The Rescue Pt. 06

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“That wasn’t a bad burger,” I say as Michelle and I finish our late dinner.

“Yep, not as good as Smitty’s but good,” Michelle agrees. “Another beer?” She asks offering me a bottle.

“Dr. Ripley, are you trying to get me drunk?” I joke.

“Thought you might need one so you can tell me your story.”

I take the bottle but put it down on the table without opening it.

“Are you sure you want to hear it? You already know that it doesn’t end well for any of us.”

“If you don’t want to talk about it just tell to me to back off and I will. I’m a big girl Kenny I can take rejection. I just thought it might be something you’d like to get off your chest,” She tells me.

I sense that she’s about to retreat and my hand shoots out to capture hers before she can walk away. She rubs her thumb across the back of my hand as I give hers a gentle squeeze.

“Michelle, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you it’s just that… I haven’t talked about it for a long time. Hell, I haven’t been able to talk about that day since the inquest except to the shrink from the VA and even then in just bits and pieces. However, when I can talk about what happened and why I blame myself, I know now that you’ll be the one I tell, just not tonight. Tonight we should be celebrating not dredging up some dark chapter of my past.”

“Well whenever you’re ready I’m here for you,” She tells me squeezing my hand back.

“I know you are. Thank you.”

“No need to thank me, you’re here for me and I’m here for you. That’s how it works with friends but right now, I’m a little tired. So you take the bed and I take the couch right,” She asks.

I shake my head. “I’ll take the couch and you take the bed Michelle. Don’t argue either because you won’t win this one.”

“That used to be my line Kenny, no fair using it against me.”

“Fair or not that’s how it is.”

“Oh really?”


She smiles and nods. “Okay, I guess there’s no point in arguing if I’m not going to win. I don’t like being on the losing side but I suppose the bed in there will cushion the blow.”

I groan. “You need to get to bed because that was a horrible pun.”

She shrugs. “It wasn’t my best so I guess goodnight and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight Michelle,” I tell her as I clean up the table and return the tray to the hallway.

Back inside I pull the cushions off the smallish couch and place them on the floor so I can stretch out better. I start to lie down when Michelle calls out to me.

“Look what I found!” She says giggling and pointing towards the TV as I enter.

I look towards it and see Humphrey Bogart’s Frank McCloud entering the Hotel Largo for the first time.

“If this isn’t fate then I don’t know what is. We have to watch this together,” She gets to her knees and pulls me onto the bed. I end up tripping and falling onto my back onto the bed jostling my shoulder.

“Ouch, careful, I’m a wounded man, remember.” I tell her sliding up towards the headboard and the stack of pillows waiting there. A look of genuine concern blossoms on her face but I wave her off. “I’m fine.”

“Don’t try and be a tough guy for my benefit Kenny.” She says. “If you’re hurting, let me know.”

“I’m fine, really. And Michelle, I’m sorry I scared you back at the village.”

“Yeah well you should be. I had been through enough at that point, no need for you to pile on.”

“Yes, you had and really I’m sorry,” I tell her.

She nods.

“Don’t get serious on me now Kenny, I’m trying to watch Bogart in Italian. Think we can supply the lines like we used to?” She asks.

“Are you sure about that? You might be out of practice and I’d hate for you to lose a bet like that,” I tell her.

She shakes her head.

“No bets this time, just two friends enjoying a movie together. That okay with you?” She asks as she slides back on the bed to join me.

She cuddles up to me, the warmth of her body spreading to me along with that scent of peaches I’m starting to love at this point.

“Fine… uh fine with me,” I manage to say as I think back to when we used to watch movies together at the Voss’s.

She’d be on one end of the couch and I on the other with only our hands occasionally brushing one another on the back cushions but tonight she’s wrapped herself to me like a lover would and I for one am not complaining. I’m too busy doing Bogart’s lines now anyway.

“Thanks for not dying on me Kenny,” she says in a near whisper.

I lean down and kiss the top of her head. “I thought you didn’t want to get serious?”

She looks up at me, gives me this sexy smile then stretches up and kisses me. As soon as our lips touch, I feel that barrier that was put between dissolve itself into nothingness. Her lips part, teasing my tongue to slip between them as her body presses into mine molding and filling me with even more of her warmth. A moan escapes her throat as her tongue touches mine and she begins tugging at my shirt. At first, I think that she’s trying Travesti to get away from my unwanted advance so I pull back ready to apologize but she surprises me when struggling with the buttons she asks.

“Why’d you button this damn thing?”

“I didn’t think this…” I try to say but she interrupts me.

“Shut up,” She says finally getting the last button undone.

She yanks it off me tossing it aside before lying on her back and hurriedly pulling me down to her.

“Kiss me,” She says suspiciously making it sound like an order but one that I will gladly follow. I lower my lips to hers and as much as I try to be tender all the pent up tension I’ve been feeling unleashes itself. Our hands begin to roam each other’s bodies as I pull myself away from her sweet lips sliding down to kiss her neck. She raises her head granting me better access to her smooth skin. She moans as I gently kiss and suck on her sweet neck first on one side then the other. Her hands come up to my shoulders and she lightly pushes me lower. I get the hint and begin kissing my way down her neck to her chest. Gently I pull her tank top straps down taking my time kissing every inch of skin as I expose it. There’s the peaches smell again and I smile knowing that now whenever I pass a fruit stand or see a license plate from Georgia I’m going to have a very pleasant memory.

“How long do you plan on teasing me Kenny?” She groans at me.

“I’m not in any kind of hurry,” I tell her amid kisses to her cleavage.

“That’s good but you’re making me really hot at the moment and I don’t want to start yanking on your bad shoulder,” She tells me.

Not wanting to disappoint I reach down taking hold of the hem of her shirt and pull it up over her head. It flies into the air and joins mine somewhere on the floor. I take moment to marvel at this goddess lying topless before me and realty hits me like a blast of cold water.

“She’s just been through this traumatic event, there’s that Justin guy that might or might not be her boyfriend, and she trusts me. Here I am taking advantage of her and abusing her trust.”

I lean back and rise up to my knees while these thoughts race through my mind.

“Uh maybe we should…,” I begin to say but she cuts me off.

“Why are you stopping? Don’t stop!” She says getting up to her own knees so we’re face to face. She takes my face into her hands. Lightly she kisses me while intently staring into what feels like the very depths of my soul, her blue eyes aflame with passion.

“Michelle, if we do this and you regret it afterwards… I don’t want to screw us up again,” I explain.

“You didn’t screw us up last time, I did,” She tells me.

“If I hadn’t kissed you that night…”

“Then I would have kissed you,” She interrupts. “It doesn’t matter now Kenny, all that matters is tonight. I don’t want to waste any more time wondering what might have been, so get back to kissing me already.”

I do as she requests and she kisses me back with more passion than I thought one person could possess. With my doubt erased, I slide my hands down her back until I’m cupping her firm butt. She groans into my mouth as I give her ass a squeeze before massaging each wonderful cheek in turn. Not one to be out down she reaches down to the clasps of my pajama bottoms to undo them. For just a brief moment she appears to be all thumbs as she struggles with the simple knot but I suppose my teeth nibbling on her ear might be the culprit. She steels herself for a moment and completes her task then goes on the attack. Quickly her hand dips inside them exploring my stiffness with her delicate touch. It’s my turn to moan as she begins to stroke me teasingly.

“Damn,” I groan into her ear and hear her giggle just a little as she continues to tease me.

“I want you naked,” She tells me after several long moments pass.

I nod, reluctantly pull my hands away from her tight backside, and get to my feet beside the bed letting the pants fall to the floor. She stares for a moment as I crawl back onto bed.

“Something wrong,” I ask.

She shakes her head before she slips under the covers.

“Just processing that this is actually happening that’s all,” She tells me.

“Honey, we can stop if you want. I’ll understand.”

A smile teases her lips as she reaches under the covers seconds later she tosses her pajama pants at me.

“Does it look like I want to stop?” She asks holding the sheet up so I can slide under.

I hesitate but not out of doubt, I just want look at her amazing body as it lies before me.

“You look absolutely incredible,” I tell her as I crawl into the bed beside her.

“I’ll bet you say that to all the girls you take to bed,” She says jokingly.

I shake my head. “There hasn’t been that many and you’re the first I’ve said that to.”

“Not that many huh, how many is not that many?”

“Do you really want to talk about that now? Seriously?”

She looks down my body and giggles. “Maybe I want Antalya Travesti to test your self control?”

“I’m lying here with you and you’re naked. My self control flew out of here just like your pants did a second ago,” I say as I pull her body into my arms and kiss her firmly.

She starts to laugh as I’m kissing her but she quickly switches to sighs as my hands roam her supple body. I trail kisses from her lips back down her neck along the same path as last time but without the shirt blocking me. By the time I reach her nipples they’re poking out like hard little erasers that I capture with my mouth and swirl my tongue around them each in turn.

“Oh, that feels so nice,” Michelle sighs as I continue to suck on her receptive nipples.

Slowly I begin kissing and licking my way farther down her body.

“What are you doing?” she begins to ask as my tongue slithers over her smooth abdomen, pausing to kiss her cute belly button before dipping lower to her womanhood.

“Kenny, wait,” She says reaching down and pulling my face up to look at her from between her spread legs.

“Can’t. Self control issues remember,” I tell her as I kiss her downy bush covering her sex.

Underneath it, my tongue finds her slit teasing its way around until she reaches down to stop me.

“Wait. Wait. Wait.” She says pulling at my hair.

“Am I doing something wrong?” I ask.

Her face red from embarrassment she explains. “I wouldn’t know Kenny; see no one’s ever… well ya know.”

“You do trust me right?” I ask then gently kiss her slit thought her bush then kiss my way down to her outer lips already wet from her arousal.

“Yes, I… Oh… trust… Mmm!” She tries to say as my tongue probes under her hooded clit and swipes at it. “Oh god Kenny, what are you doing to me?”

I lift my mouth for a moment to answer “Making love to you” before delving back down to her womanhood.

“Oh yes! Oh god!” She cries out as lick her moist slit from top to bottom. Then slide the tip of my tongue into her going from bottom to top. At the zenith I swipe her clit again drawing a loud gasp from her followed by her moaning my name. I smile at hearing the pure lust in her voice as I continue my oral assault.

“Kenny, I’m going to… Oh god I’m cumming!” She cries between gasps of breath as she has first orgasm from oral sex.

As her body is being rocked by that orgasm I take my time pleasing her, using her gasps and moans to guide me to what she likes and what she needs me to do to bring her off a second time. Her hips begin bucking and I take the opportunity to reach under and give her butt a squeeze. My erection feels like it gets harder as my hands knead her butt if that’s even possible since I’ve been like a rock since I first started kissing her. Getting into it now, she reaches down and grabs my hair now physically guiding me as well.

“I’m close. God I’m so close!” It comes out as a plea so I do all I can to answer her cries. Her moans rise in volume until she climaxes a second time soaking my mouth, chin and fingers in her sweet fluids. I lap them up my tongue brushing her clit as I clean us. She yelps at the touch and pulls me up beside her.

“Too sensitive,” She tells me her body still trembling.

I wrap my arms around her and hold her as she slowly drifts back to earth from her powerful release. The only sounds in the room are the sounds of her heavy breathing and the rain pouring down outdoors.

“Are you okay?” I ask cradling her to my chest as her body involuntary shudders start to die down.

“I’m so far beyond okay right now. Damn Kenny, how is it that none of the boyfriends I had ever did that to me and yet the man that I ran from just gave me two of the most mind blowing orgasms I’ve ever had?” She asks me.

“I’m not sure I have an answer for that,” I tell her.

“I didn’t really expect one,” she says craning her head up and kissing me, “but thank you.”

“No need to thank me, it was my pleasure, believe me.”

“Just because I mentioned boyfriends don’t you dare think that I want us to stop. I’m just enjoying this feeling and catching my breath before we continue.”

“Only if you’re sure that you don’t want to stop.”

“Kenny, I wouldn’t let you to stop now if the hotel room was on fire.”

“Well I promised to get you home, so dying in a hotel fire wouldn’t be a great idea,” I joke.

She makes a show of looking around the room. “We’re in luck then, no flames anywhere.”

“You’re very sexy when you’re being sarcastic. Anyone ever tell you that?” I ask.

“You’re just saying that because I’m naked.”

“No, it’s just a wonderful coincidence that you’re naked. A beautiful, wonderful, remarkable, coincidence,” I tell her and let my eyes drift over her naked body once more.

“A little while ago I might have pointed out just how full of it you sound right now but there’s something else that desperately needs my attention,” she tells me.

“There is huh? What might that Bursa Travesti be?” I ask.

Instead of answering verbally, she reaches down and takes hold of my hardness. After a few feathery strokes, she says.

“He,” she says squeezing my cock, “has been a perfect gentleman, patiently waiting his turn to be pleased. I think it’s about time I thanked him for that.”

I push her onto her back and slip between her spread legs. “You can thank him some other time, right now he’s got someplace he really needs to be.”

Delicately she continues to stroke me. “Somewhere other than my warm, wet mouth,” She asks sexily.

“Oh god,” I exclaim just imagining the feeling she’s proposing.

“You sure you don’t want me to show my appreciation to you?” She teasingly asks.

I manage to nod. “Later. Right now I just want to be inside of you,” I tell her.

Her hand gives my cock a last squeeze.

“I won’t forget to thank you later sir,” She says right as she guides him to her wet opening. I gently move my hips forward and as I feel her wetness begin to envelope me she whispers. “Make love to me Kenny.”

Our eyes are locked together as I slide into her fully; the only sound is her sharp intake of breath as she opens up to accept me. I’ve never felt so connected with anyone I’ve ever had sex with; it’s as if we’re becoming one with our coupling. We are making love, there’s no doubt about that. I can tell that she feels the same from the look on her face as we steadily grind ourselves together. She begins to moan again and soon she’s clutching at my back with her nails and her legs are wrapped around my thighs pulling me further into her with each thrust.

“Yes, Kenny!” She cries out digging her fingers into my back as she rises on a wave of bliss. Her orgasm causes her to tighten around me and that the pressure makes me want to let loose too, but I force myself to hold back, I want this feeling between us to last as long as it can. After several moments, she smiles up at me.

“That was… amazing,” She says breathlessly.

“Was it about like you thought it would be?” I ask her.

She shakes her head. “It was better, so much better.”

I nod and begin moving slowly inside her again but she stops me.

“You’re still hard?” She says more in a statement than a question but I can tell she’s surprised.

“I’m not sure if I’ll get the chance to do this with you again, I have to make it last.”

She has a confused look. “You mean you didn’t just…”

“Nope, not yet.”

“So we’re not done? Oh my,” She says then pushes me over onto my back careful not to hit my shoulder.

She crawls astride me then reaches down and guides me back inside her womanly folds. It’s my turn to groan as she slowly lowers herself inch by gratifying inch until I fill her completely. “Kenny, we are going to… Oh yes! We are going to be doing this again. I Oh … owe my new friend for all this pleasure he’s giving me. Oh fuck me!” She tells me as she starts to grind herself onto me.

It feels so good in fact that I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to hold out and that gets me thinking about protection. She’s slightly rocking her hips with her eyes half closed and biting her bottom lip. She looks to me like an angel sent down from the heavens as sweat glistens off her body and her long blonde hair shimmers in the light from the bedside lamp.

“I’m close baby. Where do you want me to finish?”

The question itself seems to propel her to another orgasm.

“In me,” She cries out just as her climax hits her.

I reach up, pull her face down to mine, and kiss her hard. Gone is the shyness of earlier now she kisses me with reckless abandon crushing her breasts to my chest. Her body shudders as I hold her tight driving my hips up into her. She’s letting out a constant stream of groans as our bodies slap together. Try as I might, it feels too good, she’s so hot, wet and tight all at the same time that I’m quickly losing the fight.

Michelle feels it too and urges me to completion. “I can feel you about to lose it. Let me take you to Heaven,” she says looking into my eyes our heaving breathes mingling together in the small space between us. “Make me yours Kenny,” She whispers to me before capturing my bottom lip in her teeth and biting down gently a soft little purr issuing from the back of her throat.

With all those sensations I explode inside her with pained grunt as spurt after spurt flows from me.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I wanted,” She murmurs as letting her contractions milk every drop from me.

I wrap my arms around her sweat soaked body and hold her close feeling both of our heartbeats beginning to slow back to a normal rhythm. Her body trembles a few more times as the waves of her climax run their course. After several minutes pass I feel my cock slip out of her and she moans at the feeling of emptiness.

“Guess I should get off you now,” She says but I shake my head.

“Not if you don’t want to you don’t.”

She smiles and kisses me briefly. “I really don’t but I need to clean up a little.”

I nod and let her get up watching her ass sway as she makes her way into the bathroom.

A few minutes she slides back into bed and covers us both with the sheet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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