The Priest of the Goddess

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Anjelica Ebbi

I was where I was trained to be, between a beautiful woman’s spread legs, pleasuring her most sacred place. Caressing Lady Irene’s clean-shaven mound softly with my hands, I opened her outer lips to grant me access to her puffy, glistening inner sanctum. I wanted to taste her, but held back a little longer to prolong her pleasure by heightening her desire. With the cushions of two fingers I rubbed her clitoris and inserted my thumb into her holy entrance. I could feel the build-up of her delight emanating from deep within her being.

The Lady was my fourth appointment for the morning and I had already come twice. I loved my calling as a priest in the Temple of Calypso and judging from the satisfied smiles of the female devotees, I was good at my job in pleasuring them.

I looked up from between her legs, over the horizon of her firm breasts and saw the rapture on her face. A soft moan escaped from between her clenched pure-white teeth and over her pink lips. She swayed her head from side to side in ecstasy and as I wriggled her engorged clit, she threw her blond head backwards and arced her back, lifting her bottom cheeks from the floor. I lowered my mouth to her dripping pussy and slowly licked and sucked on her sensitive clit. My tongue slipped between the pink folds of her puffy lips to sample her nectar. It tasted like sweet honey with a touch of lemon and I wanted more. I drank from her fountain, feeling life return to my penis.

Lady Irene’s body was shaking as her climax swept through her. She kicked out her legs and flopped on her back, spent. I crawled over her prostate, shaking body and kissed her navel, the underside of her breasts and sucked on her protruding nipples. I slowly moved my hands over her body, caressed her breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers. She pulled my face towards her mouth and licked her own juices from my lips. She pushed her tongue into my mouth, swirled it around and proceeded to suck on my tongue.

Lady Irene groped for my now erect penis to push it into her waiting valley of pleasure. But before I could insert my cock into her pussy Randith, the High Priestess walked into the chamber. Irene unceremoniously dumped me on the floor and quickly bowed before Randith.

“I hope I have not offended you, Your Holiness”, stammered Lady Irene with her naked ass in the air. I bowed respectfully as a temple priest is suppose to and saw the concern in Randith’s eyes but also the smile on her face when she saw my erect member. She quickly pumped it a few times and maneuvered Irene’s face to my penis.

“Suck him off, quickly. I have some business with him.”

“But, your holiness, I paid for the full devotion” came it from the beautiful Lady Irene before she nearly gagged on my dick.

“My dear Lady, I have ordered two of my other priests to take care of all your needs. But first you must finished the gaziantep rus escort poor Zenoi off.” Randith, the High Priestess of the goddess Calypso is an ageless beauty with full breasts, large nipples and a clean-shaven cunt. Seeing her in her transparent holy frock was enough to sent my pleasure over the top, despite the amateurish efforts of Lady Irene.

Randith bent down to help the poor woman. She kissed Irene on the cheek filled with my cock. Randith took my 9-inch cock from Irene’s mouth and licked and sucked on my dick’s purple head. She demonstrated to Lady Irene how to pleasure a man with her hands and mouth. Randith took my cock’s head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She sucked on it and flicked her tongue over the small opening.

My pulsating member slipped into her mouth and the High Priestess swallowed my sword flesh deep. I could feel the head touching the back of her throat. She bobbed her head up and down on my cock without gagging. The impatient Randith then took Lady Irene’s hand to play with my balls. It was heaven to have two desirable women wanting to bring me to a climax. I couldn’t control my pleasure anymore and before I could come, Randith stuck my cock back into Irene’s mouth to receive my white cream. She swallowed it with joy and smiled like a blessed devotee of Calypso.

We left the poor Lady Irene begging for sexual release but she was not allowed to masturbate in the temple. Once inside, the devotee’s sexual pleasure is an offering to our beloved goddess Calypso. A priest or priestess served as the go-between the divine and humans. Lady Irene didn’t have wait too long to connect with Goddess because two other priests quickly filled every orifice with their ready cocks.

Randith dragged me behind her to the holy interior of the temple. We bowed down before the Holy Cunt of Calypso and proceeded to kiss the protruding clitoris twice. Only then could I wrap my soft white tunic around my waist and try to discover the reason behind Randith’s interruption of my priestly duties. This must be very serious because this never happened once during my five years as novice or the next three years as a priest.

Randith took me through the veil behind the statue of Calypso into her private boudoir. A huge bed in a form of an altar dominated the room. A priest and a priestess that guarded the holiest place in the temple came to attention and then dropped to their knees when Randith entered. She dismissed them with a wave of her hand and glided over to the bed.

I didn’t neglect my duties and quickly prepared the cushions around my mistress to make her comfortable. She extended her long beautiful legs like a cat stretching after a nap, giving me a glimpse of her private parts. From between her outer lips protruded her inviting sex lips, opening to me like gaziantep rus escort bayan butterfly wings.

This is the first time since my initiation that I have seen her in this position. But then I had the privilege to kiss, caress and suck on those beautiful nether lips. She also offered her clitoris to me before she allowed me to enter her. I am still the proud holder of the record for the longest initiation fuck – four hours non-stop – before Randith allowed me to release my holy milk into her depths.

I didn’t think that I was in her chambers for another marathon session.

“My dear Zenoi, I have an important task for you,” said Randith tapping on the bed next to her. I sat down, taking her beautiful hand in mine. “Queen Amida from Aesopus will arrive tomorrow on an official state visit and I want you to be her escort.”

I dropped her hand in shock. This was truly a blessed moment. The lovely Queen Amida is known for her sexual appetite and her wonderful orgies in honor of our beloved goddess Calypso. To be chosen as her official escort meant that I was to pleasure her every whim. The mere thought of making love to the queen of our closest ally before the whole nation had its effect on my rapidly growing member.

Randith saw the movement beneath my silk tunic and smiled. She slid her hand over my leg and under my garment, coming to rest around my penis.

“I am glad your recovery time is improving. Queen Amida will approve and I know that you will not disappoint the temple.” Randith opened her legs slightly wider to show me the glistening wetness of her sex. It’s wonderful to know that touching my erect member or the mere thought of coming events could still turn on our High Priestess.

“It will be my privilege to be of service to the Queen,” I said, while Randith pumped my fully erect cock.

“Enough of this. Go and prepare yourself.” Slowly, I retreated backwards from her chamber and once outside the temple I screamed and jumped in the air. I ran over the cobbled streets and beneath the tropical trees of Pudenta, kissing and hugging people as I went along. This was truly good news that I wanted to share with my parents.

I arrived out of breath at their home in the lush area next to the river. The door of the house was the most beautiful depiction of an aroused cunt in all of the kingdom of Eros. It was sculpted by the best artist in the country as a favor to my mother, who at forty is still as sexy and active as any eighteen year old. My father is a tall dark and handsome man with a cock to be proud of. I am grateful that they sent me to the Temple when they discovered my powers of love.

I knocked twice and entered unannounced. No one was in the lounge area but I could hear little cries of pleasure coming from the main bedroom. I moved over and saw my escort rus gaziantep mother laying on the bed with her blond head between the legs of their neighbor Sandl, a beautiful redhead woman. My father was standing on his knees on the bed with his cock in Sandl’s mouth while he caressed her large breasts.

“Zenoi, my boy. It is good to see you,” my father said without missing a beat. My naked mother looked up from her position, saw me and smiled. She got up, kissed and hugged me. I could taste the pussy juice of Sandl on her mouth.

“Do you want to help pleasure Sandl while her husband is away on business or do you want something to drink?” my mother asked. She took me over to the bed and for the first time Sandl looked up from her position. She gave a little scream when she saw me, but continued pumping my father’s cock. With her other hand she opened her pussy lips as an invitation to enter her. My mother removed my tunic and guided my erect member to Sandl’s waiting pussy.

Once I was inside, my mother started to kiss my father and the two fell onto the bed next to us. I slowly moved my pelvis up and down not to hurt Sandl with my movements. Despite having two children, she was very tight but because of my mother’s previous attention to her pussy, I slipped in without a problem. Her velvet cave welcomed my cock like an old friend and I started to move in and out of her. I slid my hand between our bodies and sought out her pleasure trigger. To the rhythm of our movements I moved my fingers rapidly over her clitoris. I could feel Sandl involuntary contract her vagina muscles around my member.

My mother sat on my father’s cock, riding him like a horse. His hands were busy with her breasts and her clitoris. They were both very aroused and came quickly. Sandl’s passionate screams brought me back to my own pleasure. I wanted to share my good fortune with my parents as soon as possible and I hurried in my stroke making. Sandl turned around on her hands and knees for me to continue from behind. She also sought out my mother’s wet pussy to lick it clean from my father’s come. The erotic scene playing before stimulated my passion. I grabbed Sandl by the hips and started pumping in harmony with her movements between my mother’s legs. My cock hit the back wall of her pussy, sending pleasure messages to my brain. I became my cock as burning pleasure and just before I found release I pulled out to allow Sandl to swallow my juice.

We took a few moments to recover from our passion.

“Thank you, Zenoi for helping me” said an exhausted Sandl. “May the goddess Calypso bless you.”

“She already has,” I said and shared my good fortune with my naked parents and their neighbor.

“I knew something good like would eventually happen,” said my mother, our clothes still forgotten. We were drinking freshly squeezed fruit juice, relaxing in the lounge. “We’re so proud of you.”

“I heard that Queen Amida has problems getting aroused and is coming to Pudenta for a cure,” interrupted Sandl. She crawled on her hands and feet over to where I was sitting. Taking my penis in her hands she caressed it and kissed it. “Fortunately, I don’t have that problem.”

To be Continued: (If readers are interested. Please let me know.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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