The Pissboy Mansion Ch. 02

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An hour later and the girls were still outside, sunning themselves by the communal swimming pool, the bright sunlight a dancing display as it reflected off the water and played across the white plastered exterior walls. Putting down her fifth large glass of orange juice, Carolyn looked across at her friend who was sunbathing topless. Nicola had fantastic tits, small but perfectly formed with rose bud nipples standing erect. In all the time the girls had shared the apartment together, Carolyn had never confessed her desire to have sex with her friend. On numerous occasions she had spied on her friend whilst she was bathing or getting changed, the sight of her bare skin coming into sight as she undressed, a fantastic aphrodisiac. She had lost count of the number of lonely evenings she had spent in her bed, fingers sliding in and out of her love hole; masturbating to the memory of Nicola’s luscious naked body. This was all now set to change, with Carolyn leaving soon for the PB mansion. She desperately hoped that her young friend would win a place as well but she could not afford to miss this chance of a goodbye fuck.

“Are you ready yet?” she whispered seductively across the short space between them. Nicola looked up from the bottom of her empty glass, her answering smile betraying a hint of nervousness.

“OK, come with me into the bathroom. We don’t want to make a mess out here just yet” said Carolyn with a giggle. Grabbing her friend’s warm hand she set off through the apartment to their large tiled bathroom. Once inside, she closed the door behind them and slid home the lock. This was actually more of a message to Nicola that they were not leaving until done than a concern of a visitor dropping by.

“Take off your clothes” Carolyn instructed started to disrobe herself. Sliding off her black bikini top she revealed her own full breasts, her nipples already hard at the thought of things to come. Nicola waited until Carolyn’s fingers were sliding into her briefs before mirroring the action and together the girls slid down their last remaining clothing. Carolyn’s brown haired muff came into view between her slender legs at the same instance Nicola’s shaved pussy was revealed. As their bikini briefs fell to the cold marble floor, Carolyn stared longingly at her friend’s body taking in the sight of her perfectly formed bum cheeks and her hour glass frame. Nicola looked up and caught Carolyn staring at her.

“What’s wrong?” she asked quickly.”

“Nothing. I was just admiring your figure. I’m sure you would pass the audition anyway but let’s be sure. Here, climb into the bath. You can have that end and I’ll sit here.” With that Carolyn squatted down allowing her bare buttocks to rest on the rim of the wide bath. She waited until Nicola had clambered in as well before spreading her legs wide and allowing her vagina a clear aim into the empty tub. At the opposite end Nicola mirrored her actions allowing her own legs to part treating Carolyn to a stunning view of her pussy lips and her little clit sticking out just at the top of her vagina slit.

“I’ll go first” Carolyn said preparing herself. She desperately wanted to treat Nicola to a great display of her pissing abilities.

“Have you ever done this before” Nicola suddenly asked.

Frantically Carolyn tried to put a hold on her bladder. “What do you mean?” she quickly replied.

“I mean have you ever peed in our bath before?”

Carolyn thought desperately not knowing how Nicola would react. In the end she decided honesty would be best. “Yes, a couple of times when I’ve been in the shower.”

“What! You wee in the shower” exclaimed Betturkey Nicola in shock.

For a moment Carolyn couldn’t believe her friend’s innocence. She always peed when bathing. It was such good fun to simply let your pee come squirting out and mingle with the shower water running over your body. At the end of the day it all went to the same location. In fact thinking about it, she also always squirted her piss into her bathwater before she got out, enjoying the sight of her golden shower pattering down into the water.

Trying to deflect the question which was obviously disturbing Nicola, she replied “Have you never noticed the women at the gym having a leak in their shower cubicles? Everybody does it, that is if they haven’t taken a piss in the pool first.”

“That’s gross!” Nicola said. “I haven’t done that since I was a little girl”

“Why not? It’s so much easier than getting out. In fact it’s even more fun if you pull your costume out of the way first and pee directly into the water.”

“I can’t believe you would do such a thing” Nicola retorted closing her legs together. By the look on her face she was ready for getting out.

Quickly Carolyn continued, “It’s not just me, it’s everybody! Have you never even noticed those puddles on the floor in the changing rooms? That’s not pool water that is where girls have had a wee because they are too lazy or enjoy pissing too much to go and find the toilets. Some of them even wee in the sinks. I found a bowl full of piss once where somebody had taken a slash into the bowl”. What Carolyn didn’t mention was that after discovering the pee filled sink was that she had done a similar toilet into the next sink, squirting her hot piss shower over the ceramic bowl wall and watching as her golden pee collected under her bum cheeks. It had been such a good thrill, that the next time she was in the changing rooms alone, she treated the side of a cubicle wall to a shower of her spraying piss as she stood up to it and relieved her bladder’s supply of hot urine. Afterwards she had masturbated furiously, lying down on the cubicle bench so she could see the stain on the wall where she had just relieved herself.

Nicola’s expression turned to one of hesitation. Seeing her chance Carolyn continued “I guarantee honey that if you can have a pee in front of those blokes when you are in your interview, that you will be guaranteed a place at the mansion. We’ll be made for life and still be together. Besides I’m sure once you tried it, you get to love it.

“OK” Nicola said reluctantly, slowly spreading her legs again “but you go first. I want to see you pissing in our bath before I give it a go”.

Carolyn needed no further prompting. Whilst she had been talking the urge in her bladder had been getting worse by the second. Now it needed no prompting and immediately she could feel her pee flowing through her body on its way to her waiting pussy slit. Suddenly it happened. Carolyn’s vagina lips parted as her pee hole opened to allow an incredibly strong jet of hot, body warmed piss to come squirting out. Instantly her piss stream formed a long shooting spray, flowing outwards from her hairy pussy and forming a cascading arch of piss down to the bath tub. As both girls watched on, Carolyn’s pee hit the bath tub floor with a resounding patter which rose to fill the room as her clear urine stream continued flowing out of her pussy.

Nicola gasped at the sight of the long fountain of piss flowing out of her friend’s brown haired cunt. The floor of the bath was already covered with a flowing stream of clear urine, flowing down to the plug hole in Betturkey Giriş the middle of the bath. The size of Carolyn’s piss was immense; a wide gushing flow of her pee falling downwards to cover the bath with a stain of her urine.

“Wow, that is incredible” Nicola breathed, her eyes firmly fixed on Carolyn’s pussy and the stream of piss emanating from her muff flaps.

“God, I really needed to go” laughed Carolyn staring down in amazement at the torrent of urine still gushing out of her cunt. She really had been desperate.

The two girls watched in silence for the rest of Carolyn’s pee. Both of them were getting their own special thrill from seeing the stream of piss dropping down from Carolyn’s cunt hole to splatter over the bath tub floor. A soft gurgling sound had joined the steady patter and hiss of Carolyn’s toilet, as her hot pee flowed down the plug hole. Slowly the shower of piss flowing between Carolyn’s creamy legs started to dwindle until it vanished completely.

“Your turn” said Carolyn. Her voice sounded strange in now quite room.

“I don’t think I can” breathed Nicola.

“Of course you can. I tell you what. You close your eyes and imagine being sat on the toilet and just let the rest come naturally”.

“Ok” Nicola said closing her eyes. Carolyn waited several seconds before moving. Now was her chance at last. Dropping quietly into the piss stained tub, her warm spent pee mingling in and around her toes, she crossed the distance between them. Carefully she moved up into the space between Nicola’s wide spread legs so that she was only inches away from her friend’s naked muff. She stared intently at Nicola’s vagina taking in every detail; the way her little clit emerged at the top of her slit, her thin fleshy pussy lips which were still hiding her pee hole from sight.

Then it happened. Only the smallest of distances away from Carolyn’s face, Nicola’s pussy lips parted allowing the first of her slightly yellow pee to come spraying out. Immediately her pee stream formed a strong flowing arch, shooting outwards and crossing the space between the two girls. Hot piss landed on Carolyn’s chest covering her tits with a flowing stream of deliciously warm urine which ran down her belly and in between the gap in her own legs. Carolyn senses went into overload. She had no idea which thrill was better; the hot impact point of Nicola’s pee as it cascaded downwards onto her tits which were now so incredibly hard, or the feeling of having Nicola’s urine running down the rest of her body and flowing through her pussy hair and tickling her clit. She must have gasped out loud at that stage as Nicola’s eyes flicked open to take in the sight of her friend sat directly between her knees and being subjected to the hot gushing stream of piss shooting of out her cunt.

“Carolyn” Nicola screamed. She was unable to stop her pee from flowing out of her pussy now having committed herself fully to the act of taking a piss. “What are you doing?”

“I’m enjoying your golden shower, honey. I love your pussy, I always have and you can do anything you like to me as long as I get to lick you out afterwards…..” Oh god, had she really just said that. Carolyn’s mind was in a whirl. Every fibre of her being was stretched towards the point of orgasm. Hot pee was still squirting out of Nicola’s gorgeous cunt and covering her skin with its delicious touch. She simply could not take her eyes off Nicola’s pussy and the sight of the thick stream of light yellow urine gushing forth. Now she couldn’t help herself. She just had to taste Nicola’s pee. Bending down her mouth opening she Betturkey Güncel Giriş moved her face into the still squirting stream of hot pee shooting out of her friend’s vagina. Instantly the hot salty stream entered her mouth, playing over her lips and tongue. She had never taste pee before and the sensation was blowing her mind. She come to far now and had nothing left to loose and before she was even aware of it she was moving her probing tongue up to the source of Nicola’s gushing pussy shower.

Tracing her way up and down Nicola’s vagina slit, Carolyn licked her way hungrily, her tongue dancing in and out of the flowing pee stream. She felt rather than heard Nicola’s groan of pleasure as she probed deeply into her friend’s cunt. Her ears where full of the hissing of Nicola’s pee as it gushed forth from her pee hole, her eyes now closed as she allowed the feedback from her tongue to fire her senses. Between her own piss covered legs, her fingers had found her own hole and were now busily pumping her orifice and caressing her clit.

‘Her clit’ she thought as her own stimulus reminded her to the extent of Nicola’s womanhood. Instantly she traced her way upwards and along her friend’s pussy flaps seeking out the fleshy protuberance at the top. She found was she was looking for and instantly started to suck gently before giving a loving flick with her tongue from side to side. Another groan from Nicola and Carolyn became aware of the fact that her friend had finished her pee. Pushing herself away from Nicola’s cunt she rapidly traced her lips up her friend’s hot body, hands tracing around her contours enjoying every micro second of finally being able to play with Nicola’s awesome body. Her caresses quickly brought her to a succulent nipple, all lovely and hard. Her friend’s groans of ecstasy had risen in volume and rose even higher as Carolyn’s licked her long tongue over Nicola’s left breast. Higher and higher, still kissing hot sweaty skin and moving up the neck and finally to her friend’s mouth. Lips melded into lips, probing tongues dancing over each other as each girl accepted the other in union. Tits rubbed against tits whilst thrusting fingers continued to probe and explore the depths of the other’s pussy hole. Nicola was already of the verge of climaxing, the sensations coming from her pussy blowing were her mind. On a lower conscious level she was only just still aware of the other feelings of intense desire being driven home by her body. The way in which Carolyn’s mouth tasted, the feeling of her breasts thrusting in and out of her own small tits. The heat of her friend’s slippery, sweat soaked body rubbing against her own…. It was finally too much and Nicola climaxed hard. Her supple frame arched with the driving point of orgasm flooding through her entire naked body. The outside world vanished in an ecstasy of utter delight and she felt herself coming again. Gasping for air she desperately sought an anchor to pull her reeling mind back together and focus on her surroundings.

Slowly the sexual haze of intercourse bliss started to diminish allowing her to perceive Carolyn’s body writhing in the piss stain bath tub. As such watched on, her friend finished fingering herself to her own orgasm, before collapsing back against the bath wall, panting for air.

“That was the best fuck of my life!” she gasped, her eyes rising to meet Nicola who was still in a similar state, perched on the bath tub rim.

“I had no idea screwing a woman could be so incredible. If only you had told me sooner we could have doing this everyday” Nicola managed to say between deep lung fills of calming air.

“I think then…” a pause for breath, “Honey, that we need to make up for lost time” came the reply from the bath bottom. “As soon as we’ve cleaned up then I think we need to try fucking somewhere a little more comfortable.”

To be continued (in the bedroom)…………………

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