The Perfect Start

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Big Dicks

She was always cute to me. Even on Day 1. I remember that day. She had a little accent (not an unfamiliar one) an easy smile, and a cheeky, radiant look. There was also a little mischief there behind those blue eyes, something that wanted to get out and also something that wanted to connect with someone.

She was in her early 20’s with red hair, pale skin and stunning blue eyes. Unlike me she wasn’t someone who went to the gym 4 days a week but she was attractive and healthy looking. Not overweight; she was a radiant ball of youth.

As with many good things, things started out normally. Conversation over an ordered coffee. A couple personal details here and there. A mutual connection. It wasn’t initially sexual. Well, maybe a little. I can’t lie, those eyes had a way of pulling me in. Her smile was full and drew my gaze onto her lips. And you know what they say; eyes on eyes is friends, eyes on lips leads to bed. It doesn’t rhyme, but the point is valid. Little did I know how much pulling the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri rest of her would do on me, later on.

We chatted over coffee and I kind of guessed there was some attraction there on both sides but at the time I wanted her friend. Same age, also cheeky, Dark haired and full of self-assurance. One night I got what I wanted and her friend was naked underneath me. It was sex, but it was one-sided and not intimate.

And so we progressed, for a few months, chatting and talking, until at some point it seemed ok to hang out alone at my house. I was 37, so I was cautious, but I liked her.

Beth arrived in the early evening and we chatted about the usual stuff; friends, gossip, future plans, and family. She talked about boys she liked, and briefly about sex.

We drank some wine that night and we laughed on my couch, a comfortable one that fits two bodies nicely. Sitting next to her that night I became aware of how sexually she smelled. That dark güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri red hair that hung down past her shoulders was richly scented, and not because of her shampoo. It smelled of her skin. It was musky and heavy and as I watched it hang down past her ears it occurred to me that it probably smell like that because that is the smell of her neck, l her chest, her pale breasts, her stomach, her belly button, her hips, her soft red pubic hair, pubic bone, her clitoris, her inner thigh, and finally, her warm, wet vagina. I wouldn’t be disappointed. She was all of that.

As we chatted I became aware of how her sexual nature was part of who she was. She wanted sex. She was a woman who wanted to be naked. She wanted her body to be pressed upon and she wanted to press back, deeply.

She was smiling and talking but all of a sudden I wasn’t listening. I could smell her hair and my eyes flicked between her eyes, her teeth, her lips and her neck. I imagined myself güvenilir bahis şirketleri kissing those lips, wrapping my hands in her hair, feeling the smell of her enter me, and I wanted her to want me back.

At first we were both sitting up but I decided to lie down and put my legs across hers. I wanted her and I needed to know if she was there with me. She responded well, put her arm on my leg, and we continued to chat.

My concentration was gone. I didn’t care what we talked about any more and I watched her and waited for the right moment. Which never really eventuated, it was really a combination of moments.

I stroked her leg a couple of times and we laughed, then at one point I gently eased her down from sitting up next to me so she was lying down next to me. She moved down easily and I could tell she was excited. Her skin was warm and her legs touched mine in a soft, encouraging way.

As she lay beside me I could feel that her skin was soft, her breasts were nice and supple, and her hair was indeed reflecting the scent of her skin.

As we talked I ran my index finger across her hip and towards her belly button, just inside her jeans. Her eyes flickered away for a moment and she breathed deeply, drawing her stomach in, as if to say “go further, go deeper”.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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