The Sleepover. Part Two

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The weekend finally ended and a new week began. On Monday and Tuesday Brittany gave the appearance that she was sluggish and tired in all her classes.

” Britt, you okay?” Tonya asked her on their way to lunch.

“I just don’t feel so hot,” she responded.

“Are you coming down with something?” Lara asked stepping back from her.

“I’ll be okay,” Brittany responded.

She kept up the same act when she was home. She ate very little and didn’t join her family for TV time. Finally onTuesday evening she told her folks she was coming down with something and asked them to call her off from school tomorrow. Since their daughter rarely took a sick day they had no problem with honoring her request.

On Wednesday morning Brittany remained in bed and pretended to be asleep as her parents got ready for work. The moment she heard their cars back out of the driveway Brittany headed for the bathroom. She washed her hair, shaved her legs and trimmed her pubic hair, she wanted to look perfect for Vince.

She spent a great deal of time doing her hair and applying her makeup. She double and triple checked every step before she dressed. Brittany opened her closet and removed one of the blue and white cheerleader uniforms hanging there and placed it on the bed.

From her lingerie collection she selected the prettiest white bra she owned and put it on. Then came the question of what to wear under her skirt. Should she wear the standard cheerleader underwear that kept everything covered when she kicked or jumped up or go with silky white thong?

As she pondered this question Vince was also getting ready for work. As usual he was up around 6:00 AM to do his morning workout. He then headed to the bathroom where he showered and double checked his body for any stray hairs.

Around 7:00 AM he heard his daughter moving around her room and quickly donned a robe and headed to the kitchen to make them breakfast. Tonya appeared while he was taking his morning supplements and gave him a hug.

“Good morning, daddy.”

“Good morning, sweetie.”

While eating breakfast Tonya’s cellphone rang. It was Brittany telling her that she was sick and would not be in school.

“Brittany’s sick,” she told her dad.

“I hope there is nothing going around,” he responded.

“Neither do I,” she responded before she headed out the door for school.

As soon as she was gone Vince called his job to tell them he would not be in today. As he was the second in command it was no big deal. He then headed to his bedroom where he donned a royal blue posing suit and then dug out the oil used before he went on stage.

He ateşli gaziantep escort began to apply it to his body. It would not be the best oil job as he usually had someone backstage to do this for him. When the house phone rang and the caller ID showed him that it was Brittany’s house phone he jumped to answer it.


“Hey,” her voice responded.

“Hey yourself,” he answered.

“I took a sick day,” she informed him.

“So I heard. I called in sick too,” he answered.

“I’ll be heading out the door in a bit,” she informed.

“I’ll leave the side door unlocked,” he responded.

Vince noticed that just the sound of her voice started getting him excited and smiled to himself. Of all the pretty girls he met on the body building circuit none of them had this effect on him. He headed to the back room that had been converted into a studio used to photograph himself during his early days of body building.

It had professional photographers lights, colored back drops and a set of light weights used to pump up. He placed a disc in the CD player and grabbed the weights and began the process of pumping up. Pumping up was the act of forcing more blood into his muscles so he looked bigger.

About twenty minutes later he heard her voice call out to him and he told her where he was. When Brittany entered the room she almost fainted with pleasure. Vince was standing in front of a white back drop with the photographers lights on him. He was all oiled up and the bright lights made his skin glisten.

His blue posing suit had high cut leg openings and it fully covered his ass, but the front was cut very low. There was no hair showing anywhere and that turned her on even more. She hated hairy guys.

On weak knees Brittany took a seat and watched him wide eyed as he ran through some poses to show off his massive size. Her nipples got hard and her panties wet and her desire for him grew as she watched.

She then slipped her hand under her skirt and into her wet panties and began to rub her clit.

When Vince saw what she was doing he stopped posing and walked over to her.

“Hey, that’s my job,” he said softly and pulled her arm out.

She stood up and allowed him to sit and then took a seat in his lap. His strong hands caressed her long silky legs as they moved under her tiny pleated skirt. Her body shook with anticipation when Brittany felt his fingers brush across the crotch of her cheerleader panties, she moaned softly with pleasure as he did this.

The gentle kisses they had been planting on each bakımlı gaziantep escort other soon turned into a passionate tongue sucking frenzy. When she could take it no more she stood up and got down on the floor on her elbows and knees in front of him.

“Please don’t make me wait,” she begged.

Vince stood up and over her shoulder she could see the tip of his cock peaking over the waistband of his tiny posing suit. He produced a bottle of very expensive sex lube and began to liberally coat his cock with it. Vince then knelt down behind Brittany and slowly pushed her tiny blue and white pleated skirt to her waist.

She felt his strong hands gently rub her silky thighs before the moved to the waistband of her panties and slowly tugged them down to her ankles.

“Your legs and ass are perfect,” he said as he began to apply the lube to her ass.

Vince pulled his suit just low enough to expose his erect cock and Brittany moaned as she felt him place the head of his cock between her cheeks.

“Are you ready?”

“Oh yes. Please go slowly as you’re the first one I ever allowed in there,” she moaned softly.

Vince place two strong warm hands on her hips and began to push himself inside her tight hole. She moaned at the pain and pleasure that his cock entering her virgin ass gave her. Vince then started to push his cock in and out of her, each time he pushed himself in a little deeper.

“Fuck my ass,” Brittany moaned louder with each thrush.

Vince began a steady pace of thrusting and withdrawing spurred on my the sight of this attractive girl in her cheerleader uniform. Her moaning increased when he removed a hand from her slender hip and allowed his fingers to seek out the opening to her very wet pussy.

He located her clit and began to rub it. It caused her to moan even louder.

Finally he could hold out no longer.

“Britt, I’m going to cum,” he moaned in her ear.

He removed his hand from her pussy and gripped her hips again as Brittany began to push herself back into him. Vince issued a low moan and shot his wad into her ass. She finished just after he did.

He removed his slowly shrinking cock from her back door and laid on the floor next to her. He pulled her close to him and planted gentle kisses on her lips and neck, she returned them. Her kisses on his soon increased and he could tell she was gettiing hot again.

“I can feel your cum leaking out of my ass and it’s getting me hot,” she told him.

“We have to wait until my gun reloads,” he told her.

“I’m going to shower,’ she told bayan escort him as she stood up.

“Please put your uniform back on when your done,” he requested.

“I was planning on it.”

Vince headed to the bathroom downstairs where he washed up and then headed to his bedroom and changed into a red posing suit. He the climbed into bed and waited. A short while later he heard a soft knock on the door and Brittany entered.

She entered carrying the pom-poms she used during games. She joined him on the bed and got on top of him. She allowed the ribbons of her pom-poms to trail across his chest and nipple for the longest time. When she felt his cock begin to grow in his posing suit and she tossed them aside.

She began to slowly rub her hands all over his magnificent body and marveled at the way her hands slid over his oil coated muscles.

“Why don’t you lose those,” she said.

He removed his posing suit and his cock sprang free. Brittany placed soft kisses and licks on its head that was starting to glisten with pre-cum. He stopped her long enough to put her on her back and gently push her legs apart.

A white satin thong now covered his target. He gently slid then down her long silky legs and threw them on the floor. He began to kiss and lick the inside of her satin smooth legs before his tongue wound up in her pussy and began to flick her clit. She grew hotter and wetter with each passing minute.

“I want you inside me,” she begged..

Vince stopped and got off her long enough to tear a condom off the strip in his nightstand drawer and placed it on. In the time it took Vince to place the condom on his shaft Brittany had smoothed out her skirt and hair, she looked as fresh as she did when she first arrived.

He joined her on the bed again and she straddled him. His rock hard cock disappeared under her tiny skirt and wound up in her hot and wet pussy. She slowly raised and lowered herself on his cock and moaned as she did it. Vince’s hands moved under her sweater and began to caress her tits.

Brittany stopped only long enough her unsnap and remove her bra. Vince now had access to her soft tit and their hard nipples. He gently rolled them between his fingers and this stunning cheerleader continued to grind herself on his cock.

Once again her breathing and moaning increased and she began to move faster.

“Fuck me ,Vince. Fuck your little cheerleader,” she moaned.

That was all it took and within seconds a massive orgasm took both of them. They held each other for the longest time as their heart rates returned to normal.

It was the most enjoyable afternoon either one had spent in a long time. Brittany left around 1:00 PM. Brittany’s mom found her sitting at the kitchen table when she got home from work.

“You look a lot better,” her mom stated.

“I feel fantastic,” Brittany replied.

Before she fell asleep she began to make plans for another sick day.

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