The Prosecuting Attorney Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

*** Author’s Note ***

Sorry that it has taken so long to get this second chapter finished, but I have been up to my ass in Hurricane Ike and its chaotic aftermath. Ike did however inspire my latest lesbian story “Loving Danica through Amanda” – which I wrote and posted in early October, and that got my wheels turning again for a second chapter to the Prosecuting Attorney. Anyway, thank you all so much for making Part One so successful! Your feedback and your encouragement have meant more than I can say!!


When she was twenty years old, Hailey Gonzales was a frail, broken down, burnout shell of a devastated human being, ravaged to the core by alcoholism, drug addiction and a life of crime. Now on the verge of complete physical, emotional and spiritual death, Hailey sat on trial in criminal court for the seventh time in four years, with her latest case being prosecuted by the infamous “Wicked Bitch of the DA’s office”; thirty-one year old Assistant District Attorney Lindsay Whitmore. Upon first laying eyes on the incredibly sexy Assistant DA, young Hailey was completely captivated by her stunning beauty, her aura of confidence, sophistication, intelligence and her overall presence. To Hailey, Lindsay was everything that she ever hoped and dreamed of being and as a result, Hailey felt life emerge deep inside her comatose soul for the first time in many years.

Ten years later, Hailey’s life has made a complete 180 degree turn for the better. After serving six years of a ten year sentence, Hailey has recovered through the twelve step program and she now begins to seek out those who played a part in saving her life to thank them. It is then that Providence steps in and the now thirty year old Hailey Gonzales comes face to face with now forty-one year old Lindsay Whitmore in a coffee shop. After thanking Lindsay for sending her to prison and hence, saving her life, Hailey listens to Lindsay confess that her own life has become a deep black hole of despair and that by thanking her, Hailey has just saved her life as well. The two women quickly become good friends and Hailey struggles to contain her lust and attraction toward Lindsay. But late one December night, Hailey finds herself being subtly seduced by the sexy DA and the two women are swept away in the throes of unbridled lesbian lust. Then as the sunrises the next morning: the defendant, Hailey Marie Gonzales, and the prosecuting attorney, Lindsay Denise Whitmore, find themselves swept away in true lesbian love.

Part 2

With every muscle in my body seizing and my back arching in a virtual horseshoe, a scream of unbridled ecstasy catapulted from deep inside my panting lungs. My hands were a pair of vice grips, wrenching the sweat soaked sheets off my bed, cutting off the circulation in my fingers. My eyes spun uncontrollably in my head and I soon had to cinch them shut for fear of passing out. I had never had anyone make love to me this intensely before. Lindsay’s mouth was wrapped tightly around my spasming pussy as my juices were once again spraying all over her face and the inside of my legs. With every fiber of my being ravaged by the most intense orgasms I’d ever experienced, I collapsed in a pile of complete sexual exhaustion on the cum-stained mattress as my sweat drenched naked body twitched and trembled wildly. Feeling Lindsay’s succulent warm mouth and lips sucking the residue of my orgasmic explosion off my inner thighs, my nostrils were suddenly overwhelmed by the intoxicating aromas of sweat, perfume, burning incense and the natural odor of two very sexually aroused women hanging heavily in the air all around us. As my heart pounded relentlessly and my lungs strained desperately, I slowly ran my hands through my soaking wet hair. It felt as though I’d just gotten out of the shower. With my eyes still shut, I felt the tip of Lindsay’s tongue moving slowly up my abdomen. I opened my eyes just in time to see her taking one of my rock hard nipples into her mouth as she was crawling slowly up over me like a predator stalking her prey. Running my fingers through her gorgeous blonde hair, I immediately realized that it too was saturated with so much cum and sweat that we must have showered together.

With soaking strands of her hair rolling gently against my quivering light almond skin as she sucked on my dark brown nipple, I mused with utter glee at the sight of Lindsay’s sweaty body glistening in the afternoon sunlight pouring through the window. Flushed with the intense heat of an active volcanic lava dome, Lindsay’s ordinarily alabaster skin was now a light shade of crimson. Feeling her tongue slide slowly down through the valley between my tits and her teeth suddenly piercing my other nipple, I felt a powerful burst of electric-like shocks spark through my veins. With a slight giggle, I pulled Lindsay up and she let the front of her body glide smoothly over mine; the sweat covering our bodies acting as a lubricant. I could feel her Bycasino protruding nipples grazing across my skin and it sent another surge of electrical shocks charging through me. Rising up my body slowly, allowing the tip of her tongue to graze up my neck, over my chin and finally to my lips, I was soon looking deep into Lindsay’s captivating eyes. Easing her rock hard body down to rest on top of me and never breaking eye contact, our hungry mouths came together and our wanting tongues were soon mauling each other deep inside them. The world went dark as our eyes closed and the unbridled passion of a lovers kiss surged forth.

The heat emanating from our naked bodies was immense. We were like two cauldrons of magma and I could feel our bodies melting together into one. With her delicious mouth still heavily basted with the juices of my latest orgasm, Lindsay’s tongue explored the deepest recesses of my mouth and upper throat. Reveling in the luscious flavors of her mouth, I speared the fingernails of my right hand deep into the skin of her back as I rested my left hand firmly on the back of her soaking wet head; attempting to pull my beautiful lover deeper into our kiss. There was no sound. Kissing each other so deeply, there was no sound at all. No lip smacking, no tongue wagging, no saliva sucking; just unbelievably serene and divinely deep quiet. We were breathing each other’s air. I was absorbing her soul and she was absorbing mine.

I awoke to the faint sound of water running in the distance. As my eyes opened, the room was dark. Glancing over at the balcony door, it was evident that night had come again and the courtyard lights below were gently filtering their very dim light into my apartment.

Lindsay and I had been making love all day long. We had awoken that morning in each other’s naked embrace after an unbelievable night of passion, and despite being famished, couldn’t free ourselves from the powerful web of attraction holding us captive. Like sharks in a feeding frenzy, Lindsay and I continued to ravage each other in unbridled sexual frenzy.

With the mere thought of her beautiful name, I felt my heart begin to race while images of her angelic face and her gorgeous body flooded my mind and warmed my soul. Inhaling deeply, I picked up her scent like a Saint Bernard and could smell her all over my skin and could still taste her in my now rather dry mouth. Instantly my whole body began to tingle and despite the fact that I felt completely drained and that my head was throbbing, I wanted my Lindsay, so I rolled over to take her:

But, she wasn’t there!

Adrenaline surged through every inch of my body and I was gripped with terror. I felt a violent chill settle deep into my bones as my heart went from a million beats a minute to zero instantly. I couldn’t breathe. Had it all been a dream? Being still only half awake, my eyes darted around the room trying to find some sort of bearing. That’s when I once again heard the distant water running that had awoken me in the first place. Whirling my head toward the bathroom door, I saw light coming from underneath it. I leapt out of bed and bounded in two steps to the door to find it just slightly ajar. With my heart again racing and a cold sweat building under my hairline, I gently pushed the door open and peered into my tiny bathroom. The shower was running and the room was filled with steam. Slipping my now very icky and sticky naked body quietly through the doorway, I then heard a melody more beautiful than any other that has ever passed through my ear: Lindsay clearing her throat. It hadn’t been a dream!

Taking another step forward, I could make out Lindsay’s heavenly feminine figure on the other side of the fogged up shower stall door. Slowly and ever so sensually running her hands up and down through her hair under the running water, I faintly heard her singing “Donna”, the classic love ballad by Ritchie Valens; only Lindsay was inserting my name in the place of Donna’s. I was so overcome with joy that I nearly started to cry.

I stood motionless from my vantage point just beyond the shower door and worshipped my beautiful lover from afar. I didn’t know if Lindsay knew that I was watching her, but I didn’t care. Lindsay Whitmore was the most beautiful and sensual woman I’d ever seen. She literally oozed divine femininity and insatiable sexuality from every pore of her body, and just watching this goddess seductively caress herself under the warm running water set me on fire. It wasn’t long before I became so entranced that I didn’t realize that I had begun masturbating, standing right there in the middle of the bathroom.

Lindsay cleared her throat again and that snapped me out of my trance. With my body on fire with passion, I instantly forgot about feeling completely drained and having a throbbing headache. Carnal desire was consuming me once again and I must have more Lindsay. I stepped forward and gently opened the Bycasino giriş shower stall door. Lindsay was leaning forward with both her palms pressed firmly against the tile wall and was gently swaying her lowered head from side to side under the water between her outstretched arms. Her nipples were rock hard, protruding out like fresh pencil erasers and the soft tender moans escaping her lips were hypnotic. Having not noticed me, I quickly took in every inch of her glistening body. Despite the ravenous sex we had shared over the last twenty-four hours, I still couldn’t get over how beautiful she was. Even further, I couldn’t believe that she was really here. Lindsay Whitmore: the infamous “Wicked Bitch of the District Attorney’s Office” and the sexiest assistant DA I’d ever seen, and I’d seen a lot of them. Lindsay Whitmore: a woman who was everything I had ever dreamed of being and more. A woman whose job it was to destroy me, but ultimately resurrected me. A woman that captivated my heart and captured my deepest carnal desires at a time when I was nothing more than another number on the court docket to her and she was nothing but a forbidden and unattainable fantasy to me.

But now she was no longer a fantasy. Lindsay Whitmore was now my reality. And best of all, I was her reality. Never underestimate the power of the Force, as Jedi Master Yoda would say. Or like my sponsor says “Happiness is the by-product of good living.” I guess I must be living really well. With a deep sigh of relief and contentment escaping my lips, Lindsay’s head was slowly rolling in my direction and her eyes opened to reveal a seductive gaze of the deepest want and desire I’d ever seen. Her stare was so intense that I literally felt her desire for me piercing my body like a riddling volley of bullets fired from a battle line and my knees suddenly felt weak. Never taking her gaze off me, Lindsay raised her head up slightly and teasingly ran her tongue up her arm to her elbow and back. I slipped into the stall, pulling the door shut behind me and slid directly behind her, pressing my quivering mound firmly against her scrumptious ass. The perfect roundness and unbelievable firmness of her bottom was slightly thrust backward to meet the grinding advances of my pussy. I slid my arms around her waist, gently running my hands across her rippled abdomen and then up her slender torso to her divine chest.

Massaging her soaking wet, incredibly firm D-cups and teasing her probing nipples with the tips of my fingernails, Lindsay let her own arms and hands fall to her sides as she stood straight up and slowly leaned backward into me, allowing the front of my body to press up firmly against her back. Slipping her right arm backward, I felt her right hand clamp firmly onto my right ass cheek, pushing my grinding pussy more solidly against her. I could feel her fingernails grazing the wet skin as she firmly kneaded my right cheek. Tilting her head down slightly and turning it over her shoulder toward me, I stood up on my tiptoes and our wanting mouths came together. As I’m just a smidgen below 5’6″ and Lindsay is nearly 5’10” barefoot, I really had to stretch, but I wasn’t going to be denied the most delicious mouth I’d ever devoured. With our wide open mouths sealing tightly around each other, our tongues surged deeply forth into the deep recesses of the others oral cavity.

Holding deep in our kiss until my toes ached, I finally slid my tongue out of Lindsay’s mouth and teasingly ran it down the side of her neck, over the top of her shoulder and around to her back. Keeping her left breast in my left hand, I slid my right hand down the front of her body as slowly as I was able to contain myself until I felt the slight stubble of her shaven pubic hair on my fingertips and then curving down under to her magnificent folds. Lindsay’s left hand cupped over mine on her left tit, squeezing it tighter; her grip on my ass tightened and I felt her body stiffen instantly as I teased the outside of her slit with my middle and index finger. Quick chirping moans began to pour out of her mouth as her breathing deepened and accelerated. I slipped my left hand out from under hers and wrapped that arm tightly around her slender torso as she continued massaging and teasing her left breast and nipple. I slipped my middle finger deep into Lindsay’s quivering slit, mashing my palm firmly against her mound and rotating it in a clockwise direction. I sensed every muscle in Lindsay’s seething hot body spasming and tightening with every passing second. With her respiration increasing to a heavy pant and her moans growing louder and deeper, Lindsay’s head dropped backward toward my shoulder and I wrapped my lips around her earlobe; biting and sucking it like a wild beast. The fingernails on her right hand dug deeper and deeper into the skin on my ass and she pushed my grinding pussy harder against her. Feeling her gorging clit pressing against my palm, I slipped my Bycasino deneme bonusu middle finger out and then with teasing hesitation, jammed both my middle and ring finger inside her as one. Lindsay gasped deeply and she threw her left arm around my head, grabbing a handful of my soaking wet hair. Feeling her swollen folds spasming and her hot juices beginning to flow, I increased the ferocity of my circular palm motion and finger-fucking. Holding her tightly against me and with every muscle strained to its limit, Lindsay’s body began trembling wildly as she struggled to find breath, letting the occasional high-pitched squeal escape her lips.

“Oh yeah! Oh God! Oh baby!” Lindsay squealed between very strained gasps.

Suddenly Lindsay’s trembling turned to violent convulsing and I could barely hold on to her powerful frame. Grunting and groaning suddenly in very deep tones, almost baboon like syllables, Lindsay tugged violently on my hair as her shower slick body tumbled wildly in my loosening grasp. Shrieking my name at the top of her lungs, I felt my hand being immersed in sizzling hot love juices; far hotter than the water. Lindsay suddenly slumped forward, her head and upper body mashing up against the tile wall of the stall.

“Oh God!” Lindsay wailed breathlessly. I slipped my hand up from her spasming honey pot and inhaled the intoxicating fragrance of her divine sex deeply into my nostrils before gluttonously sucking the delicious juices from my fingers.

“Oh God.” She panted again after a few deep breaths.

Still reeling from the colossal orgasms that had just ravaged her heavenly being, Lindsay could only speak in one or two word sentences.

“Oh Hailey.” She uttered a few breaths later. “Oh baby. You’re incredible.”

“You’re welcome.” I cooed as I slid my arms back around her waist and rested my head and tits on her upper back, still pressing my mound against her ass.

“I love you so much!” Lindsay panted.

“And I love you.” I said as I kissed and licked all over her upper back. Lindsay moaned tenderly as the warm water of the shower continued to pour all over her body. With the added heat of our passion inflamed bodies, the steam engulfing us was as thick as smoke. Listening to Lindsay coo and still gently grinding my pussy on her ass, I just couldn’t stop. I had to take her again. Slipping my right hand back from around her waist, I slid it in between my pelvis and her ass. Lindsay’s body jolted suddenly and a loud chirp escaped her mouth as I teased her brown rosebud with the tip of my fingernail on my middle finger. Pressing further, Lindsay’s hands slapped firmly back on to the tile wall and her body immediately tensed as I probed the very tip of my finger into her asshole.

Sucking in a deep breath, followed by a deep moan, I sank to my knees behind her, sucking my middle finger along the way. Spreading her legs, I ran the flat of my tongue over her asshole as I slid my middle finger into her pussy and began to fuck her again. Lindsay pushed her ass back to allow me deeper access and I probed my tongue as deep into her ass as I could. Ramming my middle finger feverously deep inside her slit, I reveled in the harmonious sounds of Lindsay gasping and moaning in rampant ecstasy while I probed my tongue deep into her asshole. It wasn’t long before I could feel another tsunami force wave of orgasms building up inside her. Barely able to breathe and her body tensed to the point of collapse, I hurriedly repositioned myself underneath her, slipping my finger out of her pussy and thrusting it into her pulsing asshole and clamped my lips down on her swollen and quivering folds. Lindsay’s neck and back arched back from the tile and she sucked in a deep gasping breath as her body instantly started shuddering wildly.

“Oh God!” She finally managed to squeal. “Oh baby!”

Ramming my middle finger ferociously in and out of her asshole, I heard myself growl like a caged beast as I gorged on the sizzling hot and swollen pussy lips of Florida’s sexiest assistant district attorney. Lindsay’s legs shook violently and buckled under her weight as she deposited another delicious serving of her sexual juices all over my mouth and chin.

Lindsay shrieked at the top of her lungs as the orgasmic eruption tore through her body. For a moment, I could have sworn that the ravaging orgasms had driven her to tears for her intense wailing sounded just like cries of agonizing pain. Gasping for air, Lindsay’s neck and back arched backward too far and she nearly stumbled into the opposite wall of the shower stall. I jumped as her collapsing body made impact and watched cautiously as she slid down to the tile floor. With her eyes reeling and her body still trembling, Lindsay grabbed her chest and I feared that she might be having a heart attack.

“Lindsay? Lindsay, are you all right?” I asked as I tried desperately not to sound panicked.

Not responding to my question, but continuing to pant uncontrollably and pawing at her chest, I jumped to my feet.

“Oh my God! I’m calling 911!” I screamed.

I turned to open the shower stall door when Lindsay suddenly grabbed my wrist.

“No!” Lindsay gasped. “No, it’s okay.”

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