The One That Got Away Ch. 01

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“Left you by the house of fun
Don’t know why I didn’t come
Don’t know why I didn’t come
When I saw the break of day
Wished that I could fly away
‘Stead of kneeling in the sand
Catching teardrops in my hand..”

“What’re you thinking about again?”

I looked up from the CD in my hand at the brunette in front of me, her arms crossed and a slight knowing smile at the corner of her lips.

“Nothing..oh you know..” I shrugged and slid the CD back in its spot. “Eve’s getting married, did you hear?”

“Hear? It’s next week. Have you got her a present yet?” My best friend stood beside me, squinting at the tiny lettering on the shelves.

“No, it’s so hard to find a good present that’s not too pricey and not too cheap,” I sighed. “Besides, I haven’t seen Eve in forever. I have no idea what she likes now. What if her taste has changed? What d’you think Pam, should I get this CD,”

Pam looked at it and shook her head.

“You’re right.. the last time we saw her was at that gathering years ago. Y’know the one where you dissed me and left with that guy. What’s his name?”

I closed my eyes and tried to pretend I didn’t remember, but nothing gets past Pam.


“Darrrylll. Yes. He was always such a douche.”

“No he’s not! I never got why you guys said that about him. You don’t even know him.” Turning on my heel I left the store, Pam trailing behind. She slipped her arm through mine.

“W-elll he Was attached when he kissed you, and he Did know you liked him,” she did that annoying eye-roll that she likes to do when she knows she’s right.

“Pam we were eighteen. Being attached then didn’t mean anything. Hell he’s probably gone through a string of girlfriends since then.”

“Pre-cisely. Anyway. Back to Eve’s wedding. We really do need to get a present for her, oh and a date. Have you got a date? Because if you don’t I know this guy, he’s totally eligible, although I wouldn’t know if you’d consider him your type. I’d choose him myself but he’s so tall and you know how it is..”

My eyes took on that glaze again as Pam continued her little ramble.


Wedding bells.

“Oh man. I’m so not prepared for this.”

“Relax Liz, everything’s going to be fine. We’ll just pass her her monogrammed set of cutlery, she’ll be pleased and we just need to sit through it,” Pam hissed in my ear, probably prompted by the slight sickly tinge that was just starting to creep over my face.

The wedding chapel was pretty enough, the ceilings were high, the pews were good wood and the people that were milling in all seemed smiling and happy. Also, the date that Pam had stuck me with was nice enough, I guess. I snuck a look up at him. Man, he was tall. She wasn’t kidding about that. He stood slightly nervous beside me as we filed into the chapel with everyone else, pausing to sign in the guestbook. A white-toothed girl passed me a gold pen to sign with.

“Best wishes for the bride and groom,” she grinned. Slightly dazzled by her smile I nodded and leaned down to write a few words that would probably not be recognizable after all the other guests’ scribbles. As I looked up from the white-
lined desk a familiar smile caught my eye.

My breath caught in my chest.

“Shitshitshitshit,” I turned and flailed in the crowd, searching for Pam. She was not far away, thank God. “OMYGOD, PAM, IT’S HIM,” I hissed. Pam tossed a flyaway curl out of her eyes.

“Who, who??”


“Oh my, he looks.. he looks..” Pam pursed her lips. “I must say he looks good, for a douche.”

“Stop calling him that!” I hissed, holding my head
in my hands. My forgotten date seemed to be looking for me. “Ah screw it all let’s go,”

“Go?? Go where? We can’t miss Eve’s wedding are you crazy! Suck it up and let’s go.”

I snuck a look over her shoulder and those eyes were looking straight at me, mirth in their edges.


“Don’t be stupid! LIZ.” Pam grabbed my shoulders and looked into my eyes. “You’re not eighteen anymore, you’re twenty-freaking-eight years old, that’s a whole decade’s difference. Now calm down.”

I took strength from her eyes and nodded, smoothing the skirt of my simple peach dress.

“Alright alright. Let’s go. Your guy is looking for me. What’s his name again?”


“William. My god Pam that’s a boring name.”

As we walked back into the chapel and shuffled into our seats where William was waiting for us patiently, I looked quickly around the room to look for him but to no avail. Maybe he was gone. Maybe he had gone into another chapel. Oh, maybe.


That hand on my shoulder told me that I was an idiot for such crazy hopes. Its weight and warmth was unnerving. Closing my eyes I swallowed quickly and looked up.

“Daryl. Hi, I – I didn’t know you were invited,” I smiled nervously.

He smiled back at me. Bostancı Escort He looked just the same, just older, his hair was longer, but his smile. It was exactly the same roguish smile that first –

“Yes, well, I don’t see why not. Pam,” Daryl nodded at Pamela, whom I was sure was grinning beside me. He wore a well-cut suit that fit every line of his body perfectly, and he – oh what was he doing? He was extending his hand to me.

Bewildered, I took it as I would receive a handshake, but he turned my wrist over and leaned down to kiss the back of it. I flushed.

“Do you mind if I borrow her for a bit,” Daryl looked at Pam. Pam (the devil) shook her head lightly and motioned for me to go with him. I glared at her – much to the wonderment of William, who sat beside her – and then turned and plastered a smile on my face for Daryl.

We didn’t go very far. The ceremony was due to begin soon and as lovely as the weather was outside we’d have to go back in. I took great care to avoid Daryl’s long looks.

“Well… it’s nice out here I think we should go ba-“

“Why didn’t you ever answer my calls, Lizzy,”

I sucked on my lower lip.

“I don’t really want to talk about that now,”

“Why? I waited for you.”

I studied an odd-shaped blade of grass in the garden. When I turned to look at him, my voice was even.

“I liked you. I really liked you.” God, why did he have to be so good looking? “You were attached. It was a one-time thing, I got that, so I left.”

Daryl eyed my face. He seemed to have gained a few more lines around his mouth, yet it made him look even better, however that’s possible.

“Lizzy. We were eighteen. You ignored me for ten years.”

My eyes popped a bit at the fact that he knew exactly how long it had been.

“I.. I was busy.”

“For ten years?”

Squaring my jaw I looked him in the eye.
“You wouldn’t have stayed with me. Why bother if it wouldn’t last? Right? Excuse me, I believe the ceremony is beginning.”

He held on to my arm.

“Who said I wouldn’t have stayed with you?”

Despair was beginning to creep into my voice.

“Daryl, I’m neurotic. And needy. And many other things. It wouldn’t have worked out. Can we just leave it at that?”

“No. I came here today because I knew you’d be here.”

“Well, I am. Now don’t you have some girlfriend to attend to or something?” Irked, I brushed his fingers away, though they left a lingering warmth, much to my annoyance.

“No, I left Debbie that summer and I have been single since.”

My mouth dropped. Now that was unbelievable. I turned to face him. “Do you really think I’m that stupid enough to believe you?? Single?? You? For ten years?”

Daryl stepped closer and looked down at me. “Yes. You don’t know how many times I’ve thought of you, and of that night,” his voice warmed the pit of my stomach and a dangerous heat started to spread from where his face leaned so close to mine.

The wedding march started up in the church. I set off determinedly in the direction of the door.

“You might not believe me but it’s true! You’ll see,”

I brushed those words away as I entered the calm of the church.


Pam wiped her tears away with a tissue.

“Oh I didn’t know it would be so beautiful! Did you know that they met that way? And when Paul’s voice broke – it was simply touching,”

Smirking slightly I pulled out another tissue from the packet and handed it to her.

“Yes yes it was.” Normally I would be as misty-eyed, and truth be told the wedding was indeed beautiful but I simply did not have the mood to be fawning over old friends’ bliss.

“Will you stop moping, you haven’t stopped since you spoke to him. What did he tell you anyway,” Pam blew her nose loudly in the tissue. Not that anyone could really hear – the chatter that accompanied the wedding reception was enough to mask it.

“Nothing important,” I mumbled, looking dismally to where Daryl was talking to some hot chick. Pam followed my eyes.

“Don’t be a ditz, Liz. You either forget about him or you go after him. Okay? Now I have to go look for William, since you’ve made your lack of interest so clear, the poor thing,”

I barely looked up as she left.

Maybe I should leave. After all.. my duty was done. Sighing slightly I picked up my handbag and walked quietly to the carpark. White rosettes were festooned everywhere. Damn these people and their happiness. Grumbling lowly to myself I opened the door and slid into my seat. When I reached to close it, though, a hand reached out to stop me.

“Leaving so soon?”

Exasperated, I looked up.

“What the hell do you want, Daryl,” was he grinning at me??


“Oh shut it with the cheese, I’ve had enough,” I tried to close the door but he stopped me, laughter in his eyes. His beautiful, beautiful eyes that turned dark when – oh no way was I going there.

“How about just one kiss?” Daryl smiled down at me. He poked his head slightly Kadıköy Escort in the car. Was he tipsy?

“One kiss my ass!” I took my handbag and smacked him hard across the arm. Surprised, he dodged.

“That’s no way to treat your ex-lover,” he tutted.

“We weren’t lovers!”

He laughed again – that infuriating laugh – and ignored my protests, leaning closer till his face was just that close to mine. I licked my lips hesitantly and eyed his mouth. But he didn’t kiss me. Instead, he leaned in closer and whispered in my ear.

“I don’t know what you’d call us then, considering how many times I made you moan,”

His breath made me shiver but when he withdrew there was pure fury in my eyes.

“Leave me alone. That night is our secret. I have never told anyone and you promised not to tell.”

Daryl shrugged. “I don’t see what the big deal is. But yes, I haven’t told anyone. Not that there’s anyone to tell.”

He took a step back from the car, shaded his eyes against the sun and then looked back at me.

“You know what, can you give me a ride?”

“Ex-cuse me?” I spluttered.

His eyes danced.

“Not that kind of ride. God you still have the same filthy mind.”

My mouth opened and closed like a shocked fish. Swiftly, Daryl made his way to the other side of the car and got in.

“Well, let’s go.” He lounged back in his seat and smiled at me. I could barely think straight but my limbs went into automatic mode. I locked the doors, released the brake and we shifted out of the place where Eve and Paul had just had their biggest day.

“Sure you don’t want one kiss?” Daryl looked at me.

I couldn’t help but smile. “Well maybe if you stopped bugging me.” His lips turned up. “Where are you going anyway,”

Daryl looked out the window.

“To your place. Or mine. Whichever’s nearer.”

Shocked, I nearly slammed on the brakes. But my careful driver’s instincts did not allow for that. Looking in the rearview mirror for any cars I resumed my speed.

“You’re such an ass, Daryl,” but there was no heat in my voice. No heat! Why wasn’t I angry? Maybe because you want what he wants – a voice in my head taunted. I frowned.

He laughed.

“At least I’m honest. Come on Liz I’ve been thinking about you all these years!”

“Ye-ahhh sure all these years.”

He fell silent. Then I felt his hand soft on my chin.

“You’re still as beautiful as ever.”

Blushing furiously I kept my eyes on the road.

“You’re still an ass.”

“Pull over.”


“Pull over.” Daryl reached out and turned the steering wheel. Squealing, I let him and found ourselves parked at the side of a quiet road.

“Okay.. what do you want.”

“This.” He leaned in closer, firm hand on my chin, fingers feathering my jawbone. I caught a brief flash of his beautiful eyes – there they turned darker, oh, and his masculine scent that I never forgot – breathed in his shirt over and over, the night after he’d left, breathed in my own clothes for his scent – and his perfect mouth pressed softly against mine.

“Oh..” I gripped the hands that touched me and leaned closer, deeper into his kiss. He pulled away slightly and looked at me, as if dazed by me, and slanted his mouth over mine, his lips parting, tongue sweeping out gently into mine. I gave him access and for the first time in so long – I felt that spiked desire spread through my limbs as he fed on my mouth. We kissed softly at first, then harder, and his hands fisted in my hair, pulling me closer.

“Lizzy,” Daryl pulled back slightly, pressing his forehead against mine and stroking my cheek. “I’ve waited so long.” To my embarrassment I felt tears gathering in my eyes. “You’re perfect,” he kissed me again and again, little soft kisses on my mouth and then along my chin and jaw, and when he licked the nook where jaw meets neck my mouth opened on a soft moan.

“Daryl, Daryl,” there were so many words to say, but so few that could express how I really felt. He looked into my eyes. His were so dark they were almost black. His mouth was flushed from kissing me.

“Please. I don’t want it to be in a car again, not this time.”

As my mind tried to warn me against it my body hummed otherwise and so I said nothing as we exchanged seats and he drove us back to his apartment.


He had a nice place. I told him so. The ride had given my senses some time to clear up.

“Well.. I think..maybe I should go now,”

Daryl held on to my hand. I withdrew it and clutched it defensively to my chest. He didn’t let go.

“No,” he said, looking down to where his hand was pressed against me. A thumb drew out and over the soft curve of my breast. “Please don’t go, Lizzy,”

I think I almost whimpered.

“Give me one night,” he whispered, standing closer to me. His big frame enveloped me, that musk and his eyes – how was I going to explain this one to Pam – “Just one night, and you can decide after,” his words should have given me pause Göztepe Escort but I did not, and when he pulled me closer to kiss me I let him.

“You’re so perfect, Lizzy,” Daryl breathed in my ear. I shuddered against him as he licked up the curve of my ear and suckled on the lobe. My flesh started to tingle. He smiled against me and swept me up in his arms suddenly. My squeal turned to nervous laughter when he laid me on the long couch. “So perfect I could eat you up,”

His words sparked a warmth low in my stomach and I clasped my legs together instinctively. “Ha-ha Daryl, always the cheese.” A failed attempt at smarmy humour. Especially since he smiled devilishly at me and pushed my body further up. “Mygod Daryl,”

His fingers traced the swell of my breasts, feeling their weight, and with great ease pulled the fabric aside. His mouth on me was a pleasure I had almost forgotten. Biting my lip I tried both to push his head away and pull it nearer. The ache between my legs grew heavier.

When he lifted his mouth from me Daryl was smiling. I wanted to smack his head. “So you don’t want me to eat you, huh,” he lowered his torso, dragging it along my body. I arched up against him and he lifted my dress. Gasping, I tried to tug it back down. “Now why would you do that, Lizzy,” he murmured, easily overriding my strength. With the other hand he traced the dip in my stomach. Involuntary shivers went up my body.

“What do we have here,” his eyes were black. So black. With his thumb he stroked the front of my panties. A guttural moan stuck in my throat. He caught my eye.

“I bet you’re so wet right now. That I could just sink into you.”

Swallowing, I watched as he slowly peeled my panties down. The hunger in his eyes grew as he looked down at my clean shaven parts.

“Lizzy.” My name came out as a cross between a hiss and a growl. He bent his head and just as I felt his fingers part my lips he moved closer and licked up the length of my pussy.

“Ohh..” I gripped fistfuls of material on the couch, his mouth savouring me, relishing in sucking and licking at my aroused flesh. “Daryl. Daryl.” I shifted my hands to his head as he moved it relentlessly between my thighs. His tongue – oh his tongue was so good on me. My clit was swollen and slick from his mouth and he kept licking me, over and over. Then I felt his fingers sweeping over me, finding me wet and slipping inside, easing the deep ache as he feasted between my legs.

“Liz, Liz you still taste so good,” he groaned. I clasped my legs around his head and pulled him up. He lay over me in his suit. Already I could feel the heavy outline of him pressing against me. His eyes, dark with desire, drank me in.

I smoothed the front of his shirt. Couldn’t believe it was him. Daryl. I had been in love..and I thought, it was all over. Could it be, was it really him? I felt his skin, taking off his shirt to feel him, to remember him. He let me undress him quietly. When I reached down and popped the button on his pants, I locked eyes with him. It was my turn to smile when I felt the length of him through the fabric. His eyes gave away how tortured he felt.


Smiling, I pulled his zip down and used my feet to push the fabric down his legs. Daryl in turn pulled my dress over my head. We lay there on his couch in our underwear.

My fingers found the texture of the sparse hairs on his chest delightful.

“So.. you’ve been thinking about this, huh,” I whispered.

“Every day.” Daryl answered, sounding slightly pained.

I smiled and pulled his head closer.

“I’m wet. Take me.”

Moaning, Daryl pulled off his briefs and my bra. His eyes took in the slightly less-perky breasts that he had once plumped up with his hands.

“We’ll take it slow next time,” he muttered, spreading my legs and fitting himself to me.

I felt the heavy head of his cock press at my entrance. I was so wet.. it felt amazing to have his searing heat against me. I reached up to frame his face with my hands and kissed him. He smiled down at me and pressed his hips against mine. A slight give – and he was sliding inside me, that velvet friction of his flesh in mine. I shuddered at the fullness of him in me and pulled up my legs to hook behind his back.

Struggling for control, Daryl shifted us in a better position on his couch and began to pump slowly into me. Our skin was moist from excitement and each push of his hips pressed against the sensitive nub of my clit. I sighed in pleasure as he moved his cock inside me.

Pulling his head closer I whispered in his ear, “Fuck me harder.”

Something flashed in his eyes and Daryl tipped me up higher, angling himself deeper inside me and began thrusting hungrily into my body. I gasped with each heavy thud as his body met mine over and over and over and his eyes were lost in his own pleasure. When I saw that and he reached down to rub my clit, his fingers slippery in my juices, my eyes rolled back in my head with the sheer pleasure of it all and I gave myself up to the blissful dark of orgasm.

I don’t quite remember what happened after.

We lay spooned on the couch for a long time.

Questions surfaced one by one in my head, each more difficult to answer than the last. Already I was regretting it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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