The Other Men In My Life Ch. 04

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A few weeks after my hotel romp with Tommy I received another package and card, but this time it was delivered to my house. Without opening the box or card I called Tommy.

“Morning, gorgeous,” he cockily chuckled down the phone, “did you get your invite.”

“What the hell do you think you’re playing at Tommy,” I shouted angrily, “sending boxes and cards to my home?”

“Calm down,” he said, concern in his tone. “I thought you would like it.”

“I haven’t opened it.” I told him.

“Well aren’t you going to? Don’t you want to see what it is before you rant and rave down the phone?” He reasoned.

“What if my husband was here, Tommy? How would I explain this?” I said.

“Is he working away again?” He asked excitedly.

“Yes,” I replied, “he isn’t back until a week tomorrow.”

“Well then, what’s the problem?” He said, arrogantly.”

“But you didn’t know he was away,” I argued.

“Listen, Sophie, just open the damn card, and then open the box and text me your answer.” He said, sounding very serious. “If you text me yes then simply follow the instructions on the card and …”

“If I text no?” I quickly interrupted.

“If you text no, which I sincerely hope you don’t …” he paused, “you will never hear from me again.”

We both remained silent for a few moments as my brain digested what he had just said. Up until now I had secretly blamed Tommy for my not being able to walk away, but here he was offering me a choice. All I had to do was text no.

“I’ll open the card and box and then text you my answer.” I told him.

“Thank you, Sophie.” He said, and we both hung up the phone. Nervously I opened the envelope and pulled out a fancy, expensive looking party invitation. The card was black with a gold trim and in the corners were small silver party masks. The invite was for Tommy and one female companion.

“Companion,” I said out loud too myself. “What a strange thing to write on an invitation.”

I carried on reading and quickly learnt that this was no ordinary party, it was a masquerade party and it was being held in some mansion out in the country. I knew the area vaguely and knew it to be a region belonging to the rich and famous. Only surgeons, lawyers, business people and sports stars from the local football and rugby teams lived there. Maybe I might meet someone famous I thought jokingly.

Placing the invite back inside the envelope I eagerly removed the lid from the box and pulled out its contents. I gasped in awe as I held up the most gorgeous dress I had ever seen. It was a black strapless knee length satin dress and it looked out of this world.

I quickly held it up against my body and bounced around the room as if dancing in a hall. I giggled like a little school girl receiving her prom dress before I bounced back towards the box. Looking inside I found a sexy pair of black four inch heels and another small box with a note attached to it. I picked up the box and read the note.

You can keep everything except this. I have hired it and hope you enjoy wearing it.

I flicked the lid open and gasped again as the most expensive looking diamond necklace and earrings set glistened up at me. After staring at it in amazement for a few minutes I closed the lid and placed it back inside the large box with the dress, and then I noticed my mask. I chuckled lightly as I picked up the stylish black and silver cat mask with its whiskers and headband. What the hell was I going to do with all this I thought?

I phoned the office and called in sick as I poured an early morning glass of wine and lit a cigarette. I needed to clear my head, this was going too far. Car parks, hotels and masquerade parties. Whatever next?

An hour passed before I picked up my phone and text Tommy.

“Yes!” I messaged him, but he didn’t reply.

This was Monday morning and the party invite was for the coming Friday. He had some balls expecting me to work this around my husband if he had been home. Luckily he was away again. Perhaps I needed him home, like a proper husband if I was to ever start being faithful. I hated myself for doing this to Rhys, but on the other hand it was like a drug and it had been three weeks since my “hotel fix” with Tommy.

I went back to work the following day and tried to act normal. It was very difficult as I constantly checked my phone to see if Tommy had text or called. He hadn’t. When I spoke to my husband I was a little off with him and he sensed something was wrong. I put it down to him being away all the time, but I knew I was silently passing on my guilt.

When Friday came I called my husband to check he hadn’t changed his plans and was planning a surprise weekend return, something he had been known to do in the past. I finished work around midday and headed straight to the salon where I had my nails and hair done to match my outfit. I was so excited, but with no contact from Tommy since Monday I also felt a little nervous and apprehensive.

The maltepe escort instructions he left on the back of the card were simple. Be dressed and ready in the clothes and jewellery provided on Friday at 7pm prompt.

It was about 6pm when I finally dragged my body from the relaxing hot waters of my bath. With all the relevant bits shaved, plucked and moisturised I dried my body and made my way to the bed where I had placed the box containing my outfit.

With a deep breath I removed the lid and took out the dress, hearing the satin material in the silence of my bedroom as I held it up to my body. With the dress resting on my naked body I reached up and ran my fingers over the expensive fabric. The dress felt warm and sexy, magical even, I laughed slightly.

“This is beautiful, Tommy.” I said to myself. “I’ve never seen a dress like it before.” Still in awe as I lifted it up and over my head.

Once the dress was over my body I reached around the back and managed to pull the zipper up before adjusting the front to fit my bust. The short distance from my lower to middle back made the zip accessible, something I wondered if Tommy thought about or fluked?

Anyway with the dress now in place I stepped into a sexy pair of black lace see through panties and pulled them up my freshly shaved, moisturised legs. Then, removing the diamond earrings and necklace I put them on and slipped into my sexy four inch heels before looking at my reflection in the mirror. I barely recognised myself. I looked sexy and desirable, my bust full and inviting as the dress emphasised my feminine assets instead of concealing them.

I looked and felt like a goddess. My hair was long, brown and wavy, shining in the light. My green eyes seemed to sparkle like little emeralds. It felt like a spell had been cast over me.

Dressed like this for any other occasion I would feel self-conscious, like I was showing off too much leg and cleavage. But tonight was different. Tonight I wasn’t Mrs Sophie Williams. Tonight I was a stranger. I could be anyone I wanted to be.

6.50pm, I picked up the black and silver cat mask and placed it over my face, immediately I felt something inside of me break free. I knew tonight would be like no other and the thought of what Tommy might have in store for me excited me.

Suddenly I heard a car horn outside my house. Looking out behind the blinds I saw an impressive black Audi TT waiting in the street, its engine running. I picked up my small bag containing my credit card, keys, cigarettes, phone and some light make-up and dashed to meet Tommy.

I climbed into the small sports car and suddenly realised my driver wasn’t Tommy. Instead I found a well built hunk in a black suit and shirt, wearing a black Casanova mask. Ignoring my surprise and disappointment he told me to shut the door before we sped off.

I tried to start a conversation with my apparent chauffer, but he didn’t seem interested. It was if he was forbidden to look or speak to me. The further we drove the darker the roads became and I felt myself becoming a little anxious as we turned off onto a country road. All street lighting had no disappeared but the night was bright, the countryside lit up by the full moon. I wasn’t superstitious and I didn’t think tonight was the right time to start being so either.

“Make sure your mask is fastened and you have all of your belongings.” The driver told me, in a deep seductive tone as we turned right onto a road that was clearly private. In the distance I could see a large mansion and the road up to the house was littered on both sides with little blue lanterns in the ground. The place looked incredible.

Making the final adjustments to my dress, shoes and mask I double checked my bag just as we pulled into a large stone floored courtyard. There were several expensive sports cars coming and going, some with single guests and some with couples. All were entering the large oak doors which were the entrance to this impressive building.

Walking inside the mansion it seemed quite busy, a lot of people mingling about in the hall and ballroom. There was classical music playing but nobody was dancing and I quickly noticed how all the doorman and waiters were dressed exactly the same as my chauffer, and all the male guests were in black suits, white shirts and silver Casanova masks. The females however wore black, silver or gold dresses, with all kinds of masks, but each matching their outfits.

Walking into the main ballroom I took a glass of wine from the waiter and scanned the room for Tommy. Conversations seemed to stop as I walked around the room, all eyes focused on me. If it wasn’t for the confidence coursing through my veins behind the mask and dress, safe in the knowledge that I was a stranger to these gazing eyes then I would have probably ran out by now.

In fact it only made feel stronger and more confident as I gazed back through the crowds, still seeking maslak escort Tommy. Every man seemed to stop what he was doing to absorb me, to take me fully in as I continued searching the room. The attention flooded my body and I knew this was just the beginning.

After about forty minutes or so I gave up searching for Tommy, realising this was all part of his game. I had spoken to a few guests, male and female and had consumed a couple of glasses of wine when a tall grey haired man approached me on his own.

I had spotted him staring at me for a while and he was the only one wearing a gold Casanova mask. I figured he was probably the parties host or possibly the owner of the mansion.

“Are you enjoying the evening thus far?” He asked, in a pleasant voice, looking straight into my eyes and not at my cleavage like all the other men had done so far.

I looked at him, trying to take him in as he stood equally as confident as me, sipping his glass of champagne.

“Yes, thanks.” I replied, smiling.

“You seem to have captured the imagination of all my guests,” he grinned, “well at least all of the men anyway. You look ravishing by the way.”

“Thank you,” I cooed behind my mask, losing a dot of confidence, “so why the gold mask?” I asked.

“Haven’t you worked it out?” He beamed.

“I guessed you perhaps own this place or at least you’re renting it.” I replied.

He grinned slyly at me under his mask. “Would the lady like a tour of my home?”

Before I answered he reached up and gently touched the edge of my cat mask, stroking the soft material with his finger tips before stroking the fake whiskers.

“Interested?” He pressed.

I caught his hand and pulled it down from my face. His palm was warm, his grip gentle. “With a stranger, in a house one could so easily get lost in?” I grinned mischievously.

He stepped closer and my senses filled with his aftershave. “What if I promised you pleasure?” He whispered.

We both laughed and without my reply he took my arm in his and led me from the ballroom, leaving the guests and fading music behind. As we walked and talked I actually became engrossed in the history of the house, and I suddenly realised I had enjoyed a little too much of the champagne he was carrying as I suddenly felt woozy.

“I have a very special surprise for a beautiful young lady fitting your exact description.” He said, stopping outside a set of double doors.

I looked up and down the long landing on the top floor and realised we were alone. The music from the ballroom was very, very faint and I no longer oozed the confidence of an hour ago.

“Are you ready?” He asked, sensing my doubt.

I felt my heart beating fast, my panties moistening. “You always pick on the vulnerable girls?” I joked, trying to regain some control against the affects of the alcohol.

“I’m sorry,” he replied with a smile, “I thought you were here to be fucked.”

I looked up at him in shock of his outburst. Up until now he had been the total gentleman, but I was only playing the naive guest. “I am.” I told him.

He opened the doors to the room in front of us and led me inside a huge bed chamber. The decor was pretty much the same as the rest of the house except for a large over-sized four poster bed. But what really grabbed my attention were the four naked stallions stood at ease in a straight line with their hands behind their backs, wearing only their silver masks.

“Now what? I asked, my voice shaking with nerves.

My host took my hand. “Come with me.”

He led me the short distance across the room until I was standing a few feet in front of the men. I scanned the line of hunks and recognised Tommy on the far right. I smiled at him but he remained expressionless, as did all the men. The only indication I had to how they were feeling was between their legs as I witnessed growing cocks across the line.

I was transfixed; my legs began to wobble as they turned to jelly admiring these naked men.

“We all want to see what’s under the dress,” the host told me as he stepped up close behind me. I could feel his breath on my neck as he placed his hands on top of my bare shoulders. He gently slid his hands down my arms before reaching for my zipper and inching it down my spine. Once it had reached my lower back I felt the tension around my breasts ease slightly, and the cocks in front of me hardened further.

Tingles shot through my body as he went back to my shoulders and started running his fingertips gently up and down my arms. My dress hung on my bust, any slight movement and it would fall from my slender body. Then, relaxing my arms it did just that and the men gasped in unison. I was suddenly exposed and vulnerable. Here I was in a room with strangers, except for Tommy, in just a pair of black see through lace panties and heels.

The host kissed the back of my neck, causing me to flinch. I took a deep mecidiyeköy escort breath and tried to relax for what was obviously going to happen. I closed my eyes and began moaning as my nipples hardened under his soft kisses. He moved up to my ear and whispered into it. “Enjoy every second, Sophie.”

Shit! He knew my name I thought. What else did he know about me? But it was too late to ask questions as he pushed me forwards and the four men broke their silent line and circled me.

I was quickly swamped with eager hands, big hands as my panties were pulled down my legs and thrown away. I had a man on each side of me cupping my ass as they groped my breasts and sucked on my nipples. I threw my head back and moaned as another sunk to his knees and spread my legs for his tongue. It was a little awkward for him but he managed to get his head between my legs and lick at my soaking wet pussy. It felt like I was in some erotic dream as these studs groped, mauled, kissed and devoured my body. I loved every second of it as a couple of fingers replaced the tongue inside me and started to fuck me whilst their owner teased my clit.

By now my legs had turned to jelly as the strong men held me up, keeping me in place as they each swapped places and enjoyed the delicate parts of my body. The fact we were all still wearing our masks only heightened my arousal and when I was finally pushed to my knees by two of the men I quickly opened my eyes and waited for the first cock to spread my hungry mouth open.

I didn’t have to wait long as someone’s thick engorged mushroom like head was thrust into my face, jabbing my cheek before I took hold of it and fed it into my hot little mouth. I was so turned on I sucked him as deep as possible and he moaned above me, grabbing handfuls of my freshly styled hair. I loved the lustful sounds men made when I sucked their cocks; it felt so powerful, so erotically charged.

I bobbed my head for a few moments before another cock was thrust into my hand. I gripped it firmly and began stroking it as I worked the cock in my mouth harder. I felt another man wrapping chunks of my brown locks around his cock before he started jerking himself off with my hair. Again they swapped until I had stroked and sucked each of them.

I could only account for four cocks so I wondered if my golden masked host had sampled what was an offer. My question was quickly answered when I was suddenly picked up and taken to him sitting on a large leather chair with no sides. How convenient I thought as I was lowered with my legs spread onto his cock.

He was not too long but very thick and I felt some pain as the men lowered me on to him. He smiled and told me to take it as every fat inch spread my walls wide apart. He held me tight for a few moments allowing me to catch my breath and get used to his size. Grabbing hold of my breasts he took each nipple in turn into his mouth and we slowly began to fuck. I gripped his shoulders to steady myself and then he started thrusting his hips hard and fast in an upward motion.

“Oh god, yes, yes fuck me! Fuck me!” I instinctively cried out.

“Oh yeah,” he moaned, “I can’t wait to see you filled with cock, Sophie.”

A man suddenly appeared in front of me behind the chair. It was Tommy. His big fat cock bouncing and throbbing inches from my face. Grabbing the back of my head he pulled me towards him and pushed himself inside my mouth. I smiled and gladly took him as I moaned and bounced on the cock deep inside of me.

I gagged around Tommy’s cock as he pushed in harder and harder until he was deep in my throat, his balls banging against my chin. My eyes began to water but I worked harder, determined to take all this cock.

I felt other hands on me again, squeezing my ass and breasts. Tommy grabbed a handful of my hair and relaxed his thrusts slightly allowing me to work his cock. I was grateful for that before I was pushed as far forward as possible and felt the cock inside my pussy slow to almost a stop. I gasped as I felt a cold lubricant being applied to my anal opening.

Knowing what was about to follow I sucked the head of Tommy’s cock back into my mouth and braced myself. I didn’t have to wait long as I felt something hard up against the tiny opening of my asshole. I felt hands on my ass cheeks and realised it was the host beneath me, his cock still buried inside me, throbbing viciously. Tommy held my head still and slowly slid his cock in and out of my mouth and then I started to moan and cry out in pain.

Slowly and agonisingly some stranger spread my tiny hole, filling my ass with his cock. The pain was excruciating to begin with but once his cock was all the way inside my rectum he stopped pushing and my ass relaxed around his fat shaft.

Then as if all in tune the three of them started fucking me. My body felt so full and tight. They were slow at first; easing me up and down back and forth before I started to moan that I was close to cumming.

The two cocks inside me started thrusting harder and I gripped the back of the leather chair groaning louder and louder around Tommy’s cock. Then suddenly someone yanked my head back by my hair, I assumed it was the guy fucking my ass as he started to really ram inside me.

“Uhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh fuck yes, yes fuck me, ohhhhhhhhh yes!” I screamed.

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