The Old House

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Carrie and Mark MacDonald were enjoying another of their regular fuckings, Mark with his fat rod buried deep in his sister’s cunt, his big balls, overloaded with a lavish helping of spunk, slapping against Carrie’s spread thighs. A few feet away from them, their father Cam, short for Cameron, lay naked on the sun lounge, stroking his hard cock as he enjoyed the latest live family porno show taking place right in front of him.

“You two are superb,” Cam said, the usual note of pride once again evident in his voice, his son and daughter’s enthusiasm only too plain to see as Mark embedded his formidable prick deeper within the soft silky folds of his sibling’s pussy, “each show you put on for your old dad is better than the last.”

Carrie flashed her father a smile of thanks, showing her perfect teeth, while juggling her tits in her hands, as Mark pulled out and she shifted her position, lifting one leg up on the sun lounge so that her foot brushed against Cam’s legs.

“That looks fantastic, my dears,” Cam enthused again, his mouth drooling and his voice heavy with lust, “better than anything I’ve got in my porno collection.”

Cam had a completely unobstructed view of his daughter’s bare arse and as she leaned forward for Mark to re-insert his cock, he gasped as Carrie reached down with her hands between her legs to spread her labia, exposing her pink moist gash to her father – not that Cam hadn’t had the pleasure of ogling it hundreds of times before, nor indeed licking and fucking it – as she waited with eager anticipation for her brother to resume what he did best – tearing her pussy to shreds with another one of his expert fucks.

Cam’s appreciative eyes roamed over Carrie’s body from head to toe, taking in his daughter’s soft slim neck, partially obscured by her long golden hair that hang down in a similar style to her mother’s, before letting his eyes drift down the small of her back and over her naked buttocks to her slim feminine legs that culminated in a pair of dainty little feet. Even now, after all these years, Cam still couldn’t quite believe that he and Lucy had brought such a wonderful daughter into the world – and a wonderful son, too.

Mark managed a smile in his father’s direction, too, through the beads of sweat that had erupted on his handsome unlined face; he loved fucking his sister, as he also did his mother, especially in front of an audience. The feel of his cock trapped snugly within the tight folds of his blood relatives’ pussies was second-to-none as it also was when he fucked his father.

Now, as Mark exerted as much pressure as he could, bringing all his years of experience to bear, Carrie rocked back and forth on her slim smooth legs, her pussy becoming slicker as it hungrily gobbled up every inch of Mark’s gargantuan rod. Cam licked his lips as he watched his son and daughter in action, they never failed to put on a show of supreme excellence, always giving one hundred per cent to their efforts as they performed, displaying all the confidence that years of belonging to a happy and loving incestuous family had taught them.

Cam was all eyes as he watched the walls of Carrie’s nubile cunthole encapsulating her brother’s very experienced and very talented fuck pole in a vice-like grip while at the same time pushing back to meet head-on its every thrust. Their father tugged on his own experienced cock a little harder, causing another dribble of pre-cum to emerge from his pee hole, his son’s arse cheeks clenching as his daughter took her brother’s cock balls deep in her pussy.

At sixty years old, Cam was glad he was still capable of extracting maximum pleasure from his much-cherished endowment. All that nonsense he had read forty years ago as a young man just out of his teens, i.e. that a man reaches his sexual peak at twenty-one and its all a downhill spiral from then onwards was a complete and utter farce, at least as far as Cam was concerned.

In truth, Cam didn’t give a toss why he had never lost his love of sex, he was just glad that his drive was as strong as it had ever been and that was all that mattered. Let the psychologists yak about it with their mumbo jumbo if it pleased them, Cam often thought, he was too busy enjoying himself to worry or wonder about what they had to say. And how great that Mark and Carrie had inherited the same intense love of sex, must be something to do with those genes inherent in all of us.

Carrie’s screams were drowning out the singing of the birds as the sun beat down on a day filled with the magic of summertime and the garden resounded and reverberated as it once again bore witness to the heady breathy sounds of its owners engaged in some really hot sex. The screams, alternating between grunts and groans and moaning whimpers and combined with Mark’s grunting, almost drowned out the sound of Jem’s jeep being driven slowly up the sun-kissed drive before the engine puckered and died and Cam’s brother-in-law climbed out, slamming the door and locking it behind him.

“Fucking hell!” Jem, short for gaziantep escort Jeremy, exclaimed, licking his lips at the intense scene which greeted him and delighted to have timed his arrival just right, “this is a sight for sore eyes!”

“Blimey, Jem, what are you doing here?” asked Cam, pleased to see him nevertheless and glad that his wife’s brother seemed to be in his usual naturally ebullient mood.

“Well, good afternoon to you, too,” said Jem, feigning a caustic tone, “that’s a nice welcome, I must say. Anyone’d think you wasn’t pleased to see me.”

“Don’t be daft,” rejoined Cam, “but you could have phoned first.”

“What and interrupt the party?” said Jem, “not that I expected you to be up to anything on a hot day like this. Thought you’d all be flaked out now having another one of your siestas.”

Cam laughed out loud; he had never taken a siesta in his life, at least not voluntarily though, these days, now that he was older, he sometimes found himself falling asleep when he least wanted to.

“Don’t give me that, Jem,” Cam replied, as Jem approached the verandah, rubbing the bulge that had instantly formed inside his close-fitting jeans, “what else did you expect us to be doing on a day like this?” Cam went on. “Discussing the price of plums and the credit crunch?”

“Now now, Cam dear, don’t be facetious,” said Jem, putting on his best theatrrical voice, finely tuned from the many am dram productions he had appeared in over the years, “it doesn’t become you. Though I suppose there’s always a chance you might have been.”

“Might have been what?” asked Cam, innocently.

“Discussing the price of plums and that other thing you said,” replied Jem.

“Oh, give over man, for crying out loud,” rejoined Cam, though he was only half serious. Having known Jem since they were both teenagers, he was used to his brother-in-law’s ways by now.

Another grown from the far end of the verandah caused the two older men to glance in the direction of Mark and Carrie who were still fucking like rabbits as if their lives depended on it.

“Hi, uncle Jem,” Carrie managed to greet the new arrival inbetween grunting as Mark continued to pound in and out of her pussy. “You knew full well what we’d be up to today, I bet,” she added, having clearly heard Jem’s tete-a-tete with her father, in spite of all the noise she and Mark were making.

“Or any other fucking day, knowing you lot,” said Jem, leering wickedly at his niece and nephew as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his best friend and began masturbating the old todger, running his hand up and down the thick shaft, grateful that his cock, like Cam’s, was still in full working order. “Glad I got here in time, wouldn’t have wanted to miss this.”

“You always was a master in the art of timing, Jem,” Cam said, his mouth drooling not only from the pleasure of seeing his son and daughter in action but also watching Jem wanking his aroused prick right in front of him and admiring his brother-in-law, who was only a year or so younger, at how instantly he had achieved his hard-on.

“Too bloody right I am,” retorted Jem, his big sweaty balls swinging backwards and forwards as he carried on pleasuring himself, “and thank fuck, too.”

Jem’s remark was almost drowned out by another loud squeal from Carrie as a particularly hard thrust from Mark hit her G-spot for the umpteenth time. Mark was too busy concentrating on fucking his sister to say anything, his back to his father and uncle who were watching his powerful naked arse cheeks quivering in the sunlight and shadow of the perfect summer afternoon, but he raised a hand and gave his uncle a thumbs up sign to welcome him into the fold.

Jem quickly removed his clothes and joined his relatives in the nude, luxuriating in the joy of being unashamedly naked and the feel of the hot sun on his back as he moved in to get a closer look at the action.

“What brings you here, anyway?” Cam asked again, a few moments later, knowing full well the reason why and matching Jem stroke for stroke, their hands flying up and down their poles with such speed it was as if they had both just discovered masturbation for the very first time.

“Need you ask?” Jem replied, his thick juicy knobhead peeping in and out of an incredibly long foreskin as he wanked, “I was feeling really horny and when I’m like that, there’s only one place to head for: here. Where’s that sex-mad slut of a sister of mine, by the way?”

“She’s having a lie down inside,” said Cam, “I think the heat must have got to her. One of us is having a siesta, at least,” he added, almost as an afterthought.

“I’ll soon sort that wife of yours out for you, Cam,” Jem said succinctly and Cam smiled, knowing from many years of experience that Cam was always true to his word. “She’ll soon shake herself out of her slumbers once she sees what I’ve got for her,” Jem continued, holding out his cock to his relatives, just in case they hadn’t got the message.

Carrie and gaziantep escort bayan Mark grunted again in unison as they kept going, such was their enthusiasm that once on heat they could carry on regardless for as long as necessary. Jem was so horny watching them, he let go of his cock to avoid shooting too soon and moved across the verandah with his outstretched cock leading the way, his ballsac nestling in a fuzzy mass of hot sweaty pubes.

“Fucking hell, you two,” Jem said, reaching out a hand and touching up Mark’s bare arse as he spoke, “you look like you’re going for gold.”

“Platinum,” murmured Cam, as his pride in his adult offspring once again swelled up inside him.

Jem stroked Mark’s arse for a few more moments before moving round to fondle Carrie’s tits and kissing his niece on the lips to which she responded eagerly, after which her uncle headed for the door to go in search of his sister.

“See you later,” he said cheerily, his arse cheeks working together as he disappeared inside and not witnessing his nephew and niece smiling back at his naked retreating form. They both loved the gentle touch of their uncle’s hands on their smooth naked flesh …


After the brightness outside, Jem had to adjust his eyes to the gloom of the old house. As always, whenever he visited, he thought it was about time his relatives got rid of this dark decrepit place or at least did it up a bit, after all, they had plenty of money. It was more in tune with an American-style homestead than an isolated mansion in the Scottish Highlands; indeed, it reminded Jem very much of the one in that old U.S. t.v. series “The Munsters”, which he had loved as a kid all those years ago.

When would that have been, mid-1960s? Yes, of course it was, so ancient now that when, occasionally, repeats turned up on t.v. nowadays they were all in musty black-and-white. Which, of course, suited the hilarious tales of the qwerky family, giving them a real feel of the times in which they were made.

Even now, as Jem climbed the stairs to the room his sister Lucy shared with her husband Cam, his hard cock throbbing in his hand and humbing “The Munsters” theme tune to himself before changing to whistling the melody of the old Rosemary Clooney song “This Ole House” – one of Jem’s favourites – he wouldn’t have been in the least surprised to see Fred Gwynne and Yvonne de Carlo standing at the top, resplendent in full Herman and Lily Munster make-up.

All the windows were open on account of the heat, a sweltering and stultifying airlessness that rarely came to this part of the world, and Carrie’s cries of pleasure could still be heard, reaching into the darkest corners and crevices of the old house, not only through the open panes but also the cracks in the walls.

The cock-hardening heady sounds of a family at sex were evident every day at the old house and Jem was grateful he had chosen an afternoon to visit when things seemed to be going psrticularly well. Jem always liked to get involved in the action straightaway, to be able to stroll in when things were at full throttle, strip off and get down to it with no messing about standing around waiting for someone to make the first move. Not that that happened very often where Jem’s family was concerned, if indeed it ever happened at all.

Jem reached the top of the stairs and made his way along to the marital bedroom. The door was shut but, as usual, he didn’t bother to knock, he opened it and walked straight in.

To his disappointment, the room was empty. Hadn’t his brother-in-law said his sister was having a lie down?

“Where the hell is that sex-mad bitch, then?” Jem mused silently to himself. “Trying to hide from me, eh?” he went on before it dawned on him that he had turned up unexpectedly and that therefore Lucy would in no way be hiding herself from him – not that she ever did, she loved his cock too much for that.

Turning back to the door, Jen heard the trinkling sounds of water coming from the bathroom at the other end of the landing. Obviously, that sister of his had decided to go take a bath. Well, that was no problem, Jem had no preferential places in which to give his sibling a good going over, wherever he and Lucy happened to suck and fuck was always the best and right place at the time and therefore OK by him.

The bathroom door was ajar and Jem could see his naked sister sitting in the cool water in the old bath tub, her once blonde hair, now streaked with strands of grey, cascading over her shoulders and reaching halfway down her back. Her big and still firm tits, with their delicious nipplies standing out from her purply aureoles, were just above the level of the water line and Jem watched excitedly for a few moments as Lucy sloshed the soapy suds all over them, rubbing them together with a very sexy and provocative squelching sound.

Jem licked his lips and gave his cock another tug, loading up his balls in the process, as he advanced into the bathroom; it had escort gaziantep been a good fortnight or so since he’d last visited and he was as horny as fuck.

“Hi there, you old slag,” he said, “ain’t you got a kiss for me?”

Lucy, startled, turned her head over her shoulder, flicking her hair to one side in the process and stared at her brother.

“Oh, it’s you, Jem,” she said, as if she hadn’t recognised his voice and not batting an eyelid that he was completely naked and holding his rock-hard erection in his hand, “ain’t you ever thought of knocking?”

“That’s exactly what I intend to do,” Jem replied, giving a puerile giggle like a boy of fourteen instead of a man in his late fifties, “some hard knocking with you. Besides, the door was wide open anyway.”

“Not tbat that would have made any difference with you,” giggled Lucy, happily, in spite of herself pleased to see Jem, as she always was.

“Too fucking right it wouldn’t,” said Cam, “I’ve a hard-on here that only an expert cocksucker like you can deal with.”

Jem held his cock, still as beautiful and tasty-looking as a young man’s, out to his sister to show her what she had been missing for the past fortnight and then leaned in and kissed Lucy on the lips, snaking his tongue into her mouth while reaching out a hand to fondle her boobs, unsagging and as delightful to the touch as they had been forty years ago.

“I came in here to have a bath to cool off,” said Lucy when she broke the kiss with Jem, “not to suck cock.”

“Ah, come on, sis,” said Jem, “don’t give me all that bullshit. You know you’re always up for it.”

Indeed, Lucy was but she always liked to tease her brother by making him wait awhile.

“What brings you here, anyway?” she went on, prolonging the agony for Jem.

“That’s exactly what Cam said,” replied Jem. “If you don’t know by now, then you never will.”

“You sex mad sod,” Lucy replied, now laughing outright instead of simply giggling.

“Takes one to know one,” her brother answered, pinching his sister’s tits gently between the tips of her fingers.

Jem drew himself back up to his full height and held out his cock again to his sister. He’d always been proud of his thick meat stick and delighted that he belonged to an incest family where he could go nude and show it off to his relatives with impunity. Jem, an enthusiastic amateur actor, was also an enthusiastic enxhibitionist, the two going hand in hand, and any embarrassment he once might have felt exposing and displaying himself had long since been lost in the mists of time …


Jem’s foreskin retracted easily and the pink head bobbed in front of Lucy’s nose, complimented by the heavy sacs of her brother’s cum-laden balls. Lucy smiled, she had always loved sucking on her brother’s cock, ever since the foursomes they had enjoyed with their late parents, many years earlier after she and her twin had become consenting adults from the age of eighteen onwards. Cam was a friend of Jem’s and had often visited the Miller household to join in with Lucy, Jem and their parents and there was much celebration when, a few years later, Lucy accepted Cam’s proposal of marriage.

The wedding had taken place two years after Cam’s proposal. Two and a bit years after that, Lucy and Cam’s first child, Mark, had been born and, after a well-planned interval, their second child Carrie arrived, soon after Mark had turned three. Lucy and Cam had lived with her parents and Jem for the first few years after their marriage and the family orgies had continued unabated but after the birth of Mark, Lucy and Cam had moved out into the old house that had been their home now for the past thirty-six years.

Jem and Lucy’s father Angus had died eleven years ago and their mother Jean only five years back, both from natural causes, having lived well into their eighties and sexually active almost to the end. Jem had thought at one time that, now he was on his own, his sister and her family might ask him to move in with them, especially as Mark and Carrie were by then consenting adults and had been duly inducted into the family sex club, but the invite never came and Jem, forward in many ways especially where sex was concerned, was not going to ask.

Besides, he was quite comfortable – when all was said and done – in the house his parents had left him in the delightful little town of Callander, a much more modern abode than the dilapidated excuse for a house he now stood in.

Whatever had possessed his sister and brother-in-law to purchase such a run-down property in the first place was something he had long ceased pondering on, it wasn’t his place to reason why. Perhaps they kept it this way to “tie in” with their bohemian lifestyle.

Nevertheless, Jem knew he was welcome at the old house anytime and visited as often as he could, moreso nowadays since he missed very much the hot daily sex he’d enjoyed with his mother before her passing and grateful that his sister and her family still welcomed him.

The sex with his mum and sister – and later his niece and nephew – had always been so fucking fabulous that Jem had never felt the need nor the inclination to look for a wife of his own. Likewise, Mark and Carrie had not troubled to find themselves spouses, not when all their needs and comforts were well povided for within the family, in every possible way imaginable.

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