The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 21

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The Patchwork Man

The patchwork man was my name now a new man for a new world. I don’t know who started it, I don’t know how long it was used behind my back before I heard it, and I am not sure if it was my marked skin or shifting personality that got me the name. To my face I was always Rave but when they thought I couldn’t hear I was now Patchwork. I first heard it just after my rampage upon Cain’s death, the patchwork man, half whispered like a ghost story and I was the monster. My crew took the name to heart and it wasn’t long before our tags started to have stitch work in them. It was a good name and worked well as I took over Cain’s role within the gang. Mark couldn’t afford the loss of control of a corner to Eddy so I couldn’t be moved off, even if I could I wouldn’t have given up my crew, so a lot of the dogsbody stuff got past to Eddy’s lads but I was now the gang’s leg breaker.

It wasn’t a one person job and that is how I got my second Lt, that is how I got Flea. Flea was part of Taz’s crew, for weeks Taz had been bitching about him, becoming more and more worried, because Flea to put it bluntly was crazy. He was a small guy but people gave him lots of space, he had this intense stare, his hand where always moving, you would catch him mumbling to himself, he had a nervous tick which made him look like he was trying to bite his own ear which got him some stick until he bit off someone else’s, and he LIKED inflicting pain. If you have read all of these you might think that sounds like me but I didn’t like inflicting pain I liked committing acts of violence, I was in it for the crunch not the scream where I found my release, it may sound like a small thing but believe me it makes a big difference and it mattered more to me than I cared to admit. So Flea was crazy but that wasn’t a bad thing in our line of work.

It was a bit bumpy to start with until Flea saw me break someone’s fingers while demanding money and after that he was in awe of me and took everything I said as gold. My existence validated Flea and who he was, so long as there was someone like me it was ok to Flea that there was someone like him. Crazy or not once he was loyal to me he made a fair Lt, he was smart enough to run the corner even if he was a bit unpredictable in a raid. I taught him most of what Cain taught me but bits of it never seemed to stick inside his head and truth be told some of it was useless in the new estate we found ourselves in.

Cain’s death had sent a shockwave through the estate, one of the estates elite getting killed like that by a bunch of nobody’s because they had blades. I was not going to be court without a knife on me again and every other face felt the same way. Once it was apparent that the leadership where carrying every want to be and thug started and once everyone was carrying it was only at matter of time until the stigma of pulling a blade where gone. By the end of the winter war there was blood on the street.

I change quite a bit to adapt to this new world, my own personal style became more gothic, not because of the music or I liked the look but because Goths walk around set up for a knife fight. Baggy clothes, heavy denim and leather, work very well against the slash of a blade. The six inch long, thick leather wrist guards covered in tightly pack metal studs did wonders to reduce the number of defensive wounds you took. I was good at this, I knew how to fight with a blade most people didn’t, and while the stakes are higher in a knife fight they are easier. You take a lad who is a real good brawler and give him a blade he get stupid, he forgets a lot of what he knows, and spends all of his time focused on putting his blade in you and dodging yours, he stops watching your legs and your other hand. Your whole body is a weapon not just your hands and so many good fighter forgot this once you put a blade in one. Even with this I still added a few more scars to my impressive collection.

The first two fights of the summer war where blood baths, no gang could put up with the numbers who were hurt and soon it was stopped until something could be done. The Burned Stars called a meeting of the gang leaders, we cursed that we hadn’t done it first, but the was no question of not going, the risk of being the only one not to go and estate business being decided without you was too great for any Boss to think about it. Of course going to a meeting at the call of another Boss wasn’t going to happen so it wasn’t a meeting it was a party and if they happened to all end up in one room off to the side and happened to talk about some problem then it was ok. Then you had the problem of who gets there first, the other gangs where fighting about who would be last to get there, all Bob wanted was to be first. He wasn’t the politician that the others where, he was a warrior and thought that the real advantage of controlling the ground was more important than appearing more important.

The use of blades wasn’t the only thing that was needed to be mention in passing. The Albanians needed to be talked about, the immigrant problem and how best to keep them in their place, and Yaba.

Yaba was a nasty little drug that had just arrived on the estate, at the time I thought it came from Africa but I am now lead to believe it is Indonesian, it is a meth derivative cut with caffeine and as we didn’t have meth it was a wonder drug to dealer. The problem with most pills is you need a chemistry lab to put them together, which means a supply chain to get them to the users, each link in the chain adds to the price and reduces the quality of the produce. The £5 E you buy at your local meat market was produced at twice the strength for about 50p a pill and has been through a dozen hands where it has been transported, cut, split, and sold. It is the same with most drugs but not with meth and not with Yaba. If you can bake a cake you can produce Yaba, not to the same standards or in the quantity that an Ex lab can make product, but there is not chain just you and maybe the person you get to sell it.

As said it was a nasty little drug that destroyed your body and mind better than any of the powders I pushed but it was cheap and easy to make, highly addictive, and the perfect starter drug to move onto hard stuff. The problem was that no one controlled it. It was too new and simple for the King to have a grip on it but pills had always been his so none of the gangs had moved in on it. Well that isn’t true there were rumours that the Flesh Eaters where producing about half the stuff sold on the estate but the where still a lot of soul traders and it was a free market. On the estate it was bad enough with £2 pills but worse still is it had made it into the local clubs to be passed off as E and a lot of middle class kids where getting a taste for it, asking for Yaba and still play E prices for it. The pigs looked the other way when we were killing ourselves with Ataşehir Escort drugs but soon a lot of “nice kids” would show up as addicts and then there would be a problem.

I didn’t think that anything would be sorted out by a meeting but we need a start and that is why the Dead Heads went to a party. The Burned Stars had taken over one of the underground garages along with some of the first floor flats on the block and had set it up with heaters and a decent sound system so it worked for a rave. The small knot of Dead Heads moved through their territory carefully, it was unlikely that the Burned Stars would hit us but if I was one of the other gangs making it look like they couldn’t hold the peace was a good way to make a point.

The Daves where far more alert than they had been for years, more out of fear of me than anyone else after word got out of what I had done to the man that killed Cain. Being considered “Mental” wasn’t a bad thing because if the Daves hadn’t been scared of me one of them may have thought about trying to take Cain’s place. The middle of our group where made up of Taz, Eddy, Mark, Bex and Bob.

Burned Star muscle was waiting at the door to check us over before letting us in. Now that came close to ending it right there, no one was going to put hands on Bob and I was going to make sure of it. I knew this was some kind of power play, that they had been ordered to do it, and they were scared as they edged close to us. I tried to stop my hand from moving up my back towards my blade but if they had taken another step I would have gone for them. Just as it was about to kick off a voice came from the block.

“What do you think you are doing” shouted Terry. Terry was happy Johnny’s younger brother, the lad had I mind that made Eddy look simple, and a viscous prick in his own right he used Johnny’s shadow to get away with anything. “Who told you to touch these people, we are under truce and all friends here” by the looks of confusion on the men’s faces he had more than likely order them.

“I am sorry, my brother is waiting to welcome you, you can go right in” he said to us. I hung back letting the others go ahead until there it was just me and him outside. As he was about to walk in I pulled him into the wall pressing my lips to his ear.

“Now Bob doesn’t think that fast but if I catch you playing politics with us again tonight I don’t give two fucks who your brother is I will cut your face off and wear it as a mask. Do we understand each other?” I said sweet as honey.

“You wouldn’t dare” he said back, his voice shaking a little showing his fear “we are under truce, you own gang would kill you.”

The look on my face could have been a smile but really I was showing my teeth “For tonight, but nothing stops me from hunting you down tomorrow and doing… very… bad things” and I followed my Boss.

Happy Johnny liked his name, he thought that it was a term of endearment and no one was dumb enough to tell him otherwise. Johnny was like someone had read about the expression of happiness and then explained it to him second hand and he never quit got it. He did laugh a lot but it wasn’t laughter he said “Ha Ha Ha” and he smiled all the time but it was as if he had to think about each muscle he need to use in his face to do it, not that he didn’t seem happy and nice until he got angry. I feared happy Johnny, and that made me respect him and like him. Bob liked him, he was the only other Boss that he really saw as an equal, and we all knew that they were the ones that would move up.

I sent the Daves down to the party, making sure that they knew that if they hit or fucked anything that might give us trouble I would skin them myself and we walked into Johnny throne room. Johnny people where clearly as unhappy about us being in the room as I was at us being there. I watched with a little bit of envy as they moved quickly to put bodies between us and him, I would be lucky in half the lads who now held places in Bob thrown room would even do that never mind do it that easily. Me and Taz pushed forward to guard Bob but he held up his hand irritably.

“Are you scared of little old me John” he boomed.

“I fear one man and he sure as hell isn’t you Robert, get the hell out of the way” he cursed his own people.

Happy Johnny was sat there, high back chair, hair slicked back, strange smile on his face, looking like he owned the place which he did but it still irritated me. He had his feet up something and it took me a while finger it out that it was a girl, pink flesh and black leather curled up in a ball. On his right his second tried to look like he mattered in a room with two bosses. On his left his girlfriend, tall, blonde, curvy, her face had once been perfect but she had had her nose had been broken and badly reset when she was younger, sat on top of a cage containing a large pit bull. Terry pushed through press to stand behind his brother. The brief moment of tension as the two bosses looked down at each other before they started a forced conversation about mundane things. I put my back to the wall and amused myself by making eye contact with each of the Burned Star heavies until they looked away, it is all about the mad eyes and crazy stair, it did wonders for your reputation, as each of the other gang leaders showed up.

The Damned One’s came next, skin heads men and women both, their boss was weak but was propped up by a handful of brothers and cousin that made up the back bone of the gang. The Hell boys and the Bad dogs came just after each other both had been bloodied with the onset of summer and looked weak. Last where the Flesh Eaters, their Boss went by Ripper, black clothes and men in makeup, it wasn’t what you call hard but once you added the rumours about the black magic voodoo shit they got up to it had a certain effectiveness in intimidation that you needed to hit a guy with a bat to achieve. With so many heavy hitters in the room you could cut the air with a knife which we all had now.

I let my eyes wander the sleek from of Ripper’s girl as she glided after her, her slender body poured into a little, black, leather number that looked like she would have to be cut out of it. Violet eyes flashed in my direction and she held eye contact, I think it had been a long time since someone had openly eyed her up. I winked at her and watched her full black lips move into a little o of surprise and she looked away quickly. Taz pushed his way over to me.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing, if Ripper had seen…” he said.

“Fuck Ripper, you think he doesn’t want me dead already, fuck Taz I am some punk kid that is one of the few people here who take orders from Duke you think any one of them doesn’t want me out of the way.”

“So you are still working for them then?”

“I broke a guys hand last week over something, I took Flea, I think he is going to work Ataşehir Escort Bayan out”

“That good cos I am not having the nut job back” he laughed. This was going nowhere fast, the first gang leader to make a concession on any point would be seen as weak so no one was going to do it in front of their lads.

“We need to clear this room so they can talk or this is a bigger waste of time than I thought it would be.” I push myself off the wall and walk toward the centre of the room “Boss, me and Taz are going to go drink their booze before it is all gone” I shouted. There was a general murmur from the rest of the lads in the room, this was supposed to be a party and they should all be drunk. Johnny girl seemed to take up the idea.

“Where are my manners, we are not being very good hosts are we” she said “if you would like to follow me to the party.” She grabbed hold of the leash around the neck of Johnny’s foot stool and pulled her to her feet. Small looks of shock where quickly repressed by the members of the other gangs, it wasn’t the black leather corset that force some curve to her body or the weights attached to her nipples on her flat chest or even that she clearly had object inserted into her stretching her hairless cunt but that age of the girl that worried them. She looked about eleven at the outside. Now on the estate paedophilia was a much more blurred than in the normal world, it wasn’t even really about age, and we sure as hell didn’t worry about when someone turned sixteen, it was a much more subjective thing. In the gangs it was quiet common for a 13 year old to sleep with people with 6 or 7 years on them and it didn’t stop there. I had no problem with my girlfriend sleeping with my dad but if he had brought home his own 13 year old girl I would have had a problem. I am not sure where the line is but you knew it when you saw it and you sure as hell know when someone has crossed it.

The girl had no development , not a little, not just starting, none. Maybe if she had looked like she was enjoying it you could have felt different but she looked scared out of her mind and in pain. It was wrong and we all knew it but not one of us was going to do anything. This was his house, his gang, he could do what he wanted unless the girl belong to one of us and even then we were under truce so there would be on violence. It was a game to fuck with us, it had to be, so the poor girl was stuck with it until Johnny stopped playing. Still I made eye contact with the bad men from the other gangs as we shuffled out, making sure they felt the same way as me. We many have been monsters but even we had some standards.

None of the Bosses left, they could talk alone, and I saw Eddy pull to one side just outside the room being joined by Terry and some others. That was where the real conversation would take place, between the middle men of the gangs, but I still didn’t think it would come too much. Music blared up through the floor as we move towards the back stairs.

The garage was hot from the press of bodies, every Burned Star must have been there but still it worried me that it was more than twice the number of the Dead Heads. Some want to be DJ was murdering a set of decks in one corner through speaker that where way too big for the size of the room. The other gangs had formed small groups looking out at the party, the Daves where in a corner quietly succumbing to alcohol poisoning and started to push towards them. Most of the girls were half clothed and I squeezed pasted brushing up against naked flesh.

Someone had set up some scaffold poles and girls danced slowly around them. I stopped to stare at the nearest one, watching her spin. She noticed my interested and stretched out her hand towards me running her fingers along my chest and she span around her raven black hair steaming behind her. She slipped off the bra and threw it at me giving me a dazzling smile as her breast sprung free. She had a tiny BS tattooed below her right nipple.

Tattoos were becoming more and more common, mostly your crew’s tag, to show loyalty among the gangs. I didn’t like tattoos, they look cool and all and on the right girl they can look bloody sexy, but I don’t like them. I use the line ‘I don’t like self mutilation for the sake of fashion’ but that is not true, I see tattoos as cheating. Each mark on my skin I got randomly, each had a story and made up part of me, adding to them without, adding to them without adding to the story always seemed wrong to me.

She put her back to the pole and beckoned me closer, I took half a step towards her, and then I noticed how some of the surrounding Burned Stars where looking at me. The girl was attractive in a slutty way but she was not worth whatever game was being played, I shook my head slightly and push my way back into the crowd. I hated the games we were playing, in my world we should have just hit the others until they did what I said, but it was not to be I really needed a drink.

I pulled a bottle from Littler’s fingers and slapped him on the back, the cheap spirit burned on the way down. I took a second pull and began to feel much better, as the night moved on I began to get drunk. I noticed a girl on the edge of the crowd kept glancing at me, she was short barely pushing 5 foot, long brown hair down to the middle of her back, chubby checks match by generous curves. I nodded at her and she seemed to panic a little and pushed back into the crowd. She came back a minute later close to dragging Johnny’s girl behind her, they whispered to each other arguing until they came over.

“Rave” She shouted at me to be heard over the music “This is Clair, she insisted that I introduces you.” Clair pushed her way forward, her pupils where tiny giving her a really intense stare.

“I am a massive fan of your work” she said, her words coming out in a rush.

“What work would that be?”

“Everyone knows what you and Cain…”

“Everyone knows fuck all” I said with a snarl “you don’t know fuck all.”

“I am sorry” she said with a wicked grin “of course we don’t” she moved closer to me coming close to touching. “The entertainment is about to begin, you can watch with me” she pulled away and I followed.

Up until then I had been a little worried about how tame the party was, wondering if the Dead Heads sexual excesses where not shared by the other gangs but I was mistaken. Parties where never just about fun they also where when punishment where handed out, in front of the gang, for as much humiliation of the person as a warning to the rest of the gang. It could get bad if a real point was being made and the Burned Stars where not just making a point to the gang but to the rest of us.

The Bosses had come down and where standing at one end of the room, lads started to clear a place in the floor and where setting up a closed circle with barricades. People pushed Escort Ataşehir their way toward them trying to get the best view, I used my elbows to move people out of the way, I few angry faces where cowered by a snarl until I was at the front with the girl Clair push up against me. I could feel the curves of her body pressed into mine, I took a moment to savour the feeling.

A lad was being pulled into the circle, his hands tied before him, feet bare, eyes wide with panic. They threw a chain over one of the concrete beams in the roof, they hooked one end up to his hand and pulled until his arms where stretched above his head, his tip toes just touching the floor, and someone read out his crime. Most gang had their own preferred method of punishment, we like direct violence most of the time we just broke bones, I heard the Hell Boys had a thing for water, the Burned Stars well they had dogs.

Pit bulls are dumb dogs, really that is their big problem, they are loyal and friendly but they are dumb as fuck. The only thing you can really train them to do is attack other things of a similar size, it why they attack children, it takes a lot to teach them anything else. They don’t like going for people standing up right but with work they will and someone had put in a lot of work on the three dogs they let out of cages with orders to sick. At first he was able to kick and keep the dogs back a little but that only worked until one of them got hold of him. He started screaming as they went to work on his legs, biting and ripping at his flesh, and the crowd roar its approval.

The dogs where pulled off and I watched as the blood dripped from his legs, pooling on the floor, and slowly sinking into the pre-existent brown stain on the floor. It was impressive, I sure as hell wouldn’t be turning my back on one of their dogs again, but I didn’t really see how they got so much enjoyment out of it. They cleared him away, dragging his near limp body across the room.

Then a girl was dragged into the circle, if the lads eyes showed panic then hers showed something on a whole new level of fear. Her barely coherent begging was beginning to get to me when they forced the ball gag into her mouth. The tell tale click of a switch blade dragged my attention back to the edge of the circle, Johnny’s girl walked passed holding the blade her eyes fixed on the victim, she was followed by two other girls holding rope on a bar. The lads who had been holding the girl fell back at their approach. The sound level in the room had dropped, the too loud music was off, and the crowd was silent.

The tip of the blade scraped down the girl’s cheek with a small rasping noise and then in one fluid, rapped moment she slashed the down the front of the girls top the razor sharp blade parting the thin material with ease. She slipped the knife flat under the girl’s bra and twisted slightly making the bra spring open and the girl’s breast bounce free, a tiny trickle of blood ran down between her cleavages from the other side of the blade. Her top was pulled from her back and similar quick cut turned her skirt and panties to rages as she was left standing there naked.

Johnny’s girl then went to work with the ropes, I had never seen rope work done, I have no idea how she had picked it up, it must have been trial and error, but she knew what she was doing. With a set of complicated, well places knots the girl’s body was wrapped in rope, triangles around her breasts, and her arms where pushed above her head, elbows bent, and hands behind her neck so if she tried to pull them free the ropes pulled tight around her throat. She was forced to her knees and had her legs bond together so she couldn’t get up, a bar placed between her legs so she was spread a little. A rope was used to force her face into the floor and her arse into the air leaving her in a very inviting position.

When they pulled a cage forward I was worried that this was going to be a blood bath but this dog was trained with a different skill set. This was the large pit bull that Johnny’s girl had been sitting on earlier that night, its coat near pure white, I wondered later how this dog had been trained and how many girls got really hurt in the process. The dog looked confused for a while, happy enough but lost, it ran around a bit waging its tail until it noticed the girl. Then it got excited, started barking and sniffing the girl, it kept going back to her raised arse. At first I was just sniffing, that big wet nose pushed into her arse and pussy, and then the dog started lapping.

The girl moaned in surprise as the dogs tongue moved over her exposed slit at some speed. Suddenly the dog mounted her, I am not sure why it picked that moment, the girls screamed into the gag. The dog’s lower body moved in and out at high speed slamming into the girl, the noises she made into the gag could have been from pain or pleasure at this point, and the dog kept hammering away. It was almost comical to watch if the girl hadn’t been quite so scared and it wasn’t for the looked of enjoyment on the crowd’s faces, as it was it had a brutal feel to it that the lad being savaged hadn’t even touched on. There was an energy in the air like I felt before a fight and I had to repress the desire to attack someone.

It was then that I noticed that Clair was rubbing up against me. I had been so locked in to the show that I hadn’t noticed her starting, I looked down at her, her face was flushed, her eyes looked on the spectacle going on as she dry humped my hip. She thrust her ample hips forward over and over grinding her crotch into my leg. I slide my hand down her face griping her chin between my thumb and fore finger and pull her up making her look away and make eye contact with me. Her eyes where half gone to lust as I looked onto her pretty face, her lips where slightly parted as she breath out through her mouth. I bent my head down and kissed her, there was just as much rage as the was lust in that kiss, my hand fell from her chin and wrapped around her throat and I felt myself growl into her mouth as our tongue played with each other. Her hand moved up to the back of my head holding me in place a moment longer before we broke off.

She beamed at me, her hips still moving, and turned back to the show. The dog had reached some final point, it speed up briefly and then stopped, I imagine I saw it tense up when it came but really it didn’t it just seemed to stop. I wasn’t sure it was over until the crowd started to cheer. Then they went back to the party leaving the girl.

“What happens now?” I shouted to Clair

“Oh it is attached, you have to wait for it to go down before it can be pull out”


“I don’t know I have never fucked a dog, but it is what they tell me”

“You act like you own the place so, who do you belong to?” I asked

“Tomorrow I belong to whoever the fuck I want to belong to, tonight I belong to you” she said looking up at me.

“So, what happens now?”

“Now, you take me someplace quiet and fuck my brains out”

“Seems like a plan” I said and followed her back into the party.

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