The Ride Home

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Charlotte laughed as she walked with her two friends. She skipped ahead to open the school’s front doors. A slightly chilly breeze interrupted her enjoyment as Lacy’s way-too-short skirt ruffled to reveal red lace. She rolled her eyes and wondered which one it had been this time. And, to no surprise, she asked:

“Hey, Lacy. Your outfit’s awfully skimpy today, who’d you submit to today?” Her voice was unapologetically sarcastic.

“Actually, it was Mr. Henderson,” she said with confidence and ease, “You know how bad my grade was getting and I really need at least a B. What else can a girl do?”

At this Jame piped up, “You could study.”

“As if! I have a reputation to uphold and it’s not that of an obedient school girl.” Lacy attempted to sound convincing, but, alas, she was much worse.

“Well, Char is loved by all, and she gets good grades, and she’s got tons of guys going after her. You should take some notes,” Jame said, though with every word she got quieter.

“I wish.” Charlotte pouted. “But my grades are mediocre and only this one creep likes me. The only thing you said that was true wasn’t even that true; my crush hates me”

“Aw, don’t feel down, Char. Just suck just dick and he’ll devote himself to you,” Lacy said confidently as if it was a clever statement.

Charlotte glared at her, only to receive a slight shrug in reply. They kept walking in silence as the wind whistled and blew their hair around and their skirts unnecessarily high. Charlotte heard a whistle and smiled at Jame’s bad attempts to condemn the giver.

“Alright, well Jason’s here now. Hey, Jame, you need a ride?” Lacy asked, glancing behind them as she walked to a big, blue jeep.

“Yes, please,” Jame said graciously.

“Could I tag along? I haven’t any otele gelen escort way home since I stayed after school with you, Lacy.” Charlotte put suspicious emphasis on Lacy’s name.

“Sorry, only got one seat left. You’ll have to catch a ride with someone else,” she winked as Jame hopped into the back seat which clearly had room for more.

“Brats. How am I getting home?” She shivered as she pondered.

“Hey, White! You need a ride?” Someone shouted her last name and she looked in the direction it came from only to find her crush who supposedly hated her, Alex Griffin.

She groaned and silently cursed Lacy’s odd behavior. Although, there didn’t seem to be any other options so she groaned again and walked in his direction. He was standing outside the opened passenger door of a black Lamborghini. For a high schooler, he had good taste in cars and just good cars in general, too.

He reached out his hand for her to take and she did, shakily. He pulled her around him, helped her into the seat, and shut the door. Opening the driver’s door he smiled at her and sat down too. After starting the car he turned on the radio and lowered the volume.

“Hey, I’m sorry about last month.” He broke the silence.

Charlotte thought about a dance they had gone to separately, but they had managed to dance every slow dance together. She was an awkward mess and he was … well, perfectly wonderful. She sighed as she recalled that short, but remeberable night.

“I’m sorry that I made you uncomfortable with my actions.”

But he hadn’t, and actually all he did was be a little extra seductive. “You didn’t … uh … I’m just super awkward. And, uh … I had fun … yeah.”

Alex smirked and Charlotte felt her face flush. rus escort She squeezed her hands between her legs so he wouldn’t notice how sweaty they were.

“I’m glad we’ve cleared that up.” He put his free hand on her cold thigh, but still looked straightforward.

Her eyes widened as her mind was clouded with horrible thoughts.

‘I’m going to get raped and I’m only eighteen. This guy could be a total psycho. I’m not ready to lose my virginity!’

Alex turned a corner and parked the car. “Thanks for the ride, Griffin. I’ll see you on Monday,” her hands shook as she unbuckled and went to open the door.

But she heard a click and the door was locked. Charlotte jumped and slowly turned to face him. He was staring back at her with a thoughtful look on his face. ‘I’m going to get raped then murdered.’

“You can call me Alex.” Charlotte let out a breath she hadn’t known she had been holding.

“Okay, sorry.” She went for the door again but was interrupted.

“I like you, Charlotte White.” She tensed up again. Meeting her eyes with his own he took his hand off her thigh and instead held hers. “I really like you.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Charlotte launched herself from the seat to him and just kissed. She kissed him for all those times she thought about him and all those times she wish she would have just told him what a nice face he has. Charlotte hadn’t even noticed herself unbuckled his seat belt and recline his chair as she stradled his lap.

Charlotte’s heartbeat quickened as his hands slid from her hair to her back and then he held her hips still. Alex had stopped kissing her.

“If you want to then okay, but I’m not going to continue playing unless you’re serious.” She knew what he meant and nodded. sıhhiye escort

He grinned at her and she laughed. Hooking his thumbs into the rim of her skirt he pushed until it was down over her knees. He leaned up and flipped their positions so he was on top.

“You might want to relax after this so I thought you’d like to be on bottom.” He slipped off his own jeans.

Charlotte chose not to look down in fear she may change her mind so instead she kept eye contact with his beautifully kind eyes. How had he managed to pack on so much muscle while keeping a gorgeous expression. She may have reached orgasm from merely looking at him if he hadn’t interrupted her with an astounding pressure on her panties. The pressure had released as he pulled them off and looked at them in shock.

“You really don’t seem like the lace thong type of girl. Let alone red, what are you hiding?” Alex pestered her. Though, she merely smiled as she thought back to her cruel statement on Lacy’s choice of clothing.

“You’re about to find out,” she said and stuck her tongue out.

Alex quickly planted his lips around her tongue and met with his own. Charlotte yelped into his mouth from the sudden kiss and moaned deeply after he shoved a super sized cock into her vagina. He kept pulling in and out as she moaned and regretfully forgot to mention her virginity. He slapped his body against and each time she’d moan louder until she was panting in between thrusts.

Alex separated from the kiss and whispered, “I’m about to cum.”

“Wait,” Charlotte moaned as Alex reached down with one arm to massage her clit.

A moment later she felt her body tremble and she was met with a hot load of cum which met her own in waves. Alex kept his cock in and waited as she shook with each wave of the orgasm.

Charlotte felt weak as she looked up to meet Alex’s gaze. “You have the most wonderful eyes,” she sighed.

Alex laughed, “Can I ask you a favor?”

“Sure,” Charlotte could barely speak.

“Will you refrain from wearing panties on Monday?”

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