The Secretary’s Tail Ch. 02

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Trent rested his large hand on the swell of Maggie’s hip as they both lay there under their light silk sheets and puffy down comforter. It was only a couple of weeks until Thanksgiving, and with the cold air pressing up against their bedroom windows, they had been spooning tightly to conserve their body heat. It was close to midnight, Trent figured, as he lay there, slightly confused. He had been sleeping deeply when some small noise had caused him to wake. The only other occupant of the tiny one story house they rented was their dog Benjy, and he was fast asleep across the hall in the living room, probably dreaming about chasing kittens up trees.

Trent found himself wide awake and laying in his boxers and a white t-shirt. His cock strained against the thin fabric of his underwear, rock hard from a dream he had been having, where he had Maggie the kitchen table, and he had been ramming his thick manhood deep into her ass, grunting and groaning like some wild thing let loose upon her incredibly sexy body. He vividly remember her sphincter tightening around the base of his shaft as he groaned and slapped her expansive buttcheeks, before sliding deep into her dark hole.

Good lord, he thought, some days I just can’t stop thinking about sex, even with my lovely wife curled up right next to me.

He felt a little ashamed, but also horny as hell.

The only time she wants sex now is when she’s trying to get knocked up, he thought, I feel like dishwasher or something. Useful for one purpose, and one purpose only.

I know she loves me, though, he mused, laying their in the dark night. I’m sure she is just focused on getting knocked up, and she is probably overwhelmed at work. Maggie was a manager at a local department store, one of the last hold-outs in the area as the big-box chains came in to the neighborhood and threatened to swallowed up all their business. Her store, though, had the allure of the upper class, so wealthy women, and women who wanted to appear wealthy, still shopped there in order to get their expansive perfumes and handbags.

The big-box stores really didn’t cater to women like that, he thought. An image of his buxom young wife in her tight business dress made his cock throb in anticipation and he licked his lips.

I bet there are a lot of husbands who come around to pick up their wife’s perfume when my wife is working, he thought, his heart pumping with excitement at the thought of other men ogling his wife’s curvy body, lightly covered in thin soft fabrics.

But only I get to fuck her, he thought with a grin.

He hadn’t had a job for a year now, freshly graduated from high school. Maggie took care of most of the bills, and told him to take his time finding just the right one.

What an incredible woman, he thought.

Trent moved his hand down his wife’s hip and cupped her thick ass, feeling warmth and desire overcome his cock and balls. She only had on a night shirt, a t-shirt from when he was a football star back in the day, that came down to her mid-thigh. He pulled the shirt up to her waist and cupped her round bottom, his balls tingling with want and desire

I know she wants to get pregnant but I just want to fuck her in that tight escort bayan little butthole right now, he thought, his mind hazy with lust.

“Hey baby…hey baby, wake up. I gotta ask you something…”

Maggie made a moaning noise in her sleep and rolled over onto her back. Trent’s hand became trapped under her ass and thighs, and he pulled it out from under her weight with some difficulty. Then he laid his hand as gently as he could on the soft swell of her belly, and slid it down in between her thighs.

“Hey babe. Hey. Hey!” He tried to be quiet but his horniness was getting the best of him.

Maggie stirred and her eyes popped open. Her gaze was dreamy as she looked over to where his head lay on his pillow.

“What’s up, baby?” She half smiled and he pecked her on the lips.

“I’m really fucking horny.”

“Oh that’s nice babe, just lube up and stick it in. Fill me up, whenever, remember? I want your babies. Babies, babies, babies…” She muttered and her hand drifted down to feel his turgid hard-on through his boxers.

“Ooohhh! You are ready, aren’t you? Well, hang on and get me going too, if you don’t mind.” She giggled and Trent realized he was going to have to fuck his wife back to sleep before anything else happened.

Aahhh, the endless duties of a husband, he thought.

He got out the lube from his bedside stand drawer and squirted a big dollop onto his hand.

Whoops, that was way too much, he realized.

He rubbed his hands slickly together in an effort to warm up the gel, and then plunged his hand in between the swell of Maggie’s thighs, seeking out her sweet little naked pussy.

“Woh, boy, take it easy, that is kind of cold!” Maggie exclaimed, her eyes growing wide.

Trent stuck a couple fingers in between Maggie’s pussy lips, knowing that, with a little patience and very slight movements of his fingers, he would start to arouse his wife.

Sure enough, after a while, he slid his fingers into her warming slick hole as she began moisten and buck her hips into his hand.

Maggie moaned quietly as Trent played with her pussy in earnest.

God, I love the feel of her, he thought. In his mind’s eye, he saw his wife riding his face, her hips bucking against his stubbled cheeks as she orgasmed, using his face a fucktoy.

Goddamnit that is fucking hot image, he though. Then he got to work pleasuring his her pussy as his throbbing cock pointed straight toward her thigh.

As her pleasure mounted, he began to concentrate all of his efforts on her little nubbin, rubbing it in a circular motion with his fingers rhythmically, until he began to feel the soft flesh of her hips began to shudder.

She was getting closer.

Only a year or so ago she would wake up in the middle of the night ready to go at it like a tiger, he remembered. Maybe we could rekindle that passion? It was an exciting thought, and now he really just wanted to ram himself up into his wife’s hot snatch.

He withdrew his finger from her honeypot and straddled her, pulling the blankets up and around his shoulders as best he could, to keep them warm as they fucked.

“Oh yeah, baby, stick it in…” Maggie nilüfer escort murmured as Trent sleepily grabbed onto his hard cock and positioned it at the entrance to her love tunnel. He slid his tip easily into her sopping wet cunt and then repositioned his elbows on either side of her head, on her pillow. He kissed her gently on her pouty lips and then, with a mighty grunt, he thrust his hard length up into his wife’s cunt.

“Ooohhh, baby! Oooohhh, baby, yeah, baby!” Maggie cried out in pleasure and Trent groaned as the hot tight sensation of her cunt engulfed his hard prick completely.

God, he thought, it is like I woke up in heaven.

He slid his erection halfway out of her slick hole and slammed back into her, feeling his balls slap up against her round asscheeks.

“Fuck yeah!” He cried out and then began to piston his raging hard-on in and out of her wet pussy, slamming into her and grunting.

“Fuck me up, fuck me up, fuck it in me, baby, fuck it in me, baby!” Maggie demanded his seed as he kept himself from exploding inside of her.

‘Baby, I want to go into your ass. I know, I know, this won’t help get you a baby, but just this once. Just this once, for me, please. I haven’t asked that since more then a year ago.”

Right then, Maggie was turned on enough to not veto Trent’s idea immediately, and she blinked her eyes at him. Then she smiled, that little vixen smile that she had that had reeled him in the first time that he had ever saw it. She wriggled her soft body underneath his hard one, and his cock grew stiff and ached with desire.

“Okay baby, just this one time, and make sure you finish me off too! I deserve it after you ram that manmeat of yours up into my ass!” Sh giggled, and he slipped out of her cunt with a wet sucking noise.

He reached over to her bedside table drawer and withdrew her long smooth yellow vibrator, flicking it on with his thumb. It vibrated in his hand, and he used his other hand to spread their slick juices all over the smooth head of it.

“Hopefully this will do.” He said the words as he slid the 8 inch vibrating plastic cock up and into his wife’s clutching cunt. Her eyes grew wide, and she cooed with pleasure. He let go of the base of the toy, and grabbed onto her womanly hips.

“Up and over, honey.” Trent said, with a catch in his voice as he imagined her big white ass thrusting back onto his throbbing member.

His wife got onto her knees with the vibrating dildo clenched in her tight pussy, and he grabbed onto her hips once again. Then he reached back over to his bed table and grabbed the lube, which he squirted onto her puckered little asshole.

He was in a hurry, now, and he wanted to fill her up and fuck her butt.

He grabbed onto the base of his shaft and positioned the spongy head of his hard cock directly onto her anus, in between her two shining globes of ass flesh. In the dark there was no color, only shades of gray, and he could see the dark ring surrounding her butthole as he slowly inched his cockhead into her ass.

“OOOooohhh! Baby, you’re so big! Oh be careful!” Maggie called out as she fingered her clit with one hand and held onto the base altıparmak escort of the vibrating dildo that was planted deep inside her.

His fingers clutched down hard on her hipbones, her flesh pillowing in between his digits, and he pulled himself into her, slowly pushing his lubricated cock deep into the tight round tunnel of her butt. Her sphincter gripped his cock as tightly as his young hands had done once, when he had first learned to jerk off and hadn’t stopped for years. He felt his control dissipating.

“Oh my god, baby, you are so tight!” He couldn’t help buy yell in amazement as his balls retracted up into his body and an orgasm crept up toward the core of him.

“Oh shit, I don’t know how long I can hold on!” His cock felt the vibrating dildo through the thin membrane of flesh that separated his wife’s pussy from her ass, and it was all that he could do to hang and not cum on as he withdrew his cock from her thick butt.

“Oh my god, that feels so crazy!” Maggie groaned as she rubbed herself manically. “Oh shit, I’m going to cum baby, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass full of your hot cream, baby!”

He looked down at her wide ass, his dick plunging back into her butthole, and her sinuous back glowing whitely in the dark room. He could see her face mashed into her pillow with her hair laying tussled all around it, and her hands worked feverishly between her legs as, all of a sudden, he began to feel her ass pulsate in rhythm around his iron rod as she began to cum, and cum hard.

“Uuuhhhnngg, uuuhhnnnggg, uuuhhhnnnggg! Oh, OH, OH, OH!” Maggie’s lips were open and eyes were shut as her head was driven into the pillow over and over again as Trent fucked her ass.

He grabbed onto her fleshy hips and pulled her buttcheeks back into the saddle of his hips, bottoming out into her anus. With a roar, as he felt the buzz of the dildo and the contractions of her orgasm surround him, he let go and shot his hot cum in ropey jets deep into her bowels, hot spurt after hot spurt jetting thickly down her asshole, as he twitched and growled.

His cock continued to coat her insides with heavy cream as he caught his breath, after the apex of his orgasm had passed. Trent felt Maggie withdraw the dildo from her pussy, and his cock spurted, spurted, and spurted one last time in her dark hole, and then he slid his thick softening cock out of her butt and collapsed onto his side of the bed.

Maggie dropped down heavily to her side as well, her face flushed and a small smile on her lips.

“Oh, baby, next time, can you please drop that load deep into my pussy. That was a lot of spunk. I want it in me womb, not my ass!”

“You’re ass deserves everything I can give it, baby!” Trent laughed and thought of her ass quivering as he slammed into it. His cock twitched, dripping semen onto his thigh. “Absolutely everything that I can give it. But yeah, I plan on planting my seed in you in the morning, baby. If you can get up in time. And get me up again after that.” He smiled, spent after such an intense climax. His balls were emptied and his mind was blank.

“Of course babe, you know I can always get you up.” Maggie pecked Trent on the lips and closed her eyes. After a moment passed, he could hear her soft breathes transform into a delicate snore, even as his copious hot seed dribbled out of her butthole and puddled onto the mattress sheet.

I’ll have to clean up the sheets in the morning, he thought as sleep overtook him, once again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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