The Rally

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Saturday morning brought complications for Beverly. She had been looking forward to a rally with their club, the Tandem Bicycle Riders, training faithfully, practicing various shifts and power stroking techniques with her husband. In anticipation Bev spent extra time on her own, working on endurance exercises because she knew that some of the hill climbs, exhilarating as they were, could be exhausting and she didn’t want to disappoint on her share of the team effort. Bev rose early and hit the shower humming softly as she washed her hair, her mind visualizing some of those hills, and the associated vigorous stroking required to make the ascents. Her blood stirred as she lathered body wash into all the bumps and curves of her hard five foot frame. She stepped from the shower, vigorously dried with a soft towel until her skin glowed then, stopped to admire solid glutes and strong thighs in the full length mirror. Hers was a body well-toned, more like a woman twenty years her junior, taut and ready for the athletic demands this day promised.

Unfortunately, the problem became evident as she re-entered the bedroom while binding her wet hair in a towel turban.

“I don’t think I can make it dear…I feel dreadful this morning, ache all over and have a temperature… must be the damned flu.” Jock, her husband, looked every bit as bad as he sounded. “You’ll have to go without me. Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll fit in somewhere.”

“I don’t want to go without you Jock. We’re a team, we’ve trained as one and you know I prefer to ride exclusively with you. I’ll call and tell them we can’t make it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I know how much you look forward to these rallies. It won’t kill me to sit this one out and”, he gave her a wink; “I know how well your sexy little body is sure to fit with someone else’s team. It doesn’t bother me and you might even pick up some tricks we can work on later.” He gave her a sly lascivious look. “But, you must share all the details afterwards.” She hesitated; studying his face, then shed the towels and climbed onto the bed. As she slithered under the covers, snuggling up close. “I promise to tell you everything dear,” Her hand crept up his thigh and grasped him. “Every last delicious detail.” Then her lips met his, and her fingers began a slow teasing journey. “Hmm, I see you’re not that sick after all”, she said.

“With such a skilled physician handling matters, anything is possible my dear,” murmured Jock as he rose to the occasion, and then rolled on top of his wife.

At first Bev didn’t know whether to bring her own bike and ride solo with the group, or bring the tandem and hope to find another unattached rider. Of course she might just show up without and hope to hop aboard someone else’s frame. In the end Jock convinced her to go without a bike. “I know there’ll be room for you dear. There are always singles seeking partners on these rallies, have fun choosing a capable partner; Just to be safe.”

She phoned her friend Janice who also assured her that there were other singles attending Şerifali Escort and extra frames available; they would certainly welcome a skilled mature rider. After breakfast, she fussed over her appearance then grabbed her helmet and headed for the door.

“I’m on my way, rest up and get better, I see you later.”

As the door closed, she felt a flush of excitement, her imagination tingling at the prospect of a long hard ride with an unknown partner. This was something she hadn’t enjoyed for some time and a fantasy to be savoured.

She arrived early and quickly sought out Janice and Grayden. The flash of a red pony tail identified Janice and the two women embraced.

“So glad you decided to ride without Jock Bev, come on then let’s find you a partner.” She giggled and pointed to a cluster of singles clustered over by the bike stand. “See anything interesting?” Bev scanned the candidates. On the drive she’d considered possible options; another woman was not in the cards, this morning’s partner was going to be male. Should she stick with an older man, skilled in shifting or perhaps experiment with a younger, harder stroking partner? Would it be quality or quantity, why not look for both? Janice leaned close and whispered,

“Tom Callahan has the reputation as being a real hill climber, now he would be one of my choices.” Bev had occasionally fantasized about riding in tandem with the silver haired athlete who was leaning against a light pole, checking his phone. He did have impressive bulges under his tight spandex. I was true several women had regaled his hill climbing abilities. As a former professional racer he was certain to have uncommon skills. A thrill quivered through her petite body.

“Hmm that’s a possibility…but I was thinking of someone a bit younger, maybe a little less polished but with unpredictability. I like surprises sometimes and today I’m in an adventurous mood.” Janice drew in a quick breath and jostled Bev.

“Oh my goodness, just look at what rode into the lot! Now if you don’t jump at the chance then I’m going to dump Grayden and leap on that frame myself.” Beverly joined Janice and every other female in the group ogling a pair of superb cyclists mounted on a bicycle frame for three. The middle seat was unoccupied, a ruck sack strapped to the place where a third body would be wedged between two virile young studs. As they dismounted she could see that the men were identical twins who would obviously possess longer than average power strokes. Her tummy grew warm and tingly at the prospect of teaming up with either man, and together well the possibilities made her weak in the knees.

“Oh yah, now that’s what I’m talking about, see you later.”

Bev moved closer, sliding up to the closest of the pair. She caught her breath as his deep blue eyes focused on hers, then conducted a brief analysing sweep of her physique.

“Hello there. I hope you don’t think me too forward but I couldn’t help but notice your middle position is vacant and well, I’m all alone today, I’d İstanbul Escort love to pedal between you and your brother.” Bev shifted her weight onto one hip and gave them a brilliant smile. They were gorgeous, paragons of masculinity, slim and flat in some areas and well built in others. They couldn’t have been more than twenty-five; she would be accused of being a cradle robber but, with blood pounding at her temples, Bev could have cared less.

“We heard that this club had many fine women riders, that was one thing that brought us here today but the other is just arriving so I’m sorry,” he gestured over Bev’s shoulder, “not today, perhaps another time?” Bev turned to see an Amazonian goddess standing with helmet under one arm propped in a seductive casualness on her hip. She smiled and moved towards them with that loose ease of athleticism which spoke of many hours in the gym. Her figure made Bev feel insignificant and she withdrew. There was little doubt this cycle siren could more than manage the twins and any hills they might offer. She turned without another word and melted into the gathering.

“I don’t know where that creature came from,” hissed Janice, “haven’t seen her before. I bet she’s had major body work to look that good.”

“Yah think? I’ll just head back out to pasture, definitely not in her league.”

“Oh I wouldn’t say that Beverly, you are not yesterday’s mount to me my dear. I see we are both alone, what say we give it a go and maybe teach those youngsters a move or two?” Bev whipped around to look up at the smiling face of Tom Callahan.

“I’ve seen you around for some time, had my eye on you, but normally Jock is with you and I’m not one to intrude on an established partnership.” He looked around, “where is Jock?”

“At home, not feeling well… he urged me to spread my wings today, try some different things.”

“Might I have the honor of helping spreading those sexy wings Beverly? I’d like to scratch a long standing itch and get to know you better. I’ve admired your riding style and running gear for some time; I promise we’ll have an interesting ride.”

Bev gave him a coy look. “I bet we will.”

The ride was everything a fantasy might hold. Tom insisted she take the front position and Bev happily allowed herself to enjoy the demanding pace the former pro set. His strokes were varied and gentle, matched with smooth shifting as he expertly guided them towards their first hill. Then Tom did something unexpected by performing a half shift, a difficult and exquisite move she’d heard about in whispers, but dismissed as fantasy gossip. This gear setting caused Bev to slip in and out of sync, gliding then pushing as they mounted the hill. At first she panicked and stumbled to catch his rhythm then, suddenly she caught on and rode with increasing confidence until they were soaring towards the crest. Her cries attracted stares from other partnerships as she climaxed the hill crest. Beverly struggled to catch her breath.

“Oh Tom that was terrific, where did you learn that?”

“It Ümraniye Escort comes with practice Bev, and a willing, experienced partner who knows when to let go and resist the urge to fight the rhythm.” They coasted, resting tired muscles. Bev was giddy her features glowing with the flush of conquering the hill. Tom’s generous offering of lubricant washed about inside and trickled down her thigh. She was aware of the attention others in their group were giving them, but didn’t care. Even the twins and the silicone sister wedged between their sweaty bodies focused on Bev and her man. Tom leaned forward his hand resting on her buttocks as he whispered in her ear.

“You haven’t experienced anything yet Bev, my shifter has only just warmed up, wait till you feel the surge of my power strokes on this next hill my dear. For now, sit back enjoy the ride and let me do the work, you’re going to need the energy to keep up when I engage my turbo shift.” Bev did just that, her libido soared as she relished the sensation of a new shifter gliding through her derailleurs. She swayed in a deliciously slow, grinding, cyclical pattern as the master stroked from behind. Her body, hardened from long training sessions with her husband, responded, eagerly meeting Tom’s encouragement as they slowly approached a new hill.

Bev looked about her as other partners cycled towards personal summits. One interracial couple in particular caught her eye. His ebony shifter was thicker than most and from the glistening lubrication on its shaft his Chinese partner was employing her eastern techniques to bring an eroticism rarely demonstrated on Tandem Bicycle Club rides. Clearly in control, she mounted his recumbent frame on powerful thighs, rising, and falling, squat thrusting on his shifter. The twins were taking turns with their Amazonian partner, her silicone rack bouncing mightily as they stood erect with her wedged between their coordinated shifters. Bev was momentarily distracted watching their gymnastic display until Tom whispered in a low sensual growl.

“Alright lover, now we show the rest of these youngsters how a mature couple can really ride.” Tom and Bev had been maintaining a steady stroke, matching most couples around them. Tom’s shifter began to step up the pace and she twisted to watch his power strokes slide smoothly through her well lubricated derailleurs. Her heart beats increased as she saw the size of his larger sprockets come into play. It was a mesmerizing combination of power and girth that her derailleurs had never handled before. ~ So this is what it’s like to ride with a pro~ she thought. Tom powered strokes even faster and deeper as she struggled to keep up.

“Hang on and allow me to crest the hill for us” Tom said through gritted teeth. Bev leaned forward, grasping the handle bars with a death grip, her legs splayed wide while Tom pounded with massive, long, power strokes as they soared together over the summit.

Later the twins and the silicone amazon approached Tom and Bev where they lay resting beside their tandem frame.

“Maybe we can arrange for a swap on the way back?” said the silicone sister to Bev, with a glint in her eye as she appraised Tom’s running gear. Bev gave her a dismissive wave off.

“Not a chance dearie, you’re not in our league.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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