The Running Partner

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Warning – this story contains elements of reluctance, cheating and betrayal, as well as the wanton destruction of a ham casserole. This is pure fantasy, and none of the actions and decisions in the story are condoned or advisable in real life.

Otherwise, enjoy.

Chapter 1

He checked his watch again, feeling nervous. He kept telling himself he had no reason to be, but it didn’t seem to help. She should be here any minute. He stretched his legs again to distract himself, adjusted his shorts, drank a bit of water. He thought he really should have tried running a couple times this week on his own to get back into it. Although deep down he knew it wasn’t his fitness level that made him apprehensive.

The doorbell rang.

“Hey!” she gleamed excitedly as he opened the door. “Ready to go?”

He froze in place. Momentarily awestruck at what he saw. Her beautiful face had always taken him aback before, and today was no exception, with her sparkling green eyes, wavy brown hair, and infectious smile, but he had never seen her wear anything like this running outfit. It really wasn’t anything that was technically inappropriate. He’d seen countless other women wearing basically the same thing, but on her…

It clung seamlessly around her voluptuous figure. A purple jogging bra under a tight white tank-top stretched out by her miraculous bust. The neckline swooped down to reveal the flawless skin of the tops of her breasts, as it curved down into her cavernous cleavage. What seemed like a generous amount showing was really only a taste of what lay waiting below.

Yoga shorts smoothly outlined her round hips, coming halfway down her thicker, but toned and powerful-looking thighs. Despite her curvaceousness she was clearly fit, with well-defined muscles on her legs and elsewhere evident in the contours under her soft-looking skin.

He snapped out of it after what seemed like a stoppage in time, but was really only a second or two.

“Hey! Uh, y-yeah just let me get my shoes on,” he stammered.

“Yeah, of course,” she giggled.

As he turned away to put on his shoes, he fought off a blush.

Get your mind straight, He thought to himself. She’s just a running partner. A casual friend who works in the same building. Don’t get creepy. You have a girlfriend. She has a boyfriend. Grow up.

He couldn’t help arguing to himself that at least his surprise was warranted. She had always dressed fairly modestly at work, despite there not being a particularly strict dress code. A woman can only hide so much, and it wasn’t like he’d never noticed her body before, but today she was on a totally different level.

He closed the door and turned around to receive a view from behind of her walking down to the sidewalk. It was like the yoga shorts were made for her ass, the round but firm buttocks flexing and slightly swaying as she walked, hypnotizing him again. She glanced over her shoulder as he quickly diverted his eyes, and she smiled …almost knowingly? he wondered, before reminding himself again to stop it and to get over himself.

“So you’re a little out of practice you said?” she asked casually.

“Yeah I used to run a lot but it’s harder to find the time and motivation these days,” he replied.

“Well hopefully I can change that,” she winked at him.

She looked down and fiddled with her smartwatch.

“Let’s start with 4 or 5 miles and see how that goes. There’s a trail that branches off into the park a little way up the street here that should be about that long.”

They started out at a light jog down the sidewalk.

His attention was immediately drawn to his peripheral vision as the tops of her breasts started to bounce. Their size and shape even more apparent as each stride made them strain against her bra. It actually did an impressive job of containing them, considering a lot of women as buxom as her might have trouble running comfortably at all, but she didn’t look bothered by the movement. Whoever engineered that thing should win an award, he thought.

While distracted he almost caught a tree branch in the face, and instead he gave himself a mental slap in the face to get his mind out of the gutter.

He made himself think of his girlfriend. They had been together for quite a while now and were getting way more serious, basically one step away from moving in together.

As his mind pictured her he couldn’t help contrasting the two women. His girlfriend was beautiful, but in a very different way. She was naturally very skinny, thin as a rail in fact, and didn’t really work hard to stay that way. She ate as much as anyone, but didn’t eat particularly healthy, and rarely exercised. She was the envy of many women in that regard, but she was petite everywhere, including the chest and buttocks.

He remembered the one time the two women had met briefly at a work function, and wondering why his girlfriend had immediately seemed not to like her, referring to her after they had left as “that bigger bitch”. He wouldn’t dream of calling this woman “bigger”, Anadolu Yakası Escort at least not in any negative context. She was tall, definitely much taller than his girlfriend, but not freakishly so. He was six foot three, so she still stood a few inches shorter than him. She definitely had some meat on her bones, but she carried it naturally. Toned and athletic, but not like a bodybuilder. The only “fat” that caught his attention (other than the jiggling wonders in the corner of his eye) was the fine layer under her skin that seemed to line her whole body like many women had, giving her entire skin an enticing softness …unlike his girlfriend’s bony arms and legs. …Okay this thought process isn’t helping.

He stopped daydreaming and decided to strike up a conversation.

“Is this your usual route?” he asked.

“I kinda go all over, there’s some similar trails closer to my place but I like this one too. I actually run by your place pretty often, it’s kinda perfect,” she smiled.

They turned into the park trail. There was more ups and downs now, and the gravel trail took more energy to run on. Soon he was breathing harder and could feel the sweat building up.

“Warmed up yet?” She asked.

“Actually this is already taking a bit out of me,” he admitted breathlessly.

She giggled, “Yeah I can kinda tell. I won’t speed up, but let’s keep going, your body just needs a reminder of what it can do.”

She was in even better shape than he thought. Her stride seemed easy and natural as he worked to keep up with her and his legs and chest burned. She tried to talk to him here and there, but he was too out of breath to say much in return, and often fell behind.

He knew he wasn’t completely out of shape. He still worked out on a semi-regular basis, and maintained a healthy-looking figure, but he knew his cardio endurance was lacking. They kept going gradually upward through the winding trail until they reached the lookout point on the hill, with a bench and a small sign.

“Lets stop here for a bit,” she said.

Thank God, he thought. and he collapsed on the bench, covered in sweat. He rubbed his legs and slowly caught his breath. He looked up to see her stretching, with her back to him, her ass accentuated by her posture. She almost caught him staring again as she turned to look at him.

“Gonna be able to keep it together?” she asked, with another teasing smile.

“Yeah I think so,” he smiled back at her, innocently.

As he sat and the rest of his body started to relax, another part of him started to stir as she continued to stretch in front of him. She tried to carry on a bit more conversation, about finding good running shoes, and other gear. He was too distracted to give much response however, as each stretch she did gave him another new perspective on her beautiful figure.

He bent down to re-tie his shoe again as an excuse to divert his attention. He looked up to see her re-tying her pony tail. Her light brown shoulder-length hair falling momentarily down to her shoulders in waves, then reaching behind her head with her arms to tie it, her chest was pushed out and her bosom heaved up beyond her bra as she breathed in and out. His jaw almost hit the ground for a split second before he caught himself, and stood up and looked down the trail. He needed to get running again or else he was going to have a very obvious problem visible in his shorts. His legs were still sore but that was the least of his worries at this point.

He did a few quick stretches himself and then looked again down the trail.

“Ready to go again?” he asked.

“Didn’t think you’d be so eager, we can rest a bit more if you need to…” she said, almost challengingly.

“Naw I’m good,” he lied.

“Okay, but try to keep up, I wanted to have someone to talk to when I run, not just to fall behind and look at my butt the whole time,” she laughed.

He turned beet red, but laughed despite himself. He had been doing exactly that for the last few minutes of the trail, not being able to tear his eyes away from her perfect flexing ass as she ran. She hadn’t actually noticed right?…

“I’ll try,” he chuckled.

“I’ll try to keep a pace you can handle, but the rest is mostly downhill, anyway,” she said, as she squeezed his arm and took off jogging again.

It was a lot easier, going down the hill, though it was more jarring on his ankles and knees, and there were still a few ups and downs as the trail wound through the park.

They talked more now, about other trails in the city, about when he used to run more, and other sports he had been in to. Music she liked to run to. Podcasts and audiobooks, which led in to movies and tv. Surprisingly work never came up, which he appreciated. As they chatted he realized they had a lot more in common than he had previously thought.

She had always been pleasant and easy to talk to at work, but they actually didn’t see each other that often. In fact there had never been any reason they would technically ever interact, but whenever Bostancı Escort they were in each other’s departments they somehow found themselves having at least a quick chat or friendly wave hello. He had honestly forgotten how they first got introduced, but they always seemed drawn to one another.

This past Monday when she talked about her running pastime and he had mentioned that he used to run as well, she immediately got excited and dropped a huge hint about wanting someone to run with. He had taken it casually and mentioned that he could use the excuse to get back into it if she wanted a partner. After that she had assertively taken the reigns, bringing out her calendar on her phone and setting up a date for them to get together, getting his number and address. He had said he’d need to check with his girlfriend to make sure they didn’t have plans, feeling like he needed to remind her of his relationship, despite remembering her mentioning her own boyfriend not that long before. She had brushed it off, teasingly asking if she kept a leash on him, and reassuring him that it would just be in the morning anyway.

As they reached the bottom of the hill, the gravel started to get a bit rougher. His legs were starting to burn again.

“Are you doing okay?” she asked.

“Oh just wonderful…. How much is left though?” he said with a forced a smile.

“Oh we’re almost halfway,” she replied seriously, then laughed when she saw his smile disappear

“I’m kidding! It’s probably less than 5 minutes back to the street and then a few blocks back to your place.”

“Oh easy peasy,” he said breathlessly.

“Probably too easy hey?” she joked “Maybe we should race the last bit!”

He laughed “I don’t th-” suddenly she slapped him on the ass and then ran ahead of him flashing her playful smile over her shoulder.

Her smile quickly turned to surprise and alarm as she saw him fall. The sudden excitement of her hand on his ass and her beautiful figure striding ahead of him had distracted him too much, and as he tried to speed up an exposed root caught his foot and twisted his ankle. He fell and hit the ground hard.

“Oh shit I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed as she quickly stopped and ran back to him.

The wind had been knocked out of him and he lay there reaching down to his ankle for a minute, until he gathered himself to sit up. She knelt down next to him with genuine concern on her face. She placed a hand on his thigh and leaned over to touch his ankle and in doing so pressed her breast up against his knee. Despite the pain in his ankle and his chest, that was the sensation that put him at a loss for words. She didn’t seem to notice.

“Let me take a look,” she said. She ran her fingers down his calf and over his ankle bones, he winced as she touched the side of his foot but he could still move his ankle.

“Let’s get you standing up,” she said, and without asking she put her arm around his torso and helped him to stand. He was able to put weight on it but definitely couldn’t run. He only had a slight limp but she kept her arm around him and helped him walk. The side of her breast pressed against his torso felt way too good. He suggested that he could probably walk without her help, but she insisted that he shouldn’t put too much weight on it, at least at first, and a part of him was relieved that their closeness would continue.

It took them about 20 minutes to walk back to his house. She teased him along the way about the fall. She mentioned she had been going to school for athletic therapy and massage before she switched majors in college, and she insisted on taking a closer look at his ankle when they got back to the house.

They continued talking about their pasts and their college years. She eventually admitted she hadn’t been that sporty in college despite starting out in athletic therapy. She had done the odd sport recreationally, but was more interested in the behind-the-scenes aspect. She hesitated before mentioning it, but said that she had actually been a fair bit more chunky most of her life, until a couple years ago, when she finally took up running and got more in shape. He could tell it made her uncomfortable to admit, though he hadn’t pressed her on it at all. He complimented her, and told her he would never have guessed, and that he really respected her for it. She looked up at him fondly, smiling in relief and squeezed her arm tighter around him.

The morning had been getting progressively warmer and they were both very sweaty by the time they got back to his place. When they closed the door to the entranceway she finally let go of him and stepped away, she did a brief stretch, and he was able to drink in the view of her body again. The beads of sweat on her skin made the top of her breasts even more enticing as a drop flowed down into her cleavage. He ripped his gaze away from her to take off his shoes, and went upstairs to the kitchen. He was barely limping and he was sure his ankle would be fine. At least the ankle was the least of his worries, compared Erenköy Escort to keeping his wits about him with this girl around.

He poured a couple glasses of water.

“That feels so good,” she said as she drank.

“Definitely hits the spot,” he agreed.

“Though after that ordeal you should probably crack open a beer,” she joked.

“There’s a few corona in the fridge,” he laughed, not sure if she was serious.

“Other than the fall you did pretty good for your first time back at it you know,” she said.

“Thanks,” he said. “You’re certainly impressive, you looked like you could’ve kept going forever.”

“I get lots of practice,” she said. “It still takes effort and I still get sore though, don’t get me wrong. You men have it a lot easier when it comes to running. You just have to worry about the pain in your legs…”

He looked at her, unsure of her meaning.

“Like, the jogging bra helps, but they still take a bit of a beating and they sweat like crazy,” she said, looking down with a smirk.

He gulped as he realized she was referring to her tits.

“You have no idea how much I just wanna to let these things fly free and air out right now.” she said, pulling slightly at the deep neckline of her shirt with a laugh, briefly teasing a bit more of her glistening skin.

He chuckled at what he pretended was an innocent joke, but knew he was turning red.

Without a word she opened the fridge and grabbed two beer bottles with a smile and a wink. She opened them and handed him one.

“Let’s go to the living room, I want to have a look at that thing,” she said, as she gestured vaguely downward.

He walked with only a slight limp into the living room. He knew this wasn’t necessary, but he had a very hard time saying no to her, and not just because of her looks. She had this subtle domineering pull on him, that he couldn’t quite explain. It made her all the more alluring.

He sat down on the couch. A picture of his girlfriend and him on the opposite wall made a brief warning spark at the back of his mind, but his attention was quickly brought back to her as she knelt down in front of him and ran her fingers up and down his calf to his foot. Her hands felt like satin. With her kneeling in front of him and bending over to work at his ankle he was given an amazing view of her chest. Her tits squeezed together slightly as her arms reached forward. She looked up and smiled at him.

“How does it feel when I touch like that? she asked.

“It feels good honestly.” he said with a sigh.

“That’s good,” she said. “The bones feel okay. A little tender here though?” she pressed harder into the side of his ankle and he winced slightly. “Aww,” she rubbed more tenderly and looked at him with affectionate eyes. “That’s just over the tendon and the muscle then. Let me work it for you.”

She massaged his foot and his calf, as he sipped his beer. Everything felt amazing. A twinge of pain as she stretched his ankle occasionally but she noticed right away and apologized with a caring voice. The endorphins from the run, the cold beer, the angel in front of him massaging him, made everything feel like a surreal paradise. The problem was, he was getting very turned on. The movements of her body were like waves of perfection. He wondered if she really needed to be putting her whole body into it as her hands were still being very gentle… was it deliberate? He didn’t ponder this too long as his problem worsened. He was getting very hard, very quickly.

“Well, there isn’t any swelling or bruising” she said as she looked up at him. She didn’t seem to notice the bulging that was taking shape under his shorts. ..or did she?

“Are your knees okay?” she asked as she moved her hands up both of his legs and caressed his knees.

His thighs twitched.

“Oh your poor muscles, I was harder on you than I thought!”

It wasn’t from the run. He was speechless as she moved her hand above his knees and started kneading his quads. She had brought her body in closer and was kneeling between his feet now, both hands rubbing his thighs, deeply, and strongly, but also slow and sensual. She seemed to very gradually move her hands upwards.

He was paralyzed. He was sure his erection was very visible now through his shorts. He felt like it was going to tear through the fabric, but he was afraid to look down and draw attention to it. She had brought her eyes up to his and they were staring at each other in silence now as she worked her hands over his upper legs.

Both of their breathing grew heavier. Her breasts heaving into her tank top. His hands gripping the couch in both fear and excitement. Her hands were fully underneath his shorts now. Far beyond anything an innocent massage would entail, but everything had happened so gradually he didn’t know how to react. The smooth skin of her hands moving along the top of his legs felt amazing. He realized they were underneath his underwear and now she gripped the very top of his legs where they reached his hips. He didn’t think his erection could possibly swell any more but it did. Her eyes took on a more serious seductive look, and her luscious lips parted open as she breathed more heavily. She slid her left hand over his groin and suddenly his cock was between her thumb and forefinger.

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