The Patrol

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So it’s been a long day and I’m exhausted. On today’s patrol we only had two IEDs detonate on us, but thank God our technology defeated those attempts. No one was injured this time and we actually killed a couple of those bastards. I never thought I’d be so indifferent to killing until they started trying to kill me daily. The thoughts of everyone back home keep me going, but it’s the dreams of you that keep me sane.

As I drag myself into my room, I put my weapon down and start to strip off my body armor. No matter how much I wear it, it never becomes comfortable… I just notice it less and less. Wonderful. Soaked with sweat thru the uniform again. Oh well, at least the laundry is free. That’s my third uniform this week and it’s only Tuesday. After I rip off all my patches (damn Velcro… I still think that was one of the stupidest ideas the Army has had yet, next to the beret), I throw the uniform in a pile with the other two and promise to remember to drop them off tomorrow on my way outside of the wire, just like I promised last night.

I grab my shower stuff and head to the bathroom. I guess that’s one thing I can be thankful for… RHIP (Rank Has Its Privileges). On this FOB (Forward Operating Base), Captains get their own room and share a bathroom. That way I don’t have to walk a half a mile to the trailers each time I need to use the facilities. It also gives me a little more privacy, especially since my battle buddy and I are on opposite patrols, it gives me a little more alone time.

I pass the mirror and stop to make sure I didn’t miss any injuries that might need to be looked at by Doc again. Nope, not this time. The only injury I’ve had was the shrapnel wound to my shoulder eight weeks ago, and it’s healing well. Who knows? Doc did such a good just with the 7 sutures that you might not even notice it. I still haven’t told you because I know how much more you worry since I volunteered to give up my medical position to go out and run patrols when our mission changed. Before I leave, I wonder how much weight I really have lost. I turn on the cold spigot and wait. Been in country for nearly 6 months now and I still have that silly belief that the cold spigot might put out something cooler than 110 degrees. But at least it doesn’t scald you like the hot spigot does. I finally step in and the hot water burns at first but then I finally get used to the temperature and it’s almost relaxing. My shoulders start to relax and I can feel the sleep monster attacking fast. I know I’ve got to hurry before it takes hold so I rush thru my shower and turn off the water. I towel off and wrap the towel around my waist like I do at home. I walk back into my room and sit in my recliner. I don’t know who originally bought it, but I’m glad they couldn’t take it home with them. As I lay back I drift away staring at the picture of our getaway to Catalina Island…

We had finally decided it was time to meet in person. Neither one of us was quite sure of what to expect, but whatever it would be, we knew it would be wonderful. Los Angeles was ideal. I knew plenty of places in the area so we’d always have something to do if we needed it. I flew thru the night so I’d be ready for you when you arrived. You weren’t sure what to expect as I hadn’t shared my plans with you. I just told you to pack clothes for going out and also for the beach. When you got off the plane, you walked out and looked for me, or at least what you thought I’d look like from the pictures we had exchanged. Just when you thought something may have been wrong, you saw a non-descript man in a suit coat holding a piece of cardboard with you name written on it. Confused you walk up to him and before you could even ask, he tells you that you need to hurry because I am waiting for you. He helps with your luggage and then takes you outside. He opens the door to a luxurious Mercedes and in the back seat you find a small bouquet of flowers and a half bottle of wine with a note. As the car pulls away, you read the note: “Enjoy a drink before your next flight. See you soon. Love, Me.” You pour a glass of wine and ponder where the next flight could lead. Your ticket ended at LAX. About forty-five minutes later the door opens again. The driver helps you out and you notice you’re at a small airport. He escorts you over to a waiting helicopter and loads your bags. As he drives away, the helicopter starts to vibrate and you can feel the ground pulling away from you.

Your excitement is mixed with anticipation since you’ve never been in a helicopter before. As you get about a thousand feet up in the air, you lose your breathe with the sights. You can see LAX about 10 miles away and the beach just within your reach. As the helicopter is turning you even catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign (a rarity in LA that the air is that clear). Then you start heading over a large hill, the Palos Verdes Peninsula. PV has perhaps even more money than Beverly Hills and as you Travesti fly over the houses, you can see how obvious it is. When the helicopter gets to the top of the mountain you can see ocean on all three sides. Dead ahead, as if it’s just floating in the sea, there is an island. You know immediately from hearing my stories that must be Santa Catalina Island, 26 miles from the Los Angeles coastline. You can see why I fell in love with that place.

About halfway there, you notice a few boats gathered in the waters below and ask the pilot what’s going on. He explains that it’s migration season and there’s a pod of Grey Whales down below. Usually he wouldn’t be allowed to take you for a close look, but since it’s a private charter, he’s happy to get you a closer look. You drop down to a few hundred feet and are amazed at such a site. You’d never imagine such a large creature and being so close to it. The pilot then looks at his watch and says that he can’t be late, so he starts back towards the island. Another ten minutes and he’s putting the helicopter down on the pier, which he explains is quite an oddity since they usually have land another mile away.

A bagboy grabs your luggage into a golf cart and then disappears. As you turn to chase after him, the pilot yells at you: “He’s waiting for you” and throws you a key before he starts to take off again. You look at the key and it says Sea Side Cottage 103. You look around the small little town of Avalon (only 1 square mile) and see about a block off the main strip a sign for the Sea Side Cottage. You figure this has got to be the place and pick up your purse and start walking.

You can’t believe how beautiful the weather is and you even take off your cover up that you were wearing earlier. It’s nearly 80 out, but the gentle sea breeze makes you hardly notice. As you get to the hotel, you notice a few little stand alone cottages, but you can’t seem to find 103. After some searching you see a small sign pointing down this path on the other side of this hill. You follow the sign and about 500 feet later you find a secluded cottage with its own private beach. As you walk closer you see the number 103 on the door. You turn the key and the door opens. You suddenly remember why you’ve come out here and your anticipation rises again. The journey was so beautiful that you had forgotten your destination.

You take a few steps inside and then you hear my voice from within: “I was getting worried you’d become lost.” You drop your purse next to the rest of your bags and start searching for me. You find a kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom, but you can’t find me. Finally, you’re starting to pout like a child when you see a patio door you had missed the first time thru. You open it and as you step outside you see me standing there, holding a single red rose for you. You run up and throw your arms around my neck and passionately kiss me. So much for introductions, but it doesn’t matter since we already know each other so well. I return your kiss and wrap my arms around your waist. After the kiss we still hold on to each other in a strong embrace, nothing needing to be said. With your head on my chest you can hear my heart racing. We look into each other’s eyes and smile. You finally say hello.

We stand there enjoying one another’s embrace and comfort as we look out over our own private cove. You’ve never seen such a picturesque place before… and it’s all ours for the weekend. Few words are spoken, but they are heavily weighted with multiple meanings and innuendos. Most of the next hour is just spent smiling and kissing. I finally tell you that you look exhausted so I lead you around the corner of the patio and there’s an oversized chaise lounge. On table next to it is a small plate with some cheese & crackers, grapes and a bottle of chilled Chardonnay. You look at me playfully and say “you wouldn’t be trying to seduce me, now would you?” I smile, but I never do answer your tease and it just makes you grin more. You have one of the most beautiful smiles I have ever seen and your eyes radiate happiness and beauty.

I place you on the chaise and cuddle facing you so we can kiss and I can taunt you with gentle kisses from behind your ear down your neck to just below your collar bone. In between kisses I feed you grapes after dipping them in the sweet Chardonnay. As I go in for a kiss, I quickly dive a little lower and kiss the top of your breasts, still covered by your blouse. Next thing you know I have somehow undone three of the buttons on your blouse with nothing more than my mouth and tongue. You moan imagining what else I could do with my tongue and hope you will find out soon. With a smile you help remove your blouse and I stare at how firm and beautiful your breasts are and I can see your nipples pointing at me affectionately thru your white lacy bra. Finally I reach behind you and help reposition you face down on the chaise and I swing Ankara Travesti a leg over so I’m straddling you just below your hips. You can feel a stiffness beneath my khakis and you’re breathless with anticipation for what’s coming next.

I unbutton my own shirt and drop it on the floor next to yours. When I lean forward to nibble on your ear, our flesh touches and there is so much warmth and electricity between the two of us. I place my hands on your shoulders and hold your body tight to mine, enjoying the peace that you bring to me. My hand slowly reaches inward and unclasps your bra, which you eagerly help me remove. I reach on the other side of the chaise and pull out a bottle of warmed massage oil. I place a few drops in my hands and start rubbing them together. You can smell the light fragrance of Jasmine and vanilla and it begins to soothe you. I place my hands on your back and start to rub the oil into your skin, adding a little bit more as needed so my hands slide across your skin. I massage your shoulders and every part of your back. When I feel your back has started to relax I run by fingers inside the waist band of your dress to massage your butt and find that you have somewhere found time to remove your panties, if you even wore them at all today. I appreciate how firm it feels beneath my hands and you let out a slight moan. You feel my stiffness twitch when you moan and you immediately get a little wetter anticipating what you know is coming sometime soon. My hands begin exploring your back again, but this time they are concentrating a little more on the outside of your back. Then it finally happens, my hands slip down and reach underneath you to cup your breasts. This takes you by surprise and you let out a quick start followed by a moan of pleasure. I’m massaging your breasts just right, paying just enough attention to your nipples but not forgetting that there’s more to a breast than just the nipple.

I’m practically laying on you now with my hands underneath you. It’s a perfect position to kiss the back of your neck and ears. I whisper in your ear “I want to be one with you. I want to feel your ecstasy I dream of.” You gently push me off you so I’m standing next to the Chaise and you undo my pants expecting them to fall to the floor, but they are caught on my hard cock. But with a simple tug they do fall to the floor. You slide your dress off and then lay me on my back on the Chaise. You get between my legs and lick the precum off the tip of my cock. You lick the shaft and then take my entire swollen member in your mouth at once. I lose my breath and then sigh in pure pleasure. After sucking me for a few minutes, I tell you that I want to give you the same pleasure and reach down to guide your hips over my face, the whole time you never take your lips off my cock. I spread your pussy with my fingers and your wetness drips into my mouth. You taste so wonderful to me that me cock twitches in your mouth. With that temptation, I can no longer hold off and bury my face in your snatch. My tongue alternates between slow wide long licks and firmer, quicker darts into your pussy. After a few minutes of salvation eating you out, I start to hum as my tongue is inside you. At first you wonder what the hell I am doing, but then you feel the vibrations rumble thru your entire pelvic region and realize I know exactly what I am doing. This brings you to the edge of an orgasm and you let out a deep moan, my cock still in your mouth. This has the same effect on me and you can feel my cock start to pulsate, knowing you are about to make me cum. This thought pushes you over the edge and I can feel your pussy suck my tongue inside you as you ride my face. At the same time my cock is emptying itself inside your mouth and throat and you are swallowing every drip, not losing a single beat even thru your earth-shattering orgasm. I continue to lap your pussy, not letting this orgasm subside easily. Minutes after our bodies are done trembling in rhythm I pull you to me and kiss you deeply. I can taste my seed in your mouth and it starts to get me hard again, but this is no surprise to you since you still have your hand on my cock, gently stroking me.

You take my cock as a leash for me and lead me back inside the cottage to bedroom. On our way in, I pull the curtain open to reveal a complete wall of floor to ceiling windows and the view is so beautiful that you have to stop to take it in. I take this opportunity to step in front of you and place my arms on your hips. You cock your head slightly to the side, smile at me and then jump up on me and wrap your legs around my waist. As soon as you’re settled in you put a hand on each side of my head and kiss me like I’ve never been kissed before. The passion is unadulterated and energized to the point that I don’t even know what reality I’m in anymore.

I can feel your pussy on me, still dripping with wetness. You feel my hard on tapping you on your İstanbul Travesti bottom, not wanting to be forgotten. You playfully bite you bottom lip while you smile and then reach down between your legs and put my cock inside your pussy, something we have both wanted for some time now. The years of anticipation of this have made this moment even better than I had ever hoped. Your wetness allows me to slip in easily. My cock is so hard now that you can feel the veins as they slide inside of your tightness. We kiss some more as you bounce in my arms, feeling my cock inside of you for the first time. I’m absolutely speechless as to how well we fit together so I lean in and suck on your breast. Without using my hand I get much of your breast and your nipple in my mouth and gently suck it while at the same time flicking my tongue over your nipple as I suck. You toss your head back and let out a shriek of enjoyment.

I shuffle over to the bed and lay you down on your back, assuring that we never break apart. Next thing I know you have somehow flipped me over on my back and are riding me like a horse. I quickly forget about how easily your caught me off-guard when you start bouncing up and down. Your breasts are just perfect, like the rest of you. You were sucking on your finger but now your hands slowly start moving down. One of your hands starts working your clit in time with your bouncing while the other reaches around and plays with my balls. I reach up and massage your breasts and run my hands down your smooth belly and stop on your hips. Our bodies are working together like a machine that was designed to be one.

From our long discussions you know how vulnerable I become when I’m being ridden and you use that to your advantage. You have complete control over me. My guards are down. You take the fingers that were just massaging your clit and tease me with them. Getting them close to my mouth and just as I try to suck them in, you pull away. I want them in my mouth. I need to taste you again. I want you. I need you. Period. Finally you’re not quite quick enough and I get one of your fingers in my mouth. I suck every bit of your juice off your finger like my life depended on it. You scream out in pleasure remembering how so recently my mouth was doing the same thing to your pussy. This is the beginning of another orgasm for you so I don’t stop. By now your fingers are the least of your concerns. Your other hand has come back up and is massaging your breasts. I reach up and help, which makes your call out my name. I pull you toward me and you collapse on my chest with my head on my shoulder. I turn my head and kiss you behind your ear and you shudder in delight. You briefly lay limp on me, trying to catch your breath, but then you slowly start riding my cock again.

I roll you back over on your back without any resistance from you. I can only imagine how exhausted you must be already, but we’re not done yet. You’re lying there with your head tilted back and your eyes closed. All you can mumble is something that somewhat resembles “oh my God.” I take over and slowly start thrusting in and out of your sopping wet pussy. I look down and see my cock shining with your wetness and it turns me on even more knowing how much we just fit together. I reach down and trace the lips of your pussy with my fingers, paying extra attention to your clit, but not too much because I know how sensitive it is right now. Your hands meet mine and start helping. You’re starting to recover from your last orgasm and you’re back in the game. You put your legs on my shoulders so you can receive me in your deepest parts. You’re breathing starts to quicken again. This time I’m getting close too and I want to come with you, so I speed up my movements. I can feel my balls start to churn. I look down at you and mumble something that you’re not able to understand, but you are speaking the same language and reply with the same gibberish. With each thrust you let out a slight yelp. As another orgasm takes over your body, your pussy tightens around my cock once again and starts to milk it. You can feel me start to convulse inside of you uncontrollably and then finally you feel me release myself deep inside you, squirt by squirt. We both moan in ecstasy and you lower your legs so I can collapse next to you.

Our bodies are both covered with a glistening layer of sweat from our primal activities and it glistens in the afternoon sun that is coming in thru the window. I smile as your drift off to sleep. I figure you’ve earned it so I let you sleep for an hour or so. When you wake, we get ready to head back to town for dinner. I know this fun little Mexican cantina that has some of the best margaritas, so that’s where we head. It’s a delicious dinner and afterwards we go to the ice cream shop across the walkway and share a fresh made waffle cone. As we’re sitting on the fountain in the middle of the street an older couple comes up and asks if “you young love birds” would like them to take a picture for us. We giggle and hand them our camera. Ever since that day I have always kept that picture with me. No matter how bad things get I look at that picture and remember our first weekend together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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