The Pub

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It finally happened!

My boyfriend (I’ll call him Jack) and I have a steamy sex life. It teeters on the extreme at times. One of the things we like to do is wear erotic lingerie under our conservative clothes while we go out in public. It’s a heart-throbbing turn on for us.

This night he’s wearing black jeans with no underwear and a white tux shirt with a single black stud in the top buttonhole. I’m wearing a 2 piece business suit, black with white pin stripes, and a red satin blouse, sans a bra. My vented hemline comes up to mid-thigh and I’m wearing a pair of Victoria’s Secret sheer black pantyhose with the cotton panel sliced open – no underwear – I’m fully exposed six inches away above my hemline. It’s a cool autumn night, so I’m wearing my black leather boots. I’m tingling with arousal.

We’re driving to an English pub a short distance from where I live. We enter and go to a hightop in a semi-private corner near the bar… subdued lighting. I was getting a little frisky after a few drinks and had worked Jack’s stiff cock from his jeans. I lazily stroke it under the table as I whisper some erotic comments in his ear. When his sweet, sticky nectar appears, I put some on my fingertip. I bring it to my lips… applying it like I would some lip gloss. The taste and scent of his arousal is driving me wild. My pussy’s getting wet. His hand strokes my legs up and down… fingertips gliding effortlessly on the silkiness of my nylons.

He leans into me… whispering in my ear. I feel his warm breath on my neck as his fingers continue their work on my inner thighs. He’s whispering an erotic story to me; a tale of fantasy and sexual indulgence. He’s wrapping the story around our dark pub setting and involving various people at the bar who are oblivious to our mounting excitement. I close my eyes as my chest heaves with arousal.

He’s whispering to me a few of men at the bar are watching our reflection in the large mirror behind the bar. They’re sipping their pints of Guinness while taking in our erotic foreplay. My eyes stay closed as Jack weaves the tale of voyeurism. They watch Jack’s hand caressing higher up my thigh… watching me spread my legs apart under the table… losing myself in the moment… They’re getting excited seeing the sexy sheen of my sheer stockings shimmer in the dim light. They watch… as my chest heaves in labored breaths… my firm tits pushing against the satin sheen of my tight blouse… nipples hard. They see Jack’s fingers stroke higher up my thigh and make contact with my mound. They see my exposed pale flesh contrast with my black stockings. I imagine their labored breathing when they first realize my pussy is fully exposed as I ease my legs apart for Jack’s fingers. They watch in a trance as I continue to slowly pump Jack’s cock up and down under the table.

Jack whispers that some of them are now gazing in our direction… watching me move my hips forward to get Jack’s fingers into me… to spread me. He describes the growing bulges in their jeans as they sip their foamy suds.

Jack breathlessly continues the story in my ear as his fingertips caress my sweltering opening through the vent in my pantyhose. He pauses and takes out one of his business cards from his shirt pocket. He quickly scribbles something on the back. He throws some money on the table and takes my hand pulling me past the men at the bar. I think I see him passing his card to one of the guys as we walk by.

As we leave I notice the men’s attention is glued to my sexy legs and vented skirt as we walk out. I sense them watching us as we walk to our car in front of the pub. They breathe deeply as I pour my legs into the car… my skirt falling away along the vent… exposing the sleek long sexiness of my legs… nylons shimmering… I glance over to them licking my lips while I wink at them… I imagine their cocks throbbing for release from their tight jeans as Jack slams the door.

Jack gets in and drives off. I immediately slide over to undo his zipper while he drives. His cock is throbbing hot as I lick the nectar off the tip. It’s gooey and sticky. I feel his excitement. My mind is awash Travesti in the image of having his cock pumping into me… spreading me apart… at the bar… while the men watch our reflection in the mirror. I imagine them watching me get fucked… some of them unzipping and releasing themselves… stroking their thick, hard cocks… burning with desire to have me… to penetrate me… to fill my openings and pump me full of hot, sticky ropes of cum.

I almost have an orgasm from my torrid thoughts as Jack pulls into my driveway. He removes his fingertips from messaging my button and opens the door. We run up the walkway and go inside. He opens some champagne as I light a bunch of candles in the bedroom. He walks in with two glasses full and pins me against the wall. Our bodies intertwine as we rub and caress ourselves together. We slither over to the fluffy, king-sized bed. We kiss torridly as we grope at our clothes. Shadows dance on the walls from the flickering candles. I look down at the sexy sheen of my stockings as Jack kisses his way down my body to my inner thighs… kissing… licking a little higher… hot breath through the vent in my stockings… his warm tongue easing out… making contact with my outer folds… He lightly pulls at the wisps of hair on my exposed mound… his tongue eases into me… lapping at my oozing excitement…

He eases my legs together and pulls my skirt down. He comes up and unbuttons me… licking at my nipples as he removes my blouse. My chest heaves. He sucks on one nipple… then the other. I perk up. He works his way higher… kissing my chest… my neck… behind one ear… then the other… then to my lips… hot breath… tongue… probing into me. Arousal.

He stops and presses me back onto the bed. I don’t move. He goes to my dresser and pulls out some lingerie along with some of my stockings. He tosses them around me on the bed. He comes to me and takes my hand pulling me into a sitting position. He straddles my lap and feeds me his thick cock. It throbs as I kiss it… licking at his pre-cum… he slides down my throat… a deep moan.

After a minute, he leads me from the bed and stands me up gathering my pantyhose higher up my hips to my midriff. My pussy is blazing seeking to be filled. He whispers in my ear to close my eyes and keep them closed or he will stop and leave. I do as I’m told. He pulls my arms over my head and grinds me against the wall next to my bed. He kisses my waiting lips. I feel his hard cock between my thighs as he kisses me. It’s at my opening making contact with my wetness. I moan with pleasure… with anticipation…

I feel him reaching over to the bed rummaging through the lingerie. I feel the delicate fabric of something soft and silky caressing over my breasts and shoulders. His cock continues to stimulate me between my thighs. I feel him raise my arms and put something over my left hand. He gathers it over my hand and slithers it down my arm. It feels like a pair of my pantyhose. He repeats his work with my right arm gathering and pulling… a little on the right… then the left… pulling the silky fabric down to the top of my head. He pulls the stretchy material of a vented pair of pantyhose over my head, then my shoulders… slithering it further over my breasts and down further until they overlap with the stockings I have on.

I open my eyes briefly to catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. I see Jack used a pair of my midnight-black sheer-to-waist pantyhose that match the ones I have on. The candlelight makes my homemade bodystocking glisten with the sheen of the sheer nylons. I close my eyes quickly before Jack notices.

He pushes me back onto the bed and covers my body with his… kissing me passionately… breathing deep. I’m ablaze with erotic lust as I feel the caressing sensation of my nylons adjusting themselves against my writhing body. While pinning me down plunging his tongue past my lips, I feel him tying some stretchy fabric around my left wrist. My mind races with the danger and excitement of what he is planning to do with me. He’s repeating the action on my right wrist… I Ankara Travesti wrap my arms around him… stroking my nylon-covered body all over him… gliding sensuously… The stocking ropes tied to my wrists trail down his back and around his neck as I move my arms and pull him tightly to my breasts. He’s working his way up my body and sits on my chest straddling me. His throbbing cock is sticking straight out. I can’t help myself. I lunge forward… engulfing the full length into me… I move my head forward getting it to the back of my tongue… my throat. I hear him moan… He plunges into me while tying my arms apart to each of the bedposts. I’m tied down with my nylon ropes… tits exposed with my nipples pushing against the silky fabric.

He stops pumping my mouth and eases his body down mine… licking and kissing me as he goes… down farther to my exposed mound… I feel his warm breath on my pussy… he scoops his tongue into me… lapping at my wetness… dipping his tongue into me… deeper. I roll my head back and close my eyes. He moans.

I sense him moving around… now licking and kissing his way down my legs… around my knees… my ankles. I feel a stretchy piece of fabric being tied to my left ankle… now my right. I look down and watch Jack tie my legs apart to each of the bedposts. I feel at his mercy; his sex slave… to pleasure me however he wants. I writhe in erotic excitement feeling how bound I am… exposed and laid out… feeling the sexy caressing of my stockings against my skin as I pull at my restraints.

Jack comes up to the side of the bed. I turn to him. He stuffs his cock past my lips… I moan with excitement… He pulls out and reaches for my glass of champagne. I’m thirsty so I drink it all. Jack reaches over to pour me some more. His cock grazes my cheek. I let it slip past my lips and moan on him as he fills my glass. He leaves the bedroom. I’m alone in this bedroom with the flickering shadows… bound open to the four corners of my bed… body glistening with the sheen of my two-piece bodystocking. I’m lying here with my torrid thoughts of eroticism… feeling the tingles of arousal in my pussy… my wetness. I writhe in anticipation and lose myself in my torrid thoughts.

After what feels like a few minutes, I think I hear the front door open. I hear men’s voices mixed with Jack’s. Now… nothing. It’s quiet. Jack enters the room and puts his index finger to his lips. He leans over me… kissing me… moving to my exposed pussy… kissing me… licking… probing into me with his warm tongue… Mmmmmmmmm… he kisses and licks his way back up my body spending a few seconds at each of my nipples… higher still to my lips. I taste the erotic flavor of my excitement on Jack’s lips and tongue. He stops and goes over to my lingerie drawer. He’s pulling out another pair of sheer black stockings. He’s gathering it up as he walks back to me. He sits next to me and pulls the nylons over my head and down over my face. He pulls it lower to cover my neck. I open my eyes and can only see blurred shadows through the delicate black stretchy fabric.

I imagine in my mind my body being bound with my arms and legs spread wide open… covered with sheer black nylons… totally unrecognizable; anonymous… a stranger behind a mask… waiting for carnal pleasures. I’m at the mercy of Jack and his plans… my pussy exposed and dripping with the anticipation of being filled with cock and being pumped full of hot, sticky cum.

Jack leaves to go to the bathroom for a second and comes back. He leans down to me covering my body with his. I feel the tip of his cock at my opening… teasing me… He kisses me through the sheer nylon. It’s an erotic sensation. I pull at the nylon ropes and thrust my hips forward hoping to get his cock to thrust in me… ooooohhhh the feeling… Jack whispers in my ear to open my mouth and not move. I do as I’m told… breathing deeply… He brings a pair of scissors to my open lips and pokes a hole into the stocking. He cuts the hole bigger and leans into me kissing me through the hole in stocking. He pulls my head up and gives me İstanbul Travesti another drink from my glass.

While finishing that off I’m sensing some movement through my bedroom door behind me… shadowy figures are forming at the foot of my bed. My vision is blurred but I can see the images of three or four men around the bed. They look like the ones from the pub watching Jack caressing my exposed pussy under the table. I wonder what’s going to happen.

I instantly feel flush knowing my body is going to be used for their pleasures… I’m an anonymous fuck toy dressed and bound for their excitement… their fucking. The thought of anonymous forced sex with strangers excites me beyond my bounds. My pussy is ablaze and oozing with wetness… I feel my pussy puff with excitement.

Jack reaches down and kisses me through the hole in my stockings… he plunges his tongue deep into me. I feel some movement on the bed and another set of warm lips kisses my pussy. He smells the arousal and laps at me. His tongue probes me through my vented stockings… I feel a set of hands caressing my tits… squeezing and messaging… Jack is kissing passionately… I feel more movement. I glance down to see the shadow of a man crawl onto the foot of my bed between my bound legs… I struggle for effect. I see his hand stroking his long, stiff cock. I watch as he gets positioned between my sheer black legs and lines up his cock with my opening… I turn back to Jack and see his throbbing hard cock positioned near my lips. I engulf it… savoring his twitching excitement. I feel the soft velvety head of the cock at my opening… he moans… I feel him thrusting into me… spreading me apart… he pushes deeper… fuller… thick girth. I moan. He pumps harder… deeper… faster… grinding my pussy… my button. I hear him grunt… over and over… my pussy stretches around him. I moan so loud with horny bliss the sounds echo down the hall.

Another male shadow comes around the bed and turns my head to his fresh cock. I take it in. He’s really turned on and blows his cum into me fast. I taste his excitement… his arousal… he pulls my head deep around his cock as it twitches the last of its load past my lips. I lick him clean… my body is rocking from the drilling I’m getting deep in my pussy… the pace is faster… he’s moaning… groaning louder… he throbs his ropes of sticky hot cum into me… pumping… I look down and see another man stroking his cock over me. He moans as I watch his long streams of gooey cum land across my hips and abdomen. Stream after stream pulses out as it soaks into my stockings… he moans as he wipes the last of his dripping cum onto my hip… my nylons soaking it up. Jack comes over and messages the hot sticky cum onto me… spreading it around my hips… down to my pussy… The guy fucking me pulls out and wipes his sticky cock on my thighs.

A set of hands turns my head to a fresh cock… it slides past my lips… more movement… another cock penetrates me… plunging deep. My pussy is tight and stretches around his girth. I feel the pace picking up… my orgasm is building… I reach the point of no return as the men filling both of my openings sense my orgasm. They ream me good and stretch my pussy as they grind into me… flashes of lights… moans… sticky, warm cum… grunting… more cum – I don’t know from where. They fuck me furiously in every opening through my stockings as my orgasm goes on and on… they fill me… grinding their bodies onto mine… another long orgasm is hitting me… they fuck me so much I’m getting a little sore… they continue to fill me up… I wonder where all their cum was coming from, but I really don’t care… I’m their fuck slave… they really don’t know who I am anyway.

I shudder to an orgasm and come back to reality as Jack whispers the last of his story in my ear. My breathing is deep. I glance around the pub to see who may have witnessed this playful interlude in this dimly lit corner of the bar. I think we’re safe. I don’t think anyone is looking our way. Jack pulls his warm, wet fingers from my drenched pussy as he smirks at me. He wipes his fingers on my leg. The wetness soaks into my stockings.

“That’s for me to lick off later…” he says as he tosses me a wink.

We pay the bill and leave.

Hmmmm… Was that a card Jack passed to the guy on the barstool as we left…?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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