The Secret Love of the Other Man

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This story is fictional and so any characters or events linked to any likeness are purely coincidental. This story is a slow burner, if you’re into quick stories, this is not for you. Is has many erotic parts, but also emotional parts, including themes of suicide. Knowing all that, happy reading.

The professional encounter

In the month prior to Adam starting his new job there was uncertainty clouding the air, the type of uncertainty expected in a new position. Adam had left his last well-paying job, because an old manager (Adrian) had asked him to come work for him. His old job gave him the freedom to work from home, a company car and other benefits; it would be risky to throw that away for a new job — even as a favour to a friend. Yet something called him, Adam didn’t want to get too comfortable at his job and was always looking for a new adventure. So he’d taken a brief interview, Adrian had described it as a “pointless formality”, then was set to come in again to find out when he was starting and some other minor details. Despite his previous experience, he did not fully understand the role or how well he would perform. The attractive man was, however, confident he could complete any task, the type of confidence bordering on arrogance. A harm to some, his ‘confidence’ had carried him well, whether it was professionally or socially — he found many women loved it and found it irresistible.

He was on his way to this new job on Christmas eve to speak to Adrian, his new boss, the director. Although his new boss had clearly vouched for him and called him to the position, he hadn’t seen him in the interview. This could go well. He thought sarcastically. It wouldn’t be the first time an old friend had changed since he worked with them. Heading to his new place of work, Adam had no idea how eventful that day would be, does anyone know when fate is guiding them down the path of destiny?

He stepped out of his car, into the sunlight; he had a wide and tall frame, standing just over 6ft tall with broad, developed shoulders. His head was shaved, but he had a thick, well-kept beard. Overall, he had a lot of muscular development and was a physically impressive character, especially to those in a typical office. He wore a shirt and skinny fit trousers, better illustrating his physique. Walking with his head up and his shoulders back, he immediately set himself apart from the usual office drip. Although he had quite a boring job, or one that seemed it, he didn’t want to be a carbon copy of the others — something he thought office workers aspired to be.

Adam stepped through the door; the office was utterly cliché. The directors and managers had their omnipotent view of the staff, who lived in a drab grey and white environment. Desks lined the rooms in perfect symmetry and boring clocks lined the walls, ticking away the hours. This, of course, was nothing new to Adam, but deep down he had hoped for some sunshine in his stormy world. He knew it was silly, but for once he wanted something crazy and wild. He’d have to make his own craziness. As he approached the glass booth, he was so enveloped in this boring world, he would never noticed a rainbow in the dark or the ray of sunshine. He took a deep breath, relaxed, and stepped in.

The tension in the room was thick, an artificial feeling created by uncertainty. Adam did not know what to think, this guy could be a cunt, he thought, having not seen him for years. Adrian looked up and smiled, clearly his position afforded him a heighted level of confidence. He made eye contact and sly smile cracked his weathered face. He kicked his feet up on the desk, further showing off how comfortable and powerful he was. Adam wasn’t intimated by the act but still was undecided on how present himself, which character (if any) he needed to employ to impress a man who might have been changed by a new job and life — a man who put his neck out to get him there. So, Adam waited for more of a sign, he couldn’t piss off his boss. Not on day one. Not when he was, for now, on Adam’s side.

“Adam? I have something to tell you… you might not like it.” Adrian scoffed, his old familiar Scottish accent piercing Adam’s ears, while he shook his head almost disapprovingly.

Adam was of course prepared for any technical or business, related questions, the attractive man would not allow himself to get into such a position of weakness, but still…. He was a little nervous. Only a little. What if he tries to throw me off, truly testing his old pal?

Continuing, “I’m a big fan of Manchester united.” He burst out laughing, the tension dissipating with every bellow.

Adam immediately understood that the years apart hadn’t corrupted either of them, the reassuring friendliness of Adrian’s comment helped him relax; Adrian was always a joker. Now he knew his manager wouldn’t try to catch him out, or school him, he could breathe easy. He further took in his surroundings. Laughing in response, “I might be the first person who’s said this, but football really isn’t my thing.”

The eryaman escort comment seemed to shock Adrian, clearly somewhat sarcastically he replied, “been living under a rock your entire life? You must have been, if you don’t love it. I used to be a pro, and I’ll tell you… it’s God’s gift to man. The best years of my life were spent kicking a ball around.”

“Funnily enough I’ve never enjoyed playing with balls. But…. Whatever floats your boat Adrian.” Adam joked knowing very well that Adrian was happily married to his wife — Sheryl; he’d met her at few company Christmas parties.

Adrian broke out into a fit of laughter.

“Well, if you’re gonna be boring. Not chatting with me about footie. Then we’ll get to business…” Adrian, being a well-versed speaker left only a small pause “so, I guess I better start telling you about this place and who to speak to if you have a problem. I love knowing who to delegate to.” He let out a slight snigger.

“Works for me, big man.” He added on his quirky little title as he once again glanced around at his soon to be co-workers.

“So, there’s a lot of details, I know you’ll pick it up, so….” He spread his arms wide and pointed out of his glass cocoon, “Her, Angelika. She is the most important person you’ll meet. Like I said, delegating.”

Adam glanced, and that was the start of it all, his entire nervous system exploded like a choir, a beautiful, uncontrollable chorus. His heart rate increased, his palms moistened, and his pupils expanded. For a single second all that existed to him was the beautiful galaxies that were her eyes. Like the Milky Way they were detailed beyond belief, yet simple. They drew him in and absorbed him. Adrian’s words weren’t even a murmur, they simple had seized to exist. He forced air down into his lungs, fighting to regain control over his own mind, body, and soul.

Angelika had deep sea blue rims to her eyes that faded and feathered into her light blue inner iris. Her hair just came below her shoulders, it was wave upon wave of oaky brown beauty. Her lips were a light shade of pinkish red, which contrasted with her otherwise pale skin. All of this gorgeous package was tied together by her black pencil dress. To top of her beauty, was a little bit of cuteness: a Christmas hat. Adam thought it was silly, but for some reason it filled him with a little bit of joy. She was amazing and intoxicating: he’d never said a word to her.

The hour-long meeting barely registered with Adam; he was almost scared with how he felt. He had obviously met many beautiful women, women, who he’d wanted to share himself with. But this new woman, Angelika, she was like heroin or some other gorgeous poison. She had her hooks in him before he knew more than her name and he craved being able to do the same to her, whether it was conscious or subconscious.

Adrian told him a little about dress code, how liberal he could be with his hours and when he was starting. He just about managed to remember, then that was it. He abandoned Angelika behind and, for now, would go without. On the drive home her stunning eyes and the amazing curvature of her face almost haunted him, like a dream he fought to remember every detail. Knowing that he’d see her again and could even get to know her, enticed him and even aroused him.

An unprofessional beginning

Some time had passed since he had been briefed by Adrian, in early January his start date got closer and closer and his role became official. He was now a planning manager, meaning he was above Angelika, a role he could abuse…. Not yet knowing any reason not to. He was soon to learn she wasn’t someone he could mess around with, or someone he should mess around with.

But his feelings were only amplified by everything else he’d learned about Angelika, she was married to an average guy, from an average family, called Damien. And average is not what she deserved, he knew that without even knowing her, some people tell you so much with just a glance; but looks can be very deceiving and can tell a different story to the truth.

Occasionally Adam would reminisce to the time he figured it out. Seeing them together at work and their seemingly perfect relationship cut him deep. He’d see them walk in together, although they came in separate cars they’d always arrive at the same time. He might plant a small kiss on her cheek or her to him. Denial about it was ripped from him when his colleagues confirmed it. She was, indeed, very happy with her husband. But at the same time the taboo of sleeping with a married woman got him even more aroused and made her even more of a prize. Is it too far to chase her? He would still occasionally get thoughts of fear, is it too far? is it wrong? What if work finds out? Regardless, these thoughts were drowned out. Afterall, what is a reward without the risk involved with gaining it? These thoughts were overpowered by the countless others, happy and pure thoughts of what they could be, as well as dirtier and darker thoughts. Thoughts of the vibrations he could escort ankara send through her petite frame, ultimately, they always won. He knew he had to change something. She was too far away from him; she was on a different team at work. The occasional interaction no longer satisfied him, he craved more…. He knew he could get it. He wanted her to work directly for him, as much as he could occasionally delegate, there was only so much he could reasonably ask of her. It seemed Adrian had promised him more from her, than Adam could have.

So, Adam, began to formulate a plan. A few small deceptions and ‘white’ lies would do just fine. There were two departments at the company, within those there were two teams, totalling at 4 groups. Adam was in control of 2 teams from two different departments, their overall goal aligned, but there was a lack of communication. Adam knew communication and intent was key, so he convinced Adrian to change his role, he wanted one department and two teams. In short: that meant he’d have a large group of people who could more easily communicate to get something done; rather than two halves, each from a different puzzle. Adam, of course, never mentioned that Angelika would now be directly under his control.

Adam took his time to get to know the different people now on his team, he met with Brandon, Faye, Harry, Jacob, Steph, Isabelle, Daniel and of course…. Angelika. Apart from Angelika, Brandon and Faye were the people he was the most interested to speak to, not because of their professionalism or because of their intriguing lives. He was interested in them simply because they were close to her, his Aphrodite, the name that rolled around in his mind…. Angelika. In order to take her from Damien, or free her from Damien, he’d have to understand her more than she’d allow him to. Her friends would be a quick way to both learn and gain her trust; as he’d be in her immediate social group as well as professional group.

He set to work buttering up Brandon and Faye. Both of their separate meetings with Adam were almost identical, he’d pretended to care about their job and would let them ramble, until he could see them tiring. Then he’d save them from themselves and shift the conversation, to music, tv, sport, drink and drugs; it didn’t matter. The point was, he seemed like a more trustworthy character and trusting people make easy mistakes. So far, Adam, had made two major steps towards getting her and they were all without Angelika knowing.

Having become her new manager, he pretended to be ignorant, mixed with his genuine intrigue and constantly questioned her on her professional and intimate goals. He wanted to know everything, and if asking her about her career got him there, he’d listen. Adam also understood that a formal conversation can say so much, if it was directed properly. He wanted to take her off course and down a new, adventurous one; whether it was in conversation or in life.

One day they sat in a meeting office, perfectly isolated from the prying eyes of managers and the gossiping employees. This meeting was set up under the excuse that he’d help her in her career, such a selfless act.

“Angelika, what’s holding you back?” questioned Adam, while staring her deep into her eyes, making sure she felt his true emotions.

She paused and looked back, he wasn’t sure if she was mesmerized or utterly confused, so he added on to the question “why aren’t you a manager? You’re smart enough and capable enough. C’mon for once, tell me. Don’t tell me what you’ve rehearsed for all of the stiffs, it’s me, let’s be easy on each other.”

“well…” her south African and German accent was intoxicating to him and immediately threw him off, no matter how much he prepared. Something about the way she’d pronounce certain words, he loved it, each unique word was like music. However, Adam always pulled himself back to reality and focused on what she was saying. “…I just feel like in an interview there is so much pressure and too much to think about and I do not know how to get passed it. For example. Right now I am relaxed and I can think, I could tell you about how I have performed and how I have saved the company money; dates, figures and all. In a meeting it all disappears.”

“Ok, ok, I think you need to show you’re adventurous, be a little different. But to do that, I’ll help you with a plan.” It was like all his Christmas’ came at once, he now had a chance to spend an assigned time with her.

“A plan…” she took a deep breath “I’d like that.”

Hope fluttered in his mind, optimism took over, does she know what I’m doing? Does she enjoy this time?

“Like it Angelika? I knew you enjoyed this time with such a gorgeous and charismatic guy…” He half joked “…but it’s good to hear you say it, if you enjoy my tongue talking, you’d love it doing other things”. He continued his subtle half jokes, half-truths, constantly testing her limits and how she’d respond.

She clearly blushed but hid it with a laugh “Adam, stop.”

“I’ll sincan escort put it in your diary when you’re free. It’ll just be the two of us and we’ll get to really talk about you. Eventually, you’ll have a step-by-step guide to your dreams.”

“You really think I could do it?”

“I think you can do it. With me, you’ll be able to do anything; just wait and see.”

“You seem like you’re the man to talk to.”

This backwards and forwards went on for a long time, to Adam it seemed like an eternity, a never-ending limbo, constantly trying and failing to get her to bite. The young man knew it was silly, but he hoped that she’d stop messing around and would jump at him there. It was another daydream, he just wished could come true. But she was suggestive enough to make him question his own judgement, just suggestive enough to keep him on tenterhooks. He didn’t need her to give out then; deep down he didn’t want it. Learning about her, playing his little games, was enough. It was amazing to him, he got to see a relationship blossom. However slowly or gradually it was.

The risqué question

After 4 hours of ‘work’, which was just Adam yearning for Angelika, staring at her, the desk just next to his. He finally got a break, a release; both figurative and literal. He was heading to lunch, eager to finally see her (while pretending to care what his ‘friends’; Brandon and Faye had to say). Normally he’d have at least chatted by now, with Angelika, but more meetings than usual had dragged him away. In his fantasy world, he hummed slowly; he ignored his friends and thought of her, the soft hums seemed to carry him to dream land. That was perfect, until it all caved in when someone interrupted, Sinead.

Sinead was a middle-aged woman, around 45 years old, with voluptuous breasts, dyed brunette hair and a developed ass (clearly from the gym). Overall, she a beautiful mature woman for her age, and although she wasn’t Adam’s ‘type’ he still found her attractive. She called him aside, similarly to what he did to Angelika – pretending to be perfectly professional, with an undertone of desire. Adam knew that she wanted him, if Angelika hadn’t of been his every thought, he probably would have pursued her. He knew she would take to him easy, but he couldn’t. Not with Angelika.

“How’s it going handsome? Come here quickly” Sinead spouted, snapping him out of it; with a half joke and half compliment.

Slightly deflated, because his time with Angelika was being stolen, he stepped closer and responded: “What can I do for you Sinead?”

“I’ve heard you’re mentoring Angelika… how… kind” she winked, showing she knew it wasn’t purely professional or platonic. She had, had enough erotic thoughts about co-workers to know when one was clearly lusting over another.

Trying to create a sense of doubt, he added “yeah, I thought it would reflect well for me, showing I could help someone progress. You know me, always trying to find new points to add to my CV.” He looked down at his watch, trying to be subtle.

Sinead knew she only had him for a limited, Adam’s subtly had fallen short. “somewhere to be?”

“I always love our conversations, but I’m fucking starving, I didn’t have any breakfast” he lied hoping to get away from a conversation he didn’t need to have.

Not wanting to become a chore, she released him, “ok, ok. Go and have lunch, we’ll chat later.”

He smiled and walked away, once again bouncing to the canteen, eager to see Angelika. Adam again thought about how deep down he had an inclination that Sinead liked him and wanted him. He chose to ignore them because his mind was set on her… Angelika.

Sitting in the canteen, adjacent to the deli, was Adam, Brandon, Faye, and Angelika. Here their roles didn’t matter, they were nothing but ‘friends’, a friendship Adam pretended to care about for her. Like a character in a play, he put on the ultimate masquerade, to simply get close to her. Her aura, her beautiful perfume, the way she played with her hair (rolling the locks between her index and middle finger) and the way she ultimately made him feel; an uncontrollable high.

Adam starred at Angelika, he noticed all the subtleness about her, she was just…. Different. He looked deep into her eyes, the contrasting rings still pulled him in. They were intoxicating to him, no one else was there. Brandon and Faye occasionally added to the conversation about their weekends, but it didn’t matter. Like a whimper next to the firework that was Angelika, it was dwarfed and crushed. The only time he was snapped out of his trance, was when she spoke directly to him. It almost felt like a punch to the chest, the air was robbed from him.

One of these times, she turned to him and clearly showed she was about to ask a serious question. Her entire body and head faced him, from her toes upwards. Adam, for all of his attention to detail, had been caught off guard. The hour-long lunch break was 2/3rds of the way gone, 40 minutes or more. In all that time he hadn’t even paid attention to conversation. He could perfectly describe her subtle movements, however, Faye and Brandon’s words were lost on him. Slightly scared, he forced himself to breathe normally, and looked deep into her eyes, knowing the importance of eye contact.

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