The Popular Crowd Pt. 04: Galina

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The Popular Crowd Pt 4: Galina

Three days after the “test” Alexis was fully welcomed with a GGK ID card, and full membership. The confusion and excitement around her passing the test and with the girls hauling Jake out of the building so quickly, she had kind of got swept away by it. It wasn’t until everything had died down that Alexis realized she hadn’t even reached out to Jake, if just to find out if he was okay. And that hurt her deep, she was going to let him have her first creampie, the first time giving herself completely to anyone in that way. And so quickly she’d fucking forgot him.

If her stomach was filled with a pain of knots at the thought of it, Jake must be furious with her. He’d been pretty angry that night when he’d felt like a used toy and made her watch him give it to Niece. She hadn’t wanted that, hadn’t wanted him to feel like that. And now how else would he feel? Yanked away during what she thought would be a very intimate moment, though not as personal as she would have wanted, and then she ghosts him for days?

She wanted to call him, to see him, text, anything. But how could she justify anything to him? What possible excuse could she have that would make him feel any better about this. Jake might have gotten a wild few days of getting laid, in the end it had all been a game and he was tossed away the moment they were done…the moment SHE was done with him.

Alexis thought she would be happy to be in GGK and part of the biggest “in crowd” on campus, assuring her status would continue through college. Yet as her fingers trembled over the text message screen on her phone, tears ran down her cheeks. She wasn’t happy, she was ashamed.

* * * *

Jake was upset for a while, very upset really. Not so much at Alexis or anyone at GGK really, instead he was upset with himself. He let some titties play him for a fucking joke again. While it was hard to argue that any of what he’d been through over the course of a few days was awful, it wasn’t, he still had been used and his emotions used against him. He’d hoped that maybe when everything had settled he would be able to have a real relationship with Alexis, once she’d gotten what she wanted and all the tests and teases and fucking games were done.

Instead nothing. She got what she wanted and it was over. Jake was back to being the loser he’d always been. Three days and none of the GGK girls had even reached out to him to take thier “turn”, not that he really wanted that seriously. Still the fact that it hadn’t happened was a bummer. He’d thought that at least he might still get regular booty calls or something, especially the way the girls had all climbed over each other to have a ride.

But life had quickly gone from 0 to 100 and back to 0 in a very quick amount of time. So he did the only thing he could think of doing, getting back to normal. Which meant school work, Dungeons and Dragons prep, and video games. It was comforting, and even a bit relaxing to feel a sense of normal return.

Problems didn’t arise until Friday, when he woke up with a legit itch to rub one out. it was the first time since his GGK adventures that he’d felt that horny itch building back inside of him again. So before class Jake simply sat at his computer and brought up the Hub to get to work. Video after video he went through, probably numbering in the dozens, and nothing got his blood going. Not even his favorite adult stars worked, he just couldn’t get the engine started, despite a desire to get going.

With a sigh he shut it down and decided to just go to class.

During class his phone buzzed, glancing down at it he saw a text message from Alexis, he felt a pit in his stomach just seeing her name. He wasn’t sure he even wanted to see the message, or acknowledge that he got it. He put the phone back in his pocket and tried to focus on the class.

Not that he could focus after Alexis popped back into his mind. What could she want? The likely answer was to apologize, the less likely answer was a booty call, and Jake didn’t know which one would be worse. Even if she apologized what would that even mean? “Sorry I used you and toyed with you to get into a club you’ll never be a part of? Sorry I got what I wanted out of you now I don’t need to ever see you again?” None of those were things he wanted to hear. He wasn’t even sure if he wanted a genuine apology, because then he would have to forgive her and what was the point of that? Either way they would be living to separate lives so it didn’t really matter if they were on good terms or not anyway.

Or, it could be a booty call, and that would probably be harder to say no to. Especially after the failure to launch this morning. Could a relationship with Alexis that was just for fucking be worth it? Sex friends and nothing more? Jake wasn’t sure because he didn’t really have enough experience to judge, though he did figure it would be hard to keep from having feelings for her, especially bursa escort since he’d already sort of had those feelings. Staying in her life purely for sex sounded good in principal but didn’t make sense in to him on any real level.

“Fuck.” He muttered and pulled his phone out opening the screen to see the message.

D & D tonight? Friday? it read.

Jake didn’t want to be angry but reading that made him fucking angry. She was going to not only ghost him, but also only talk to him to still be a part of the lie she invented to manipulate him. Was she fucking serious? Fun or not, he could not let her be a part of his game, a part of his world, and just pretend nothing had happened between them.

No. He replied and hit send. As soon as he sent those two little letters he felt instant regret. It sounded cold and harsh and as mad as he might be he didn’t want that to be what came across. So he sent additional information, Nobody knows how classes affect their schedules yet, so we don’t have a day for the game decided. It might be Friday’s or it might end up being a weekend or something. Don’t know yet.

He sat back in his seat and let out a deep breath, that made him feel a bit better because at least it gave her a reasonable answer that would excuse the rejection. Though if she was asking about the game now, wouldn’t she just ask him about the game later? One way or another he was going to have to decide if he could handle her being around or not.

As if on queue his phone buzzed again with her reply, Keep me posted?

Jake bit his lower bit and pondered a bit. ‘Kay.

Well now what?

* * * *

Another week when by with no interaction from Alexis or any GGK member, and Jake has settled back into his normal grove of things. For the most part life had returned to nearly normal for him. Which the exception being his ability to watch and relieve himself via some good old fashion porn. He’d tried, several times and had absolutely no luck it just wasn’t satisfying or exciting anymore. He’d come to the realization that he needed to unlearn what a women felt like.

He was lying in bed one evening scrolling around on his phone, kind of feeling stupid for not taking pictures of the beauties he’d gotten with, not even Alexis. Instead he had pictures of amazing rolls on the dice during D&D games, fantasy pictures, character sheets, a bunch of bullshit really. He flicked to the final picture on his and jerked upright. He had completely forgotten that she had done this in the short moments she was talking to him.

Galina’s selfie, complete with her information stored in his phone. He stared at her sweet beautiful face for a while, feeling his balls start to tingle like a sex-crazed Spidersense, and pondered giving something a try. She’d told him to hit her up anytime he wanted a…well a booty call basically.

He flopped back onto the bed and huffed, but why would he hit up Galina when he could probably hit up Alexis and she’d be just as down, hell maybe even more down. But Galina hadn’t used him as a fucking prop for anything, she’d had no other motivation for talking to him other than to fuck real quick and be done with him maybe.

Jake tapped her number and selected text. He didn’t want to call her and risk someone other than her answering. But he didn’t know what to say or how to approach her. He thought of just texting “DTF?” and seeing what happened, but that was way too bold. Instead he settled on a simple Hi.

To his surprise it was less that a minute before a reply came through, Hey 🙂 What you up too?

Jake didn’t know exactly how to answer that, because he wasn’t really up to anything. Except being frustrated in a way he never knew possible. Not a thing, you at a GGK party or anything?

Nope just homework. You alone?

Jake thought for a second then smiled, I don’t think anyone is hiding under my bed at the moment.

Lol. So are you just jacking yourself crazy?

If only, he thought. I wish I could, but uh…well let’s just say that porn don’t hit the same after that week.

Awww you poor baby. You must be so backed up you’re leaking out of your ears. Do you need some help?

He smiled, so the offer looked like it was still on the table. That was good, it meant he might still have some options. Do you want to come by and…give me a hand? Or mouth? Or something else?

He held his breath as he waited for an answer. He stared at his phone for a long time waiting for an answer, to the point where he was afraid that she blocked him or wasn’t going to reply. Dread welled up in him, the longer he waited the righter his grip on the phone became.

Finally it dinged, Let me shower real quick, be at your place in 45-60.

Jake jerked himself out of bed and threw his fist up in celebration. Still on! He couldn’t believe it, there were options on the table for him despite the two weeks of silence. He felt relieved, he didn’t have to go back to being a bursa escort sexless loser, he’d still be a loser but not sexless so that would be good enough.

If Galina was going to shower then he should wash up quick just to be safe. He was in and out of his shower quickly though but on purpose to make sure that he would be clean, and fresh enough for her, but also not too fresh to look like he was trying too hard or being too desperate. He had to play this cool, just a booty call no big deal. What did the cool guys say, ‘get your dick wet’?

He put on a t-shirt and sweat pants, easy casual wear to get out of quickly but also look like he was just chillin and it didn’t matter if she came or not. Though he was worried about looking desperate, the very fact that he hit her up in the first place probably told her enough anyway. Besides she was GGK which meant she probably kept up with Alexis at some point, and there was no way gossip wasn’t going around.

It was on the later end of an hour and a half before the knock came to the door. Jake got up and tried to casually walk to open it, he didn’t want to seem too eager or whatever. He opened the door casually and his eyes went wide. Galina stood there wearing a very small tank top that was little more than a glorified sports bra, leaving her belly exposeed and the low cut made sure he could see the whole way through her perky cleavage. Her hair was still a bit damp, pulled over onto one side and down her shoulder. She’d put on make up to just highlight her facial features and brighten her lips. Her bottoms were baggy sweats like his, probably for the same reason as him.

She looked absolutely incredible. “Wow.” He said softly.

Galina smirked and twirled a finger through her hair. “Glad you like, gonna let me in or you want to stare a little more?” She asked teasingly running a hand over her bare middriff.

Jake jerked like she’s shocked him and he nodded, “Shit sorry.” He let her in and shut the door behind her. Galina looked around casually, stepping around the living space to observe his surroundings without the pressure of time. Jake watched her, his body tight like a coiled spring eager to pounce her way at the first chance. His eyes followed her until she got to his bed and turned to sit down.

Without saying a word she kicked off her shoes, and looked up at him with a knowing smile across her lips. “So? What would you like to do.”

Jake stepped towards her, approaching until he loomed over her, “I think you know.” He rasped with a dry voice.

She gazed up at him her lips parted slightly. “Is it something like…” she reached up and curled her fingers into his waistband, “this?” In a smooth motion she tugged his pants down enough to expose his meat to her. Without breaking eye contact she leaned forward and sucked his hanging tip into her mouth.

His body jerked in a breath and held it. The warm wetness of a mouth upon him again brought back a lovely wave of familiar sensations. Galina sucked on him softly, tesing her tongue around just his tip, caressing the smoothest part of him. Starved for attention as he was, his shaft hardened and rose before her rapidly. He felt her moan into his head, sending a vibration through him.

With a big suck she popped him out of her mouth, a hand coming up to start to stroke him gently. “I love feeling a guy harden in my mouth, it’s so fucking hot.”

“You’re fucking hot.” He told her.

She giggled, “It’s gonna get hotter too, just you wait.” She turned her focus to his full mast monster, “My god you are huge. I know you hear that from everyone, but there is something wild about seeing it in the flesh, up close.” She ran her hand up and down on him, stroking him smoothly but softly. Her other hand came up to cup on his sack, hefting him like she was trying to feel his weight or something.

“God you feel full to bursting, have you not nutted in a while?” She asked him.

Jake frowned, “I haven’t even been able to get, well get it up since the night with Alexis. Porn does have the same appeal right now.” He explained.

Galina nodded, “You poor baby, got used to the real thing and now you can’t take care of yourself.” She twisted her head to lick along his long length, “Don’t worry Galina’s here to give you relief, you just let out everything you have for me and I’ll take all you can give baby.” She cooed. She opened her mouth and sucked the tip of him between her lips again, bobbing her head gently. Each pass she made, he watched and felt her take him deeper into her mouth, until his tip began to bump her throat then she eased up carefully.

She continued to stroke him with her fist firmly but carefully as well, like she was trying to please him and give him a good blowjob, but at the same time she didn’t want to push him over the edge too quickly. Her technique was perfect, because he was able to comfortably savor what she was doing, but none of it felt enough to bursa eskort drive him to eruption. That would be an event for later.

Galina pulled her mouth off of him, she rose her body off the bed a bit and spat on his shaft. Her stroking hand ran through her spit to add wetness to her strokes. While he hand kept moving she looked up at him with a smile and a little rope of spit on her chin. “Where would you like to nut?” She asked him.

Jake blinked at her as his cock surged in excitement. Slowly he smirked down at her, “Depends, what are my options?”

She chuckled seductively, “Absolutely anywhere.”

“Well that’s too many options, you can’t spoil me for choice like that.” He teased. “I want to cum inside you.”

Galina laughed, “Okay.” She pulled her top over her head and pushed her way back onto the bed to peel her sweatpants off. Jake was right, she’d worn them to make undressing quick and easy because with those two items she was naked and ready. She shifted her way back to prop herself onto his pillows and spread her legs open for me. “Come here Daddy.” She told him, twirling her fingers on her little mound, rubbing herself. “Let’s see if I can take that big fucking dick.”

Jake tossed off his shirt quickly and kicked away his mostly peeled away sweats. He leapt onto the bed and scrambled over Galina quickly. He kissed her firmly, pressing his tongue between her lips. With his fingers he reached for her, pushing her own fingers away so he could slip his middle finger inside of her. She groaned in pleasure against his mouth, her soft, wet tunnel clamped down upon just his finger tightly and he knew his cock was going to feel incredible sinking into her.

She moaned at his touch, wiggling her hips into his hand. The motion of her hips caused her walls to ripple and flex around his finger. Jake could already picture her tight little tunnel doing the same thing along his length. He broke the kiss, and smiled at her, “I want to try something.” He told her.

Galina giggled and wiggled under him. “Oh getting expiramental?” She teased.

He shrugged, “I dunno, it might be terrible.” He bent down to kiss her between her breasts, dragging his lips down her belly and lower still. His finger slipped from her body only for his mouth to cover her little slit. He kissed her soft puffy lips at first, really working up the courage to actually taste her. Galina rocked her hips gently, encouraging him to do as he liked. Given freedom Jake pressed his tongue between her folds and twirled his tongue in her pink.

Galina reached down to run fingers through his hair, “A little higher,” she breathed.

Jake shifted and felt her nub under his tongue, the infamous clit which no man could find on his own apparently…including him. Still his tongue over her sensitive button brought a squeal from her, so that is where he focused. His tongue worked around her clit, flicking it back and forth, twirling around it. He played with her licking and sucking what he could, her moans or wiggling hips would guide him to what she liked and he tried his best to learn.

The faster he moved his tongue the more she moaned and clutched the sheets. Jake didn’t stop, even when it seemed her hip motions were actually trying to get away from him. “JAKE!” She cried, moaning. “Ah! Jake I’m gonna cum, oh my god! Fuuuuuuccccckkk!” Her hips dropped hard and her whole body shook violently. Galina’s mouth was open like she was screaming, her eyes closed tightly, but no sound came out until the very end where it was like a balloon squealing as it lost the last of it’s air.

She slumped into the mattress panting, “Oh shit Jake.”

Jake rose to his knees and smiled, “That was easier than I thought.”

Galina laughed, “What? What did you think it would be like?”

“I don’t know. Maybe like trying to solve a Rubix Cube with my tongue?”

She propped herself on her elbows to gaze up at him, the position was incredibly sexy to see. Her hair hung over a side of her face, but he could see the look on her face easily enough. “A Rubix Cube? Okay you big dweeb, put your dick inside me.” She mocked.

Jake shrugged, “That’s fair.” He shifted himself close enough to line himself up while on his haunches and pressed himself into her. She was tight, and her walls were still trebling as he pushed into her. Her hand lashed out to push on his chest, “Slow slow slow! Oh fuck!” She pleaded, his shaft spliting her open wider than she had ever felt before. His girth was enough to make her feel stuffed, but he had length too. It was everything she thought it would be from the photo and GGK girls bragging about it.

Jake shifted his position so he could ease into her more gently. He propped himself over her in a push-up position and rocked into her a little more. Slowly he worked himself deeper and deeper into her. Galina shivered as he put another inch deeper into her, he was so deep and yet with each rocking motion he seemed to get deeper still. It was like there was no end to him.              

Finally his hips pressed against her and he had fully sheathed his blade into her sleeve. Fuck she felt so full it was hard to breathe. “Okay give me a second please.” She gasped, “I just need to adjust.”

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