had dark blue carpeting, was dimly lit, and in the center was a large wooden massage table. The room smelled of incense and had a mysterious feel to it.

“Now you taika İstanbul Escort off clothes,” she said in her sweet little voice.

“Now, can I just do my shirt? I don’t wear any underwear,” I informed her.

“No, you wrap towel around you. Is better this way. You like. You like,” she informed me.

I did as I was told. When I dropped my pants and she got a glimpse of my prick I thought I could see her eyes light up. I guess she had never seen a man with a shaved prick before. I shave myself down there to make Karen feel she is not the only one in the marriage that is shaving their privates. Karen has said she likes it too.

I laid facedown on the massage table. She started in by pouring some hot massage oil onto my back. She dipped her hands into the massage oil. She started rubbing the back of my neck with soft but firm strokes.

Before she even started moving down to my shoulders, I thought to myself, “Oh God! This is incredible.” She reached my shoulders and moved down onto my back. My muscles were starting to feel like butter now.

She kept moving her hands lower and lower. When she reached the towel she pushed her hands under it and massaged my glutes. Normally, under any other conditions I would have yelled and jumped up but, I was just in heaven and said nothing.

She kept moving her rubbing down to my thighs, my hamstrings, the backs of my knees, my calves, my ankles. I couldn’t believe how great it felt giving my feet massaged. By the time she was done with my feet I was sporting the biggest firmest rod I have ever had. Then she told me the most wonderful thing I have ever heard from her.

“You flippy over. I do you front.”

I rolled over onto my back. I couldn’t hide my erection. It was tenting the towel. I know she noticed it. I could see her grinning as she massaged the underneath of my jaw, neck, and top of my shoulders. She used her expert touch on my chest, down my arms, my abdomen.

She slid her hands under the towel and massaged the side of my hips. Then she took them out went down my legs. When she reached my feet and rubbed between my toes, I thought I was in heaven.

Then she said what every man wants to hear from his masseuse, “You want me finish you off, now?”

Terrible thoughts raced through my mind. “How could I ever do this to Bill? My best friend. He might never speak to me again and what would it do to his marriage? Also, the worst of all, Karen! Oh my God Karen! The best thing that ever happened to me in my life.

I don’t know why, but something must have possessed me. I uttered out, breathlessly, “Do it, yes, do it.”

She knocked off the towel and up stood my manhood proud as can be. Taking a hold of my poll with one hand and dipping her other into the bowl of hot massage oil she began the process of jacking me off. I was in a state of amazement at what was happening.

Her hands were so soft and warm and her grip just perfect not too tight not too loose, just wonderful. After about just three strokes I thought to myself “Oh God, Karen’s hand jobs were never this good. Somehow, somehow I’ve got to get her to teach Karen how to do this without her finding out this ever happened.”

After about three minutes of just plain heaven the muscles in my legs started to tense up, my breathing was getting shallower, my vision started to get blurry. I knew what was going to happen.

It did happen. My face and upper chest got all beat red, my muscles tightened up, and I arched my back up off the table. I yelled out the words “I’M CUMMING BABY,” as a big glob of spew shot forth from the swollen end of my prong and landed on her arm.

I lay there in a frozen state. I could not move. My mind was blank. I was temporarily blind at the moment. I was unaware of my surroundings. I think I could feel her wiping the massage oil off my shaft and the semen off the end of my prong and out of my piss hole.

I just barely heard her say, “You lay here, rest. Until feel all better,” in her loving Asian tone. She left the room and let me lie there. After about 10 minutes. My heart rate slowed. I got the feeling back into my extremities. I was coming to my senses.

I got up off the table. I put my clothes on. I headed out the door. In passing her, I heard her say, “Tomorrow, me have more heavy boxes put in attic.” I could only grin and shake my head as I headed back home.

When Karen got home and got into the house the first thing I did was wrap my arms around her, and drag her into the bedroom. I fell onto the bed pulling her with me. I didn’t even take my clothes off, and I didn’t want her to, either. I would just lay there and hold her.

After about three hours, she spoke out, “Steve, are you going to let me fix something for supper or are you going to lay here and hold me all the rest of the day”?

“That’s the plan,” I answered her.

We laid there and held each other tightly. Finally, we fell to sleep in each other’s arms. Sometime, during the night, we had taken off our Beylikdüzü Escort clothes and got under the covers. We both sleep in the nude, something everyone should do.

When I awoke, my prick was buried to the hilt in Karen’s pussy. She was spooning right up against me. I started to ram back and forth inside her.

“Umph, umph, umph,” I rammed her soft bottom. She woke up during that, of course. She tried to get up but the end of my cock was too swelled up inside her.

“Steve, I got to get up and fix breakfast and be gone,” she told me as I kept her from moving.

“No, no it hurts to much. Just wait a bit and let the swelling go down,” I said holding her against me, firmly.

I wanted to lay there and hold her all day long. Mother nature, had other ideas. To my disappointment, finally the swelling did go down and she was able to get up and start breakfast.

She gulped down her eggs and drank her coffee before I could even get halfway through mine. Within a blink of an eye she was headed out the door. She mentioned to me, “we’ve got to get things straightened around with mom. Once we do I’ll be back. I should be home by at least one o’clock.”

I finished my breakfast and went into the front room and sat on the sofa. I didn’t even bother to get dressed. I just had on a soft velvet robe. I picked up the TV remote, clicked it on, and started surfing through channels.

About an hour later the doorbell rang. It was Mai Ling, she was wearing the same outfit that she had on yesterday. Already my heart was pounding.

She asked, “Karen, she gone? Me got more boxes. You come over.”

I said, “sure, sure right away,” pushing her out the door and moving towards her place.

Upon arriving, I saw that she did have more boxes placed underneath the doorway to the attic. There were three of them and they did look pretty big. I grabbed a hold of them and found out they were light as can be. She could have moved them up there herself.

After all the boxes were in the attic she informed me. “Time now, for you payment.”

I was so excited that I was practically pushing her towards the massage room.

“Oh, you very excited about payment! Me have nuther special treat in store you,” she announced.

Once entering I shed my robe and stood there with my prick chubbed up.

Noticing it, she said, “me likie that. Me think sexy. Bill no do that for me. Me do it for Bill. Learn from you wife. No just have tea. Shave each others pussy. Do it every day. I come over you house shave pussy. Karen no there. Only you there.”

What happened next, was even more enjoyable, for me. Her kimono hit the floor and I gazed upon the most sexy thing I have ever seen in my life. Now, I think Karen is quite sexy looking but, oh my how Mai Ling looked.

Now, I’m no pedophile but, damn, Mai Ling didn’t look 24 years old anymore. She looked just like my 10-year-old little sister did when I first saw her naked. About the same height. The same build, and a completely hair free pussy.

My heart started racing. My prick that had been chubbed up was now at full mast. I couldn’t wait for this to get started. I practically ran over to the massage table and jumped on it facedown.

“Ah, very excited,” she said.

She started in just like she did the last time, right on the back of my neck and moved down to my shoulders. My sides, the center of my back, my hips, my glutes, legs, everything. I flipped over and it was a repeat performance of her massage yesterday. At the end I thought I would get what I was dying for. She had something else planned that was even better, though.

After finishing with my feet she walked over beside me and made a big jump and landed feetfirst onto the table. She positioned herself with 1 foot between my knees and the other even with my chest. She reached down and grabbed a hold of my fully erect manhood and guided it into her awaiting hole. She would move herself up and down on it with expertise. I know she and Bill had to have done this several times before.

At first I was in shock and wanted to yell out and protest but, I couldn’t. All thoughts of Karen and what Bill might think had vanished. It was only her at the moment.

Oh how she could cunt suck. She would loosen up her muscles on the down stroke and squeeze them together when pulling back. “Oh God! This felt just perfect. It feels just like she’s going to pull the head of my prick right off! Karen was never this good. Bill, was the luckiest man in the world,” I shamefully admitted to myself.

About 10 minutes of this pure heaven went on she announced, “me think it going to happen. Oh yes, yes. It happening,” as I let loose my fluid and it drained down the sides of my prong.

We both laid there and rested while the swelling of my cockhead went down. After 10 minutes she stood up and when my dick exited it made a popping sound. And I think I could hear the sounds of her vagina lips smacking back together.

She said to me, “you leave now. Me busy. Work to do.”

I put on my robe and in a daze I staggered back, to the house.

For the next two weeks. I went on like nothing had ever happened. Bill and I would still go to the ballgames and fish, everything. Mai Ling would still come over every day to my house for “tea.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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