The Phone Call

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The phone call.

That’s what started it. The phone call.

I’m a self confident capable woman in my thirties. I’ve had some experiences but with my new guy im most relaxed. He understands me. New experiences come to us and I take them rolling with the waves accepting my sexual desires and passions. I need trust, respect and care in my relationship. This I both give and receive. Were equals and that’s how I want it. We share decisions and I trust him implicitly. However I recently suggested that Id like to be handcuffed for the day by him or at least give myself to him for the day…he didn’t immediately react and I let it lie. We have a strong relationship and I know never to push sensitive areas and wait for a response.

But one day recently…the phone rang early in the morning as early as my alarm usually rings. He tells me to phone in sick and go to his place. He needs me but doesn’t tell me why. I respond and just say yes – after all I don’t usually take time off so this seemed ok. So I call in the office and they wish me well. Shortly after I’ve showered the phone rings again. It’s him again. He simply tells me ‘wear your black lacy Basque and stockings with some heels and your large black trench coat. Be at mine in 15 minutes’.

He places the receiver down before I can respond. My mind wonders as I make up my face, dry my hair and lotion my skin. I’m aroused by the idea…but what does he have in mind. I like games…it appeals to the child that resides in me…but am careful too. I trust him so what can happen? also, as I stand there towel wrapped round me, I feel a tingling between my legs and a small ache grows. My curiosity increases and I know he will never harm me and this ache is growing to real wetness.

I decide to go with his game. I dress into my stockings, revelling in my own smooth legs as I slide them to the tops of my thighs. My Basque shows my body off with its curves and womanly shape my breast a perfect handful. I look into the mirror and admire myself and know that he can’t resist me like this. I turn and look at my rear, all creamy white and round. My hand traces over the skin and I know that he can satisfy me like no other. I slip my coat on and also pack t shirt, jeans and trainers in a bag which I pop in the boot.

As I walk to the car, my neighbour spots me and calls over. As I speak I feel the excitement as strong as if id committed a crime my voice quivers as I tell him ive thrown a sickie and am off shopping. He waves as he playfully tuts, while I feel a cool breeze blow under my coat, causing my nipples to stiffen and my honey to moisten. Its blows along my thighs as if it’s teasing and stroking my legs, reaching further along with each Travesti gust. The cool breeze now contrasts with the warmth and wetness I feel gently rising between my legs.

I sit in the car and the coat opens showing the tops of my stockings and that faint brush of trimmed hair. I wrap my coat tight around my legs to hide myself. But within it’s like a volcano waiting to erupt. I presume he will make love to me on the doorstep having teased me like this and I know I will be ready.

The drive makes me more exited with the thought of my barely covered body so close to exposure to the world. I arrive with my nerves alive and exited my hands shake. My wetness has spread to my thighs and my mind has dreamed of him inside of me – his cock, hands or maybe a toy. Every part of me is alive as I reach his front door. There I see a note taped to the keyhole and it tells me to go in and wait in the lounge. I do – and he appears. He is however dressed – in his dark navy suit and tie looking both manful and sweet, the blueness matching his eyes.

He looks me in the eyes and tells me to open my coat – I drop it to the floor it revealing my body covered only by a Basque and stockings, my naked honey and cheeks exposed to him. I’m never normally comfortable naked like this in daytime but the tone of his voice and the situation has the best of me. He looks me up and down and tells me I look good. Then he tells me I must follow his order –

‘Today you are mine. You will do as I say. I adore you and love you. I will never hurt you. I will give you unimaginable pleasure and satisfy your desire like never before. You will belong to me and no other. You will only do as I say. I will tell you everything you will do. You will follow everything I say to the word. Do you understand’

I’m so taken by the situation, his words and the tone of his voice that I whisper ‘yes’ without consciously thinking.

He replies by smiling and saying ‘I can tell you are aroused -while that pleases me I must go out for a short while. Before I go you must suck me – show me how much you want me and desire me by getting on your knees and taking me deep in your mouth’.

I’m taken by him and automatically drop to me knees – I open his zip and take out his fast erecting penis. I take him into my mouth my soft lips against the hardness of his cock. I lick along his shaft as he likes to his balls before I take him into my warm wet mouth. I slowly move down as he holds my head strokes my hair and guides me down his shaft. He is hard now and I slowly move along the shaft deep into my throat. I suck harder and faster and my arousal takes over. My hand slips down between my legs and my pussy. I start to stroke Konya Travesti it, the wetness making me slinky and smooth – but he tells me to stop ‘ I didn’t say you could touch yourself – I tell you what to do’. I move my hand away and continue to suck him deep and he jerks and shoots his hot cum into my mouth and he tells me to swallow this. I do as he says the warm cum slipping down my throat.

He steps away and zips himself up. ‘I must go now but will be back. You will remain here as you are – just in your Basque and stockings. You will not touch yourself or seek to please yourself. Instead there is a film on video you will watch. When it ends I will return. I will be thinking of you while im away’.

He swiftly leaves. I feel vulnerable in his house, naked and exposed but also exited and aroused. While im slightly scared im also aching for him to return and continue. I sit down and as instructed, play the film. My moist honey sticks to the leather sofa at first, cool to my skin. I see an empty beer bottle and wonder of the pleasure I could have and know it would slip straight into my aching honey. The film starts – it’s erotic and classy. Properly photographed it’s about a woman exploring her sexuality and desires. She has men and women and I gaze at their lust and passion. a man being sucked, taking her from behind – filling her cheeks; a woman licking a woman and filling her with her whole hand; cum all over her breasts; a stranger taking her in public – it had all my known and secret desires. I want to stroke myself but remember my instructions.

The video is over. He returns. ‘Did you enjoy the film? I hope you did as I said’ with that he takes my fingers and sucks them one by one, taking them deep into his mouth. ‘good I can’t taste anything. you will be rewarded for being good. His hand slips between my legs, easily parting my wet lips, I moan aloud with the release. His thumb tickles my clit. Im faint with desire and every part of me wants him inside me, anywhere.

‘Take me to the bedroom and undress me and remove your Basque’ -I do as im told undress him and kiss each exposed part of his body. He tells me to lie on the bed. I lay there my naked wet pussy exposed and I open my legs in anticipation. He dribbles baby oil on me. On my nipples, belly, honey and cheeks. I squirm and push my hips toward him expecting his hands. He delays and watches me and as I pant with expectation he begins to cares my breasts. My swollen breasts react and my nipples are as hard as they have ever been. His hands take a whole breasts in and gently squeeze until he reaches the nipple where he teases me. His slippery hands squeeze harder and then softer. He holds them and the İzmir Travesti pressure and oil forces them to slowly move to my nipples and slip off causing me to almost cum there and then. I push my chest to him again, desperate for attention. Im so wet and warm, my pussy swollen, my cheeks aching for his touch.

His hands move to my belly and down my thighs – he caresses my inner thighs, his breath on my pussy sends my into ecstasy. His fingers start to weave into my pubic hair, glistening with my love juice. He reaches my clit and opens my lips. My soft velvet opening yields to his fingers and he slides his middle finger into me. Deep inside he circles my inner recess and soon another finger joins. He pours oil on me and four fingers are inside. Next his slides his whole hand into me I push myself onto his hand as he fills me like ive never been filled before. ‘Stroke yourself’ he commands his direct words bring my into immediate response and my fingers circle my clit. I need a release and my body is tense with desire and anticipation. His other hand opens my cheeks easily as the oil and my juices dribble down my leg. He has a finger in there and soon a second joins it. His other hand is to his wrist as my fingers dance over my clit, he then as he has never done before slides a third finger between my cheeks and into my rear. Im bucking my hips up and down in search of his hands and them filling all my love holes. He strokes my flowers -both of them – in rhythm to my hips but soon he removes both hands. Im aching and on the edge but he withdraws and tells me to remove my hand. He leaves the room telling me to lie still and returns with a drink of cranberry juice. I drink and begin to slow down.

While the intensity reduces the tension is there and soon his head is between my legs and he sucks at my clit taking into his mouth. My hips drive into his mouth and I rock wildly now screaming out for him to fuck me and fill me, to fuck me with his cock, cum over my pussy anything he wants. He sucks my clit his hands stroking my cheeks and I begin to concentrate on the orgasm that is beginning to overtake me. I begin to scream slowly at first as it takes me over and runs thru my body wave after wave rippling thru my every nerve and pulse. The room goes dark and quiet for a moment.

I come to and he is there above me. He guides his hard cock into me slowly but surely stroking me at his own pace while I again push and rock my hips to him grateful for every inch of his hard cock. Our hips soon move together and I feel another orgasm filling me as he too lets himself go and fills me with his hot cum shooting into my pussy, his jerks rhyming with my own. Our bodies collapse together. I feel like ive been on fire

I stroke his face and back, unable to speak. Soon I’m caressing him and touching him totally at his command as he gently kisses me I’m waiting for his next desire………I feel his warmth and gentleness and he holds me tight

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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