The Snowstorm

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High Heels

“Look how pretty it is outside Daddy!” I said. The snow had just started falling in big, lazy flakes. You came close to me and put your arm around my shoulders.

“It’s very nice Princess.” We watched the snow for a few minutes and then went to the kitchen. I know how much you like when I pamper you so I had made a nice dinner for you. All your favorites. You sat down and I started serving the food. When I put your plate down, you reached out and gave my ass a little squeeze. I giggled as I always do when you get playful. After we finished eating, you told me how much you enjoyed dinner with me. Then you suggested that we leave the dishes and go watch a movie in the living room.

You turned the tv and the vcr on and pressed play without checking the tape first. I blushed bright red when the tape started playing as it showed a girl with big tits getting fucked in the ass by a guy with one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen. But just as you were about to turn it off, the power went out. Since our house is in the middle of nowhere, it was pitch black in the room. I was about to get up to get some candles when I felt your hand on my thigh. “Don’t worry about it baby” you said, “We don’t need any light.”

I smiled as I knew what was coming… or so I thought. Ever since I had seduced you the day after my 18th birthday, I always knew when you wanted to play. But tonight was to be much different than it had ever been.

“Did you like what you saw on the tape Princess?” you asked. I wasn’t sure what to say. I thought it looked way too painful to even think about. When I hesitated, you laughed. You moved in closer to me and grabbed my hair and kissed me quite roughly. “Daddy!” I cried out. “Shut up!” you said. “You wanted to be a dirty little slut and get fucked by Daddy. Tonight, you’re gonna do things my way.” With those words, you pulled me up by the hair, grabbed a flashlight and dragged me to the basement.

I had seen the locked door in the basement before but I always thought it was your office. When you unlocked and opened the door, I was shocked by what I saw. The room looked like one of those dungeons I had seen in movies. gaziantep escort ilanları You had the strangest contraptions I had ever seen. You pushed me in the room and closed the door behind us. Then you locked it. Still holding my hair, you took me to a corner of the room. There was a cage there. My eyes went wide. “Undress.” you simply said. Your tone of voice left no room for argument. Besides, I was getting turned on by this. So I took all my clothes off.

You pushed me into the cage and locked it. Then you went to light some candles. When that was done, you just stood there and looked around the room. I was so turned on by you that I started fingering myself. When you noticed what I was doing, you rushed over, opened the cage and yanked me out so hard I thought you would rip my hair right out. You pulled me close to your face. “Did I give you permission to touch yourself slut?” you growled. When I didn’t answer, you shook me hard and yelled : “DID I SAY YOU COULD TOUCH?” Tears welled up in my eyes from the pain you were inflicting. “No Daddy. I’m sorry.” I wimpered. You finally let up on my hair a little.

You told me not to move. By then I was feeling very submissive so I did as you asked. You walked over to something that looked like one of those treasure chests you see in pirate movies. What you pulled out left me breathless. It was a leather collar with a strap going down the back and leather cuffs at the end of the strap. I felt myself getting wet just looking at it. You brought it over and put the collar on me. Then you told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back, which I did. You put the cuffs on. You adjusted the strap so my hands were as high as they would go. It wasn’t exactly comfortable but I knew better than to whine.

You walked me over to a table with an eyebolt in it at one end. You made me lean over the table. You hooked a leash on my collar and hooked the other end to the eyebolt so I couldn’t get up anymore. You then proceeded to cuff my ankles to the table legs. I was completely immobilized. You stepped back and looked at gaziantep escort bayan ilanları me. “That’ll do” you said, mostly to yourself.

All of a sudden, without any warning, you gave my ass a hard slap. I cried out in surprise as much as in pain. Then you did it again and again, each time a little harder than the last. Tears welled up in my eyes. “Daddy! Stop it! That hurts!” I said. You just ignored me and slapped again. By then my ass was getting really sore. But at the same time, I felt myself getting wetter and wetter. I was starting to feel a bit of pussy juice running down my thigh. You noticed it too and stopped slapping me.

You crouched down and slowly licked up my thigh, right to my dripping pussy, tasting my juices. As soon as I felt your tongue on my pussy, I started cumming hard. My whole body was shaking from a tremendous orgasm. You stopped licking and just watched until I was done cumming. “Mmmm… just look at my little girl all wet, with her pretty little red ass in the air…” My ass must have been really red because it felt like it was on fire! I looked as you walked over to the chest and rummaged through it. You pulled something out of it and came back. You put whatever it was under the table so I couldn’t see it.

Before you could do anything to me, the doorbell rang. You walked over to me and grabbed my hair and told me to be very quiet if I didn’t want a severe spanking. Then you let go and walked out of the room. I couldn’t hear what was going on upstairs at all. After a few minutes, you came back down. Without a word, you reached under the table and took out what you had put there before. I finally saw what it was. A leather hood. With a zipper on the mouth. My eyes went wide. You put the hood on me. Now I was blind as well as unable to speak. And I couldn’t hear very well either. This was very confining but very arousing also. My pussy had never been so wet.

I felt a hand on my ass. Rubbing. All of a sudden, a hard slap. I whimpered through the hood. That got me another slap. A hand between my legs, smearing the wetness escort bayan gaziantep ilanları around. Then a finger, in me. Then two. I could feel another orgasm building. Three fingers, pumping fast. Four… My breath was coming in short gasps. I was about to cum. A finger in my ass. Stretching me slowly. Hands on my thighs and a warm tongue on my clit… Wait a minute… How can that be? Oh my god… I exploded in an earthshattering orgasm as the reality of what was happening struck me. There was another person there! Waves of pleasure hit me. I was moaning through the hood. My legs were quivering. I never knew you could cum that hard. I kept cumming over and over again.

When my orgasms finally subsided, I thought maybe I would be left alone but you and whoever else was there had other plans. The zipper over my mouth was opened and right away a thick cock filled my mouth. All I could do was try and keep up as that cock was fucking my mouth, going deeper and deeper with every stroke. I was trying not to gag as it went right down my throat. Then another cock, this one in my pussy. And again, a finger in my ass. I was starting to feel like a slut, being used and enjoying every second. I was going to cum again.

Just as I was getting close to cumming, whoever was fucking my pussy pulled out. A hand smeared my juices all over my ass. Before I had a chance to realize what was about to happen, a cock was pushed roughly into my ass. I screamed on the cock in my mouth and started squirming as much as was possible. That was hurting me badly. But I couldn’t get away. And I was being fucked hard, both in my ass and in my mouth. The pain was almost too much to bear. But all the same, I was going to cum again. Just as I started cumming, one cock was jammed deep in my throat. I felt the tension and then a hot spurt of cum, which I swallowed greedily. Then the cock in my ass went deeper than ever and I was filled at that end too. I was moaning and shaking in orgasm for a long time. Then I just went limp on the table. I was exhausted.

I could feel hands releasing me from my bonds. The hood was removed. At first, I couldn’t open my eyes. But when I got used to the light again, I looked and saw your best friend looking at me and smiling. His car had gotten stuck in the snow and he had walked over to call a tow truck but you had invited him in to play instead. You took me in your arms and held me close. “Isn’t she the best little slut a man could own?” you asked your friend. He just nodded and smiled. That’s when I knew we would have lots more evenings like this…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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