The Road to Shadani Mo Ch. 2

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The two travellers had now been on the open road for several hours now, the midday sun now beating down from the blue sky above. Ailish had fallen into a kind of trance, her eyes firmly fixed on the hypnotic sway of Buki’s large round bum cheeks as the feline warrior walked in front of her. The memory of their shared experience in the hut was still in the forefront of Ailish’s mind and she simply couldn’t wait until they reached Shadani Mo for their next session.

“Buki,” Ailish whined, “I really want you to take another pee over me.”

Stopping, the taller warrior glanced over her shoulder and said “The sharing of our amber nectar is not to be taken lightly. Shadani Mo is but another league or two distant from here. Once there I promise you we shall undertake another session of drinking from each others golden flow.”

“I can’t wait,’ Ailish said stomping one foot on the ground. I’m bored and I need something to keep me going.”

“Very well,” Buki sighed “Not here however. Let us find a private place away from any passing eyes.” With that she moved in the direction of the edge of the road and within moments the two women were making their way through thick foliage to a small open outcrop hidden from the road by several large boulders.

“Prepare yourself,”‘ Buki instructed moving to take a spot directly behind Ailish who was obediently taking a submissive kneeling position over the floor. She could sense Buki behind her, reaching down to pull aside the thin thong that hid her pussy lips from sight. The next thing she knew was the sudden warmth radiating outwards from Buki legs as they appeared either side of her body.

‘Oh gods!’ thought Ailish, ‘she is going to piss into my hair!” Barely had this suggestion registered in her subconscious when suddenly a hot wet spraying stream of pee started to rain all over her long strands. Behind Ailish, Buki Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort had let go with a powerful stream of pent up piss and was aiming it directly over the back of the Princess’s head. Her golden flowing stream of hot gushing piss flowed copiously out of her shaved pussy, crossing the short distance between her muff and the long mane of Ailish flowing mane.

Still kneeling on the ground, Ailish was revelling in the sensation of being urinated over. In her mind’s eye she could just imagine the sight of Buki’s uncovered muff and the thick squirting stream of piss leaving the deep slit nestled between her shapely legs. The warm flow of Buki’s spent urine continued to flow through her hair, a hot wet stream of pee running down her neck and bare back. Ailish’s hands were now firmly clutching her breasts, massaging them beneath her armoured bra. Her nipples were firmly erect; painfully so against the metal guarding them from the outside world. The discomfort was so much so that she had no choice. Reaching behind her back she slipped off the fastener allowing her firm boobs to escape their casing and exposing them to the outside world. Whilst undoing her top her hands hand come into contact with the hot flowing stream of Buki’s pee flowing down her back giving her an additional thrill.

“Pee on my tits Buki,” Ailish urged her hands shaving returned to massaging her large breasts. Buki didn’t reply and for a moment Ailish thought that she wasn’t going to comply. Suddenly the impact point of Buki’s pee over the back of her head stared to shift. Quickly the hot stream of flowing pee traced it’s way around the side of her body, flowing for a moment into her ear which made her giggle out loud like a school girl. The next moment Buki’s pissing pussy came into sight. From it a thick golden stream of hot pee was flowing strongly Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort out of her pussy lips. Buki’s golden shower of piss started to descend over Ailish’s chest covering her creamy skin with a deluge of urine droplets before moving lower as Buki adjusted her aim to allow her gushing pee stream to flow directly over Ailish’s exposed left tit.

Ailish was in heaven! Her hands and breasts were now covered in Buki’s flowing pee; the golden stream flowing warmly over her uncovered skin. Pushing her bare tits together, Ailish moved them directly into the flowing stream issuing out of Buki’s shaven muff. The warmth and the lovely feel of Buki’s pussy shower flowing over her breasts, was orgasmic. She could feel herself on the edge of sexual heaven, her senses flooded with intense bliss. The flow of urine over her chest was beginning to wane as Buki ended her relief but Ailish was beyond the point of caring. One hand had already made its way between her legs and was busily massaged herself to a flooding climax. As the moment of ecstasy neared, Ailish gave a soft groan and collapsed on the piss covered grass. Her conscious mind was now oblivious to everything but the thundering rush of ectasy flooding through every sense of her being as came and came again.

Buki by now had taken a step back from the Princess and was in the motion of hiding her pussy lips from sight with the thong of her outfit. Looking down at the form of Ailish lying on the floor covered in pee, Buki said “Now you must give what you have received. Are you ready?”

Ailish groaned in reply only just returning from the edge of her orgasm. Blinking she looked up and the lithe form of the warrior woman in front of her.

‘Yes I think so’, she said clambering shakily to her feet. Reaching her hands to her waist she slid down the white Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort thong from around her pert round bum cheeks and uniquely shaved vagina. There was no need to ask how Buki would like the favour returning as by now she had sunk to her knees, mouth wide open and eyes firmly shut.

“Hurry,” Buki whispered before opening her mouth wide again.

Wasting no time Ailish took a few steps forwards. Using the side of the low slope beside them Ailish placed one foot high on the grass and the other firmly on the ground. This positioned her shaven muff within inches of Buki’s open mouth.

Closing her eyes Ailish strained and tried to start peeing. After several tense seconds she suddenly felt the rush of piss flowing from her bladder down to her uncovered muff. Then it happened! Her pussy lips parted and a thin squirt of yellow pee shot out of her pussy lips and shot directly into Buki’s open mouth. Trying to overcome the butterflies in her stomach Ailish strained harder increasing the force of piss issuing out of her muff and over Buki’s tongue. Slowly the volume of pee leaving her pussy began to increase in size until it was a veritable torrent of piss, jetting out of her muff and into the waiting mouth of her guardian friend.

Buki didn’t flinch, lost in some kind of appreciative trance whilst every moment saw more and more urine enter into her mouth and washing over her teeth and tongue. Cheekily Ailish saved the last of her pee to do in several long hard squirts, shooting out of her pee hole and into the open receptacle of Buki’s mouth. She finished with one last squirt, a little golden trickle out of her pussy and onto Buki’s chin. Taking a deep sigh she took a step back and began to cover up again. Meanwhile, blinking rapidly Buki came out of her trance, running her long tongue over her lips in an appreciate lick.

“Come Princess, we still have lots of ground to cover. There is a stream some way up the road. We can use it to clean away the stains of out bonding and also allow us to replenish our bladder’s supply ready for when we reach my home at Shadani Mo.” With that comment the two adventures made their way back to the road and continued onwards, both now lost in a thoughtful silence.

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