The Shower

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The steam began to softly boil over the top of the shower, while I gathered my things before getting in. Wishing I was getting ready to really see you tomorrow, not just another Friday with the girls.

“It just doesn’t seem that much fun for some reason tonight.” I thought to myself holding up a fresh pair of sexy panties as I rustled thought my panty drawer.

The bathroom’s temperature heated to a welcoming sauna and the mirrors glazed with seductive wetness as droplets raced down to that finish line at the bottom. I dropped my panties to the floor, thinking of the words you so easily teased me with earlier in the day. The words of seduction, lust, want, hunger. Your words of sex pounding in my head like your heartbeat, it felt so good to have another man say such things.

I have flirted with friend’s husbands and they with mine, but nothing like this, always knowing it was all in good fun and would never lead to anything, but this, this was lust at it’s best. Playing with me, teasing me, taunting me, leaving me wanting more. Knowing that it could be so easy to meet. Knowing that temptation was knocking at Ankara bayan escort my door. I should have never opened that box, I hid so long ago. Should of never looked for it’s key.

“But, God it feels too good!!!!” a smile, soft and lustful glairs back at me as that wicked little voice whispers at me as I wipe that seductive wetness from that mirror.

The warm steam beckons me. It’s long fingers motion me to enter it’s warmth. I can not refuse it’s call, it’s plea. I step in the shower, warm steam surrounds me, envelops me. It’s body blankets me as I stand under the hot water.

Running over my body, stinging but titillating me, I can’t think, those words softly whispering, seducing, teasing, taunting, titillating me over and over in my head from this man I’ve never even seen.

The soap, it’s perfume fills my nose, rushes of lavender dance in side my head. How the lightly purple colored soap slides silky over my body, my mind wishing it were your hands, sliding over every inch, hitting places and bringing them to life. Skimming, drifting, how it slithers over every inch of my silky sun kissed skin.

I Escort bayan Ankara can’t resist, I reach and take that glimmering sliver showerhead from it’s resting place. Sliding down the cool tiled side wall of the shower, stopping at the corner bench, I raise my right leg and rest it on the opposite bench. Arching my back and sink into a better position. Hot water stinging my body as if it were a thousand fingers.

I lower my hand gliding it over my leg, snaking it up my satiny calf to my firm thigh. Breath deepens at the thought of your words, your touch, of you. Skipping up to my begging breast, roaming over them. My nipples hard and erect. The lightest touch sends waves of tingles thought out my body. How they ache for your touch.

Embracing my shoulder, my mind wanders to you, wishes it were your arms wrapped around me. Caressing me, cuddling me. Up to my neck, fingers moving stiff, rigid, sharply. My long Burgundy Flirt painted nails leaving small red lines, trails of wanton pleasure in my skin. Long auburn hair forms into a forked tail down my shoulder as ribbons of water serpentine downward. Bayan escort Ankara

My mind racing, my heart beating so loud I can hear it as my other hand holds that sliver showerhead at that spot, God should of never gave a woman. Breath deep, slow, forced as my chest rises and falls. Hot, sinful, immoral, corrupt water fondles. Blood fills me, clit so hard and unyielding. Teased, titillated, taunted by you, this sliver man shining between my legs. Fingers waltz as you lead. Pleasure gorges my body. Hips sway to your dance. This slow, dreamy, sensual waltz you have me seductively waltzing to. Moans of sheer delight loft in the steamy lavender filled air. Your words whispering to me. Faint whispers of every word you typed. Every letter dripping in your sex.

“Mmmm… Take me now, Oh God, take me now,” my mind pleads. “Ohhh… yessss… Mmmm…Hmmm…”

The words ring over the patter of falling water that misses my lust stricken body to the shower floor. Words I hunger to say to you in the heat of passion. My dark fawn eyes closed in ecstasy. Breath held not able to flee my body. Tingles, chills, thrills flood, overwhelm my body. Pulses of thick white creamy nectar flow. My fingers glide to my lips, taste the rewards of your seduction. My mind drenched just as my body of you. God you make me feel so good!

Mind flashes, “Do I make him feel the same way…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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