The Office Meeting

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“Shhh, take it all off. Quickly!” he whispered as he loosened his silk tie and began unbuttoning his white Egyptian cotton dress shirt.

“What if someone hears us?” she asked even as she slipped out of her skirt.

“No one will hear us if you’re quiet”, he told her. He finished removing his clothing and helped her get her bra off. His cock was already completely erect and she could see it twitch with anticipation.

The bathroom in the office was rarely used and extremely clean. No one had ever come in while they were there before, and he expected that it would be no different on this day. However, there was a meeting with the investors going on, and if a cigarette break was called while they were in there, any number of men could come through the door. But he wasn’t worried, the last cigarette break had been less than an hour ago.

He bent her over facing away from the toilet in the stall. She pressed her hands against the door as he slid his cock inside her. She moaned slightly as he began to thrust in and out of her wetness.

“Oh, you feel so good”, he told her as he thrust himself deeper and deeper inside her.

She was about to bursa anal yapan escort tell him how much she enjoyed his cock when the door banged open and two men came in arguing loudly about how the company was spending their money. The two in the stall froze as they listened to the men relieving themselves at the urinals. She stayed as still as possible, not wanting to be caught and expecting him to do the same, but instead he began to fuck her again.

She was completely surprised by his brazen behavior. She tried to motion for him to stop, but he only pressed his finger to his lips and smiled at her. And she couldn’t deny how good his cock felt deep inside her.

The two men left the bathroom, and he started fucking her with his previous vigor. She allowed herself to moan as his cock sipped in and out of her throbbing pussy. Her orgasm was slowing building, and her breathing became heavier with each of his thrusts. She was on the brink of ecstasy when the door opened again and five men entered the bathroom. Four took urinals as they argued much as the first two had, but one entered the stall just bursa eskort to the left of the lovers. This fifth seemed not to notice the two sets of feet in the stall next to him and continued to talk with the others.

She stopped again, forcing her orgasm back with effort. She felt certain that he would also stop with a person right next to them, but he didn’t. He continued to enjoy the wet heat of her pussy. She knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her orgasm at bay for long and hoped desperately that the men would leave quickly.

The four at the urinals did, but the fifth lingered. He was completely silent in his stall, and she realized that he had been the whole time. He hadn’t even unzipped his fly.

Her orgasm couldn’t be held off any longer, and despite of herself, she began to moan as her muscles clenched tightly around the cock inside her. In the stall beside them, the other man finally moved.

He came to the door and whispered, “Open the door, it’s me.”

She gave an inquisitive look to the man behind her as he moved her aside to open the door. Outside their stall stood the director of the Board bursa escort kızlar of Investors.

“Let’s make this quick,” he said, “They’ll be expecting me back soon.” He quickly let down his pants, revealing his impressive member.

She was still unsure of what was happening when her partner removed himself from her pussy and slid inside her tight ass. She gasped, and the director slid his cock into her dripping pussy.

Both men began to fuck her, slowly at first until they had established a rhythm with each other, and then with increasing speed. She had never felt such ecstasy as she did at that moment with two men inside her. Their breath on her skin felt like soft feathers tickling every delicate inch of her.

The thrusts of the two men grew more and more persistent, and she knew she was going to orgasm again. Suddenly the director tilted his head down, took one of her nipples in his mouth and bit her. She let out a sharp cry, which turned into a moan as her orgasm started to tear through her body. As her body writhed between them, both men groaned and filled her with their cum.

The three stood in the stall for a moment longer as their breathing slowed. She felt each mans cock soften inside her and then slip from her ass and pussy. She wished it could have lasted longer, but knew that it was best for all of them to return to their work.

They cleaned up and got dressed. And as the director left the bathroom he turned to the other two and smiled, “Same time tomorrow?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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