The Slaver Gets His Wish Chapter 8

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The Slaver Gets His Wish

Chapter 8

The Baptism

Two young slaves came to my table. I was sipping on my papa doble while pinching banshee’s nipples with my other hand. The male slave was blonde, with a nice physique. The girl’s hair had been dyed a metallic blue, and she was pierced all over; her nose, her lip, her navel, and the lips of her pussy. They knelt. The male’s cock was hard, and the girl held it in her hand.

“Speak,” I allowed.

“i am ursula, this is warren. Our Masters told us to perform. Can we baptize your slave?”

I thought it over for a bit. “You may. Of course, since she is a virgin, you may not use her pussy, but you may do whatever else you would like. she is called banshee. Do as they ask, banshee.”

The slaves took her hands and helped her up from the table. They walked her to the middle of the room, warren whispering instructions in one ear while ursula did the same in her other ear. banshee nodded.

The girls began kissing each other roughly, squeezing each other’s breasts, while warren rubbed his cock against banshee’s lovely ass. ursula got down on her knees, and alternated between sucking on warren’s cock and licking banshee’s clit. banshee grabbed ursula’s metallic hair while ursula had warren’s cock in her mouth, making her deep throat warren’s seven inch cock. ursula gagged. Then banshee got on her knees, and warren alternated between the two slut slaves. The girls kissed each other with warren’s throbbing cock between their lips. All eyes were on the three slaves, and more than one Master had his cock out, being attended by a slave. I pulled out my cock and stroked it.

ursula got on her hands and knees, and banshee licked her pussy and asshole, lubricating her holes for warren. he started with her pussy, slamming his cock into ursula over and over. banshee fingered ursula’s puckered asshole while kissing warren. bursa escort I felt a twinge of jealousy. After ursula screamed out an orgasm, warren pulled out his cock, and aimed it at the girl’s asshole. banshee licked the tip of his cock before he slid it into ursula’s ass. Moaning half in pleasure, half in pain, ursula took all seven inches warren had to offer. warren pumped ursula’s ass half a dozen times before pulling his cock out for banshee to suck on.

This went on for fifteen minutes, ursula’s ass being violated, banshee sucking warren’s cock in between, and then they switched off. banshee got on her hands and knees, and ursula lubed up her asshole with a generous amount of spit. warren eagerly invaded banshee’s rectum. I could see banshee wincing in pain as he slammed himself into her. warren pumped her six or seven times, before offering his cock to ursula, who greedily slurped at his manhood. We could all tell that warren was approaching the point of no return. he put his cock back in banshee’s ass and fucked her harder and harder. Not having to suck warren’s cock, ursula got behind warren and began licking his asshole. This was too much stimulation for the young man, and he cried out as he pumped banshee’s ass full of come.

According to the instructions they had given her earlier, banshee quickly squatted over ursula, who had lain down on the floor. Squeezing warren’s sperm out of her asshole and into ursula’s waiting mouth; banshee rubbed her clit to orgasm. It was incredible watching her come as white semen spilled from her asshole onto ursula’s tongue. Then banshee grabbed ursula’s hair and kissed her deeply. They shared the semen back and forth, letting it drip all over their faces, and they were soon using their hands to smear it around. This got a little rough as ursula put most of her hand in banshee’s mouth and made her gag. banshee returned the favor, and almost managed bursa escort bayan to get her whole fist into ursula’s mouth.

The baptism was about to begin, as the girls wrestled with each other; banshee had gotten her other hand into ursula’s pussy, finger fucking her with ferocity. warren stood over the pair, and let go a stream of piss. Shocked for a moment, banshee stopped assaulting ursula, and opened her mouth to allow the urine down her throat.

All of the Doms surrounded the trio, some jacking off, some stroking their cocks getting ready to piss. There were two Mistresses present, and they, too, were fingering themselves. Lorne and Karl came in unison, both right on banshee’s face. They stepped back to let other’s come forward and come on banshee. Load after load was pumped onto banshee’s face before the pissing started. At one point, there were seven streams of piss drenching banshee, filling her mouth, soaking her hair, rolling down her amazing breasts, down the crack of her ass.

“Get on your back,” someone told her. ursula grabbed her hands, and warren held her feet apart. The two female Doms squatted over her face in turn, washing the sperm from her face with torrents of yellow fluid. One of the Mistresses ground her pussy on banshee’s face, getting banshee’s nose up inside her pussy.

“Lick me, you little cunt,” she ordered. banshee began pleasuring the Mistress. I walked around warren, aimed the head of my cock between banshee’s legs, and let loose a stream of piss, drenching her virgin pussy.

“Oh, MY GOD, YES, MY LITTLE CUNT, Make me uh uh UH UH UH….FUUUCCCK!!!!” the Mistress orgasmed. She was a squirter, and as she came, she ejaculated all over banshee’s face.

Everyone stood back, empty of fluids. banshee lay in a puddle, shuddering.

“Stand,” I told her. She stood up, blinking piss out of her eyes.

“Now you,” I ordered. She shook escort bursa her head, perplexed.

“I don’t understand, Master.”

“Piss yourself,” I stated. Despite the humiliation of being unloaded on, of being assfucked and used like an animal in a room full of onlookers, this was an order that pushed the limits. Potty training is hard wired into humans, and relieving yourself while others look on is hard to do for most slaves.

“Actually, lie back down, let’s see if you can piss into your own mouth,” She hesitated for just a second, then lay back down in the puddle. warren helped her get her ass in the air.

“Now, banshee, piss yourself,” I ordered.

she began crying, pushing her bladder to overcome her humiliation.

“NOW,” I yelled, and that was all it took. A flood of piss came out of her pussy, overshooting her face until she got control over the stream. As her mouth filled with her pee, warren fingered her asshole. “Swallow, girl,” I told her.

She shut down her bladder as she swallowed a mouthful, then began pissing again, filling her mouth back up. She did this five times, filling her mouth, swallowing, filling it again, until the stream of piss became a trickle and her bladder was obviously empty.

The room erupted with applause. ursula found a towel for banshee and began drying her off.

“You hesitated,” I told her. she dutifully walked over to the whipping post, handcuffing herself to it. Quick study.

I asked around for a paddle. I was given a wooden paddle with holes drilled in it.

“Nine, banshee. Count them out.” I hauled off and brought the paddle down on her ass hard.

“Oooonee,” she said through clenched teeth. I hit her again, and again. She counted each one out. When I was done, her ass was as red as a cherry. As I undid the handcuffs, I thought I saw a little smile cross her lips.

“Thank you, Master. I love it when you beat me,” she whispered.

“you’re one surprise after another, slut,” I told her, biting her ear. She winced, but the smile stayed.

To be continued…

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