The Sex Club Ch. 02

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I tried hard not to think about Troy and the sex club over the next few weeks but somehow it was always there in the back of my mind. On several occasions I had almost dialed the dreaded phone number. He was such a huge presence in my life that it was difficult enough to go on without him. Now, this new information somehow altered my reality.

It was strange but I did not feel betrayed by him. I felt mostly helpless and I hated that feeling more than anything. I needed action. I thrived on it. I was never one to ask for help and always found my own way out of whatever trouble I’d gotten into. This was much different. There was no help for it and no way out of it. Just the big pink elephant in the room staring at me. A Sex Club. How does something like that work?

It’s not surprising looking back at Troy’s sexual proclivities. He was way too good at it to not have had lots of practice. The whole idea turned me on I was afraid to admit. I’m sure Troy recognized that in me. It was probably why we were so drawn to each other. It was almost magnetic. To think there are other people out there like that was quite shocking to me.

The key was sitting on my kitchen table and I couldn’t help but wonder what door it might open. Did I want to open it? I was extremely sexually frustrated lately since I had no physical contact with anyone for the last three months. My imagination ran wild with thoughts of what this sex club was all about. It was always worse at night. During the day I could busy myself with mundane tasks but in the evening there was no hiding from it. I would often just give in to my fantasies but somehow Troy would always enter my mind.

Could I have sex with someone else? Maybe I would just have to close my eyes and pretend I was with him again. I didn’t think that would really work since no one could make me feel like he did. I needed to be touched badly. I hadn’t even gone a day without sex in the past. For someone like me this was pure torture. Along with the constant ache from the loss of Troy I was starting to worry about my sanity. I had to do something about it.

When I realized that Troy’s job was really some sort of cover for a sex club I called Detective Brady right away. Considering the suspicious and scandalous nature of his murder I figured this new information would help the case. He was always so uncomfortable talking to me about any of it given the fact that Troy was found shot in a very upscale hotel after obviously having sex with someone. I didn’t have the heart to tell the nice detective that I was pretty sure Troy was setting up a threesome for us since it was something we had talked about for weeks before this. He had left me messages at work telling me to call him because he had a surprise for me that night. It definitely burned to think of him with this other woman but the jealousy was dulled by the pain of losing him. It hurt too much to be angry at him and deep down I knew he was just waiting for me to join them.

I was too busy to answer my phone. Nothing like missing that last call before the man you love is gone forever. I’ll have to live with that one somehow. I kept thinking what if I hadn’t missed his calls? What if I was there that night? That way of thinking was just driving me crazy. I couldn’t just sit here and wait for the detective to call me back. They had probably just stopped searching for his killer.

It was apparent there had been a fight of some kind although Troy had only defensive injuries and there was some unknown blood from a female. They believed it was just some high class prostitute and a fight had turned deadly. I knew there was no way Troy had to ever pay for sex or would in any way harm a woman but now I thought this sex club might hold the answer. Revenge and rage boiled in my gut. I had to find out who did this to him. I picked up my phone and dialed the number. After three rings someone picked up.

“Scorpio Security. ” a woman’s voice answered.

“H-Hi,” I stammered not sure what I was going to say. I should have really thought this through more before I called. I glanced at the key on the kitchen table. “I have a key?” Great, now I sounded like an idiot.

“Good for you sweetie. How may I direct your call?” The voice sounded bored.

I started to panic and racked my brain for any information that might get me into this sex club. I recalled the night Troy took me to some party, the night he blindfolded me. A man opened the door and I could tell they knew one another. The stranger had dirty blonde hair and there was something about him that fascinated me. I really couldn’t put my finger on exactly why but I couldn’t help but stare at him.

He was waiting for Troy to say something and I remember Troy looked a bit annoyed that he wasn’t just given entry since it was obvious they knew one another. Finally Troy said,”We’re here to see Mr. Silver.” The other man grinned as he opened the door wide for us to enter. He looked me up and down appraisingly and Troy didn’t seem to mind. Now looking back, I realized maybe this Mr Silver was a code Maltepe Sınırsız Escort word of some kind and perhaps not a real person.

“I’m calling to speak with Mr Silver.” I told the receptionist quickly before I changed my mind and hung up.

“Hold Please,” Said the bored voice on the other end. The hold music was a horrible muzak version of the Beach Boys “God only Knows” Lovely. It went on forever before someone finally picked up. This time it was a male voice.

“Hello,” a deep voice said. For some reason the knot of tension in my belly turned into nervous excitement.

His voice was sexy and it seemed to do things to me. God, I needed it bad. It couldn’t be normal to have such a response from just a voice over the phone. “Hello? I can hear you breathing,” he whispered with a trace of annoyance in his voice. That seemed to turn me on too.

“Hi,” my voice was all husky now and I was a little embarrassed by it. Whoever this man was, I needed to meet him in person. I closed my eyes in order to try and control my reaction to him. “I’m calling about the sex club. I was given a key,” I managed to get out even though my thoughts were overrun with a need for this mysterious stranger.

“Oh good, another one, ” he seemed to mock me at least I thought he was. It was hard to tell if he was serious or joking. People like that usually rubbed me the wrong way .That’s what it probably was I decided. He was just getting on my last nerve. That made much more sense.

“So, who gave you this so called key?” He asked.

Damn, I wasn’t expecting that one.” I was at a party. It could have been any of the guests really,” I blurted out. ” It was quite a wild night.”

“Oh, A party girl. We could always use more of those, I’ll text you the location and you can stop by at midnight this evening.”

It wasn’t a question. This guy was used to people doing what he told them to do. Again, I was annoyed and strangely attracted at the same time.

“So, Will there be an exam?” I really said stupid things when I was nervous.

“Yes, but not one you can study for.” and at that he hung up.

I had all day to agonize over my decision. The text came about an hour after the call. Even just that message made me think of the voice over the phone. He was going to be hard to get out of my head. I hoped when we met there would be absolutely no attraction. I spent most of the afternoon hunting down my medical records as requested in the text. Good thing I had gotten every test done imaginable recently. Considering the implications surrounding Troy’s death I thought it might be a good idea. I did feel a bit better about the whole thing knowing everyone in this club would be carefully selected and everyone was tested.

I decided to wear a flirty floral dress since it made me look innocent and straightened my brown hair so it looked perfect. Maybe I could get in without too many questions asked. I doubted it but one could always hope. I told myself that I was certainly not trying to look good for that voice over the phone but I wanted to make a good impression. I needed to look sexy but not like I was trying too hard.

I thought about turning around and heading home about a dozen times on the train ride but I decided against it. I was determined to go through with this and would not let my fear get in the way. Troy would be proud. I had to laugh at that idea. Troy being proud of me for not chickening out of joining some strange sex club. Life could be absolutely absurd sometimes.

I finally arrived at the building that housed New York’s most secretive and exclusive sex club. I had researched sex clubs ever since I found the key. Some seemed ok, more like swingers clubs but most were downright nasty. From the looks of the building this club was unlike any of them. It was an architects dream made of all steel and glass. A pillar of modern wealth and old world elegance combined.

Taking the first few steps towards the revolving glass doors that led to the lobby, I felt the familiar tingle of excitement I usually felt when Troy had ordered me to do something. Something sexual that I knew I would enjoy. I had really missed that feeling. I took a deep breath and walked in. The lobby was all golden with pristine modern furniture and a chandelier that glowed almost like candlelight. The lighting cast the room in half shadow giving an ominous feel to the shiny surfaces.

There was only a lone woman at the front desk which could have accommodated at least eight people. The woman was beautiful with long shiny black hair. She had an olive complexion and big brown eyes. She looked up from the computer screen and smiled at me. I had a feeling she was not the regular receptionist. At this hour the lobby was completely empty. I couldn’t tell if it was a hotel or just an ordinary office building.

I really didn’t know what to say to her but before I could open my mouth she stood up and looked at me knowingly. She held out her hand for me to shake. I extended mine and she clasped it in both of hers touching Maltepe Suriyeli Escort me much more than was necessary. It felt very nice. Her skin was soft and she definitely knew what she was doing. I felt the stirrings of attraction between us which was surprising to me. I find some women beautiful but don’t usually get flirtatious with them. This whole sex club puts it all on another level.

“Hello, You must be Tori. I’m Olivia. I can’t wait to see Liam’s face when he sees you,” she said as she came around the desk area. Her voice was pleasant and very comforting. I noticed she had very long legs and the black dress she wore was very flattering to her full figure. She started guiding me to the elevator area and found new subtle ways to put her hands on me.

“Hi, I’m not really sure what to expect,” I said as we stopped at the elevator. She looked at me as if waiting for something. I must’ve looked confused because she laughed and I felt a slight thrill inside at the sound of it. I could definitely like this woman.

“Don’t be so nervous Tori, though Liam will definitely like that. This is just a meet and greet. I just need your key to get on the elevator.” I liked the way she said my name. She gestured to the elevator and I could tell this one was different than the others. You could see it was operated by a turn key lock. Oh, this was the special elevator. The butterflies in my stomach started to flutter madly as if they were finally free.

I reached inside my purse and took out the key. I handed it to Olivia and she put it in the lock and turned. The doors opened for us. We walked onto the elevator and I looked around. It was just a typical elevator if not a rather nice one. Nothing unique about it. The doors closed and then Olivia used the key again and pressed a button that was next to the emergency call button. It had the same Scorpio sign on it.

“The top floor babe,'” she said to me as she smiled again. Wow, now I was really nervous. I needed to cover up the silence before I did something stupid. Maybe I could get some crucial information out of Olivia. She seemed open enough to conversation.

“So, this Liam. Does he run this club?”

She laughed “Liam? No, but he sure likes to think he does. Mr. Silver is the man in charge. Liam is just his head of security. He keeps us all safe.”

“Safe,” I said quietly to myself. That didn’t really help out Troy, did it? The nervousness turned into quiet determination. This Liam was already on my list of people I did not like and I hadn’t even met him yet. Mr. Silver was a real person too and not just some code. He makes the top of that list.

The elevator came to a full stop as Olivia entwined her arm around mine and walked me out since for some reason I couldn’t move on my own. She just giggled in my ear and said “Don’t worry Babe he won’t bite. Well, not unless you want him to.”

As we walked down the hallway to the big oak doors Olivia winked at me and said, “You ‘re really gonna love it here. I promise.” She knocked three times on the door.

I heard a voice say,”Come in.” and recognized it as the voice over the phone. We opened the door and walked in together arm in arm. I looked around and took in the spacious office. It looked more like a penthouse apartment. Liam stood in front of the desk at the far end of the room with a magnificent view of the city behind him. My heart dropped into my stomach when I immediately recognized him. He was the stranger at the door from the party Troy had taken me to. God, I hoped he didn’t remember me.

He was wearing a dark blue suit that fit him snugly showcasing the muscles underneath and his dirty blonde hair was a bit disheveled as if he had just had someone’s hands through it. None of that really got my attention. It was his blue eyes that pierced into you and you could almost feel the intelligence behind them. I froze under his scrutiny and even Olivia seemed mesmerized by him as she sat down on the plush sofa.

“Tori, nice to meet you. Come closer,” he told me with command behind his words. My body was compelled to follow. I walked closer to him and stood my ground looking him straight in the eyes. I wanted to fall into those eyes.

He looked me up and down taking in every inch of me. I could feel it when his eyes lingered on my breasts then lower over my legs. Finally he looked into my eyes with a crooked smile.

“You’re cute, you’ll do,”

Cute!! My face burned. I couldn’t stop what came out of my mouth next.” Look, Connor,” he smiled even more at that as he leaned against the desk with his arms folded.

“It’s Liam,” he interrupted but I could tell he thought my frustration was funny.

“Whatever your name is,” I told him. “if you don’t think I’m sexy enough for your exclusive club I have no problem with that. I’ll just head back home and pretend none of this ever happened,” Oh, how I wished I really could do that.

His voice was calm when he simply stated, ” I didn’t say we didn’t want you, Tori.” The way he said those words made Maltepe İranlı Escort tiny vibrations flutter up and down my center. Okay, I don’t think I will be leaving just yet.

He reached his hand towards me and brushed a stray hair from my face. It was such a slight touch but I felt it everywhere. I wanted to lean into him and I now knew the real meaning of the word swoon. It was as if his hand was orchestrating my every reaction and wherever it went, I wanted to go. “Give me the key and your records Tori, I need to see them,” he said. At this point I would do anything to get him to continue touching me.

Olivia handed him my key and I placed the envelope with my records in his hand. He looked over both items thoughtfully.

” A gold key, very impressive.” He said as he looked at the key in his hand.

“There aren’t many of these out there. This means you’ve been given VIP status with no questions asked. Of course I was against the gold keys from the start. Everyone should be checked out and should have no reason for hiding anything.” He looked at me as he accentuated those last words.”It’s really just about rich bastards always getting what they want, when they want it, and fortunately for us one of them wants you.” He looked at me expectantly.

I just shrugged and said,” I told you it was a really good party.” He smiled at me and I could tell he liked my response. He definitely liked the attitude.

” I’m still not satisfied.” He said next. God, what does it take to satisfy this guy? I was getting wet just thinking about the ways. “I need to know that you can handle what goes on in this club. You can always say no at any time. We’ll go over the particulars soon, but I need to see you in action. Call it my own private test.”

“Okay,” I mumbled not sure what was going to happen next. I had to trust him and I only ever trusted Troy. This is it. The point of no return.

“Sit down,Tori.”

I fell into the cushions of the sofa, not too close to Olivia. I was too turned on and didn’t trust myself. “You like being in charge, don’t you?” I asked him. So much like Troy.

“I am in charge here.” He looked at Olivia and something passed between them. I couldn’t read it but Olivia smiled and scooted closer to me. “Olivia, kiss her,” Liam commanded.

I looked at Liam and his eyes were full of lust as he watched Olivia move closer to me. I started breathing heavy and my heart rate went up in anticipation. I closed my eyes as I felt Olivia’s soft lips against mine. She tasted like cherry. I moaned at the first contact and opened my mouth for her. Our tongues touched and I could feel my cotton panties grow more wet. She was a good kisser.

Her fingers were touching me lightly everywhere and when they traced circles over my hard nipples through my dress I arched into her touch. It felt so good but I never forgot Liam was there watching. I wanted him to see everything. Olivia stopped and looked at Liam. “God, Liam she tastes so good. You have to taste her.”

He leaned down and took Olivia’s mouth in his own. Watching them kiss was so hot. “I like the taste of both of you together.” Oh god, this guy was going to be the death of me. He looked at me and I could tell he wanted to touch me. He leaned back against the desk and folded his arms again. ” Olivia put your hands on Tori’s legs and spread her open for me.” Olivia was more than happy to oblige.

She gently put her hands on my legs and slid the hem of my dress up until you could see my white cotton panties. I wore them to appear innocent but that did little good when they could see how wet they were. Olivia spread my knees apart. I felt so exposed and open to them “Kiss her while you unzip her dress. I want to see more of her.” His voice was doing all sorts of wonderful things to me. It freed me from any doubts or guilt.

Olivia kissed me again and this time it was more passionate than before. My hands were in her hair pulling her

closer to me. I felt my dress slide down my arms and moved to free myself. They could both see my white lace bra now. Olivia’s hands slid over my breasts and I knew they could see my stiff peaks through the see through fabric. I couldn’t help but moan and touch Olivia through her dress. Just as my hand was reaching under her dress Liam put a stop to our fun. “That’s enough Olivia.” There was a hard edge to his voice as if he was angry at something.

Olivia groaned and pulled back.

She looked up at Liam incredulously. “Liam, no fair. You’re such a tease.”

“You like that. Don ‘t you?” He asked her.

Olivia just shook her head and laughed at him. She put a sweet kiss on my cheek and said “See ya soon, babe.”

“Bye.” I managed to get out. Olivia walked out and left me and Liam alone. Oh Boy, I wasn’t so sure this was a good idea. Liam looked at me as if he couldn’t quite make up his mind. “Did I pass your test?” I asked him.

“Yes,” was all he said. I was just sitting there all exposed wondering what he was going to do next. Will he touch me? I hoped so. Thankfully he sat down next to me. He brushed my hair from my neck. He bought his lips closer and whispered in my ear, “You seemed to like that very much.” He slid his finger inside my panties and swirled it around in my moisture. God, please keep doing that. ” I just have one question, Tori. Is this for her or for me?”

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