The Rogue’s Harem Book 2, Chapter 5: The Queen’s Good Boy

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The Rogue’s Harem

Book Two: Rogue’s Wicked Harem

Part Five: The Queen’s Good Boy

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Chapter Thirteen: Royal Command

Sven Falk – Faerie

“Fuck my daughter.”

The command that the faerie queen gave me shocked me. I expected to be ordered to eat her pussy, to make her cum. I was here to pleasure her, to show her my prowess in bed. Did she not think I was worthy to fuck her? That I wasn’t good enough to bend her over and fuck her hard from behind?

The urge to stand up, throw her over her dressing table, and plow her hard seize me. I ached to show her how good I was at fucking. It would be so easy to take her in hand. I would give this queen the pleasure that she needed. That she craves…

And Aingeal would die.

“Yes, your Majesty,” I said with all the submission I could. It was such a foreign concept to me. But I swallowed my ego for Aingeal. I lead her into Faerie. I put her in a position to lose her life, and I owed her to do anything to save her.

I rose, feeling the queen’s eyes on my naked, muscular body. My cock thrust hard before me. Despite how foreign this felt, there was something exciting about feeling her dominating gaze on me. A humiliating pleasure that had my dick throbbing before me. A pulsing ache gripped the tip, precum beading from my slit.

Princess Siona rolled onto her hands and knees, her purple-and-black butterfly wing fluttered as she wiggled her ass. Her pussy pointed right at me, her vibrant bush soaked by her juices. I mounted the queen’s bed, grabbing her daughter’s hips. I pulled her to me. I couldn’t dominate the queen, but I could fuck Siona any way I wanted.

Unless Queen Sidhe told me otherwise.

But she only said fuck, so I would do it this way.

I rammed into my cock into the princess’s cunt, burying into her hot, silky depths. Her juicy sheath gripped my dick. I groaned out loud as the pleasure surged through me. My balls smacked into her clit, making such a wet sound as I buried into her. She arched her back, her wings flapping. She let out such a wild moan.

“Oh, Mother, this is such a wonderful cock,” purred the princess. “You have to feel this dick in you! Ooh, it’s wonderful. He knows how to use it.”

“He does have… enthusiasm,” the queen purred.

I felt her eyes on me. It spurred me to pound the princess, to ram my cock into her wet depths as hard and fast as I could. I pumped my hips, driving my dick deep into her silky cunt. Pleasure surged down my dick, friction shooting down to my balls. I groaned, the pressure growing in them.

My hands slid up Siona’s body as I fucked her. I found her lush breasts. I squeezed them, making her moan, her pussy clenching down on my thrusting shaft. The friction increased, the pleasure rippling through me. I kneaded her tits, squeezing her perky mounds, then found her nipples. I pulled on them, twisted them, making her moan and gasp.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me!” Siona gasped. “Oh, Mother, this cock… You have to fuck this cock! He’ll make you cum!”

“He is certainly going to make you explode,” the queen purred, watching me fuck her daughter hard. Was the queen squeezing her thighs together? Was she fingering her pussy? Squeezing her tits? “Are you going to cum, daughter?”

“Oh, yes, Mother,” moaned the princess. “This cock is stirring up my cunt! Ooh, yes, you need to fuck him, Mother! You have to enjoy this dick!”

I pinched her nipples, loving her words. I wanted to fuck that queen’s body. I wanted to make her cum, to give her pleasure. I would worship her body. I would do anything she craved. Grunting, I thrust into Siona’s silky cunt. My balls ached as they smacked into her clit, into her wet pussy.

Her hips bucked back into me, her fluttering wings caressing my chest. They brushed across my skin, sending waves of tingling electricity down to my dick. Her pussy clenched so hard on me, her purple hair swaying about her face as she rocked on the bed.

“Cernere’s black cunt!” Siona moaned. “Fuck me, Sven! Oh, Gods, yes, I’m going to cum on your dick! Las’s thick dick, it’s good! Oh, Mother, let him use that body of yours! Let him pleasure you! You’ll love it!”

“Maybe, daughter,” purred the queen. “I want you to cum on his dick! I want your pussy massaging that shaft of his!”

“Yes, Mother!” moaned the princess.

I plowed into her pussy, burying to the hilt into her snatch. Her butt-cheeks-rippled when I buried into her. Her wings fluttered faster. She let out a throaty moan as her cunt writhed about my cock. Juices flowed out of her pussy, washing over my balls as she came in pleasure.

I made her cum. I gave her this pleasure.

The pressure in my nuts swelled. The ache grew at the tip of my dick pumping in and out of her spasming cunt. She sucked at my shaft, her pussy eager for my cum to spill into her. I rolled her nipples between my fingers as I fucked her harder, groaning, on the verge of erupting. Just a few more strokes, and I would spill into her.

“Stop fucking my daughter!” snapped the queen, her voice ringing through the bedchamber.

I slammed into Princess Siona, the words just knifing through the lust on my mind. I let out a frustrated groan, fighting the urge to keep fucking her, to pump away at her convulsing cunt, and spilling my jizz into her pussy. To flood her with the cum that her snatch craved. That I wanted to give her.

Why did I have to deny my pleasure and…

Aingeal. Her purple eyes filled my vision.

“Las’s putrid cum,” I growled as I pulled my aching dick out of her pussy, fighting the urge to unload my cum. I was so gods damned close to erupting into her cunt. Just moments away. I needed it.

“Kneel before me,” the queen ordered, her voice imperious, almost ice.

“Yes, your Majesty,” I panted, sucking in breaths.

I moved off the bed, my dick, soaked in her daughter’s juices, bouncing before me. Princess Siona kept mewling. She collapsed onto the bed, hugging herself as she moaned out her delight, a happy smile on her flushed face.

I knelt on the ground before the queen, staring up at her as she loomed. She stood almost like a remote statue, her large breasts swaying over me as she breathed, almost the only sign that she lived. Her silver bush glistened a foot from my face. Juices slicked her thighs. I had aroused her. I should lean over, grab her hips, and devour that pussy.

I should just eat her and make her cum. Give her the pleasure that she needed.

I sucked in a deep breath, fighting my urges. I clenched my hands, staring up at her, the ache throbbing at the tip of my cock. My heart beat so fast. I sucked in deep breaths, trying to control my urges.

She held out her hand. Purple energy swirled around her and then a glowing-blue set of manacles made of energy. They swung from her hand, the links of the chains sparking with golden glitter where they rubbed together. She held them out to me.

“Put these on, hands behind your back,” she ordered. She dropped the manacles on my lap, the chain draping over my cock.

The lust boiled through me. Now I had to chain myself. Like a slave. I should show this queen…

I swallowed my desire. I grabbed the manacles. Staring up at her with submission, I showed her how much I cared about Aingeal. That I would do anything for her. That I would swallow my pride and become this queen’s sex slave. I would worship her, deny my own pleasure, anything she needed.

I clapped the magical band across my right wrist and then put my hands behind my back. Not moving my gaze away, I found the other end of the manacle and clapped it over my left wrist. It locked shut, sealing tight. I sucked in deep breaths and then groaned as the chain shortened, pulling my wrists tighter together. I had almost no play in them.

The queen walked around me, her large breasts swaying, her eyes studying me like a bug. I took a deep breath, trying to still the sudden vulnerability surging through me. With my arms chained behind my back, I could do nothing to protect myself. If she wanted to hurt me…

Would she want to hurt me?

My heart beat hard. I stilled the urge to pull on my handcuffs, to try and break out of them as she circled me. Her feet whisked on the ground, her wings fluttering. Her eyes were so hard, so mysterious. What would she do to me?

I didn’t like this. I hated this.

I sucked in deep breaths through my nose, fighting my urges. Aingeal. I could handle being chained. She was in real manacles. She was in real danger. I was just satiating the faerie queens desires. A little discomfort was nothing.

My heartbeat slowed. I had the strength to do this. To swallow my own desire. To control my body. I wouldn’t panic. I wouldn’t be afraid. I would pleasure this queen, obey her, and save my faerie wife.

The queen stopped in front of me. A smile appeared on her lips, hungry, predatory. Her eyes glinted with danger. I took a deep breath, facing her. I could take whatever she wanted to deal out to me.

Chapter Fourteen: Inspiration


I knelt in the court of the queen, hoping Sven could be submissive to the queen. My guards surrounded me, armed and armored in bronze, standing stoic as the passion of the court burned around me. I tried to control my panic. Sven could do this. He could submit to the queen and obey her lusts. He just had to drive her wild, make her show some mercy on me.

He could do it.

Kora’s dance with the aoi si came to end, her orgasm over. The fey of the court swarmed her. I could just make out Conleth and Turlough kneeling at her feet through the crowd. I grimaced. Those two were flighty, always glomming onto the new, the exciting. And a mortal who could dance and make love like Kora would enchant them for days.

Before something new and shiny caught their eye.

I suspected Kora wouldn’t be at all sucked in by their flattery. She adıyaman escort had a suspicious mind, after all she didn’t trust me at first. And if Kora was seduced, Zanyia would still have her cunning. The lamia looked, and acted, simple, but she goaded me into promising to be Sven’s woman three times, binding me to him forever as his wife. Our kind had to obey our word given thrice, it chained us to our promises.

And besides Zanyia, Kora had the glowering Ealaín. The aoi si wouldn’t allow any harm to come to the human woman. She had an intimidating air around her, even naked and coming down from her orgasmic high.

I smiled for a moment and then armor clinked. The guards shifted around me. I sighed, my fear swelling through me again. For a moment, I had forgotten that I knelt chained, waiting for my death, counting on my husband to save my life by submitting to the queen.

“You can do this, Sven,” I whispered, glancing at the door through which he and the queen had vanished. “Just obey her. Give her what she wants.”

I took a deep breath, the fear washing through me in a wave that left me trembling. Clammy hands clenched about my heart. My back flexed, muscles wanting to flex the wings burned away by Duke Gallchobhar’s magic.

I didn’t want to die.



I arched my eyebrow watching the two male fey fawning before Kora.

My charge grinned at me, her face flushed from our sexual art, my cum running down her thigh. “See, Ealaín, I inspired them.”

My lip twitched with amusement, my body still buzzing from my orgasm. The faerie of Queen Sidhe’s court watched Kora’s art with rapt attention. Lust swelled through the room, the female faeries thighs glistening, the males cocks throbbing and dripping with precum. Some were masturbating themselves or giving another a helping hand. It was good that Kora created art again, that she danced, fucked, and painted.

She had neglected it too much even with the danger around her. My mother, Rithi, had sent me to be her radiant as much to protect Kora as to ensure that she kept up her art, that she brought such beauty into the world, inspiring more than just her brother and his women.

And part of that protection meant allowing Kora to keep producing her art. And she could hardly do that with these two fawning over her feet. So I glowered over them. The two males, licking Kora’s feet, felt me looming.

They looked up at me, my girl-dick thrusting from the folds of my pussy, glistening with Kora’s juices. I folded my midnight-black arms beneath my breasts, arching an eyebrow at them. The two glanced at each other and then rose.

“Whatever you need, Lady Kora,” Conleth said, giving my charge a hungry grin, “you but have to ask.”

“As we said, we are your most humble of servants,” the other said, giving her a sweeping bow.

Kora just smiled at them, her hips already moving to another dance. I could detect a hint of nervousness that melted out of her as she surrendered to the music. She worried for Aingeal’s safety, but her art beckoned.

And she lost herself to it.

Good. Her art should be her priority, the most important thing to her. She devoted herself to Rithi, to creating beauty. Nothing should distract her from the inspiration she created with her body. The watching faeries wouldn’t forget her performance. It would stir them to create something of beauty, immortalizing her dance in painting and sculptures, enriching the world.

Kora whirled, raising her arms over her head. Her blonde braids flared out before her, and the ruby flashed between her heaving breasts. I furrowed my brow at that glittering gem. It worried me. It represented such a distraction from her art.

It had to be dealt with. Then we could deal with her other distractions…



Mistress Kora danced like the wind swirling through a field of flowers, rustling the beautiful petals, spreading their perfume. She moved with such lithe steps, her hair flowing behind her, the tattoos on her body making her pale flesh even more exciting. She spoke with every movement of her arms and feet, with the way she rolled her hips and cocked her head.

She spoke of passion. Of love. Of hope. The hope that Sven would save Aingeal, the passion he would share with the faerie, and the love he had for Aingeal that would lead him to submit to the queen’s desire. My pussy grew hotter, juices running down my thighs.

I purred to the beat of the music, my tails wishing back and forth, my eyes tracking her and…

I noticed Ealaín watching Mistress Kora. The black-skinned hermaphrodite had her arms folded beneath her large, taut breasts. Her nipples so hard, her dick throbbing. Her citrine eyes focused on my dancing mistress, entranced by her beauty.

I padded towards Ealaín, circling around Kora. I didn’t want to interfere with her. She needed this. I could tell it. The stress of the last week, being chased by Prince Meinard’s guards, our mad flight to the Forest of Lhes, crashing through the woods, almost getting caught, had been hard on all of us. Then last night, the fight, her illusions…

Kora needed this release. To let go of all the fear and negativity that had afflicted us all, the terror that poor Mistress Aingeal would be killed, her helplessness all lost as she danced. I wouldn’t interrupt her unless I absolutely had to.

I reached Ealaín, crouching beside her like a cat, my knees bent, legs spread wide. It made my pussy feel like it was on display. I liked that feeling. I sniffed through my nose, smelling Kora’s tangy pussy juices mixing with Ealaín’s spicy musk. It was such an exquisite perfume. I loved kneeling because it kept me near to the ground, to where all the best scents are.

I rubbed my cheek into Ealaín’s dark thigh and said, “You like watching her dance, don’t you?”

“I like seeing her make art,” Ealaín answered, not taking her eyes off of Mistress Kora. I didn’t mind being ignored for something so graceful and entrancing. “It makes my mother happy.”

“It makes Kora happy,” I said. “Isn’t that what’s really important about it?”

Ealaín looked down at me, giving me an impenetrable look, her face a mask, her yellow eyes flat, unreadable. I breathed in her scent, struggling to understand her emotions, but I only smelled her spicy pussy and Kora’s juices clinging to Ealaín’s big girl-cock.

I flicked my tail and asked, “If you thought it would make great art, would you have her fuck those two faerie males drooling over her?”

Ealaín nodded. “Definitely.”

“Even though she loves her brother?”

Something flickered across Ealaín’s face now, a passion that animated the smile spreading on her lips. “Imagine the art that she could create with those emotions. Guilt and pain can create something as memorable as joy.”

My tail bristled. “You would hurt her?”

“I would guide her to art wherever that path might take.” The aoi si glanced at the two fawning males watching Kora on the other side, stroking their hard dicks. They hungered for my Mistress. They wanted to fuck her body so hard, to use her like a whore. “I would see her create something amazing and wonderful.”

“But is it her art you’re guiding her towards?” I asked. “Or is it your own?”

Ealaín frowned at me.

I just gave her a big, toothy smile then turned my attention to Kora, her hands now wandering her body as she danced, caressing her curves. It was like her hands belong to another, to her lover. To her brother. She squeezed her breasts, cupping them, loving them as she let out a moan of delight, more cum coating her thighs, the hermaphrodite’s jizz adding something exciting to the dance.

Something so wicked that had my pussy juicy with excitement.

Chapter Fifteen: The Queen’s Good Boy

Sven Falk

I waited, fighting my impulses to try and escape as I stared up at the queen. She looked down at me with her golden eyes. I couldn’t read her emotions. Was she pleased with me? Her right hand was half-closed like she wanted to hold something.

A flail? Did she want to hurt me? Punish me? Would she use me as a proxy for harming Aingeal? If so, I would take it gladly. I would suffer for my faerie wife.

“Power… restrained,” the queen said, breaking the silence. “Interesting.”

I didn’t say anything. She didn’t tell me to speak. I wouldn’t give her any reason to deny Aingeal her freedom. I just stared up at the queen, controlling my impulses to somehow break free and fuck her hard. Up the ass. Oh, I wanted to fuck this majestic woman up the ass, to make her squeal on my dick as she had an earth-shattering anal orgasm.

Energy swirled in that hand half-closed about nothing. The same purple light flared into a long shape. A blue flail appeared, stiff as if it were made of bull-hide. The ends fell into a sweep of thick tails. I sucked in a breath as I stared up at her, inviting her to beat me. To take out her rage on me for what Aingeal was tricked into doing.

The queen seized my blond hair, hauling me to her pussy. She pressed me into her vulva’s folds. I breathed in her musk, that honey aroma so similar to her daughter. I felt the wet silk of her pussy lips, her silvery pubic hair caressing my nose and cheeks. She ground herself on me.

“Eat me,” she commanded, her golden eyes flashing with lust. Her breasts jiggled as she raised the flail. “Eat me and make me cum, mortal!”

“Yes, your Majesty!” I growled, ignoring the flail and its promise of pain. I had a woman to please, a pussy to pleasure.

I feasted on the queen’s cunt.

I lapped my tongue through her folds, groaning as I savored the honey sweetness of her juices. Her cream coated my tongue, poured into my mouth. I groaned, shifting on my hips, my dick aching and throbbing before me, begging to be touched. Begging to be buried in her pussy. Into akkent escort her asshole.

The flail swished down.


Pain erupted across my back. I grunted into her snatch and never stopped licking. I kept my tongue sliding through her folds as the hurt faded into a spreading warmth through my muscles. I jammed my tongue into the depths of her cunt, stirring through her delicious pussy. The ancient-yet-youthful queen shuddered, her hips swaying.

She felt my oral skill. Pleasure fluttered through her.

Her wings flapped behind her as she let out a wanton moan. She let the tails of the flail drape across my back as I ate her. I flicked my tongue up to her clit, circling the bud buried in the folds of her pussy. My lips locked on it, sucking.

She groaned louder, pleasure crossing her face. She squeezed her golden eyes for a moment, her left hand gripping my hair hard. She pulled me deep into her pussy’s folds, rubbing her clit across my lips as her breasts heaved above me.

“Yes, yes, boy, eat my pussy.” She shuddered. “Mmm, you know what you are doing.”

“I told you, Mother,” the princess purred. “Ooh, yes, you’re going to cum so hard on his face.”


The queen raised her flail again as I sucked and nibbled on her clit. I watched it rise and then crack down hard. It thudded across my shoulders and back, stinging pain shooting down to my dick. It ached and throbbed more. The pain drove me to rebel. It made me ache to fuck her hard, weakening my submission. I yearned to rip the scourge out of her hand and whip her ass as I pounded her cunt.

How I’d make her squeal. How I’d make her moan and gasp on my dick as I fucked her.

My hands pulled on the manacles, the magical chains clinking. I growled into her pussy, ignoring the pain burning across my back as I feasted on her cunt. She drew back the flail again. I could feel it hovering, waiting to snap down on me as I pleasured her.

It inspired me to lick harder, to drive her wild. To prove I could take her pain and still make her cum like a slut. I would feel her juices pouring down my chin and cheeks. She would drench me in her honey and—


I grunted again. The pain stung worse. My back throbbed in time with my heartbeat. With my twitching cock. My balls tensed. My cum boiled in them, needing to burst out of me. Just fuck her, they seemed to scream at me. Put the bitch-queen in her place. Use her cunt. Her mouth. Her asshole. Spurt us into her.

I snarled out my frustration as the flail cracked again and again on my back. The queen purred her amusement, her breasts swaying above me as she ground her cunt on my mouth. She smeared that hot flesh on me, her juices trickling down my cheeks.

She grew hotter.


I pleasured her by taking the pain.

I could endure. I would endure.

“Yes, yes, yes, eat my Mother’s pussy,” the princess moaned in the background. “Make her cum, Sven! Make her explode.”

“Mmm, yes, just like that, jam that tongue into my snatch, you naughty boy,” she purred. “Such a handsome, strong boy.”


“Not afraid of the lash.”


“Not afraid of the pain.”


“You love Aingeal that much?”

“Yes, your Majesty!” I moaned into her pussy. “Hurt me! Beat me! I don’t care! Show her mercy!”


I grunted again, my back pure agony. And that excited me. It was so perverse the way it fueled the ache in my cock and balls. How I yearned for her to give me permission to cum. It drove me to lick her pussy more, to satiate her with every ounce of strength I possessed so I could get my release. I groaned with more than pain into her pussy.

With frustrated need.

With the agonizing ache to cum.

I lashed her pussy with my tongue. I gulped down her juices. I reveled in her cunt, nuzzling and nipping. I sucked on her labia. I nibbled on her clit. The queen moaned above me as I pleasured her, rapture twisting across her face.

She gripped my hair hard, holding my face in place.


She moaned, her head lolling back as she smeared her cunt across my face.


She used me. She shuddered atop me. Her juices flooded my mouth. That honey delight poured out of her cunt and into my mouth as her body heaved. Her wings flapped behind her. She threw back her head in orgasmic rapture.

“Such a loving boy!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, yes!”

“See, Mother, I told you! Just enjoy him!”

The faerie queen came on my mouth. She thrashed above me, gripping my hair as her body bucked. She smeared her hot pussy across my lips, flooding my mouth with her honeyed cream. I drank down her juices, loving them as I kept licking her.


“Cernere’s black cunt!” she groaned, her tits heaving above me, begging to be played with.

I pulled at my restraints.


“Keep licking me!” she snarled. “Don’t you stop, boy!”


“Ooh, yes, right there. Just lick me right there!”


“Las’s mighty cock, what a tongue! What a mouth!”


“Yes, yes, yes, yes!”

I made her cum over and over as she whipped my back. Agony throbbed across my shoulders, pain bleeding into my skin to my cock and balls. My dick hurt with the need to cum. My balls were so swollen with my jizz. I growled into her cunt, lapping up her juices, making her explode in rapture.

Her voice sang with such beauty through the room. I gave her what she needed. I pleasured her, devoured her, drove her wild. She thrashed and shuddered. Her passion sang out around me. It was so beautiful. So wonderful.

I gulped down her cream. So much it poured out of my mouth and down my neck. It spilled across my chest. She kept orgasming. Climax after climax racked her as she savored the pleasure I gave her. So much ecstasy.

She drowned in it.


I smothered her in it.


She would free Aingeal.


I would save my faerie.


I needed to cum.


So badly. My balls ached.


I had to fuck her.


I stared up at her with pleading eyes. She shuddered and heaved, the fingers of her left hand dug deep into my blond hair. She stared down at me past her quivering breasts. A languorous smile crossed her ruby lips.

The flail vanished from her hands. “Mmm, yes, such an eager boy. You just want to please me over and over, don’t you?”

“Yes, your Majesty,” I panted, my back raw, throbbing agony. My racing heart beat so fast, drumming on my taut skin. I sucked in breaths, fighting the urge not to stand up and ram my cock into her pussy.

She stared at me, waiting, like she wanted to see if I would lose control. I could see it in her gaze, that calculation in her glassy eyes. She was trying to break me, to get me to disobey her. I wouldn’t let her do that.

I would be strong for Aingeal.

“Yes, such restraint,” she purred. “Remarkable for a mortal.”

“I told you he was special, Mother,” moaned Siona. “Ooh, yes, use him. Fuck him. His cock, Mother… Oooh, his cock will make you cum even harder.”

The queen shuddered. “ I am in need of being filled.” She lifted her dainty foot, balancing on her left, and rubbed it across my dick. I shuddered at the touch of her silky sole at the tip of my dick. “And he’s just aching for his pleasure. But you won’t get it until I let you, right, my loving, submissive boy?”

“Right, your Majesty,” I groaned as my dick ached and throbbed, drinking in the glide of her foot on my dick.

She felt so good on me. I whimpered, my hands flexing behind me, arms tensing to rip at the restraints. Maybe, I could break them, seize her, throw her down, and just cum in her. Fuck her so hard until I exploded and…

Purple, pleading eyes filled my mind.

I took a deep breath, fighting the urge to erupt on her foot. I needed it so badly.

“On your back, boy,” she purred, lifting her foot and pushing it on my chest.

I didn’t fight it even as I sucked in a deep breath. I stretched out, my hands pressing into the small of my back, crushed beneath my body. Then my throbbing shoulders made contact with the smooth stones of the floor. The cool kiss flared the pain.

I grit my teeth.

She straddled me and lowered her pussy to my crotch. Siona appeared, kneeling beside her mother. She grabbed my dick, still sticky with her cream, and held it upright for her mother to mount. The princess leaned over and sucked on the queen’s nipple.

Queen Sidhe moaned as her pussy made contact with my dick. I grunted, squirming on my hands. I couldn’t get comfortable. And then she slid down my dick, her daughter nibbling on her nipple, and put her weight on me.

She was lithe and light, but it still made me groan, feeling the pressure on my hands, my back bending. She grinned at me, her fingernails clawing at my chest as her silky, royal cunt gripped my dick.

“Ooh, yes, what a lovely cock you have, boy,” she purred.

I flushed. I was a man. Every time she called me a boy, a humiliating wind seared through me. My dick twitched in her pussy.

Then she rode me with passion. She used my cock, sliding her pussy up and down it. Silky friction gripped my dick. I groaned, rubbing my burning shoulders on the ground as my balls ached to unload my cum. I grit my teeth, fighting against it as that juicy cunt caressed my shaft. She teased the tip with her juicy walls, squeezing and relaxing, driving me wild.

I groaned out in frustration through my teeth. The heels of my feet drummed on the floor as I fought against my orgasm. I wanted to erupt so badly into the heave of her cunt. She needed to be filled with my cum.

Call me boy!

Siona sucked noisily on her mother’s nipple, groping those big, pillowy tits as she loved Queen Sidhe’s nub. The royal cunt rode gaziantep anal yapan escort my dick faster and faster, sliding up and down it, gripping with the whorish tightness of a deflowered virgin.

“Oh, yes, boy,” groaned the queen. “What a treasure your cock is. I’m tempted to keep you.”

“It’s an honor to be in your pussy,” I groaned, my balls tensing, tightening. My cock throbbed in her silky depths.

“Yes, it is,” she purred, smiling almost viciously at me as she clawed at my chest. “And you want to cum so badly.”

“Yes, your Majesty,” I growled, twisting on the ground, grinding my lower back into my bound hands.

“Patience, boy.”

She rode me faster, harder. She slammed that juicy cunt down my cock over and over. Then she rose up again, gripping me so hard, trying to suck the cum out of my balls. It was a far, far worse torture than the whipping. I wanted to surrender to my pleasure in a way I never wanted to with the pain. I wanted to give in. To unleash my cum.

And couldn’t.

For Aingeal.

Siona twisted her mother’s other nipple, still sucking hard. Her wings fluttered as she pleasured her mother. The queen groaned louder, running her hand through her daughter’s purple hair, combing through the silk.

“Oh, yes, boy!” moaned the queen. “Ooh, daughter, you deserve such a reward for bringing me this mortal.”

The princess moaned about her mother’s nipple.

“Such a delicious treat!” the queen gasped, slamming down my dick.

I didn’t think this could get worse. And then she climaxed.

Never in my life had I fought against cumming in an orgasming woman’s pussy. I never hesitated to spill my seed into a convulsing cunt sucking at my dick. I could feel her flesh begging for my cum, milking my cock, trying to wring me dry as she thrashed on me.

I grunted and groaned, straining against my manacles. My breath exploded out of me as the queen thrashed on my dick. She stirred her writhing twat around my cock, driving me wild as her moans burst from her mouth, echoing through the room.

And then she rose on my dick. I groaned in frustrated relief when she popped off my cock. I hadn’t erupted, but I wasn’t buried in her hot, silky, spasming depths any longer. I had freedom. I sucked in breaths, my toes curling, my body twitching.

My freedom didn’t last long.

The queen grabbed my soaked cock, adjusting herself as she guided me to her asshole. My eyes widened at the feel of her puckered sphincter at the tip of my dick. She let out a purring moan of delight as she pressed her weight down on the crown of my cock.

“Las’s putrid cum!” I growled at the torturous ecstasy of her tight anal ring slowly inching over the tip of my cock.

Her sphincter spread wider and wider. Her asshole swallowed my dick’s crown. The rough, velvety embrace of her bowels gripping my cock surged ecstasy through me. Then she quivered, letting out a throaty moan as she sank down my shaft, the friction incredible.

My fists clenched beneath my back. My heels smacked into the floor. I ground my teeth together. I grunted like a beast. My balls begged to cum. Had to cum. The jizz had to explode out of me into her bowels.

“Mmm, yes, you are primed to explode, boy,” the queen purred. “But you don’t have my permission. No, you are here to please me.”

“Yes…” I panted. “Your… Majesty…”

“Mmm, your pussy is free, Mother,” the princess said. Then she ducked her head down, her purple hair spilling over my stomach as she nuzzled into her mother’s cunt.

The queen’s bowels clenched down on my dick. “Yes, my sweet daughter,” she groaned. “Ooh, yes, yes, yes, such a loving creature.”

My dick throbbed in the queen’s bowels as her daughter feasted on her pussy. On the very hole that had birthed the princess. She trembled at the incestuous pleasure churned by her daughter’s licking tongue. Moaning, the queen slid up my dick with her tight bowels.

And slammed down them.

“Las’s putrid cum and Gewin’s mighty cock!” I swore. “Slata’s hairy cunt! Saphique’s forbidden twat!”

I fought so hard against cumming as that velvety sheath slid up and down my dick. The rapture surged through me. Wave after wave of bliss assaulted my balls, making them boil even more. I struggled to contain my cum as the queen worked her bowels along my dick. Her flesh caressed me. Tortured me. Drove me wild.

I pulled on the manacles, strained on them now. I growled like a wild animal. Pleasure assaulted me in ways pain never could. I clung to the only thing that let me endure: Aingeal. I pictured my faerie wife, held her in my mind as the queen pumped her asshole up and down my dick, squeezing and clenching as her daughter feasted on her cunt.

“Oh, yes, my daughter,” the queen groaned. “Work that tongue in deep. Ooh, yes, yes, yes!”

Queen Sidhe’s silver wings flapped so hard behind her they blurred, forming a shimmering aurora that framed her lush body. Her face twisted with rapture as my cock and her daughter’s tongue drove her wild with ecstasy.

Her orgasm surged through her. I grunted as her hot bowels writhed about my dick, clenching even harder than her pussy. I endured the torture for Aingeal. I held off on exploding my cum into the hot depths of the faerie queen.

My balls throbbed with agony, so full of cum.

“Now!” howled the queen. “Now, boy, cum!”

She slammed down my dick with her convulsing asshole, engulfing every inch of me. My eyes widened as her words shot through me. I lost all control of my body. I thrashed and bucked, bellowing out my pleasure like a lust-maddened boar needing to rut with a sow.

My cum exploded into her bowels.

Hot jizz pumped out of me. Ecstasy shot through me. It drowned my thoughts. Darkness fuzzed across my vision. I heaved and bucked, held by rapture. Nothing mattered now but the jizz pumping out of my dick. How it spurted into her, giving me more and more pleasure.

My body drank it in. Absorbed it. Such satisfaction. Finally, I had achieved my pleasure. I had given the queen enough rapture, and she had rewarded me with my orgasm. My head rolled from side-to-side, the room spinning around me as her writhing bowels milked my balls dry of every drop of spunk I possessed.

The queen leaned over me, her eyes fixed on mine. “You are a vigorous boy, Sven Falk.”

“Yes,” I grunted, hope surging through me. I had done it. I had pleasured her.

“You made my daughter cum. You made me cum.” A smile crossed her lips. “Many, many times.”

“It was my pleasure, your Majesty,” I groaned, my body trembling with more than my buzzing orgasm.

“Your petition is denied.”

Her words cut through my pleasure, a sword slashing through my heart.

“Aingeal broke her exile. I gave her mercy once. But she touched me with iron. She shall die by it.”



The music died through the court. The queen swept in alone, her silvery wings fluttering behind her, her face flushed. I could see that Sven had pleasured her. Juices and cum leaked down her thighs as she marched to her throne.

Hope surged through me. I knew he could do it. He had to have submitted. He had to give her everything that she needed. My heart thudded in my chest as I awaited her pardon that would see me freed. Banished but alive.

With grace, she took her throne. Her eyes flashed across the court to me kneeling amid her guards. “Aingeal shall be executed on the morrow for breaking her exile and trespassing upon the realm of Faerie.”

Hope died in me.

My shoulders sagged.

I bowed my head, reflexively. What I’d done, helping Sven free those people, was a good act. But I did it for the wrong reasons. I didn’t care about freeing the enslaved humans. I only cared about vengeance upon Duke Gallchobhar. Maybe… I had to pay a price for my vengeance. Duke Gallchobhar was dead.

But it felt so unfair. I didn’t want to die. I wanted to live. To keep helping people. A tear fell down my cheek. I wanted to live to be with Sven longer. I know he did his best to please her.

It just wasn’t enough.


Sven Falk

I sat on the queen’s bed, my shoulders slumped, my elbows resting on my thighs as I leaned over. I gripped my hands before me. I couldn’t believe it. I submitted. I gave her everything she asked. I made her orgasm again and again. I gave her so much pleasure while denying myself. Never had I done that. I beat down what I wanted to give her what she needed.

And it wasn’t enough. I failed Aingeal.

“Why didn’t you treat her like you treated me?” Siona asked, kneeling before me. She stared up at me with such pain in her eyes. She grabbed my folded hands with hers, her delicate fingers caressing me.

“She’s the queen,” I said. I followed Aingeal’s advice. I did what my faerie wife wanted.

“Exactly!” Siona said. “My mother is always in control. She’s always being obeyed. Everyone listens to her. No faerie would dare disobey her. Which is why she needed something different. She needed to be used like a whore. To be fucked like a slut.

“Like you did with me.”

“But…” I groaned, remembering all those times she stared down at me like she was waiting for me to disobey her. I thought she was testing me, and in a way she was. But I had failed. I didn’t seize control. I didn’t give into my desires. I ignored my instincts and…

“Las’s putrid cum,” I groaned. “She’s going to execute Aingeal.”

Siona gave a sad nod of her head.

“I can fuck her right. When she returns, I will throw her down on the bed and just plow that cunt of hers.” I squeezed my hands together, my back flexing, pain flaring across it. “I will make her explode on my dick and cum in her. I will use her. Paint her face in my jizz. She’ll be my sex slave all night long.”

“It’s too late,” Siona said, tears in her eyes. “Even if you were to do that, she won’t go back on a proclamation given before her court. Not without a new, and compelling, reason to grant clemency. And fucking her isn’t going to do that.”

My body went cold. I had to do something. I had to…

Rescue Aingeal.

To be continued…

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