The Power of the Wifebeater Ch. 01

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Dad walks in on his darling twenty-year-old daughter getting her brains fucked out and it all hits the fan. I guess you can imagine what happens then… Well, maybe not. 😉

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The Power of the Wifebeater Chapter One

“Oh my god Richie, I’m going to cum baby,” I moaned, rearing back to take his cock deeper. His fingers gripped my hips as he drove in.

My fingers gripped the pink satin coverlet on my bed while my tits banged hard with each thrust, the smell of sex hung heavy in the air.


My Dad’s booming voice stopped Richie immediately It only took a hot second for him to pull out, roll off my bed, and fumble into clothes and brush by Dad on his way out. It took me a little longer to realize what was going on because I was so close to cumming. Orgasm interruptus.

I rose from my hands and knees up to my knees in the middle of my girly pink satin and lace bed.

Dad stood there and stared at me. I didn’t bother to cover up because he had already seen pretty much everything. There wasn’t much I could say about the situation, so I kept my mouth shut. Richie and I usually fucked in his dorm room but came here because his roommate needed their room.

Dad was bare-chested, a thicket of dark blonde hair disappearing into the waist of his sleep pants. Mom sewed and made a lot of clothes including his sleep pants. I washed them when I did laundry, but never saw him actually wearing them. They were for her eyes only. Until now.

Soft white cotton was low-slung on his hips, a cord tied at his waist. No fly but just the seam open from the waist down low.

While my nipples hardened from his eyes raking over my body, his cock come to life. His pants gaped open. Had the head of his cock not caught on the edge of the opening, his cock would have been obscenely sticking out. They were open low enough that I could make out a hint of his fat balls in a dark blonde furry nest.

“You look so much like Laura,” he murmured, his voice low and husky. “Your hair. Your smile.”

I was much curvier than Mom. She had cupcakes, and I’m thirty-eight D. I have hips and ass, and she was narrow-waisted. We used to laugh about where I got all the curves.

His eyes were still all over my body, lingering on my fleshy tits and smooth shaved fat pussy lips. They were still wet and engorged because I was needy.

No way should I be enjoying this kind of attention from my Dad as much as I was. My nipples were achingly hard and wanted his mouth. My pussy was dripping wet. My body wanted him. Needed him. I was no longer thinking of him as my Dad.

He was a man that I wanted to seduce. I had to learn every inch of his body. I had to discover what made him moan and cry out. I wanted to taste him. Feel his cock in my mouth. Tongue his plump balls. Arching and moving under my soft stroking hands.

His pants gaped wider as his cock grew. A wet spot of precum forming and growing larger on the soft whiteness. I was twenty and had seen more than my share of cocks, but I shuddered to imagine what was in the shadowy darkness. I saw the thickness of his shaft, but the head was hidden. Was it a fat mushroom head? I could see the round fullness of his balls pushing out. Were they filling with his seed for me? The same seed that created me.

He seemed rooted to the spot. I willed him to come to the bed. I flicked my tongue across my dry lips. Without thinking my hands palmed my aching nipples and breathed a soft moan. His chest raised as he drew in a deep breath watching.

I wanted him to take it out. I wanted him to drop his sleep pants so I could see his beautiful body. I wanted him as naked as I was.

He rhythmically squeezed his cock, his eyes transfixed on my tits as I kneaded and pinched the hard cotton candy pink nipples.

A car blaring music outside broke the spell. He blinked seeming to shake himself out of the spell then turned and left my room.

I fell back on my bed. Spreading my thighs wide, I imagined him coming back into my room to slide his cock into my wet pussy so I could feel some relief. A few flicks on my clit and I came hard and loud.

After Mom died, we were much more casual. First, we were in a daze and didn’t care. It didn’t occur to me until I was pulling my panties and wifebeater on before going down to breakfast how provocative my clothing, or lack of, could be. We just didn’t think. It continued without any issues. Until now.

Dad always wore sleeveless t-shirts until I mentioned one time that they were called wifebeaters. Minutes later he came back with the armload of his shirts and dumped them on my bed.

“Ugh, I can’t wear them now that you told me that. Do what you want with them.”

I began to wear them to bed. The knit was soft and thin, and some were threadbare from wear. They stretched over my thirty-eight D’s, pulling the armholes even lower baring and my side boob. And long enough to cover my panties. adiosbet yeni giriş That was usually my breakfast attire. He was happy I could use them and nothing more was said.

But the morning after was different. The morning after he saw his daughter riding cock. After he witnessed his adult daughter completely naked.

Before I went down to breakfast I stood in front of the mirror. The thin white t-shirt stretched tight across my tits. Pink nipples poked through lewdly. The soft roundness bared on the side by the low armholes. The neckline stretched low trying to cradle my fat tits. The length of the shirt ended at my white satin-covered pussy.

“Good morning, Daddy,” I chirped as usual coming into the kitchen. He was already at the stove working on the bacon and eggs, wearing his normal knit boxer shorts.

“Almost ready! Grab a plate, kitten.”

Usually, I wouldn’t have thought anything of brushing against his back as I leaned to grab a dish from the cupboard. But this time my nipples hardened into bullets sensuously dragging across his back. I stifled a moan. Every nerve ending went on alert. My panties dampened.

He stiffened when my nipples scored his bare back through the thin knit. “Don’t forget the toast,” he choked out.

I stood on the other side of the peninsula and waited for the toast to pop. I could feel his eyes on me. Did I push my breasts out a little more this morning? Were my nipples harder and longer? Everything had shifted.

The toast popped, I jumped and smiled up at him. His gaze made my nipples ache. I wanted my Dad, and I knew he wanted me. But would he follow through, I wondered. I knew I would have to give him a little help crossing that taboo line. If he sees me as a woman more than just his daughter, as I see him as more of a man instead of just my Dad, he will. He was already on his way. Just a little nudge.

Mom had been gone a little over a year and I knew he hadn’t dated yet. He needed someone. Someone to hug, hold and kiss. He needed a soft body pressed against his hard body. He needed to have a hot tight pussy caring for his cock. I planned on being and doing all that for him.

I made dinner and kept it warm. He often came home late from his job at the construction site because he was the last to leave and lock up.

I was on my bed studying when I heard him come in. I rolled on my tummy, my silky red panties barely covering my ass. The red crop top worked up as I leaned up on my elbows and I knew he could see the undercurve of my tits.

“Smells good, kitten. Meatloaf? Did you eat?”

I took a moment before I rolled to my side. “Yes, I did but I’ll keep you company.”

His eyes traveled from red panties to the bare undercurve of my breasts. The hem barely caught on my hard nipples. A deep breath and my hard cotton candy nipples would be exposed.

“I’d like that,” he murmured, turning, and leaving my room. I knew the first thing he’d do was take a shower, so I had time.

I stood in front of the mirror and fluffed my long blonde hair giving it a wild just fucked look. Standing up the t-shirt just barely covered my breasts, but when I started to move the top would give peeks at the treasure’s underneath.

He was in knit boxers, but I knew he’d change into his sleep pants when he went to bed. It was the vision of that again that wet my panties as I got his dinner together. I set a beer down then brought his meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

“You’re so good to your Dad, Maddie,” he said appreciatively.

I leaned over the table to move the salt and pepper nearer and as I did my tits swung down which I’m sure gave him a view of my bare breasts.

“I love you, that’s why,” I smiled and brushed my lips on his. When I stood up, I put my arm on his shoulders and he automatically put his arm around me. His hand was on my bare hip. I turned and he nuzzled his face in my bare side. I softly moaned wanting to rub my breast on his face. Wanting to feel the hard pull of his mouth on my nipple.

I gave him a quick hug and pulled away. But not before seeing the wet spot in his grey knit boxers.

He took a long draw of his beer as I sat down across from him.

“What do you want to do on your college break? Do you have any plans?” he asked, beginning to eat.

“I’d like to go to that little artist’s town on the coast.” I was an art major. I was carrying a full load and didn’t have as much time for my painting as I’d like. I knew the artists and their galleries would be good inspiration.

“Yeah, I know where you mean. Are you going with some other students?”

“No,” I said hesitantly. “Most of them don’t want to expand past what they’re learning in our courses.”

“That’s too bad. They’ll look back on it someday and wish they’d taken college more seriously,” he said. “I can take time off and we can take the trip together if you want?”

I looked at him, surprised because he rarely took time off work. As a family we never had vacations. Both of adiosbet giriş my parents were always busy.

“I’d love that!”

“Me too, Mads. Me too.” He smiled and I could tell he was excited about it. “Let me set it up with work. I’ll take that whole week off.”

“Really?!” I bounced on my chair like a child.

His gaze went to my bouncing tits and at that moment, I think we both realized that our lives were changing. Our relationship evolving.

That didn’t mean I was going to let up on seducing him though. This was going to be a warmup. Long foreplay. If he had any thoughts that it wasn’t going to happen between us, I planned on making him see the light. Madeline has goals, I laughed to myself.

I was heading into tests and kicked up my studies. I usually aced everything without effort, but I didn’t want to slack off.

Dad would come home from work to find me in various stages of undress on my bed while I studied. He pretended not to notice as we talked. I pretended that I wasn’t giving him a peep show when I moved.

Every morning was him in his knit boxers and me in wifebeater and panties. But a couple of days before we were to leave on vacation, I decided to crank it up a bit. He was getting used to more of my touching and bumping and brushing against one another.

This morning I wore white lace panties that clearly didn’t hide much. I chose the most threadbare t-shirt. So stretched and thin you could see the bumps on my nipples.

Just as intended he couldn’t take his eyes off my tits. They stayed hard and pushed through like long bullets from his attention all through breakfast. The attraction hung heavy in the air.

I filled the sink with our dishes and quickly washed them up. I turned to wipe the table off and heard him moan. He was still at the table, but his chair was turned out, his legs spread, shorts wet from precum.

“Maddie, you’re driving me crazy,” he murmured, staring at my tits. I looked down and I had splashed myself with water and the thin knit was transparent and clinging to my tits.

He pulled me between his open legs, reached up, and ripped my t-shirt open, baring one of my tits. He did the same to my other. My pussy was leaking. He opened his mouth and took one of my aching tits into his mouth and began to suck and soothe my nipple.

I moaned and held the back of his head. He gazed at my tits that were obscenely poking through the torn shirt. He sucked and fondled my other tit before pushing me away.

“Get out of here.”

He stood up, turned me, and gave me a hug from behind. His hot throbbing cock nestled between my ass cheeks; his hands covered my tits. He kissed and nuzzled my neck for a moment.

He walked around me and went upstairs to dress for work.

I went shopping before our trip. I chose some of the most whorish lingerie I could find, then I chose some of the most romantic lingerie I could find.

Dad fathered me when he was eighteen, so he wasn’t old and still looks young today He is fit as any twenty-something, and we looked a lot alike. We had the same blonde hair, the same quirky smile. There was no doubt I was his daughter.

Just imagining us in public looking so much like father and daughter but acting like lovers got me even wetter. I was discovering taboo was a big turn-on for me, but I hoped the reality of it wouldn’t be a turn-off for Dad.

After Dad caught us in my bed, I pretty much dumped Richie. Not because of anything he did, but I had my sights set much higher now. My girlfriends wondered why I broke up with him, and I didn’t want more questions, so I just told them I wanted to devote more time to my studies. Which was true. We were beginning to get into tougher subjects, and I had to stay on my game. I aced my tests and was ready to go on my next adventure with Dad.

We planned to leave after breakfast since it was only about a four-hour drive. Dad planned everything so it would all be a surprise.

I was up early and had the bacon and eggs going when he came into the kitchen.

“You all ready to go, kitten?”

I haven’t heard him that excited in a long time which made me even happier. I felt his hands on my hips, the heat of his body behind me.

“I can’t wait!” To feel your naked body against mine. Your cock deep inside me.

I pushed back so his hard cock pressed into my ass. I heard his low moan, felt his fingers tighten on my hips. I swayed my hips rubbing against his cock.


“What?” I asked innocently.

“You better be sure of what you’re doing. There’s no going back from this. You’ve caused me some sleepless nights, you know. I’m a man too and can only resist you so long. Now is the time to stop.”

I turned the burners off and spun, pressing my body against his. My arms went around his neck. I slid my leg up the outside of his and he caught my thigh at his hip. The heat of my pussy was against the bulge in his shorts.

“I’m very sure of what I’m doing, Daddy. Very adiosbet güvenilirmi sure.”

He moaned, cupped my ass, and pulled me tighter against him. Our lips met; my mouth opened to take his tongue to taste me. Sucked on it rhythmically. He groaned in my mouth. My hand was around the back of his neck, while the other slipped between us. I finally wrapped my hands around his cock. It throbbed hard in my hand.

“We’ll never get out of here if you don’t stop that.”

I gave it one last squeeze, turned, grabbed the plates and we sat down for a quick breakfast.

He surprised me when I went out and saw the sporty little convertible that rarely came out of the garage was all shined up, loaded, and ready to go.

I wore a brightly colored flowered sundress and wedge sandals. Big sunglasses completed an outfit perfect for the convertible.

“You look so damn sexy, Maddie.”

He wore cream-colored shorts and a navy sport shirt, and I’d never seen him look so good.

“You do too,” I said, looking him up and down.

“Stop it! We’ll never get there.”

We stopped for coffee and sped along the highway. Both of us were anxious to get to our destination.

“I don’t know how we got to this place, Maddie,” he said contemplatively. “I mean how did you go from just being my daughter to being someone that turns me on like no one ever has.”

My panties wet at those words. Every woman wants to hear she was the best.

“The night you caught me with Richie. You were standing there, and it hit me how sexy you were and how you were getting me hot. Your bare chest. And your sleep pants. They were barely clinging to your hips. And I was hoping your cock would peek out through your pants… I was willing it too,” I said, giggling.

“Looking at you on your knees in the middle of your pink bed, that girly frilly room…. Your breasts… It was the first time I even realized you had them. A father doesn’t normally pay attention to that stuff.”

“And you saw me getting fucked,” I said, wanting to bring that out in the open.

He cringed. “Yeah, that was a tough one, kitten.” He drove a while before he said, “When he moved away from you and I could see everything, I wanted to kill him. I wanted to tell him you were mine.”

“Oh Dad,” I breathed.

“I heard you say you were cumming, and you didn’t, I wanted to make you cum for me. Because of me. I wanted to hear you moaning and screaming for me.”

My pussy was so wet I knew it was getting the back of my dress wet. I parted my legs a bit to let the air flow over my hot cunt.

He reached over and slid his hand up my thigh, pushing my dress higher. I opened my legs further and his hand went to my pussy.

“Take your panties off,” he commanded. I raised my ass off the seat and worked them down and off. “Now push your dress up so I can see that sweet pussy.” I did and he moaned.

We finished the drive with me like that. We passed trucks that blew their horns and hollered out their windows. I was so excited by the time we got there I wanted to climb on his lap and fuck in him the car.

He took my panties and shoved them in his pocket before going into the hotel to check-in.

It was beautiful. A retro mid-century modern style that overlooked the Pacific Ocean. The first thing I did was open the slider and step out onto the balcony.

The Pacific breezes felt so good. My hair flew in the wind, my skirt blew up. I looked around to see if anyone could notice, but it was a private balcony.

He put his hands on my shoulders and we looked out of the azure water and sky. The day was perfect. I leaned back into him, and he nuzzled my neck.

My dress kept whipping in the wind, and I moved so it blew up and I could rub my bare ass on him.

“Oh kitten,” he murmured. His hands cupped my breasts and moved down under the front of my skirt. “When I saw that soft shaved pussy that night… It was so pouty and wet.” His fingers stroked my soft lips and they reacted to his touch.

“I wanted you so bad that night, Daddy.”

“I know you did.” He ground his cock into me. “I wanted you to, but I had a lot to work out first. This decision wasn’t easy for me.”

I reached behind me and unzipped his shorts. His cock pushed against my hand. I struggled to push his shorts down and he did it, pushing his cock between my bare ass cheeks.

“Oh god you feel so good,” I moaned. He stroked a finger over my clit, and I came apart in his arms, moaning and shuddering. “I need you. I want your cock inside me.”

“Not here. Not like this kitten.”

He turned and pulled me inside the room. His shorts were off. His cock was thick and nestled in front of his two fat balls. It was all in a nest of dark blonde hair. I watched him pull his shirt over his head. I gazed at his naked body and knew for sure I wanted to learn everything about it.

I reached behind me and unzipped my dress, letting it pool around my heels. My tits were threatening to spill over the top of my strapless bra.

He moaned and stepped forward. “Let me.” I unhooked and my tits tumbled into his waiting hands. “Oh, baby… These have been driving me crazy.” He was tenderly fondling and kneading them. “These candy pink nipples. That’s why I had to taste them that morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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