The Sensuality of Sex Ch. 02

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thanks to those who read part one, and to those who commented, as you can see I have cleaned up the second chapter, as well as the first chapter also, It turned out the revisions lead me to create all new chapters, so they may lead me to adding more to it, not sure yet, butfor anyone who would like to see the revised version, please just email me.

Lisa finally just lies back on the bed, and lets her eyes close, and falls asleep holding the clothes close to her that smell exactly like Steven. Before you know it, dawn is arriving and the sun is starting to come up, and this causes Lisa to stir.

She leaves the comfort of Stevens bed room, and goes out to the living room, and just shakes him gently awake, asking him if he is OK.

Steven checks the clock, and its not quite 5:30 am, but he sits up, and they begin talking about what went wrong the night before, and how they feel for each other, but Lisa knew that if she didn’t put distance between them, she would have been throwing more than glass at Steven.

Steven tried to defuse the entire situation, just by letting her know how beautiful she is, and how much it was such a surprise to see her, and he wasn’t trying to get her in the bed, but he had to acknowledge how sexy she was, and how the feelings just came back once they got back to his apartment.

They both admitted that things could have been done differently, and Lisa apologized for being such a bitch, and Steven apologized for trying to have sex with her.

The problem being is that neither one of them are dressed, so this turns out to be a volatile situation, because as they continue to talk, Lisa has taken the initiative, and curled up close to Steven, and she only has herself wrapped in a blanket, Maltepe travesti and of course, Steven is still not wearing anything, but he did cover himself as they were talking.

Feeling Lisa laying on him causes him to stir, and instead of causing a situation, Steven decides to get up, and open the blinds and windows, just to get some circulation in the house, and Lisa could tell he was avoiding something, and as she notices his shaft getting hard,, her mouth waters, and there is no denying what is on his mind.

Steven attempts to continue his process of getting away from Lisa, but Lisa continues to notice that he is reacting to her body, and basically, her mind is racing about what she wants to do, as to whether she wants to seduce him or not.

They continue to talk about the happenings of the night before, and Lisa admits that she was hoping to find him unattached, and this registering in Steven’s mind is like a windstorm, like fireworks, but he wasn’t sure what to do with the information.

He asks her what this means, and then as he looks for more information, he goes into the kitchen to clean up dishes, and Lisa stretches out on the couch, and just crosses her legs.

Steven’s mind continues to race, and when he comes out of the kitchen, and leans up against the door frame, he just takes in the beautiful flawless woman in front of him, seeing her nipples standing at attention, and from head to toe, he doesn’t notice a blemish.

His eyes stop when he reaches hers, and they stare deeply into each others eyes, as if communicating without words, trying to see who will break first, and deciding that he has had enough, Steven breaks first.

He goes back into the kitchen and Ümraniye travesti looking for something to clean, he goes for the stove, he goes for the refrigerator, and he goes for everything he can.

The key is that he saw that twinkle in her eyes, and that way she looks at him, when he knows she is planning something, but he doesn’t quite know what it is, and basically, he knows there is nothing he can do to stop it.

As he was leaving the room, he noticed her starting to go for her nipples, and twisting them to maximum hardness, as if she wanted him to notice them even more, but he is continuing to try to play hard to get.

By this time, all things from the previous night are just about forgotten, and they are just trying to see who can get the upper hand in this cat and mouse game of tag, or in this game of chess, and they continue to try to checkmate the other person.

Lisa being the one to capitalize on a situation creeps up behind him in the kitchen, wrapping her arms around him and tweaking his cock at the head to see if he reacts. Kissing him on his back, on his neck, on his ears, she knows now that she has to make her move, or else she will lose all nerve. Letting her hands travel around his ass, and kissing his back and his broad shoulders, she lets her mind go and begins to remember all of his spots.

He moans as he feels her nails on his ass, and he begins to lose all inhibitions about giving his sweet love exactly what she wants. Turning to her he kisses her lips and pinches her nipples.

“Baby I want you so much, and have waited for this moment for so long, but I want to make sure you want it as well.”

“Steven there is no doubt in my mind what I want, and dear Tuzla travesti darling, that is you”.

Scooping her off of her feet and carrying her into the bedroom, he notices the destruction she caused overnight. Dropping her on the bed, he begins to move a few things around just shaking his head.

They share tender caresses and he whispers to her that she had better be glad that he loves her, or else he would beat the hell out of her for the way she destroyed his room.

This stops Lisa in her tracks, and she quickly sits up to figure out what he said.

Asking him what he said, and to repeat it, she looks at him with a serious look on her face.

He says that he would beat the shit out of her if he didn’t love her so much.

She looks at him with love in her eyes, to ask, if he really loves her.

“Yes Lisa I never stopped loving you, but after seeing you last night, I realized, my love for you has taken a whole new form.”

Stepping closer to the bed, and climbing in with her they engage in a passionate yet quick kiss and cuddle next to each other.

“Stevie, I have wanted to hear that for so long, and you just don’t know, I feel like.”

She stops in the middle of her sentence and kisses him again this time with more passion, with more urgency, as he lies down and she rolls over with her breast on him. (She breaks the kiss slowly and softly.)

Taking a moment to think, and compose her thoughts, Lisa just looks at Steven and runs her fingers over his chest.

“I feel like I have more love for you, as if over time we have grown closer and as if we never left each other. I love you too Steven.”

She lays her head on his chest, and now they lay in each other’s arms with soft breaths they feel the connection of each other’s hearts, all a part of a new state of mind.

No connection to the past, no connection to the present, only looking toward the future, they move in rhythm with each other, feeling there love grow together second by second.

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