The Seduction of Louise Ch. 06

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The Seduction of Louise The Story of a Big, Beautiful Woman

Chapter Six – Last Encounter & Parting

Shortly after that particular episode, the band and I began making preparations for a rather long road trip, which would take us away for at least nine months. Louise was astonished when I related our plans to her. She said she would miss me very much, and the sincerity in her eyes told me the truth of her words.

She and I had only one more intimate encounter, and it happened just the day before we were due to depart. It was very similar to the previous encounter, the kids were out with friends for an outing and Louise and I spent the afternoon on the living room sofa; she with her bathing suit pulled down to her waist and I with my clothing completely removed.

As I straddled her and thrust my cock into her cleavage, she masturbated with both her hands between her legs. She did it quite casually, as if it was a common occurrence and she felt completely comfortable doing it with me. She came rather quickly, actually preceding me. Her sensual moans and shrill cries of pleasure she made as she came sent me completely over the edge and I exploded into her cleavage with a shuddering climax.

Afterward, we talked softly for several hours, and just enjoyed the intimate and sensual pleasure of one another’s company. As the afternoon wore on, the subject turned to the upcoming road trip.

“I’m going to really miss you.” She said, her eyes welling tearfully. Betturkey “We’ve always been pretty close…you and me…and since you’ve been living here with us…we’ve gotten even closer.” She paused and a tear slid down her cheek.

I reached out to her and embraced her, holding her as she sniffed and wiped the tears from her eyes. “I suppose it’s actually for the best, though.” She said softly, “I think I really beginning to like being with you like this…a lot more than I should.”

I lifted my head and kissed her on her forehead. Her words sent a shiver through me. It seemed as if each and every intimacy we shared together became increasingly more intimate and more sensual. I never pushed her or encouraged her, the increasing intimacy seemed to just happen naturally. I wondered, and not for the first time, how far it might possibly go before she would perceive it to be reaching the threshold of adultery. I doubted very seriously that she would allow herself to go beyond that point.

“I’m going to miss you too.” I said, as I reached out to cradle her breast in the palm of my hand. She sighed softly and leaned back onto the sofa, watching me with a demure smile on her face as I continued to caress her. Impetuously I bent over, lifting her breast to my face, and brushed my lips lightly against her nipple.

I heard her gasp softly with an intake of breath, but she said nothing and made no attempt to stop me. I kissed her nipple lightly, Betturkey Giriş moving my lips sensually against her. She lifted her hand and slid her fingers through my hair at the back of my head, stroking lightly. I parted my lips and took her nipple between them, flicking the tip of my tongue against the tip of her nipple.

She shivered and sighed, but still made no effort to make me stop what I was doing. I opened my mouth wider and closed my lips completely over her nipple, sucking her gently into my mouth. She moaned softly, her fingers moving against the back of my head. I suckled at her nipple, flicking my tongue against her and circling her nipple with the tip of my tongue. I slid my hand up along the inside of her thigh and I felt her body tremble. I slid my fingers very gently over the soft rise of her pubic mound, the material of her bathing suit so sleek and smooth. I pressed my fingertips into the soft flesh of her lips, moving them in a slow circular motion.

At any moment I fully expected her to still my hand and push it from between her legs, but it never came.

Louise moaned aloud and reached her other hand to the back of my head, holding me to her breast as I gently began to caress her between her legs.

“Ohhhh.” She sighed breathily, parting her legs wider and moving her hips to match the rhythm of my hand. I sucked her nipple deeper into my mouth, increasing the suction, and felt her flesh tighten and wrinkle Betturkey Güncel Giriş in my mouth. I felt a rush of warmth on my fingers and felt her wetness soak through the crotch of her bathing suit.

She began moving her hips very rapidly and, with a shrill cry she began to cum, her hips writhing against my hand. Her hands tightened against my head and pulled me to her breast tightly.

She sighed softly and I felt the tension leave her body. I released her nipple with my lips and her breast fell away from my mouth. Quickly I straddled her and pressed my renewed erection between her breasts. She embraced me with her arms about my hips and held me to her tightly.

I thrust into her forcefully, wanting to cum…needing to cum…I closed my eyes in concentration, replaying the exquisite sensuality of her orgasm, the animalistic sounds she made deep in her throat; the way the rising tension in her caused her to arch her back in anticipation; the way her hips shook and gyrated as she began to let go, and the delicious feeling of her slick wetness permeating her bathing suit . I cried her name aloud as I finally began to cum, my hips slapping against her breasts forcefully as I strained toward orgasm . Moments later we again sat side by side and held one another affectionately.

“That was certainly a first for me.” She said, her voice low and breathy, “I consider myself lucky if I have even one orgasm…let alone two.”

“I kinda got a little carried away.” I said, “I hope I didn’t…overstep my bounds with you.”

She laughed softly, and eased my mind tremendously when she said, “Don’t worry…I’ll let you know if I think you’re going too far.”

A few minutes later we rose and dressed once more in preparation for the imminent arrival of her kids.

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